A cordless vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning which is better

In this price segment, there are many models from different manufacturers. Let’s consider the rating of the best cordless upright vacuum cleaners that have received the greatest number of positive reviews.

Philips FC6164 PowerPro Duo

Deserved a place in the ranking due to convenience, efficiency and low noise level. Suitable for dry cleaning any hard floor surfaces, carpets and rugs. The functionality of this 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner is designed for use with or without a vacuum tube. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery lasts up to 35 minutes. Charging time of 300 minutes. Battery voltage. 18 V. Dust capacity is a 600 ml translucent container.

It features PowerCyclone technology that supports high suction power and provides three levels of dust and dirt filtration. In the kit includes a crevice and a common nozzle for the carpet and the floor, a brush with an electric drive, which in one step collects all the dust from any surface. Weight of the device. 3,2 kg, overall dimensions. 25.30x115x21.50 cm. The tube is stored upright, both with and without the handle. Sound power level. 83 dB.

  • 2-in-1 function;
  • optimal working time;
  • a good volume of the dust bag;
  • 3-layer German filter;
  • it is possible to connect an electric brush;
  • auto shut-off;
  • one touch cleaning.

Tefal TY6545RH

Versatile model in the Air Force family. Designed for dry vacuuming of smooth surfaces only. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery that provides 30 minutes of power. 300 minutes for another charge. Battery voltage is 14.4V. Two speeds can be selected on the handle. moderate and intensive. Dust is collected in a transparent container made of durable plastic. 650 ml capacity. Everything is easy to remove and maintain. Cyclone-type motor filter cleans the air flow from discharged particles.

Important! Rotate tool up to 180° for upright assembly. Reaches into corners and nooks and crannies.

For added convenience there is an LED light to detect dust particles and small debris. Noise level. 80 dB. Weight. 2.32 kg, dimensions. 26109.2022 cm. Includes turbo brush, charger and wall mount.

  • good working time;
  • large container volume;
  • high maneuverability;
  • illuminated cleaning area;
  • Light weight and easy operation;
  • Takes up little space in storage;
  • battery charge indicator.

Bosch BCHF216S

Earns the “buyers’ choice” badge because of its maneuverability and easy operation. Readyyy Serie 2 line is designed for cleaning parquet, carpet, tiles, and any other surfaces. Manual mode allows you to quickly remove dust from shelves, tables, under the space behind furniture and other hard-to-reach places. Only dry type of cleaning.

Battery powered. Operating time. 40 minutes, charging time. 5 hours. Indicator will tell you the status of charge. Battery voltage of 14.4V. Speed control is on the handle. The model has a total of 2 power levels. Turbo brush, which comes with, works up to 3500 rpm. Also its peculiarity is EasyClean system or the way of quick and easy maintenance of the brush. Collection tank has a volume of 400 ml. The device parameters: 26,5x116x16,5 cm. Weight of 2.4 kg.

  • multifunctional;
  • a motorized brush included;
  • high maneuverability;
  • Holds a charge for a long time;
  • lightweight and easy to use;
  • there is a battery status indicator.

What is a cordless vacuum cleaner with wet vacuuming??

A cordless vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning function is characterized by the fact that you can vacuum and mop the floor at the same time

For several years, vertical vacuum cleaners are at the peak of popularity. Manufacturers such as Dyson, Vorwerk and Philips are constantly improving them.

And one of the newest developments is that some manufacturers are also endowing their cordless vacuum cleaners with some sort of floor wiping function. All this, of course, is completely wireless

of a vacuum cleaner than a floor cleaner

The fact that the cordless wet vac is an evolution of the cordless vacuum cleaner also means that the focus is still on vacuuming.

Many wireless devices can now do this very well.

And so how to vacuum. is the main task of a cordless vacuum cleaner, it’s clear that wet cleaning is more of a bonus. The cherry on the cake, so to speak

So we have to find out how well the wet cleaning function works on different devices. It often leads to disappointment, but sometimes we come across some good innovations in the form of cordless vacuum cleaners with wipe-down functionality

the coolest cordless vacuum cleaners. TOP 2020-2021

Well, it’s time for the annual tradition of our Tostr Home Appliance Channel’s year-end recap. We decided to start with the coolest upright vacuum cleaners that performed best in our tests. And in general, this year all vacuum cleaners are big do-gooders. we’ve been sitting at home so much that they had to work hard with their brushes!

Wireless vacuum cleaners. Top 5 cool models in Russia (2020-2021)

One of the obvious recent trends are cordless vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning. One of the brightest premieres of the year in this segment is certainly LG CordZero A9. The Rotating Wet Disc Owl comes with a microfiber pad that is moistened (you can adjust the intensity of wetting) and then rotates to wring dirt from the wet discs.

This wet and dry vacuum cleaner has the ability to simultaneously vacuum up debris and then run it over the floor with its moist rotating discs. Of course, this is not a general cleaning, but the device can cope with everyday tasks, and we checked it during our tests.

At the heart of the vacuum is a durable, quiet and fuel efficient inverter motor with a suction power up to 140W. Among other important features, we noted the multi-stage air purification system. The cyclonic technology of debris screening and multicyclones in symbiosis with high-quality filtration at the outlet of the vacuum cleaner gives really clean air, and we also tested it (laser analyzer of the smallest particles in the air helped us). So this vacuum cleaner will satisfy even those with allergies.

And we also appreciated the telescopic suction tube with adjustable length for ease of use, two removable batteries, providing up to 80 minutes of cleaning (this is on the minimum power, on the enhanced. 18 minutes, in turbo mode. 12 minutes), a good set of nozzles for different cleaning scenarios and surfaces (turbo brush for dry cleaning, mini turbo brush for wet cleaning, crevice, mini 2 in 1).

And what’s more, there is a very clever storage system: you can hang it on the wall, store and charge it on the floor stand, or use the horizontal compact stand.

The main feature of this cordless vacuum cleaner is the flexible body, designed specifically to facilitate cleaning in hard-to-reach places. And it really works! During the tests we made sure that it’s really easy to clean, although you get used to it not at once. at first you still want to bend down to vacuum somewhere under the couch. But you don’t have to do that with the Tefal Air Force Flex.

The manufacturer did not forget about wet mopping. No spinning wheels like our last competitor, but a special nozzle that, in one stroke, wipes away dirt and grime from a large surface area of the floor. Water is also supplied to the removable microfiber cloth. The Aqua nozzle has two suction holes for simultaneous wet and dry vacuuming. one on the front side, one on the back side.

The new digitally controlled motor has a suction power of up to 100 Watts (this, of course, without the attachments in the motor unit). If you use the vacuum cleaner in manual mode, you can count on such high power. The set of nozzles in the kit is very good (Aqua for wet cleaning, universal turbo brush for dry cleaning of the carpet and floor, mini-turbo brush, crevice brush, sofa brush, closet brush), which allows you to use the device for various cleaning tasks.

At minimum power it will run for 35 minutes on a single battery charge. The dust bag capacity is 0.4 liters.

Well, of course, where to go without Dyson in the video about the best cordless vacuum cleaners?! Undoubtedly, the model V11 in different modifications. one of the coolest (if not the coolest) today. Fancy wet cleaning, though, no, but it is not necessary, and there are many other useful things in this vacuum cleaner.

For example, an auto mode of cleaning in which the device defines a type of a covering of a floor (a carpet/solid floor) and regulates on the basis of this information the suction capacity. on a carpet slightly raises, and on easier surfaces reduces. In general, this vacuum cleaner has several modes of operation (power levels), and all of them are shown on a really informative and useful display. And also on the last one you can see how long the vacuum cleaner will work until the battery is fully discharged at this or that level of power. It is very convenient!

The battery, by the way, the British in the model Extra Pro made removable, and in the package there are two, so that at minimum power (which, incidentally, is often enough for good cleaning) vacuum cleaner can clean up to two hours. an hour from one battery and an hour from another.

The V11 Absolute Extra Pro version has an excellent set of cleaning nozzles for different coatings. For example, there is a roller nozzle that is effective for hard floors and an equally effective mini-brush for upholstered furniture.

The Dyson V11 has a dust bag capacity of 0.76 liters, and easy-clean technology has been implemented. And, of course, you can not forget about the most thought-out and effective technology of sifting debris and dust. Cyclonic system, 14 multicyclones, HEPA filter that does not need to be replaced, gives you clean air coming out of the vacuum cleaner. We verified it in the course of testing with the laser fine dust analyzer.

On the heels of the Brits comes another South Korean participant in this top review of cordless upright vacuum cleaners. Samsung with the model Jet Complete 75.

Digitally controlled inverter motor provides up to 200 W of suction power, and this is a very cool figure for a battery-powered model. Of course we are talking about the power directly into the vacuum cleaner, without attachments. with them it is a little less, but for quality cleaning this is quite enough.

By the way, nozzles are not spared here. There is, among others, a super-efficient roller nozzle for hard floors, a universal motorized nozzle for carpet and hard floors, a mini turbo brush for quick cleaning of upholstered furniture of hair, hair and other impurities.

In recent years, manufacturers are paying a lot of attention to the suction system and sifting debris, well, as a result, the purity of the air that comes out of the vacuum cleaner. Here, a multi-stage system is responsible for this. multicyclic technology works. The air, after passing the main cyclone and cleared of large debris, is purified from the smallest dust when it passes through the chamber with several small cyclones, plus filters in the dust collector and at the outlet of the vacuum cleaner, including HEPA (filters, by the way, can be washed). All this makes Jet Complete a friend to allergy sufferers.

The dust canister capacity is 0.8 l. At Jet Complete 75 removable battery, and it lasts for an hour of cleaning (of course, we are talking about the minimum power). If you buy another battery, the working time can be significantly increased, but it is not included in the kit. You can also buy a separate dust canister cleaning station to avoid touching the garbage at all. With it, it goes into a paper bag, which is easy to dispose of. And the air goes through a multi-step purification process before it enters the room. You should agree that this is very interesting technology from Samsung! Not for nothing the vacuum cleaner made it to our top review.

The vertical cordless Miele Triflex HX1 PRO is a true hymn of variability. One of its main features. the ability to create from one and the same vacuum cleaner, in fact, three different, depending on the cleaning tasks facing the owner.

For easy vacuuming of large areas, the bottom-mounted configuration is the right choice. Clean hard-to-reach places (under furniture or the ceiling) more easily by placing the motor unit on top of the cleaner. Finally, for quick spot cleaning of a variety of places and surfaces (anything other than the floor), the Triflex can be made into a mobile handheld vacuum cleaner. You should agree, that it’s worth attention and it’s quite a useful technological solution!

The Triflex’s multi-stage filtration and debris screening system makes it one of the best vacuum cleaners in its class, as measured by our laser particle dust analyzer. The air coming out of the cleaner is almost completely filtered, keeping hazardous fine dust particles to a minimum. All thanks to cyclonic technology and a pool of filters inside the cleaner with the last HEPA filter at the outlet not requiring replacement throughout the entire life of the cleaner. Same story as the Dyson in this regard.

It’s worth mentioning that the Triflex comes with two batteries at the same time. Naturally, this means that the design of the vacuum cleaner implies a removable battery. thus the continuous work time is doubled and reaches 120 minutes at minimum power.

Cool that the charging base, where the vacuum cleaner is stored and charged, has a place to charge the additional battery separately. it does not need to be in the vacuum cleaner for that. The Triflex HX1 PRO has a 0,5L dust bag and easy-clean technology.

In general, the Germans have got very interesting vacuum cleaner and it is definitely worthy to be in our top list.

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Hoover Athen Evo: the biggest dust canister

For upright cordless vacuum cleaners, the tank is usually very small. 0.4 to 0.6 liters, but this one is a liter. There is another non-trivial thing for this type of model. fine filter exhaust EPA (now called HEPA class below 13 EPA), here class 10. The model is beautiful, powerful, cleans well, has 3 modes. floor, carpet, turbo. The smooth floor mode works for 1 hour, carpet cleaning for up to 35 minutes, in the most powerful turbo mode for 20 minutes. Athen Evo has lithium-ion batteries. Remarkable very clear indicator of modes and battery level. you can’t go wrong. The nozzle has a built-in electric brush for cleaning pet hair, its roller can be easily removed and cleaned, and the nozzle has an LED light. The model also stands great without a support.


Not 2-in-1: no removable module. Heavy compared to other models.

Types of cordless vacuum cleaners

The main advantage of a cordless vacuum cleaner is the mobile design. They run on battery power and don’t use any wires. Vacuum cleaner models differ from each other. There are 2 main types of cordless units: manual and vertical.


Have a compact size. Intended for local cleaning tasks. They can pick up crumbs, remove dust from books and pick up pet hair, clean car seat upholstery. You can’t do a full-scale floor cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, but that’s not its job either.

Hand-held devices have low suction power and need regular recharging. However, they are lightweight and do not load the brush during cleaning. They are easy to carry to the place of cleaning or carry in the car.


These devices are exactly the main competition to ordinary vacuum cleaners. We will focus on them in more detail.

By design, this device somewhat resembles a mop. It has a long handle and a brush on the end. Main advantages:

  • Small weight: most models weigh about 5 kg;
  • good maneuverability: the design is characterized by ease of operation;
  • Small size: the device has a vertical structure, takes up very little space, especially when compared to traditional corded vacuum cleaners with a bag;
  • Large feature set: many models have a design that can be used in two ways: a full-featured vacuum cleaner and a handheld unit that detaches. It is suitable for quick and easy cleaning of localized dirt.

The 5 Best Cordless Dry & Wet Vacuum Cleaners for 2022

In order to obtain such characteristics of an upright vacuum cleaner, several indicators had to be sacrificed, which resulted in such disadvantages in some models:

  • Low suction power compared to corded vacuum cleaners: smooth surfaces are not a problem, but not all devices can cope with the cleaning of carpets
  • short duration of operation: the time of one cleaning, for which the battery is designed, will not be more than one hour, after which it must be recharged again;
  • A small dust canister: you can not put a big dust canister, so if you have to clean a lot of dirt (a lot of hair, scattered food in large quantities), you will have to clean the container in a timely manner.

There are two opposing views on the use of an upright vacuum cleaner: some users believe that wireless models are better suited to maintain order, but a full cleaning can only be done with a corded vacuum cleaner with high power. Others believe that cordless vacuum cleaners are quite capable of handling complex cleaning. They are lighter, more maneuverable, and easier to store.

The reality is somewhere in between these opinions. If you live in a large house where there are carpets, carpet, laminate or other floor coverings, without a powerful vacuum cleaner can not cope. There are already modern wireless models, such as BISSELL 2765N CrossWave Cordless Max cordless vacuum cleaner. They can work for up to 30 minutes and clean up to 100 square metres. This is the size of a spacious apartment, townhouse or small house. At the same time the vacuum cleaner has a high power and due to its universal brush perfectly copes with both smooth floor and carpeting. And its main advantage: it cleans, cleans and dries surfaces at the same time. That is for cleaning you will spend 3 times less time, but the efficiency will be maximal. This vacuum cleaner has a water filter instead of a dust bag. The result is a vacuum that sucks in and pumps the dust and debris through the water, where they settle and the air is further filtered through a fine dust filter. This vacuum cleaner not only cleans the floor of dust, but also removes hair and larger particles of dirt, washes the floor and freshens the air immediately.

The 9 Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner For Home | 2021 Reviews

If you have a small apartment, it will be enough to more simple wireless unit, such as BISSELL 2602D ICON pet for dry cleaning or BISSELL 2582N CrossWave Cordless for dry and wet cleaning simultaneously.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner: help you decide on the criteria

Pretty simple and long familiar to us household appliance vacuum cleaner in recent decades, not only significantly evolved, but also got quite a lot of all sorts of types, specializing in different tasks.

Although all of these devices continue to be called vacuum cleaners, they have divided up different areas of work: some models are designed for professional cleaning of large areas and/or rooms where repairs are made. Others are best for cleaning a typical home or apartment. Others specialize in fast and comfortable cleaning of small spaces.

Let’s find out what kind of modern vacuum cleaners there are and for what works best one or another model. And at the same time let’s mention what characteristics and features you need to pay attention to when choosing a vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaner ordinary, classic, traditional

When we call a vacuum cleaner, we traditionally think of a big, fat appliance on wheels with all sorts of hoses, tubes, and attachments.

This type of vacuum cleaner is primarily designed for cleaning dust, although sometimes it can do wet cleaning. The dust container in these devices can be a container, bag, aquafilter, or a combination of these options (for example, aquafilter and container). The scope of such devices cleaning of conventional houses and apartments, as well as furniture processing (if technically possible and with special attachments).

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for your home, you need to pay attention to a number of factors that directly affect both the quality of cleaning, and on the convenience in everyday use of the device. Let’s list the main parameters that require special attention.

  • Size, dimensions and maneuverability. On today’s market presented a lot of vacuum cleaners in different sizes. Of course, there is always the temptation to buy a bigger vacuum cleaner, but not always this decision will be optimal. When choosing will not be superfluous to check how easy it is for you to manage, pull and lift a particular vacuum cleaner. If possible, it would be a good idea to test the device on different surfaces carpets, hard floors, parquet, etc. п. Finally, it does not hurt to study the manual and see what the developer says about his child: often the manufacturer of vacuum cleaners indicates the recommended area of cleaning, which the model will cope best.
  • Dust collection system. Conventional vacuum cleaners collect dust and debris in a bag (single-use or multiuse), in a container (using a so-called cyclone filter, which collects dust in clumps), or with an aquafilter by passing the dirty air through water. Some models have a choice of bag or cyclone filter, or between a bag and an aquafilter, for example. The fundamental difference between the different ways of collecting dust is how exactly the device is to be cared for. So, the container will have to be emptied regularly by hand (which means the need for contact with dust), and with an aquafilter, the user will only need to pour out dirty water. Finally, recall that the disposable bags, while convenient (they need only be replaced when full), but is an expendable item, and therefore their use will incur additional costs.
  • Capacities of the dust canister. Different models have different dust canister volumes for each room size. The smaller the dust canister, the more often you need to be distracted from emptying it and cleaning it.
  • Filter system. To prevent fine dust particles from reentering the air, modern vacuum cleaners are equipped with fine filtration systems. The best results are shown by models with aqua filters and HEPA filters (designed to filter out especially fine dust particles). The availability of these filters is a must for the modern vacuum cleaner.
  • Power. The power depends on how strong the vacuum cleaner is. For cleaning relatively clean rooms is suitable and low-powered vacuum cleaner, but if the house has pets or children, it is better to pay attention to more powerful models. Unfortunately, this parameter is not universal and obvious: not always a model with more power on the passport will show better results in real operation. Therefore, before choosing a vacuum cleaner it is worth checking the user reviews and model reviews on specialized technical Internet resources.
  • The ability to wet cleaning. Some models allow for wet cleaning (they are also called wet vacuum cleaners). Such devices with a special nozzle spray water (or detergent), then collect it in a special tank. A wet vacuum cleaner not only allows you to clean the floor better, but also to wash upholstered furniture, as well as clean the carpets.
  • Availability of accessories. Before choosing a vacuum cleaner it would be worth finding out what set of nozzles included in the kit. There can be quite a few: nozzles for floors and carpets, special nozzles for laminate, crevice nozzles for cleaning hard-to-reach places, nozzles-brushes for furniture and clothing. There are even special attachments for taking care of pets’ hair!
  • Noise Level. A vacuum cleaner is a noisy device, and too much noise can cause problems for the home (especially in a small apartment). If you anticipate that vacuum cleaner noise will be a nuisance, it is advisable to confirm in advance how loud the vacuum cleaner will be for the model you are interested in.

Vacuum cleaner household (aka construction)

A household, or building vacuum cleaner, is usually a larger and more powerful (and therefore louder) version of a traditional vacuum cleaner, designed for heavier loads and work with more complex debris.

Note that almost none of the household vacuum cleaners should not, according to the manufacturer, faced with the repair debris. Such improper use of the device can lead to premature wear and tear of the vacuum cleaner or its components. Particularly affected by building dust are reusable filters.

Building vacuum cleaners, unlike household vacuum cleaners, are specifically designed with the knowledge that you will have to clean the remains of cement mixtures, large fractions (splinters of bricks and chips). Many of these devices have the ability to connect directly to trash electric tools jigsaws, grinders, peorators, etc. п.

Clearly, omnivorousness and power come first when choosing such a device. Elegant appearance and reduced noise level are not usually expected in this case.

Capacity of a building vacuum cleaner can be dozens of liters, and the device itself is almost always able to work with both disposable and reusable bags.

While water pickup is not usually the most frequently used feature of a vacuum cleaner, the need for it does occasionally arise. Using a household vacuum cleaner, you can easily clean up a puddle in front of the porch of a cottage house, collect water from the bathroom floor after a leak in the plumbing, remove melted snow from the floor of the car or water from the toilet bowl trap before removing it.

Such a device will be useful if you are planning a small (or large) repair in the apartment or are addicted to all kinds of self-made (for example, related to the processing of wood). This type of vacuum cleaner is also recommended for country houses, workshops and garages.

Well, after finishing repairs construction vacuum cleaner can easily begin to play the role of household, of course, if you’re willing to put up with its considerable size and increased noise level.

Vertical Vacuum Cleaner

Vertical vacuum cleaners, which have become widespread in recent years, are in a fundamentally different category than traditional vacuum cleaners. If the latter are designed for full and thorough cleaning of the entire apartment, vertical vacuum cleaners rather serve as an electric broom and are designed for cleaning not too dirty rooms. They are also used in everyday mode when you need to quickly clean a small area (sand in the shoe storage area or spilt groats in the kitchen).

The main advantages of an upright vacuum cleaner are compact, light weight, and the ability to run on battery power. The key (possible) disadvantages are insufficient power, short battery life and poor design.

So, what parameters to pay attention to when choosing an upright vacuum cleaner?

  • Power. While traditional and household vacuum cleaners are rarely lacking a powerful motor, and often have a more powerful motor than needed, insufficient power can be the bottleneck separating a useful device from a useless one in compact cordless vacuum cleaners. Choosing an upright vacuum cleaner, you must pay attention to the power of the device and make sure that it will be sufficient for cleaning the room. As in the case of large models, it is not recommended to focus only on the figures declared by the manufacturer: far from always the real performance of the device correlates with them in the expected way.
  • Battery capacity and run time. And in this parameter the manufacturer almost never deceives. Before buying an upright vacuum cleaner, be sure to know how long it can run without recharging, as well as how long it will take to fully charge the battery. Of course, to fully clean an apartment of one hundred squares is still able to a little battery model, but if you are planning to buy a vacuum cleaner in the studio apartment or one bedroom, it would be logical to choose the model that can cope with cleaning the room at once, without recharging.
  • Weight. If you plan to use an upright vacuum cleaner for a full, not short-term cleaning, then do not forget that all the time you will be holding it in your hands, and therefore, the device should not be too heavy. If you buy a vacuum cleaner for occasional use, then the importance of this parameter is not so great.
  • Equipment (availability of nozzles). Like its older brothers, a good upright vacuum cleaner is not only equipped with a wide set of nozzles (turbo brush for the floor, and a special brush for furniture, and slit nozzle, and brushes for cleaning textiles, and extra extension tubes), but also designed so that all these attachments easily get to the most remote and hard-to-reach places, including the vacuum cleaner should be easy to use under furniture and in narrow aisles.
  • Wet Cleanability. While the vast majority of upright vacuum cleaners are designed for dry vacuuming only, some models allow for wet vacuuming as well. This function is realized with a special tank floor cleaner nozzle for a small amount of water and a wash cloth, which is moistened automatically. Wet mopping can be a great feature: Stale and heavy dirt such a vacuum cleaner, of course, will not clean (for general cleaning there are other devices steam generators or steam mops), but the combination of daily sweeping the floor with a wet cleaning greatly facilitates life.
  • Backlighting. Another useful feature that is not every vertical vacuum cleaner is a LED floor light. This little detail can significantly increase the comfort of using a vacuum cleaner: you do not have to deliberately shine a flashlight under the bed to see how thoroughly the dirt was cleaned.
  • Docking station. Vertical vacuum cleaners are traditionally attached to the wall with a special device that acts as a charging station. Choosing an upright vacuum cleaner, you need to make sure that the docking station can be easily mounted in the chosen place and does not interfere with other furniture.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Unlike all of the above devices, robot vacuum cleaners belong to a fundamentally different class of devices, although they perform the same task of cleaning dirt and dust in the apartment.

The key feature of a robot vacuum cleaner is that it cleans the apartment on its own, without the direct involvement of the owner. You can say that such a device is designed for daily maintenance of cleanliness, not for cleaning very dirty rooms.

The power of such a device will be significantly lower than other types of vacuum cleaners, but the efficiency of robot vacuum cleaners is quite high. They achieve this by going around the place daily (or on another convenient schedule) and picking up small amounts of dust and debris, which would quietly accumulate without the robot’s action. It is unlikely that you will notice that the apartment is much cleaner after one or two runs of the robot, but if you start using it regularly, you will soon see changes: there will be less dust under your feet and general cleaning will need to be done less often.

Most robot vacuum cleaners are very similar to each other, they have the same (or similar) brushes and function on the same principle. That’s why the difference between different models can be far from obvious.

What features do you need to pay attention to when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner?

cordless, vacuum, cleaner, cleaning, which
  • Battery capacity and run time. One of the key parameters that determine the efficiency of a robot vacuum cleaner is the battery capacity and battery life. The longer the run time of the vacuum cleaner without recharging the more area it can clean.
  • Wet mopping option. Wet cleaning is not the main function of robot vacuum cleaners, but many of them are still equipped with a special container for water and rags for wet cleaning. The ability to not only vacuum automatically, but also to wipe the floor is a nice bonus (but wet mopping requires personal involvement of the owner).
  • Different programs and firmware. The efficiency of a robot vacuum cleaner largely depends on how smart the device is. Many models are able to build a map of the room, which increases the effectiveness of cleaning, while others simply wander around the apartment, turning in different directions when they meet obstacles. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how effective this or that model will be from its description: we came across both relatively simple models, which showed good results, and smart devices, which in an attempt to build a map of the room got completely confused and as a result left untidy areas. So, the best way to learn about the pros and cons of a particular model is to study the reviews on profile sites and read user reviews. In this section we will also mention such things as ability of vacuum cleaner to react adequately to obstacles (thresholds and steps), as well as ability to install special barriers (usually infrared emitters) blocking the passage of vacuum cleaner in those areas where it should not go.
  • Remote control and control from your smartphone. The vast majority of robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with a remote control, and the most advanced devices can be connected to your home Wi-Fi network and control it from a mobile app, so you can give commands to the robot from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Schedule setting. Almost all robots vacuum cleaners have a setting of cleaning according to the schedule, but not all models have it successfully implemented. Since many users prefer their robots to do their chores without them being there themselves, we think that having a simple and easy to set up a cleaning schedule is one of the key features to pay attention to. A good robot vacuum cleaner will allow you to create several scenarios for cleaning on weekdays, weekends or selected days of the week, which will allow the owner not to return to this issue after the initial setup.

It should be noted that today on the market of robot vacuum cleaners there are many similar models that show very different cleaning quality (the reason for that is the different level of quality of built-in software). In addition, many models are frankly inconvenient to manage (for example, can not set the schedule for the selected day) or poorly oriented in the room (begin to get tangled between the legs of furniture and as a result does not clean some rooms). Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to know how successful this or that model is in reality, studying only its documentation and promotional materials.

Specialized vacuum cleaners

In addition to the vacuum cleaners described above, you can meet highly specialized devices designed to perform some specific tasks.

These can include car vacuum cleaners, as well as specific models, designed, for example, to care for mattresses (one such device some time ago came to us for testing).

There are also special vacuum cleaners to combat dust mites, vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning (extractors), vacuum cleaners for swimming pool maintenance, compact handheld vacuum cleaners to care for computers and appliances, professional vacuum cleaners designed to work with power tools, and other specific models, which we will not consider in this review.

However, it is worth mentioning their existence: in case someone needs exactly such a special device!

Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum REVIEW

There are four main types of vacuum cleaners on today’s market: traditional vacuum cleaners, house dust collectors, upright vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners.

All of them are widely used in apartments and private homes, but each of these categories of devices has its own specialization (although, of course, in part, they can replace each other in an acute need).

Choose the most suitable type of vacuum cleaner and a particular model is determined in the first place by the tasks that are supposed to solve with the device: for everyday cleaning of the apartment better suit the traditional vacuum cleaner, in case of repair can not do without the household (industrial) device, and if the user is tasked to spend on cleaning the house as little time as possible, then the main helper in this case will be a robot vacuum cleaner.

Note that the different types of these devices do not replace (or at least, not completely replace) each other, and therefore, the best solution in many cases is to buy two vacuum cleaners at once. For example, for a private home, it makes sense to buy a large household vacuum cleaner for quick and effective cleaning of large areas, and in addition to it a robot vacuum cleaner for the daily struggle with dust and pet hair.

Cordless vacuum cleaners range from robotics to upright stick vacuum cleaners (cordless models with upright parking). It is not surprising that average buyers have a lot of questions when they begin to explore the market for cleaning equipment. Our ranking of the best cordless vacuum cleaners of 2021 includes solutions designed to handle a wide range of tasks. So what tasks can these products perform?

  • Use as a handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning hard-to-reach places, car interiors;
  • Be transported from room to room for quick cleaning without the annoying wires and hose;
  • Perform thorough cleaning with a full range of nozzles, including carpets, different types of coverings, interior objects.

It is also worth noting that our rating includes models for both dry and wet cleaning of large rooms.

How to choose a good cordless vacuum cleaner?

As already mentioned, the purchase of a budget vacuum cleaner of this form factor should be meaningful. If you do not know how to choose a cordless vacuum cleaner for the home, you should not focus on the “sweet” offers of dubious brands. Such appliances should have justifiable cost with the following technical features:

Attachments. Many manufacturers are trying to attract buyers with various accessories, but you agree it is more important that the basic brush for the floor and carpet justified expectations and effectively cope with their tasks than that the box were little useful or even useless products. In fact, almost all cordless vacuums include a turbo brush, a crevice brush, and a furniture nozzle. In the premium range, you can sometimes find two motorized brushes (one universal and one for furniture). Let’s consider the features of key accessories in more detail:

  • Motorized universal brush. used for cleaning different floor coverings and carpets. Modern models of good vacuum cleaners provide the ability to remove one or two rollers to clean them of hair, hair and other debris. It’s nice if such a nozzle is backlit for cleaning debris in hard-to-reach places.
  • A motorized furniture brush is a really useful accessory that will allow you to clean dirt and dust from chairs, wall rugs, other fabric objects of the interior;
  • Slotted nozzle. the simplest plastic accessory for removing dust from pictures, joints in furniture and the like.
  • Furniture nozzle. a simple counterpart of the motorized model, which is evident in the design and quality of implementation of the tasks. As a rule, such an accessory has just lint for gentle cleaning of various shelves, perhaps keyboards and the like.

Rated power. Modern commutatorless models can deliver 100 to 200 watts. In this case, in fact, the power of revolutions, other things being different will be equal. Optimally in the region of 100-150 thousand revolutions per minute for cleaning virtually any small and large contaminants in the home.

Modes of operation. Depends on the class of cordless vacuum cleaner. Optimally there is a turbo-mode, economical and automatic (it chooses optimal productivity depending on the type of garbage).

Vacuum Cleaner. Almost all modern models have a cyclonic filter, which against the bag counterpart looks extremely convenient, and provides for cleaning in one movement. Capacity depends on power and tasks, but as practice shows, modern solutions with a commutatorless motor discharge much faster than filled.

Filtration system. Again depends on the cost of the unit. For example, premium solutions please the six-stage system, which can include a foam filter, HEPA filters of different classes. Often we can see in the unit devices for separation of small particles and other. There are quite a few good products for allergy sufferers.

Autonomous operation. Up to 60 minutes in economy mode is considered normal. We will not consider the indicators when turning on the turbo-mode, because it all depends on the maximum power of the technique (usually from 7 to 30 minutes).

Charging time. Optimal from 3 to 6 hours.

Top 10 best cordless vacuum cleaners for home

New technologies are actively penetrating into our everyday lives. For a long time, hostesses have been complaining about the vacuum cleaner wire getting in the way under their feet. Wireless technology has been around for quite some time, so engineers decided to create a cordless vacuum cleaner as well, allowing for quality cleaning without being tied to the power grid. In recent years, household appliance stores are filled with wireless vacuum cleaners of various types.

Due to the fact that this product is fairly new, not all users are aware of how to choose this device correctly. They are the ones who will find our today’s review of cordless vacuum cleaners of the year very useful. Here we will not only analyze in detail the performance characteristics of specific models, but also tell you exactly what these products are, what you should pay attention to when buying them, and so on.

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