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“How to plan a small kitchen?”. This question worries everyone who has started repairs in their small apartments: Khrushchevka, Stalinkas, Brezhnevkas, etc.д.

Beko BCNA275E4SN built-in Fridge Freezer IKEA METOD kitchen cabinet integrateion step-by-step guide.

How to make a design project of a six-meter kitchen? We present the 5 most simple projects.

The kitchen area of a six-meter kitchen is usually square (the walls of about 2.5 meters) or rectangular (usually 2 and 3 m walls) shape. The approach to designing kitchen furniture in both cases is different.

Kitchen design with a refrigerator in a hruschevka: 45 examples worth repeating

The lack of space should not be misleading: designers have functional solutions for all spaces. Professionals do not need to be invited, if, when thinking about where to put the refrigerator in a small kitchen, you carefully study photos and videos of ready-made interiors, examine the layout down to the centimeter and take into account the advice of those who have been engaged in the arrangement of small apartments.

Kitchen design with a refrigerator ideas of correct and rational placement (97 photos)

Choosing the style of the kitchen, you should proceed from the overall configuration of the room. The placement of furniture depends on the square meterage, the specifics of the layout and preferences.

Since the refrigerator is part of the kitchen set, it should be harmoniously integrated into the interior.

Curtains as a bright Accent

best options

There are several proven options for installing this product.

Put the fridge in the corner

Fridge set in the corner saves a lot of useful space in the kitchen, so this solution is ideal for small rooms. A large two-compartment corner version will look less cumbersome, will fit perfectly into the surrounding design and will not spoil the layout.

The photo shows the interior of a small kitchen with a refrigerator located in the right corner from the furniture.

Fit harmoniously into the alcove

Refrigeration unit in an alcove is less susceptible to mechanical effects, dirt and exposure to sunlight. When installing a low fridge the free space above it can be equipped with shelves or cabinets.

However, this location has its disadvantages, as the unit is fully pushed into the recess will overheat due to poor air circulation and have problems opening the doors.

The photo shows a steel-colored refrigerator, placed in a niche in the interior of a modern kitchen.

Built-in fridge

Built-in fridge helps to save square meters in the kitchen. When closed, it completely merges with the fronts, and thus visually eases the space, making the interior much more neat and aesthetic.

The picture shows the corner kitchen unit with built-in refrigerator compartment.

By the window

When placing the refrigerator near the window, its side part should not protrude from behind the wall and block the opening, as the sunlight disturbs the temperature regime and increases the risk of rapid deterioration of equipment.

The niche under the window is often used for installing the refrigerator.

Photo: A small, light-coloured kitchen with a white fridge unit by the window.

Under the worktop

Installing a freezer or refrigerator in the bottom cabinets of the set, is a very convenient solution that allows you to save time getting food when cooking. Compact device is placed under the worktop, built into an island or peninsula.

The compact refrigeration unit pictured below the worktop.

Freestanding refrigerator

The classic solution for most kitchen interiors is a conventional freestanding refrigerator. This model can have a refined and stylish design, endowing the design with special charm.

The photo shows a n-shaped kitchen unit with a freestanding refrigerator in an orange shade.

Place by the entrance

Refrigerator located at the entrance to the kitchen not only forms an additional partition and performs the function of zoning, but also provides the convenience of filling with products after returning from the store.

In the case of this layout, it is possible to install the appliance in a plasterboard niche or remove the door to create a wider and more open aisle, visually easing the interior.

Next to the sink

Keeping a certain distance between the sink and the refrigerating unit, this option is very comfortable and saves a lot of time when washing food that will be taken out of the refrigerator.

In the middle of the kitchen set

In a spacious room, the cooling unit can be placed in the center of the kitchen. However, this arrangement is not always considered convenient, as the device visually disturbs the aesthetics of the set and shades the area of the countertop.

The photo shows a brown kitchen unit with a built-in refrigerator in the middle.

On the opposite side of the kitchen

This arrangement is found in small kitchens in a Khrushchev apartment. One wall in the room is fully occupied by a garniture and since there is no space left for the refrigerator, it is installed on the parallel side together with the dining table and chairs.

On the photo kitchen space with a gray refrigerator, installed on the opposite wall.

Opposite the kitchen doors

It is not considered to be a very comfortable solution. Standing far from the door, the unit is not very convenient when loading purchased products.

In the photo freestanding refrigerator in front of the kitchen door in the interior.

Hidden in the closet

With this filigree design move it is possible to successfully disguise the refrigeration unit and harmoniously fit it into any kitchen image. The unit concealed behind cabinet doors with fronts painted in any shade and made of any material will not interfere with the overall interior composition.

The photo shows the cooling unit built into the kitchen unit with dark frosted fronts.

To put it in another room

A combined balcony or loggia would be a worthy solution to locate the refrigerator. This room must be well-ventilated, insulated and have moderate humidity.

In the kitchen, combined with the living room or kitchen-studio, the refrigeration unit will fit perfectly into the partition and will act as a zoning element.

If there is a roomy pantry in the hallway or vestibule, it is perfect for placing the unit. The main thing is not to put the product too close to the walls, so that there is space for air circulation.

Where you can install a fridge in a small kitchen. the best options

In one of the corners of the kitchen so that the refrigerator does not visually clutter the room and do not interfere with the housemates, designers advise to install it in the farthest free corner. This method will make the fridge less noticeable and will visually raise the low ceiling.

It is better to place all large items against the wall, this also applies to the refrigerator. As a rule, in every kitchen, even the smallest one, there is a corner, one of the walls of which passes into the work area, and the second adjoins the window.

The distance from the window to the walls in this case can be very different, but it is this place will be most convenient to place the refrigerator.

The main thing. the household will not have to constantly stumble over the refrigerator. If you pick up its dimensions correctly in accordance with the size of the room, it will occupy little enough space.

If it is decided to place the fridge in a corner, it is recommended to buy the highest and narrowest model.

It is desirable that it be light. white or in the color metallic, then the room will not seem cramped. To save even more space, you can place a microwave oven right above the refrigerator in the corner.

The refrigerator, installed near the kitchen window. this method of placement is often chosen when the kitchen has a corner layout. Freestanding refrigerator by the window is close to the work surface, so it is quite convenient to use it during cooking.

It does not clutter the kitchen and leaves quite a lot of free space. It is important to choose a tall and narrow model, which will need to be as close to the wall as possible.

Another option is a small refrigerator by the window, above which there is a wall unit for storing dishes or other utensils.

Refrigerator installed near the sink often near the sink there is a fairly spacious “dead” zone, in which nothing stands. There is also a free corner or niche. It is worth looking closely at this place, because the refrigerator installed there can completely transform a small room.

With this type of layout the rest of the space will look lighter and more spacious. You can use light-colored furniture and the same decoration materials to enhance the effect.

small, kitchen, refrigerator, entrance

To make it easier to find a place for the refrigerator in a small kitchen area, designers advise to get rid of some bulky and rarely used kitchen appliances. they can be replaced with a more compact.

For example, an oven with a steam cooker and microwave function is a good idea. A massive food processor can easily be replaced with an ordinary immersion blender. A full dining area can be easily arranged in the living room, and in the kitchen itself you can install a light and compact bar counter, which replaces the dining table.

Refrigerator near the front door. this is another quite popular place to place the refrigerator. Depending on which kitchen layout was chosen, either a roomy corner or a flat wall can be formed there.

51 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make the Most of a Tiny Space

Both options are great for installing a refrigerator. The main thing is to properly combine it with the rest of the furniture, in particular with the set. In general, designers advise to make furniture for small kitchens to order.

This approach makes it possible to use every square meter more productively, leaving no gap between the appliances and cabinets.

The location of the refrigerator in the niche. this option is one of the most practical and convenient. In a niche, the refrigerator is partially protected from sunlight, household dirt and mechanical influences. You just need to exactly follow the rules for connecting the household appliance, and make sure that nothing interferes with the free opening of the doors.

When installing a small refrigerator, you can take the free space above the shelves or cabinets to store dishes, spices, cooking utensils.

If there is no niche provided for in the technical documents, it is quite possible to arrange it yourself, after consulting with the architect. Such remodeling may require approval from the state authorities.

Advice from! If there is no air circulation in the niche, the refrigerator can overheat, and this will interfere with its normal operation. As a rule, manufacturers’ instructions indicate the minimum size of the niche required for installation.

Installing the refrigerator under the window sill. this option should be chosen if the kitchen is really very small, and if the apartment is inhabited by no more than two people, for whom there is no need to store large stocks of food.

A compact fridge can be placed directly under the window sill, which performs the role of a dining or working table.

Installing a refrigerator under the countertop. if the apartment is a small family, you can safely buy a small refrigerator. You can put it right under the worktop, under the dining table, under the countertop, or in a similar place in the kitchen.

As a rule, the height of such a fridge does not exceed 50 cm. No freezer, so it takes up very little space. To store frozen fruit and vegetables you can buy a freezer separately and put it outside the kitchen. in the pantry, for example.

Refrigerator installation in the cabinet. to implement this idea, it is worth ordering a kitchen set, made to individual measurements, with the possibility of integrating the refrigerator into it. The appliance itself should be small to medium sized, then it will fit perfectly into the interior.

This is a great way to save space in the kitchen and make it more ergonomic and functional. The refrigerator can be located in the upper compartment of the cabinet, then it will not be necessary to bend down to get some or other products.

A refrigerator placed on the balcony. this option can be ideal if certain conditions are met:

  • The room kitchen should be insulated as much as possible, otherwise place the refrigerator is not allowed.
  • Good ventilation of the balcony is necessary.
  • The loggia itself must be reinforced, and easily withstand the considerable weight of a large refrigerator.
  • No direct sunlight should fall on the refrigerator all the time.
  • Remember that it is forbidden to place sockets on the balcony, so when you connect the refrigerator will have to use an extension cord.

Installing the refrigerator in the corridor. this option can be used if you can not find space in the kitchen, and the existing corridor adjacent to the kitchen is quite spacious for this. It is important to place the refrigerator so that it does not interfere with the movement around the home of family members.

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Its door should open freely, without bumping into foreign objects. Another suitable place to install a refrigerator is a small closet or pantry.

The kitchen in a hruschevka with a refrigerator. 40 interesting ideas

However, with proper planning, even here you can create a cozy nook. Using modern appliances and furniture, you can visually expand the room and make the kitchen an ergonomic space for cooking, as well as an area of comfort for guests and all the family.

How to properly plan the kitchen space in Khrushchevka?

Proper planning will allow you to place each piece of furniture and appliances conveniently. It is necessary to think very carefully about the design and finish when repairing a Khrushchevka kitchen with a refrigerator, as well as to calculate the option that meets the needs of the owners and the size of the room. You can resort to certain tips to help solve the issue of the refrigerator in a small kitchen:

  • Built-in refrigerator models can be a great option.
  • You can buy a refrigerator with a horizontal layout type instead of the standard vertical one.
  • Niches and recesses should be used to accommodate the refrigerator, if any.
  • If possible, it is better to move the dining area to another room, such as the living room.

Ways to locate the refrigerator in a hruschevka

So, how can a kitchen in a khrushchevka with a refrigerator look like? Where to place the appliance?

  • The refrigerator in the hruschevka by the door. The standard solution is considered the installation of large appliances directly near the entrance. This kitchen layout saves working space, and equipment is placed as ergonomically as possible.
  • Refrigerator in a khrushchevka by the window. In every kitchen there is a window aperture, and if the room is small, near it there is always a corner, which is the starting point of the work surface. It is in this area you can place the refrigerator.
  • The refrigerator in khrushchevka under the worktop. The most controversial, from the point of view of designers, the solution, because a very small refrigerator is not able to meet the needs of the whole family. Perhaps this option is suitable for a single person.

Built-in refrigerator in a hruschevka the best option

Anyone who has ever experienced a built-in model will be able to understand how this type of unit is ideal for furnishing a small kitchen. Its main advantages are considered:

  • No cluttering of the working surface with large appliances;
  • Easy access to products;
  • If you trim the technique with a furniture facade, the refrigerator will merge with the rest of the furniture and will not catch the eye.

Where is the best place to build a niche for a refrigerator in a hruschevka kitchen?

Very often in such apartments there is a built-in closet or pantry attached to the wall in the kitchen. You can divide them by taking a part of the doorway and punching the kitchen wall. The resulting S-shaped pantry makes it possible to place the refrigerator conveniently.

The design of a small kitchen with a refrigerator in a hruschevka should pursue this goal to create a beautifully decorated and ergonomic space.

In order to avoid a feeling of chaos in a small kitchen in a Khrushchev apartment, try to choose the most roomy furniture and think about every inch of space.

If you still believe that the kitchen in khrushchevka with a refrigerator can not look aesthetically, if you want to enlist the support of an experienced specialist, invite the designer.

As an option, you can take interesting and useful ideas from the design of European tini houses and mini-apartments. The kitchen design can be not limited to one room. Try placing appliances close to the kitchen, such as in the hallway. If you properly experiment with the space, you’ll get what you want by creating the kitchen of your dreams!

Refrigerator. in the alcove in the place of the former corridor

Tiny kitchens push the owners to extreme measures. redevelopment. Especially after living with a refrigerator at a distance, when you have to run next door to get butter or vegetables. The niche made by moving a wall or eliminating closets can be the perfect place for a useful helper.

The pros of this option are obvious. the usable area increases, there is inspiration and several solutions regarding the placement of kitchen furniture.

Start from the size of the niche, using it to the maximum. Usually, the width of the niche do a little more than the width of the refrigerator. Т.е. If you bought a refrigerator of standard size, 60 cm, make the niche 65-70 cm.

The main disadvantage. you will have to spend a lot of time talking about redevelopment. Then you are waited for a long waiting period to implement your plans. But the result will please and make the kitchen comfortable and cozy.

Refrigerator in a small kitchen in Khrushchevka, photo design, examples and ideas

If your small kitchen is no larger than 6 sq. If you are the owner of the so-called kitchen in a khruschevka. Kitchens in khrushchevki really always been a big problem. Khrushchev houses were the first individual homes for families, after communal. In a small khrushchevka not much speed, creating a functional and beautiful design for your kitchen. In order to somehow save space to accommodate the refrigerator, you need to use non-standard kitchen furniture, made exclusively to order by individual design. project.

The refrigerator in a small kitchen in a khrushchevka. is the kind of thing that, wherever you put, everywhere in the way. Well, these small kitchens are not adapted for modern appliances.

Numerous examples and modern ideas in creating a functional design and placement of various appliances in a small kitchen in a hruschevka can be taken as a basis, working through our voluminous catalog of photos. new 2017 kitchen with: gas column, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.д.

In a small kitchen in a hruschevka is not recommended to operate full-size, oversized refrigerators.

A good idea and as an example, for a small kitchen, you can use compact, narrowed, 450 to 550 mm wide, free-standing refrigerators “solo” or it is best to fit into a limited kitchen space built-in and quite compact model of this unit, which can be mounted, for example, under the countertop. These built-in refrigerators have a great look, don’t take up precious space and are just as functional as their larger counterparts.

As noted above, kitchens with a built-in refrigerator are the perfect example for a small kitchen in a hruschevka with limited space.

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