Adjusting the horizontal hook in the sewing machine

What is a swinging shuttle in a sewing machine

Device of this type is familiar to any seamstress, because it appeared much earlier than the horizontal. This is an older type, used on models from decades ago. But it is used to this day because of its undeniable advantages. Here there is a special bobbin cap, where the bobbin is inserted. Only then is the bobbin placed in the shuttle. In the process of sewing, it does not rotate, but moves in different directions, respectively, in the vertical plane.

This device also has its own advantages:

  • Is made of metal, so it will be able to last much longer. Despite the difficulty of operation, many seamstresses prefer this product to have less to worry about repair and replacement.
  • Comfortable operation if different types of fabrics are to be worked on. On the bobbin case has a special lever, with which you can quickly adjust the thread tension.

There are also disadvantages, which due to the age of the product is enough:

  • It works noisily, constantly vibrates, especially if there are at least minimal set-up failures;
  • Requires constant maintenance, often needs to be lubricated;
  • Does not allow you to develop a high sewing speed, because it is started by moving in different directions, rather than through rotation;
  • With minimal breakage promotes tangled or broken threads.
adjusting, horizontal, hook, sewing, machine

In contrast to the horizontal shuttle, vertical design is more familiar to experienced seamstresses. The pendulum mechanism has disadvantages, but it is often chosen directly because of the habit and deserved reputation.

Modern models are equipped with vertical rotary shuttles, which keeps all the advantages of this type, but at the same time get rid of the drawbacks.

Canoe on your sewing machine. one of the key working bodies, it depends on the quality of work and its range. Unlike the predecessors of sewing machines, modern devices have become more functional, but also more fastidious. They require the user to follow all the rules of operation and timely maintenance of the device. Long life will be ensured by any type, whichever you buy, but only with careful and competent handling.

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Which type is better to choose?

Depending on the model sewing machines have different types of shuttles.

The swing (pendulum) shuttle is the most common type, which is installed on inexpensive and older models. If a seamstress plans to use the sewing machine all the time, it is better to refuse to buy a device with a swinging hook. Advantages. reliability, unpretentiousness, durability, low price range, overload resistance. Disadvantages. slow speed of work, the presence of noise and vibration during sewing, a small number of stitches.

adjusting, horizontal, hook, sewing, machine

Horizontal hook. a modern device in which the bobbin is located on top. This mechanism is the most convenient to use, and its upper part can be seen through the window of the needle bar. Horizontal location of the bobbin allows you to control the work process of the part and the amount of consumables on it. Distinctive features. ease of operation and no bobbin cap, which is replaced by a built-in black plastic part. It is in it the master inserts the bobbin. To prevent cracks and grooves specialists recommend using only thin, elastic and strong thread. Advantages:

  • low noise and vibration level;
  • obtaining elastic and high-quality stitches;
  • no distortion when adjusting the stitch width;
  • ease of threading and operation;
  • possibility to perform various types of stitches.

Vertical rotary hook. a special mechanism that is used only for industrial equipment, as well as in expensive multi-functional sewing machines. Advantages. high working speed, high level of resistance to wear, high quality of the joint. If all requirements and norms were observed when installing the mechanism, the product can serve smoothly for a long period of time. Using a rotary hook mechanism allows you to work with almost all types of fabric, and also eliminates the possibility of tangled bobbin thread.

An important advantage of the device is the availability of a large number of types of stitches that can be used for both domestic and industrial purposes.

The type of hook installed directly depends on the class of the sewing mechanism:

The choice of the type of equipment is directly influenced by the professional experience of the seamstress:

  • no professional skills at all. simple equipment with a pendulum mechanism, which has limited functionality;
  • Having basic knowledge. advanced equipment with a horizontal shuttle, which will allow you to work with different density types of fabric in a moderate mode;
  • High professional level. multifunctional equipment, which has a wide range of stitches and is used in specialized sewing workshops.

Choosing a shuttle mechanism, you need to pay special attention to the manufacturer. Experts do not recommend buying cheap products of Chinese firms, which have no quality certificates and permits

But you should pay attention to the goods of European manufacturers made in China. Despite the affordable price range, they have a high level of reliability and quality.

Most workers in the sewing industry prefer horizontal and rotary mechanisms, which have a wide range of options and a long service life. The choice of devices depends on the planned intensity of work.

Attachment of the vertical shuttle to the shaft

In this article we will understand how to adjust the parameters of the vertical rotary hook. You may need to adjust the hook after sewing heavy coarse fabrics, materials. The screws that hold the hook to the shaft may not hold the load on the shaft and the hook will move. So try not to overload the domestic machine by sewing fabrics not intended for it.

It should also be noted that not all sewing machines can do it practically (displacement of the hook on the axis), because often in the place of pressing the shaft with a screw chamfered. Not all machines have this, but keep it in mind when you’re looking for the cause of skipped stitches. By the way, I hope that this article is read by a trained person, so I will omit many of the nuances, such as removing the needle plate to see the mounting hook.

There are usually two fastening screws, but there are more, especially in industrial machines. By the way, this material on adjusting the shuttle stroke can be used to adjust any domestic and even industrial machine. True, without fine-tuning, but only as a material explaining the general principle of any shuttle.

Swinging shuttle

There are three types of sewing shuttles. Which better and better performance. should determine the master, working with sewing equipment.

Rotary Hook Timing

The most common today is the oscillating type, proven by decades of use in domestic sewing machines. Pendulum shuttle installed in the sewing machine “Chayka”, “Podolsk”.

The peculiarity of such a device is its movement in the process of operation of the mechanism. The needle swings like a pendulum; it removes the thread from the needle, winds it up in the reset position, and then returns to the previous position again.

To set up such a machine is difficult enough. For accuracy and correct stitching several parameters must be considered at the same time. This is especially characteristic for a machine brand “Chaika”. Incorrect adjustment causes looping, skipping, etc. д.

Pressing Foot

Depending on the fabric selected for sewing, the seamstress must adjust the pressure force. Press or loosen the presser foot in relation to the needle plate with a screw that adjusts this pressure. In older machines, it is located obviously and simply: on the sleeve of the machine, clearly above the foot. In later models, “Seagulls”, the screw is hidden under the cover, but it remains in the same place.

If you remove the back cover and curious as to how the machine works, you will see: as soon as you turn the screw, it begins to press the spring that presses the foot, as a result, the load increases.

What is needed to adjust the sewing machine

Tuning a sewing machine often does not require special tools. At home, a grease gun is used to inject the grease. As well as a screwdriver to tighten the screws. Adjustments are made without tools. They may be needed if a breakdown occurs. But in such a case, the machine is taken to a machine repairman, who will fix the device.

How Does a Shuttle Hook Work. Vertical Oscillating Shuttle Hook

adjusting, horizontal, hook, sewing, machine

New models of machines, such as the Brother line, are sold with all the necessary equipment for adjustment.

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What you need to adjust

Nicks in the needle plate cause the thread to loop

The formation, timely tightening of the upper thread in the stitch is influenced by the needle plate. If it has nicks like the one in this photo, there is a good chance that the thread will catch on them. As a result, the excess thread will end up as a buttonhole at the bottom of the stitching. To avoid those jagged edges, never pull the fabric with your hand. Adjust presser foot pressure on fabric so you don’t have to help the machine with your hand.

Tuning a sewing machine: how to adjust with your own hands

You can adjust your sewing machine at home. It is important to know the construction of the model. Begin to adjust without a basic theoretical knowledge is not worth. It is recommended to learn the basic rules of operation and maintenance. And also consider the rules for adjusting the machine.

Basic rules of operation

Setting up the sewing machine will pass without problems, if you familiarize yourself with the basic rules of operation of the device and follow them. The exact requirements are described in the instructions for each model. But there are basic recommendations that will help to deal with different machines:

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