Adjustment knob for ariston hob

Repair of Ariston cooker hobs

All German-made household appliances are the very epitome of reliability, but even they sometimes fail due to natural wear and tear or disregard for operating requirements. If you need to repair cooktop Ariston or any other device of this brand, we offer to use our services. This will allow you to save the warranty, if its term has not yet come to an end, to restore the quality of the unit, as well as to minimize financial costs.

Repair stove hobs Hotpoint-Ariston required infrequently, as these devices are made of durable components and are designed for long-term intensive use. At the same time, they can break for a variety of reasons:

  • Increased load on the device, frequent use of all burners at the same time;
  • the use of cookware that does not meet the manufacturer’s requirements for operation of the appliance. It is for this reason it is quite often necessary to perform repairs of Hotpoint-Ariston induction hobs;
  • short circuit caused by exposure to moisture;
  • Careless handling of the device;
  • voltage fluctuations in the electrical network. To prevent breakdowns occurring for this reason, it is sufficient to use a stabilizer while connecting the hob.

If your cooktop does not turn on at all, if one or more burners do not work, the best solution is to contact our field service center, which provides quality service and MO. This will allow the device to be repaired promptly at home.


D310MSTIX/HA, PF750AST(IX) (03224030200), PF750AST(PA) (03239220201), PH960MST (03156350000), PF760A (AX), PH941MSTB (03156380101), PH604 (03156570500), PF750AST(PA) (03239220000), PF750AST(AV) (03224100201), PH941MSTV (03173550100), PH640MS (03156500101), PF760AS(AX) (03224150400), PH960MST(IX)NG (03220920000), PF760A (GW/PB), PH941MSTV (03156410100), PF741A (IX), PF750AS (OG), PH640MS (03166610300), PF741 (IX), PF760AS(AX) (03224150301), PH941M (03156260000), PH940MS (03156190300), PF760AS(IX) (03224140300), PH941MSTVU (03175750000), D320MS(IX) (70245370000), PH960MST (03156320601), PF760A (OG), PH640MST (03172120000), PH960MST (03156320201), PH640MS (03156490000), PH640MST (03156440301), PF750AST(AV) (03224100201), PH940MTNG (03175250000), PF760AS(AV) (03224210100), PH631MS (03166640201), PH941M (03156250000), PF750AS(IX) (0325446010101), PH940M (03156180000), PH940M (03156160100), PH941MSTVU (03175750300), PF760A (PA), PF740 (IX), D320M(IX) (70245380000), PF750AST(OS) (03224090000), PH941MSTBUIX (03186760000), PF740AS(BK) (03224000000), D3BIX/HA (AQ501150000), PF750AST(GW/PB) (03239210000), PF740AS(TF) (03223990000), PH640MTNG (03175220501), D3F(IX) (70245440000), PF760AS(BK) (03239120201), PF750AST(OS) (03224090000), PF760AS(IX) (03224140400), PH640MS(IX)IR (03220590101), PH640MST(IX)IR (03220580201), PH640M (03156520101), PH640MST(IX)IR (03220580000), PF760A (AV), PH604 (03156570200), PF760AS(TF) (03224170000), PH640MST(IX)IR (03220580300), D3B(IX) (70245430000), PF760AS(IX) (03224140300), PH941MSTB (03156380301), PH640MST (03156430000), PF750AST(BK) (03239180000), PH940MST (03171400000), PH640MS (03156490401), PH631MS (03156540201), PH640MS (03166610301), PH941MSTV (03173530100), PH640MSU (03175670000), PH640MST (03156430400), PH631MS (03166640301), PH640MST(IX)IR (03220580301), PF750AST(PA) (03239220200), PH960MST (03156320100), PH640MS (0315649010101), PH940MST(IX)NG (03220910000), PH941MSTVU (03175750200), PH941MSTV(IX)NG (03216600200), PF750AST(IX) (03224030301), PF760AS(PA) (03239160000), PH941MSTV(03156400301), PH631M(03156550201), PF750AST(AV) (03224100000), PF741A(TF), PH640MST (03156420300), PH940MS (031561901), PH930MST (03175920500), PF760AS(GW/PB) (03239150100), PF750AST(IX) (03224030400), PH940MS (03156200100), PF750AST(TF) (03239190100), PH640MS(IX)IR (03220590301), PF750ASP(IX) (03224110201), PF750AST(AX) (03224040000), PF760AS(OG) (03239140000), D3FIX/HA (AQ501180000), PF750AS(TF) (03254490201), PH960MT(IX)NG (03175270000), PH640MST (03167430101), PF750AST(TF) (03239190200), PH941MS (03156300100), PH960MST (03156340100), GC750TX (0334059010101), PF750AS(AX) (03254470200), PF750AST(TF) (03239190201), PH640MST(IX)IR (03220580301), PH640MST (03172130000), PH941MSTV (03173540000), PH640MSU (03175650000)

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GC750TX (03340590100), GC750TX (03340590101), GC750TX (03340590001)


DV320MSIX/HA (AQ501200000), DK302IX/HA (AQ501140000), D320MIX/HA (AQ501170000), D3BIX/HA (AQ501150000), D3FIX/HA (AQ501180000), D302IX/HA (AQ501130000), D310MSTIX/HA (AQ501190000), D320MSIX/HA (AQ501160000)

adjustment, knob, ariston


7HTD640S(CH)IX/HA, 7HTD640S(CH)IX/HA (44678190000), 7HTD640S(CH)IX/HA (44678190100), 7HTD640S(CH)IX/HA (44678190200), 7HTD640S(CH)IX/HA (44678190300), 7HTD640S(ICE)IX/HA, 7HTD640S(ICE)IX/HA (44678180000), 7HTD640S(ICE)IX/HA (44678180100), 7HTD640S(ICE)IX/HA (44678180200), 7HTD640S(ICE)IX/HA (44678180300), 7HTD641S(ICE)IX/HA, 7HTD641S(ICE)IX/HA (44688260000), 7HTD641S(ICE)IX/HA (44688260100), CISTD640S(ICE)IX/HA, CISTD640S(ICE)IX/HA (445027200), CISTD640S(ICE)IX/HA (44502720100), CISTD640S(ICE)IX/HA (44502720200), TD631S(ICE)IX/HA, TD631S(ICE)IX/HA (44502690000), TD631S(ICE)IX/HA (44502690100), TD631S(ICE)IX/HA (44502690200), TD631S(ICE)IX/HA (44502690300), TD631S(ICE)IX/HA (44502690400), TD631S(ICE)IX/HA (44502690500), TD640S(CH)IX/HA, TD640S(CH)IX/HA (44502770000), TD640S(CH)IX/HA (44502770100), TD640S(CH)IX/HA (44502770200), TD640S(CH)IX/HA (44502770300), TD640S(ICE)GH/HA, TD640S(ICE)GH/HA (44502780000), TD640S(ICE)GH/HA (44502780100), TD640S(ICE)GH/HA (44502780200), TD640S(ICE)GH/HA (44502780300), TD640S(ICE)IX/HA, TD640S(ICE)IX/HA (44502790000), TD640S(ICE)IX/HA (44502790100), TD640S(ICE)IX/HA (44502790200), TD640S(ICE)IX/HA (44502790300), TD640S(ICE)IX/HA (44502790400), TD640S(ICE)IX/HA (44502790500), TD640S(SL)IX/HA, TD640S(SL)IX/HA (44502800000), TD640S(SL)IX/HA (44502800100), TD640S(SL)IX/HA (44502800200), TD640S(SL)IX/HA (44502800300), TD641S(ICE)IX/HA, TD641S(ICE)IX/HA (44502820000), TD641S(ICE)IX/HA (44502820100), TD641S(ICE)IX/HA (44502820200), TD641S(ICE)IX/HA (44502820300), TD740S(ICE)IX/HA, TD740S(ICE)IX/HA (44535880000), TD750S(ICE)IX/HA, TD750S(ICE)IX/HA (44502830000), TD750S(ICE)IX/HA (44502830100), TD751S(CH)IX/HA, TD751S(CH)IX/HA (44502850000), TD751S(CH)IX/HA (44502850100), TD751S(CH)IX/HA (44502850200)


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PK750TGH/HA (44766150100), PK750RGH/HA (44766050200), PK741RQOGHHA (44766010100), PK750RTGH/HA (44766090000), PK640RGH/HA (44769500000), PK640RGH/HA (44769470000), PK750RGH/HA (44766050000), PK750TGH/HA (44766150000), PK760RFGH/HA (44766210300), PK760RFGH/HA (44766210200), PK750RTGH/HA (44766090200), PK750RGHHAEE (44838630100), PK640RGH/HA (44769500200), PK741RQOGHHAEE (44838620000), PK640RGHHAEE (44838610000), PK760RFGH/HA (44766210000), PK750RGH/HA (44766050100), PK741RQOGHHA (44766010000), PK750RTGH/HA (44766090100), PK750RGH/HA (44766050300), PK750TGH/HA (44766150200), PK640RGH/HA (44769500100), PK640RGHHAEE (44838610100), PK750RGH/HA (44766040000), PK630RTGH/HA (44769450000), PK741RQOGHHAEE (44838620100), PK640RGH/HA (44769500300)

Knob burner adjustment INDESIT, ARISTON, зам. C00090614

If delivery is more expensive than the product. dispatch only on prepayment.

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Knob for INDESIT, ARISTON Cooktop C00111557

  • Type: accessory
  • Accessories type: knob
  • Purpose: for the hob
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: silver
  • Diameter: 35.7 mm
  • Height: 27,3 mm
  • Diameter of the leg: 15,7 mm

Cooktop adjustment knob Electrolux 3550465334 color. silver. height. 23mm diameter. 37mm stem diameter. 6mm for the following models: EGG06342NX EGG16242NX EGG16342NX EGG16343NX EGG46242NX EGG46342NX EGG56242NX EGG56342NX EGG56343NX EGG6242NOX EGG6243NOX EGG6342NOX EGG6343NDX EGG6343NOX EGG96242NX EGG96243NX EGG96342NX RGG6242NVX EGG3313NOX EHS3920HOX EHF3920VOX EGG3322NOX EGG57352NX EGG6242NSX EGG7253NOX EGG7352NOX EGG7353NOX EGG93322NX EGG97352SX EGL6282NOX EGL6382NOX EGG3222NOX EGG6242NDX and many more.

Self-repair of electric stove Hotpoint-Ariston

Last week the Hotpoint-Ariston c3vm57ru/ha electric stove that had been serving faithfully for 5 years had its first serious malfunction. We put the boiling potatoes and after returning to the kitchen in 10 minutes we were surprised that the water in the pot during this time has not even boiled. Upon further inspection, the most frequently used burner on which it was placed stopped heating.

for diagnosis (from 800 rubles) and repair (from 1300 rubles) on the site of the official service center are not pleased, so I decided to try to fix it myself. I have an engineering degree and a diploma in instrumentation in my closet for a reason.). I found out that in similar cases the burner switch and coil fly, burn out the wires and loose the contact in the contact group. By simple manipulation with the switch (turning it on and waiting for the clicks of opening and closing contacts) I found out that it is not it. Next it was decided to open the patient up. I couldn’t find any instructions on how to disassemble this model, so I decided to write this post. if anyone needs it.

So a Phillips head screwdriver and a Torx t20 are needed for disassembly. The hob of the stove is screwed on the back with torx screws:

There wasn’t much else out there to see at first glance, but there was something in the front of the top cover. I even had to remove the whole back cover to see what was holding it. It turned out that it is held by screws screwed in from the front, hidden by the control panel. There they were:

To get to them, you must first move the control panel, and to do this, respectively, unscrew two more screws that hold it at the bottom. To see them, you have to open the oven door and look at the panel underneath:

After unscrewing them, we shift the panel to the left, because it is also mounted on plates in the shape of hooks, and then down. Thus we get the opportunity to disconnect the hob and turn it for easier inspection.

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Visual inspection and multimeter testing showed that the burner coil is intact, all wires and contacts, too, the switch is intact and when you turn on 230 V contact group gives the burner, but here’s from the contact group to the coil current does not come.Consequently, the problem is in this box, or rather inside it:

I had to disconnect the fasteners of burners and take out the desired one to turn the body of the contact group face. Burners are held in place by a metal plate on two self-tapping screws. I did not take a photo. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Clever manufacturers made the housing disposable, that is, shut the front surface with a piece of heat-resistant insulator and fastened it with a rivet. It’s kind of out of order. Take the burner with the contact group as a whole for 2-3 thousand r. Yeah, right! With careful rotating movements the plate was removed in one piece and the following picture was revealed:

The contact pointed by the screwdriver, already a little cleaned, but originally it was covered with black carbon deposits. Actually it was the reason that the current to the coil did not come. The contacts were sanded down and then reassembled in reverse order.

Easy DIY Repair. fixing broken knobs on LG kitchen stove and gas range

I also repaired my gas stove myself.The igniter stopped working. Were looking through profile forums found the cause-a resistor in the igniter board.bought a new resistor for five. rubles (round metal coin) and re-soldered. The ignition is working.

Heck, even on the clamps for wires economy, not to mention the wires themselves. It’s a world of marketing industry.

For courage and ingenuity. And I’m not a “handyman.”.- just the upside.

Hello! Please help me connect the oven controls. Take a picture of the wiring order. I took it off and didn’t remember the wires. Can not find it on the internet.Stove yours.

Sure, it’s not much of an option, but what if you make the contacts close under no load so they don’t form arcs and get burned?? Or maybe there’s no such thing?

This is a mechanical temperature control? I thought it was all semistors.

adjustment, knob, ariston
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