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The official group of Aeroexpress at Verkhniye Kotly metro

I don’t care about the snow, I don’t care about the heat, if “Aeroexpress” is with me!May holidays were scalding cold, but you remember: you can reach the airport comfortably and right on schedule only by a reliable transport.What? Narrated by Sergey Shirinsky.Ok, let’s go!

Holiday weekend in the capital? Yes! Holiday Inn Moscow is giving away breakfast for 1-2 guests or 20% discount for restaurant, bar and room service with Aeroexpress tickets. Read more:

Today in the column “Its atmosphere” we tell you about the depot. They call it the underside of the railroad: the unit’s operations often remain in the shadows. But without the depot and the specialists who work there, the full-fledged functioning of the railroad is impossible. In July 2012. After a large-scale reconstruction of the premises and equipment of the Illich Locomotive Depot, we launched our own separate division for maintenance and repair of rolling stock. 150 years ago the great-grandfathers of modern locomotives were repaired here, and now pass. Read more

The “Aeroexpress” train is regularly serviced. It’s never empty at the depot: the regulations for technical inspections are extremely strict. Regular maintenance includes outfitting with water, cleaning toilet complexes, disinfection, exterior washing, cleaning, maintenance of rolling stock units and aggregates. From the depot trains go back to the trimmer line to Belorussky, Paveletsky or Kievsky railway station to take passengers to one of the Moscow airports.

It’s the first depot in Russia, the second in Europe, the third in Europe, and the third in Russia! In May the Northern capital is not at all like its autumnal counterpart: verandahs are opening in the city, the wind is already warm and the sea is almost gentle. This is one of the best months of the year to spend a few exciting days here: choose a guided tour by local guides and discover St. Petersburg all over again! You can book your train ticket online, and get reliable transfers to the airport on our website:

aeroexpress, pass

What a bicycle and Aeroexpress trains have in common? Eco-friendliness! That’s why bicycles ride in the vestibule for free, and a passenger ticket costs only 450. Take a friend with you!

Wishing you Happy Spring and Labor Day and reminding you of the start of the holiday season Don’t be stuck in traffic jams, buy tickets online and get to the airport in comfort!

Ready for the flight! We tell you in the cards how to get to the capital’s airports as comfortably, quickly and safely as possible P.S. No traffic jams, you won’t miss your flight!

Continue to discover the rich inner world of trains. Railwaymen call this important detail a ski. It is attached to the pantograph and is responsible for transferring current from the overhead system to the train. And they bent it so that the skis would not cling to the wires where the tracks converge.

From May, 1 till May, 10 we traditionally organize free travel in business-class cars on all routes for veterans of the Great Patriotic War and their accompanying persons. (Travel in standard class coaches is always free of charge). It is possible to buy tickets at the Aeroexpress offices out of turn, presenting documents confirming your beneficial status. Our staff will congratulate veterans and give them gifts and flowers. If you do not have accompanying persons, we recommend that you take advantage of our free “Personal Assistant” service, consisting of a company employee who will meet you at the. Read more

Our managers will help you to prepare your documents, help you board the Aeroexpress train and put your luggage on the train, and, if necessary, guide you to the check-in desk at the airport.

Ticket for 1 and a gift for every purchase? Yes! Register in “Aeroexpresspress Privilege” program, earn points and exchange them for bonus tickets! Registration is simple (you don’t even need to register for gifts), and points are accumulated quickly. on accrual and withdrawal of points. in the cards.

In connection with scheduled works on the railroad from April 30 to May 3, all trains to Sheremetyevo Airport will depart from the Belorussky Railway Station with stops at Savelovskaya and Okruzhnaya. On the way from the airport the terminal station will also be Belorusskiy railway station. The “Aeroexpress” trains on the Odintsovo. Belorusskiy railway station section will not go to the airport.From May 4 all trains will run according to the normal schedule Please, be careful and consider this information when planning your trips.Tickets and schedule: on the site in mobile. Read more

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If you want to buy a ticket in Sheremetyevo Airport you should call our hotline (7 (800) 700-33-77 for calls from Russian regions or cell phones) and 7 (800) 700-33-77 for calls from Moscow, and ask our employees in terminals “Aeroexpress” for express buses from “Khovrino” metro station to get to Sheremetyevo Airport. Read more:

The feeling is equally common at the beginning of travel and at the end, permeating all areas of life. What’s the word we’ve been riddled with?

Today in the column “Its atmosphere,” we tell you about the springs. These are elastic elements that absorb all vibrations from the rails and damp them, ensuring the smooth running of the train, you can call them a suspension. This is a very important part of the car, thanks to which you can quietly drink coffee in Aeroexpress with your laptop.

Due to scheduled works on April 22-27 the train schedule on Sheremetevsky direction was changed. Cancelled on the night of 22 to 23, from 23 to 24 April at 22:00, 23:46, 00:31, 05:15, 05:38 from Belorussky Railway Station 22:51, 23:23, 00:02, 04:43 and 05:29 from Sheremetyevo Airport 22, 25, 26 and 27 April at 05:15 from Belorussky station and at 05:29 from the airport 23 April made minor adjustments to the departure and arrival times of some flights from Vnukovo and back. All other trains on these dates. Read more

are running according to the schedule. We earnestly ask you to keep this information in mind when planning your trip and check train schedule in advance.Tickets, schedule, information: on the site in the mobile application by phone hotline 7 (800) 700-33-77 for calls from the regions of Russia and from cell phones) and 7 (800) 700-33-77 for calls from Moscow) from company employees in the terminals

We are trying to create a comfortable and safe environment for all travelers. since the beginning of the year our employees have helped more than 300 passengers with the free service “Personal assistant”.This is a service for physically challenged people, temporarily physically challenged people, and passengers with children and pregnant women, and is valid on all routes. Our staff member:▪️ meets the passenger at the Aeroexpress terminal ▪️ helps you to buy a ticket without queuing▪️ helps you get on the carriage and put the luggageWith Mosco. Read more

Domodedovo. Verkhniye Kotly aeroexpress train

In the article you will learn the schedule of Aeroexpress from Domodedovo to Verkhniye Kotly. Info taken from the main Aeroexpress site.

Departure Arrival
06:00 06:36
06:30 07:05
07:00 07:36
07:30 08:06
08:00 08:36
08:30 09:07
09:00 09:36
09:30 10:11
10:00 10:37
10:30 11:09
11:00 11:40
11:30 12:06
12:00 12:36
12:30 13:08
13:00 13:36
13:30 14:06
14:00 14:36
14:30 15:08
15:00 15:38
15:30 16:08
16:00 16:37
16:30 17:10
17:00 17:41
17:30 18:09
18:00 18:40
18:30 19:09
19:00 19:40
19:30 20:11
20:00 20:37
20:30 21:11
21:00 21:38
21:30 22:08
22:00 22:37
22:30 23:10
23:00 23:36
23:30 00:09

Read the schedule of Aeroexpress trains from Sheremetyevo airport to Slavyansky Bulvar. Info taken from

In the table below see the current Aeroexpress schedule from Sheremetyevo airport to Savelovskaya station. Aeroexpress

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In this article you will find the current schedule of Aeroexpress from Sheremetyevo to Okruzhnaya station. Info

Check the hours of Aeroexpress from Sheremetyevo Airport to Odintsovo. Info taken from the main

In this article you can find out the current schedule of Aeroexpress train from Sheremetyevo to Belorussky Railway Station. Information

Aeroexpress train hours from Sheremetyevo Airport to Begovaya Station. Info taken from

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Domodedovo. how to get by Aeroexpress

You can enter the Aeroexpress railway terminal at the second entrance of Paveletsky Railway Station. Also you can be guided to the Concourse at the exit of the metro station of the same name. We recommend to pay attention to the following signs. The Aeroexpress train will bring you directly to Domodedovo Airport Terminal.

How to brew with an Aeropress | Nemesis Coffee

Domodedovo. Paveletskiy railway station” aeroexpress train

The return route starts at the railway platform, which is located opposite the third exit of the airport. The nearest way to get there is to stop for buses and shuttles on the right hand side. If you are in the arrival area of international lines, then follow the signs in the terminal building till the exit.

How to get there

At Paveletskiy railway station you can enter the terminal from the entrance hall of Paveletskaya metro station. radial. The necessary escalator is located near the first carriages of the subway train that leaves in the direction of “Avtozavodskaya” metro station, or near the first carriages of the train to “Novokuznetskaya. The exit to the terminal is signposted. This is in case of coming to the station of metro green line. From “Paveletskaya”. ring station, brown line, it is best to switch to the green line and use the advice given above. In case you had to go upstairs, you should use the underground passage. Aeroexpress train goes straight to Domodedovo airport terminal building. Located to the right of the airport terminal.

The Aeroexpress train platform is located opposite the terminal exit. The airport area is equipped with different signs, so you can easily find the terminal.

photos Aeroexpress train at Verkhniye Kotly metro

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I don’t need snow and I don’t need heat, when “Aeroexpress” is with me!May holidays were scaldingly cold, but you remember: you can get to the airport in comfort and on time only with a reliable transport.What? Sergey Shirinsky will tell you.Ok, let’s go!

aeroexpress, pass

Holiday weekend in the capital? Yes! Holiday Inn Moscow is giving away breakfast for 1-2 guests or 20% discount for restaurant, bar or room service when you show Aeroexpress ticket. Read more:

Today’s feature on “A Certain Atmosphere,” we’re talking about the Depot. It is called the underside of the railroad: Its activity often remains in the shadows. But without the depot and the specialists who work there, the full-fledged functioning of the railroad is impossible. In July 2012, the railway will be closed for the first time. After a large-scale reconstruction of the premises and equipment of the Illich Locomotive Depot, we launched our own separate unit for maintenance and repair of rolling stock. 150 years ago the great-grandfathers of modern locomotives were repaired here, and now. Read more

Regular maintenance of the “Aeroexpress” train. It is never empty at the depot: technical inspections are extremely strict. Regular maintenance includes water outfitting, cleaning of toilet complexes, disinfection, outside washing, cleaning, maintenance of rolling stock units and aggregates. From Depot the trains go back to the trimmer line to Belorussky, Paveletsky or Kievsky railway station to take the passengers to one of the Moscow airports.

How to get there

In order to board the train you must first get to the terminal. It is reached by the 2nd and 4th entrances of the Belorussky railway station.

There is a station of the green metro line “Belorusskaya” next to the station.radial”. Once you arrive at the station, you should take the escalator, which goes only in one direction. On the street, turn right and get to the front of the station building. Entrances 4,5,6 are located under the canopy. As mentioned above, the choice should be on the 4th.

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The way from the station “Belorusskaya. Koltsevaya” brown line also begins with the exit at the escalator. You can find it near the first carriages of trains that go in the direction of Krasnopresnenskaya or the last carriages of trains going to Novoslobodskaya station. In the lobby, turn left and go to the light green building of the station. The necessary second entrance is located in the middle.

Stations are connected to each other by underground passage. This is important information when the weather leaves much to be desired. From the Belorusskaya. radical station the way is much closer, so it is recommended to go from the Belorusskaya. ring station.

At Sheremetyevo Airport, the Aeroexpress boarding is in the southern part of the building. The Aeroexpress terminal can be found next to Terminal E of the airport. From Terminals D and F, it’s fairly easy to get to from the signs indicating the path of travel. The northern part, including Terminal C, is well connected to the southern part, thanks to the shuttles. Your travel time will take about 20 minutes. To use the shuttle you must have a plane ticket or Aeroexpress. Automated trains go between terminal B and the young airport complex on the route “Sheremetyevo 1. Sheremetyevo 2”. The journey takes only 4 minutes. You will not have to wait long for the train.

Aeroexpress terminals have ticket vending machines. And this service is available both in cash and by bank card. It’s also convenient that the machine gives out change.

Where is it at Domodedovo Airport

  • Go out and from any hall in Domodedovo you need to turn left and walk to the arrivals area of domestic flights. Then turn right at the big red arch with “Aeroexpress” written on it.
  • Walk a little bit and on your left will be the terminal.

Electric trains

The train is a reliable and at the same time inexpensive way to get to Domodedovo. On weekends in summer we recommend to go from Paveletskiy railway station, because there may be crowds of dacha residents. Railway station is connected to the terminal by the covered passage.

Steam Blowing Out (Aux.Boiler & Desalination Plant)

  • Travel time is about 1 hour
  • (from Paveletsky Station)
  • Tickets for children from 5 to 7 years. 34 rubles 20 kopecks.
  • The train also has stops:
  • “Verkhniye Kotly. transfer to the station of the same name on the MCC
  • “Nizhniye Kotly”. transfer to “Nagatinskaya” metro station
  • “Kolomenskaya”. transfer to the subway station “Varshavskaya
  • And others


In the near future there are plans to make a transfer to the new station Verkhniye Kotly, Paveletskiy direction of MZhD. There will also be a new transportation hub at this location.

Gagarin Square station

Delovoy Tsentr Station

Likhobory station

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Please advise when is planned to open a transition to the station Verkhniye Kotly, Paveletskogo direction MZhD?

Hello, could you please advise how to change the station (MCC) free of charge from Verkhniye Kotly to Nagatinskaya metro station? thank you!

Gagarin Square station

Luzhniki station

Shelepikha station

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