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Almost every buyer of gas wall hung boilers Baxi, sooner or later faces with any malfunction and breakage of appliance. Experts strongly recommend preventive maintenance of gas boilers at least once a year: wash heat exchangers, clean them of the formed scale, check the performance of sensors before the heating season.

However, modern heating equipment tends to break down over time, which will require repair or replacement parts. Let’s consider one of the most popular brands in Russia. it is a gas boiler Baksi, its faults and errors that are shown on the control panel under the special codes under the symbol “E”, which is an abbreviation of the English word “Error”. error.

Let’s look at the main malfunctions that a user of gas boiler Baxi can have when there is no hot water, and why the boiler does not heat water, the pressure drops, does not turn on or does not light the burner boiler Baxi Main Four 240F or Baxi Eco Four 24F and other models.

Let’s discuss all the faults of the appliance according to the instructions, the causes of the faults and how to solve them by ourselves or by specialists.

Italian wall mounted two-circuit and single-circuit gas boilers are equipped with an informative digital display, which displays not only information (symbol “A”): the temperature of water in the heating system or DHW circuit, or setting parameters (symbol “F”): operation modes and warnings, but also errors under the codes “E”.

baxi, boiler, replacement, sensor

If the symbol “R” appears on the display, it means that there was a malfunction and this malfunction can be tried to eliminate with your own hands. To do this, press the “R” button for a few seconds. If this does not help, it is better to call immediately at home a gas specialist.

Nevertheless, let us consider in detail the error codes that we may encounter in the operation of boiler Baxi.

This is one of the most common errors that occur during operation of gas boilers of “Baksi” brand. It indicates that there is no ignition in the appliance, so the boiler does not turn on.

Check if the gas shut-off valve is open or if there is a “choke” in the gas fitting of the appliance at low gas pressure.

Probably a faulty flame electrode or wire, leading to the ignition unit.

The gas valve or the electronic board is defective. Check all connections between them.

Another frequent error under the symbol “E02” indicates that the safety thermostat of the Baxi boiler is tripped. This error is usually displayed when the boiler does not heat water in the heating system.

Check that the pump impeller is not blocked when there is no circulation of the heating medium.

Possibly the main heat exchanger is clogged and requires cleaning.

Check also the limit thermostat connector and the NTS temperature sensor on the boiler input.

Failure of electronic board can also cause error E02.

This error indicates that during adjustment of the boiler, parameter F43 was incorrectly set, leading to a configuration error of the electronic board. Press and hold the two buttons simultaneously for at least 6 seconds to change the settings:

This malfunction can occur in two cases:

The integrity of the connections between the ignition unit and flame sensor as well as between the board and the gas valve must be checked.

Insufficient draught could be the cause of flame failure.

The sensor of the temperature of the heating circuit at the inlet to the gas boiler Baxi failed. It is also possible that the sensor wiring is broken or short-circuited.

Faulty DHW (water) temperature sensor or breakage of its wiring, open circuit, a short circuit of the wiring.

It might be necessary to change the temperature sensor of products of combustion (flue gas) or there might be a breakage of its wiring.

This code signals that there is a fault in the signal amplification circuit of the flame signal due to the absence of grounding of the electronic board. It is necessary to check the connector “x4” between the power supply terminal and the board itself.

The Baksi boiler electronic board malfunction generates an error in the circuit protection of the gas valve. The board will need to be replaced.

This error indicates a malfunction of the hydraulic pressostat or a break in its wiring. Also measure the pressure in the heating circuit of the boiler. Error E10 can occur if the pressure drops below 0.5 bar.

Exclamation mark” symbol flashes.

It is advisable to check the cable between the board and the gas valve for breaks, the pressure settings of the valve, the chimney for blockages and the correct functioning of the flame and flue gas sensors.

Another reason for this malfunction may be a chimney that is not properly assembled, particularly in terms of length. All these nuances can tell us in this case, that the gas boiler Baxi works at its minimum output.

There was a voltage drop below 160 volts in the mains. Boiler automatically resets or spontaneously shuts down. It is necessary to identify the cause of low voltage in the network.

Quite a common error of Baksi boiler can occur when there is no normal circulation of water in the heating system.

Circulation in the heating circuit has stopped due to a clogged heat exchanger or stuck pump.

Faulty or overheated NTS inlet temperature sensor (error E26) can also cause a lack of circulation.

Check that the DHW temperature sensor and its contacts are securely fastened; the sensor clamp may have become detached from the pipe on which it is mounted.

Meaning of symbols on Baxi boiler display

This error can indicate a false (parasitic) flame signal.

No grounding of electronic board. 2. Check the position of the sensor (electrode) of the flame.

Baxi (Fourtech,Eco 4S) change the sensor of DHW part 1

A short video on installing an external thermostat with a sensor on a gas boiler Baxi Eco Compact reference to the sensor to search the name 110~220V 10A Digital Temperature Controller Thermocouple Thermostat Measuring Range.50~90 Degree with Sensor Thermometer

Boiler NTC Sensors. Types, Device, Faults.

Sensors NTC for boilers. Types, device, malfunctions. We remind you: repair of gas boilers must be done by a person who has a permit to gas equipment and passed certification. You can choose and buy original spare part for your boiler at a low price on our web-site “Teplospectr”.

Boiler Baxi Mainfour 240F does not turn on DHW

What to do and how to repair the boiler, if it does not turn on when you open the hot water tap? Step by step instructions for repair of gas boiler Baxi Mainfour 240F in the absence of hot water flow switch for boiler: for Ukraine for Russia 00:00 Boiler Baxi Mainfour 240F with poor performance DHW 01:02 Removing the front panel 01:53 Check the flow switch 02:35 Removing the switch from the boiler 03:18 Disassembly flow switch 04:59 Where to buy a new part? 05:15 Installing a new sensor 06:21 Checking the functionality of the boiler and the new part Instructions gas boiler Baxi: Explosion diagrams gas boiler Baxi: Subscribe to our social.Network to always know how to repair gas boilers! Store for spare parts for gas boilers

What to do and how to repair the boiler if it does not turn on when you open the hot water tap? Step by step instructions for repair of gas boiler Baxi Mainfour 240F in the absence of hot water flow switch for boiler: for Ukraine for Russia 00:00 Boiler Baxi Mainfour 240F with poor performance DHW 01:02 Removing the front panel 01:53 Check the flow switch 02:35 Removing the switch from the boiler 03:18 Disassembly flow switch 04:59 Where to buy a new part? 05:15 Installing the new sensor 06:21 Checking the functionality of the boiler and the new part Instructions gas boiler Baxi: Explosion diagrams gas boiler Baxi: Subscribe to our social.Network to always know how to repair gas boilers! Spare parts store for gas boilers

Gas boiler water flow switch works by closing contacts when water flows. Closing of the contacts can be performed by a microswitch or reed switch, depending on the design of the flow sensor. The hall sensor can record not only the flow, but also the amount of fluid flowing. Changing the speed of passing water affects the frequency recorded by the sensor, which allows the boiler to change the algorithm for heating DHW. In the video it is told about the principle of operation of flow sensors of gas boilers, methods of testing and possible causes of malfunction and methods of their elimination. Buy a flow sensor About the boiler temperature sensor

Occurring error codes help the owner of the gas equipment to trace any, even the smallest failure in its work. Repair of a boiler Baksi should be considered as something akin to treatment of a disease. To get rid of it is much easier only if the diagnosis is made in time.

When there are problems with the preparation of hot water in a two-circuit boiler, you must first decide on the scheme by which the boiler operates in DHW mode. There are two options: a bithermal heat exchanger and a secondary heat exchanger.

In the first case, the heating circuit and hot water circuit are combined in one heat exchanger. the primary. When it is necessary to cook water, the heating circulating pump stops working and all power of the boiler is given to the passing tap water.

In the other case, the boiler is equipped with an additional (second) plate heat exchanger and switch (three-way valve). When there is a need to cook water, the coolant from the heating circuit is sent to the second heat exchanger, through which the heat is transferred to the flowing tap water. The pump at the same time continues to work. to pump the coolant in a small circle.

Therefore, for different circuits, hot water problems should be diagnosed differently.

The boiler Baksi does not heat water (does not turn on hot water)

Prevention and cleaning methods

A descaled heating circuit in the boiler that needs to be cleaned

Many gas boilers do not heat water because preventive measures were not taken beforehand. Heating equipment requires timely maintenance:

It is also important to monitor the correct level of coolant in the expansion tank.

baxi, boiler, replacement, sensor

If the boiler Baksi does not heat water due to contamination of elements of the OS, it is necessary to clean. There are several ways:

  • Mechanical. Produced when the thickness of scale from 1 mm to 3 mm with equipment from a flexible shaft, with the drive and balls.
  • Hydrodynamic. Performed by flushing the pipes with water under high pressure.
  • Chemical. Specialized equipment and composition of aggressive impact on the surface is used for the event.
  • Electric light. The method allows to remove impurities of high strength. A working cable with a certain power/frequency of electric discharge is transported along the water-filled line.

The method of cleaning is chosen according to the type of boiler, the nature of impurities and scale thickness.


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Setting the pressure

To raise the pressure use the make-up valve, and to release the pressure. the drain valve.

The optimum value is in the range of 0.7. 1 mbar. Usually, boilers Baxi maintain the desired value on their own, but sometimes there are failures. If there is a constant drop in pressure that does not disappear after make-up, it means that there is a leak in the system somewhere.

baxi, boiler, replacement, sensor

This could mean either a leak in the pipes or radiators, underfloor heating system or other external elements.

The problem is often caused by a defective drain valve. An abnormal pressure rise can be caused by a faulty or open make-up valve or a damaged membrane on the expansion tank.

Thermostat and thermo regulator for gas boiler Baxi MAIN Four 240 F

The apartment has an independent gas boiler Baxi MAIN Four 240F, which itself is not bad, but it also has a good reserve for improvement.

The main problem. the boiler in heating mode turns on every few minutes, right or wrong, and heats the water in the radiators to a set temperature, much or little. In other words, very often it works for nothing. The first problem is solved by the room thermostat, the second by the outdoor thermostat. And I’ll tell you how to kill two birds with one stone.

We’ll need a thermostat, a wire, and a straight hand.

As a thermostat I recommend the one I bought on Ali (not advertising). Why this one? Seen good reviews on it plus programmable weekly: you can set the Mon-Fri daytime 20 (cooler, while there’s no one) and the rest of the time 23, for example. Plus fine tuning and low hysteresis. Plus internal and remote sensors. Just what the doctor ordered. Minus one, but significant. no dry contacts. We’ll be drying.

PS links on ali do not live long. Look for the words floor thermostat, with the maximum number of orders and the minimum price.

For drying we solder out the relay to look at the tracks under it. it turned out in vain. All you need is on bottom side of board. Cut, solder. In principle, everything is simple and clear. you need to derive the contacts by themselves, and the circuit to energize itself by itself.

Two cuts are enough, but I screwed up the track on the coil relay, duplicated it with a jumper. You should cut under the block this way, together with the board. it is safer from the breakdown point of view and there is a jumper on the other side (under the block).

Installed Smart House Sonoff TH with Temperature Sensor for Gas Boiler BAXI

IMPORTANT! After resoldering changing connection scheme. 220 is connected to the extreme pair of pins, where the board is cut through (in the photo on the right), and the boiler goes to another pair (in the photo on the left).

Then we mount the box in a chosen place on the wall, in it the thermostat. I put over a socket, to power from it and powered. Т.е. from the thermostat one wire to the socket, the second to the boiler.

As I said, the thermostat has a built in thermostat and has an external one. on a wire. Practice showed that the built-in a little more than enough. A multimeter and study the Internet have shown that the external temperature probe almost fits the boiler (if anyone interested, I can give an exact razbludovku resistance native Baxi 240). Throw the outside into the street, and already pulled two wires to the boiler. from the thermostat and from the temperature sensor. Well and connect them to the boiler. it’s easy there, the main thing is to know what goes where.

Disconnect the boiler with the button and turn off the power to the boiler.

Unscrew the two screws fixing the front cover of the boiler from below, remove it “on itself. upwards”, unscrew the screw fixing the control panel and turn it, unscrew the screw of the terminal box (I removed the whole back cover, so it is more convenient) and screw our wires

Turn the boiler power. in OFF mode the display now shows the outside temperature.

Turn on the boiler. in operating mode, when adjusting the temperature of the battery display shows the temperature curve. you need to select so that the temperature of the batteries corresponds to the temperature outside. This is done by trial and error and that’s what I’m doing for the second day.

The method, as I understand it, is applicable to many similar boilers.

I am finished, best wishes and warmth to those who read to the end 🙂

UPD By request of the working people I made addition. the way, which does not require to modify the thermostat

UPD By popular demand I will add the information about sensors. An alternative sensor (B57861-S 103-F40, 10 kOhm, 1%, NTC thermistor) costs 100 at Chip and Dip, and the parameters of the native one are given in the table.

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