Boiler make-up valve Vaillant turbo tek pro

Vaillant atmoTEC and turboTEC Pro\Plus 20-36 kW 0020018065 make-up tap

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Make-up valve (filler) item 0020018065. to be installed in all Vaillant Tec R1/Tec Pro- mini R1 boilers and Plus models. Water make-up valve for heating systems, also called boiler water make-up valve of Vaillant brand boilers, comes with a grey water make-up knob.When make-up valve fails, heating system pressure starts to rise, pressure gauge shows.The table shows the models of Vaillant boilers with installed make-up valve 0020018065

turboTEC Pro/Plus atmoTEC Pro/Plus
VUW 202/3-3 VUW 240/3-5
VUW 202/3-5 VU 280/3-5
VUW 242/3-3 VUW 240/3-3
VUW 242/3-5 VUW 240/3-5
VUW 282/3-3 VUW 280/3-3
VUW 282/3-5 VUW 280/3-5
VUW 322/3-5
VUW 362/3-5

Designed for make-up of heating system from cold water supply, to create working pressure of heating equipment. Every time you fill or make-up the system, the achieved pressure must be checked. As a result the safety valve is triggered (3 bar). Water starts to leak from the boiler.

MARIS has been successfully developing on the market for over 10 years. We sell and install boiler, pumping equipment, shut-off valves, radiators and much more. In addition, we are engaged in construction of systems of gas, heating and water supply.

  • Boiler power supply malfunction: reset the boiler There is an appropriate button on the panel of Vaillant gas boilers (crossed out flame symbol or RESET symbol).

It is strongly recommended to connect heating boilers through a stabilizer (for the boiler) or UPS to avoid unnecessary costs associated with the replacement of the control card.

  • Lack of pressure in the system: at a value of 0.6 bar and below there is a safety shutdown of the heating system, we need to raise the pressure to an operating value of 1.2-1.5 (the hand of the pressure gauge must move into the green sector).

Filling the circuit to produce turning the valve counterclockwise in the main water, do not forget to return the valve to its original position (clockwise tighten tight), otherwise the relief valve will be triggered.

Depending on the boiler model, the make-up valve may be of different designs.

If in some time after the last make-up of system the pressure drops, it means there is a leak in the system (boiler branch pipes approaching to heat exchanger, connection points of flow and return pipes, connection points of batteries).)

  • Air accumulation in the system: When the boiler is running, gas is produced continuously in the circuit. If the air vent of the pump or battery vent works fine, then the gases will be removed according to the normal procedure, if not. the error will appear.

Pump impeller dirty, mechanical cleaning and flushing would help.

Unreliable contact: burning, oxidation of fins leads to instability of supply voltage.

Deformation of the shaft or impeller, destruction of the bearing, contamination of the internal air channel

Examine the board for damage (oxidation, dark spots, moisture, typical smell of burned tracks and modules, remove excess dust), all operations with the board should be performed in antistatic gloves.

Any boiler diagnostics and repair should be carried out by a certified specialist with a valid certificate issued by Rostekhnadzor.

Hydraulic components of Vaillant Turbotec boilers

The hydraulic components of the Atmotec and Turbotec models are connected to the hydraulic block by means of plug or flange connections.

Modifications: VUW INT 242-3-3, VUW INT 282-3-3, VUW INT 242-3-5, VUW INT 282-3-5, VUW INT 322-3-5, VUW INT 362-3-5, VUW INT 240-3-3, VUW INT 280-3-3. VUW INT 240-3-5, VUW INT 280-3-5.

In the upper part of the hydraulic block there is a secondary heat exchanger connected by means of flange connections, in the lower part there are: pressure sensor, priority switching valve with controllable by-pass and heating pump connection.

Versions: VU INT 242-3-5, VU INT 282-3-5, VU INT 240-3-5, VU INT 280-3-5.

In the lower part are: pressure sensor, priority switching valve with adjustable bypass and heating pump connection.

Pump with manual 2-stage changeover (pro models)

Vaillant Turbotec pro and Atmotec pro gas boilers are equipped with a two-stage pump (VP 5) with manual switchover. The default setting is “stage 2”.

Switching to heating stage 1 is only sensible in the case of hydrodynamic noises in the heating system.

Circulation pump speed:

Pump with automatic 2-stage switching. Manual 2-stage changeover (pro models)

Vaillant Atmotec plus and Turbotec plus wall-hung boilers are equipped with an automatic 2-stage switching circulation pump.

Pump has automatic switching device for first stage (medium performance) and second stage (maximum performance).

The heating pump circulates the water in both single- and double-circuit boilers according to demand.

2-stage pump, automatic stage changeover, 40 W motor:

Air present in the heating system during filling is automatically removed by the built-in automatic air vent. During the operation of the system, most of the air contained in the water is released in the air vent and automatically drained, thus ensuring the trouble-free operation of the Vaillant Turbo Tech boiler and low maintenance costs.

The pumps of the pro / plus boilers are fitted with connections for the expansion tank and the pressure relief valve.

Pre-commissioning time and after-running time

The pre-start time of the circulation pump of the heating system is 20 s. The circulating pump run down time is set in the diagnostic point d.1. Run-down time after the hot water preparation is 10 s (fixed).

The pump is switched on for 20s every 23h to prevent seizure. Jamming protection cannot be deactivated.

Cycle time of less than 24 hours is chosen so that the pump will not start at the same time of the day. This could cause complaints from the end user.

Continuous pump mode can be selected to ensure constant heat distribution in the system. This mode can be set at high heating circuit temperature setpoints for hot water preparation and low setpoints for underfloor heating system when controlling the temperature in the return mowing line.

The mode is selected by setting “1” (“continuously running pump”) in Diagnostic Point d.18.

In continuous mode, the pump is activated if:

In continuous mode, the pump is turned off if:

Brass priority switching valve

The Vaillant Atmo Tech gas boiler has a brass priority switching valve (VUV), which is structurally different from the valve of the previous generation.

The internal structure and function of the valve has not changed.

Connection to the new hydraulic unit is by means of a flange connection. Flange is equipped as standard with a built-in bypass valve with manual adjustment.

Relief valve infinitely adjustable for differential pressures from 170 to 350 mbar. Factory setting. 250 mbar. The setting is protected against unintentional adjustment.

the by-pass valve must be set to a different value, e.g. in the case of silent thermostatic radiator valves (setting below 250 mbar) or in systems where one or more radiators are not sufficiently heated (setting above 250 mbar).

The entire bypass valve setting range (170 mbar. 250 mbar. 350 mbar) over 10 revolutions of the adjusting spindle, t.е. Approximate change of differential pressure setting: 18 mbar per revolution.

right hand end position = 350 mbar left hand end position = 170 mbar middle position = 250 mbar (factory setting)

The machines are equipped with a water pressure sensor. The actual system pressure is permanently sent to the electronics module.

VUW INT 242-3-3. 11,5 VUW INT 282-3-3. 13.5 VU/VUW INT 242-3-5. 11,5 VU/VUW INT 282-3-5. 13,5 VUW INT 322-3-5. 15.3 VUW INT 362-3-5. 17,2

VUW INT 240-3-3. 11,4 VUW INT 280-3-3 13,4 VU/VUW INT 240-3-5. 11,4 VU/VUW INT 280-3-5. 13,4

Water pressure acts on the sensor diaphragm, which moves as the pressure changes. The movement of the diaphragm is transferred to a springloaded magnet which acts on the hall sensor.

The distance between the magnet and the hall sensor varies with the pressure and is detected by a microchip and converted into a voltage signal which is transmitted to the boiler electronics and automation unit.

Water pressure sensor, fault recording

The pressure in the system in bars is displayed by default on the Vaillant Turbo Tech wall mounted boiler. If the pressure is below 0.4 bar, a lack of water (“no pressure in the system”) is registered, the boiler shuts down; an error message F22 (dry burning) is displayed.

Burner operation prohibited until pressure has exceeded the minimum threshold value of 0.7 bar. After boosting the system to a pressure higher than 0.7 bar, the boiler is released and ready for operation.

System water pressure thresholds

System pressure drops to 0,7 bar / 0,4 bar. Pressure display and “bar” symbol flash, unit is still operating.

System pressure drops to 0.4 bar. Device shutdown and message F22.

System pressure 0.7 bar / 2.8 bar. Appliance in normal pressure mode.

System pressure 2.8 bar / 4.5 bar. Pressure display and “bar” symbol is blinking.

System pressure increases up to 4.5 bar. System pressure too high, pressure sensor defective, electronics error. Message F74.

Fault messages, state of Vaillant Turbo Tech boiler, determined by water pressure sensor

F22. “Dry” combustion (no / insufficient water in boiler). Invalid water pressure sensor signal (too low).

F73. No pressure sensor detected. Cable break, plug not inserted. Invalid water pressure sensor signal (too high).

F74. Pressure higher than 4.5 bar. Pressure sensor defective, membrane expansion vessel defective.

F75. No pressure increase above 50 mbar detected after the pump has been started 5 times.

S.41. Pressure in the system too high 2.8 bar. 4.5 bar.

S.97. Water pressure sensor check program works, heating request blocked.

The safety relief valve is used in the heating circuit of heating systems. During the warm-up phase of the heating system or heater, due to the expansion of the water, the pressure in the system increases. If the pressure exceeds the maximum permissible value of 3 bar, the safety relief valve opens and drains the water or water/steam mixture from the system.

Vaillant Turbotec / Atmotec gas boilers are equipped with new plate heat exchangers. 42 F75 Heat exchanger sealed by O-rings and secured by four screws.

For plus series, NTC-sensor is installed on the front side to provide hot start function.

For pro series a heat exchanger with 13 plates is used.

For the plus series, the heat exchanger has: 19 plates (20. 28 kW) or 35 plates (32, 36 kW).

The filter is located before the input of the supply line to the secondary heat exchanger (SWT).

Filter protects the plate heat exchanger from premature water pollution of the heating system.

Обслуживание котла Vaillant ecoTEC VU OE 246/3-5

Sensitivity of the aqua-sensor has been increased due to an increase in the number of blades from 6 to 10.

Impeller begins to rotate when water leaks. At a speed above a certain block, the electronics will recognize the mode “preparation of hot water”. Water flow rate at which switching on occurs, about 1.5 l/min.

When the water tap is closed, the automation unit of the Vaillant Atmo Tek boiler will recognize the absence of water flow and DHW mode will be turned off. Water flow rate at which shutdown occurs is 1.1 l/min.

Impeller moves a multi-pole permanent magnet. Hall sensor, mounted on the wall of the enclosure, registers magnetic pulses without contact. The number of measured magnetic pulses is an indication of the volume flow of hot water.

Fill valve with check valve

A filling device connects the water and heating circuits and serves to fill and top up the boiler if the pressure in the system drops below a certain value.

The unit is equipped with a check valve and one shutoff valve.

In the plate-type primary heat exchanger of a Vaillant Turbotec / Atmotec boiler, the heat is transferred from the flue gases to the heating circuit water.

The heat exchanger consists of 5 or 7 copper tubes connected in series with brazed copper plates.

The design ensures the maximum utilization of the calorific value of the combustion gases.

One NTC sensor (in Turbotec outside the discharge chamber) is installed on the boiler return and supply line, each of which is also a component of the water protection circuit (protection against water shortage, dry burning, etc.). д.). The installation site was also chosen for ease of maintenance.

NTC sensors (NTC means negative temperature coefficient) are installed in the supply and return lines of Turbotec / Atmotec wall hung boilers.

The plus series boiler has two sensors on the secondary heat exchanger. in the mowing line supply and at the hot water outlet to measure the “hot start” temperature.

All NTC sensors are two-wire, thus avoiding interferences with short-term potentials on the boiler drum.

Temperature behaviour of NTC sensors

The temperature resistance characteristic of the NTC sensors on the boiler’s supply and return boiler line and on the secondary heat exchanger (SWT) has changed in comparison with previous generation boilers.

The resistance characteristic corresponds to the VR 11 sensor (for solar water installations) or to the electric water heater sensor for solar water installations VED E.

NTC sensors in the supply and return lines are regularly checked for proper functioning.

When you check the sensor can come an interruption in the operation of the boiler in heating or DHW. In the event of a malfunction, it can take up to 15 minutes before an error message appears on the display. Press the Info button below the display to see the status message.

Additional information on gas boiler models: Characteristics, operating features, accessories, controls and adjustments, troubleshooting.

Pressure varieties

Why does the pressure in a wall mounted appliance drop?? First, let’s understand what types there are and how they affect the operation of technology.

  • Static. The higher the height, the higher the reading. Every meter goes up by 0.1 bar.
  • Dynamic. Forced operation of the pump generates a nominal head in a closed system.
  • Operating. Includes the above two options.
  • Excessive. Determined by the manometer as the difference between the atmospheric pressure and the fixed pressure.
  • Nominal. That specified by the manufacturer in the documentation of the specific model.
  • Maximum. That maximum allowed in order to avoid malfunctions and accidents.
  • Crimping. Used in production when inspecting machinery.

In a heating circuit, measured in atmospheres. These may vary; it is important that the value does not exceed the maximum and minimum thresholds. Low value only possible with heating medium pumped into the circuit. In other cases it must not deviate from the norm.

Water make-up tap Vaillant turboTEC, atmoTEC, ecoTEC (Art. 0020265137)

Gas boiler make-up valve Vaillant 0020265137 is used in condensing and non-condensing gas boilers ecoTEC, atmoTEC, turboTEC, ecoVIT. Make-up valve is necessary to fill the heating system with coolant to the required working pressure. Make-up valve made of plastic and brass parts, complete with gland and gasket and adjustment knob. The original Vaillant make-up valve 0020265137 is used to replace the similar discontinued Vaillant brass valve 0020018065. Suitable for the following models turboTEC, atmoTEC, ecoTEC:

  • VU 200/3-5 R2
  • VU 202/3-5 R2
  • VU 240/3-3 M, R1
  • VU 240/3-5 R2
  • VU 242/3-5 R2
  • VU 255/4-7 R3
  • VU 280/3-5 R2
  • VU 282/3-5 R2
  • VU 322/3-5 R2
  • VU 362/3-5 R2
  • VUW 200/3-3 M, R1
  • VUW 200/3-3 R1, R2
  • VUW 200/3-5 R2
  • VUW 202/3-3 M, R1
  • VUW 202/3-3 R1, R2
  • VUW 202/3-5 R2
  • VUW 240/3-3 M, R1
  • VUW 240/3-3 R1, R2
  • VUW 240/3-5 R2
  • VUW 242/3-3 M, R1
  • VUW 242/3-3 R1, R2
  • VUW 242/3-5 R2
  • VUW 255/4-7, R3
  • VUW 280/3-3 R1, R2
  • VUW 280/3-5 R2
  • VUW 282/3-3 R1, R2
  • VUW 282/3-5 R2
  • VUW 322/3-5 R2
  • VUW 362/3-5 R2
  • VK INT 196 R1
  • VK INT 246 R1
  • VK INT 306 R1
  • VK INT 356 R1
  • VKS INT 196 R1
  • VKS INT 246 R1
  • VKS INT 306 R1
  • VKS INT 356 R1
  • VU INT 246/3-5
  • VU INT 246/3-5 R3, R5
  • VU INT 256/3-3 R5
  • VU INT 376/3-5
  • VU INT 376/3-5 R3, R5
  • VU INT 466/4-5
  • VU INT 656/4-5
  • VU OE 246/3-5 R3, R5
  • VU OE 306/3-5 R3, R5
  • VU OE 376/3-5 R3, R5
  • VU OE 466/4-5
  • VU OE 656/4-5
  • VUW OE 236/3-5 R3, R5
  • VUW OE 296/3-5 R3, R5
  • VUW OE 346/3-5, R3, R5

Vaillant, Vaillant, Vaillant, Vaillant, TEC, tec, tek, tes, Pro, pro, Plu, Plus, plus,

Make-up valve for Vaillant boilers 0020265137

make-up valve is intended for make-up of heating system. When the pressure in the system drops below the boiler set pressure, the valve fills the systems up to normal operation.

Instructions and diagrams will help to understand operation, detect malfunction and choose the right spare part to repair your gas equipment. To buy a spare part, a part to repair the gas boiler is possible in any locality of the Russian Federation:

We carry out delivery of spare parts for gas boilers in the following cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Omsk, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Volgograd, Perm, Krasnoyarsk, Voronezh, Saratov, Krasnodar, Togliatti, Izhevsk, Ulyanovsk, Barnaul, Vladivostok, Yaroslavl, Irkutsk, Tyumen, Makhachkala, Khabarovsk, Novokuznetsk, Orenburg, Kemerovo, Ryazan, Tomsk, Astrakhan, Penza, Naberezhnye Chelny, Lipetsk, Tula, Kirov, Cheboksary, Kaliningrad, Bryansk, Kursk, Ivanovo, Magnitogorsk, Ulan-Ude, Tver, Stavropol, Nizhny Tagil, Belgorod, Archangelsk, Vladimir, Sochi, Simferopol, Sevastopol and other Russian cities and their district centers.

Delivery of gas equipment in cities across Russia is carried out by the most convenient courier services to the address you specify. We send the heat part by transport companies: “KiT”; “Delovye mowers”; “Logistics company PEC”; TK “Energy”; “DPD”; “CDEK”; “Russian Post” and any other way convenient for you. Also delivery is by bus (through the driver on 100% prepayment) from the bus station.

Payment form:. Cash on delivery by transport, courier service;. Payment by payment card Visa, MasterCard, MiP;. Payment by electronic money Qiwi purse, etc.;

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Code decoding

This malfunction of the boiler Vaillant is usually interpreted as a lack of coolant. It is easy to make sure by browsing a number of thematic sites, forums. Hence, the only recommendation is to add water to the system.

Error f22 belongs to the category of general: the causes are different, and therefore a set of measures is carried out to identify and eliminate them. Correct deciphering: Reduction of pressure in the circuit. Caused by a number of factors caused by problems with the system or Vaillant boiler.

The first steps

  • Make reset. Electronics of imported heating units operate steadily at a stable voltage. Foreign developers do not count on our realities: phase imbalances, undervalued, surges. By pressing the button on the Vaillant control panel it is possible to eliminate error f22 and restore the boiler function.
  • Check the position of the shutoff valve controls. It is not uncommon for users, independently performing maintenance, repair, block a section of the line or bypass, and forget about it. Circulation is disturbed (typical for heating systems with complex circuits), pressure drops, error f22 is displayed.
  • Check mowing line power, grounding. Unreliable contact is one of the causes of equipment malfunction. Error f22 appears when the voltage is low: for boilers Vaillant is normal

Opening of the tap at the bottom of the Vaillant boiler

Repair of Vaillant boilers. answers of specialists

Boiler Vaillant AtmoTEC pro stopped working, shows error F28. When I turn it off and on, it makes a noise and that is it, when I turn on the water, it does not respond.

I had the same problem once, I solved it by flipping the socket plug 180 degrees. Now it does not work. Boiler connected through stabilizer. What can it be??

Faulty gas fitting (faulty main gas magnet or operator), faulty gas setting, faulty ignition system (ignition transformer, ignition cable, ignition plug), interruption of ionisation current (cable, electrode), faulty gas fitting setting, faulty appliance grounding, faulty electronics.

Vaillant Turbomax VUW 242E 282E 242/1E 282/1E

Please tell me please, the boiler vaillant TurboTEC when the temperature changes the pressure jumps, I think it is related to the pressure in the expansion tank, what can be done?

Boiler Vaillant turbo TEC pro VUW INT 202-3M R1 takes 30 cubic meters of gas per day at 50 degrees. Is it a lot or not enough? The air from the chimney is very hot, it is impossible to hold a hand.

Perhaps you need to clean and rinse the top heat exchanger, at the chimney would be better to measure the temperature, and for some 50 degrees. Also can not hold.

Газовый котёл Vaillant Как запустить программу обезвоздушивания системы Должны знать все владельцы

There is a boiler AtmoTec VUW INT 240/3-3 born in 2010. Call was about the leak (it’s nothing, leaked gaskets at the connections). The unit itself was frozen in the DHW circuit.

After thawing, attempted to start the boiler: P = 1.1 bar, self-diagnosis of the boiler is at S97 (polling pressure sensor), after three attempts to error F75. Removed condenser, measured the capacity, got 1.6 microfarads, instead of 2.6. Changed condenser, pump starts, again S97 and then again F75.

I wash the filter in the supply, wash the bypass (which was jammed), check the 3-way valve (working), wash the main heat exchanger with connectors, change the pressure sensor for a new one, connect the hose supply and return (for circulation), I start and again I get what I had, the boiler polls the sensor (S97) and then gives out F75.

Here is what to do with it? And the second question, about the pressure sensor, on its ends there is what? Voltage (what value?), digital signal or resistance change? (Again, what does it matter??)

The pressure sensor there monitors not only the pressure in the system, but also the change in pressure after turning on the pump by the change in sensor resistance. Otherwise. error F75.

If the hydraulic resistance of the flow is low, then the manufacturer recommends to press the tap on the supply to the system.

I have a problem with the boiler Viallant TurboTEC pro 242 error f28, but fired up does not even try (no spark, no gas). Disassembled the gas valve, cleaned (was, small “chips”, but in general, all normal in appearance).

Then noticed that the power to the valve itself 22V is not going. at all 0V. Tried to connect external power supply to the gas valve. You can hear it is clicking, i.e. it works, but it has not changed the situation in any way.

When I turn on, I hear the gas regulator actuator (which is on the gas valve) and it clicks, but it is not trying to ignite. No spark, gives me an error immediately.

Checked the power supply. Grounding is fine, only the voltage is high. 260В. What else to check? How to check ignition transistor and ionization module?

If there is no spark, why clean the gas valve? The problem is in the circuit board.

I have a Vaillant turbo tec pro boiler. When I open the hot water tap the temperature quickly rises to 60 degrees and the boiler shuts off and while the water comes back on it goes cold and repeats. The pump works, the heat exchanger is clean.

I noticed that the gas valve increases the flame and when the water is hot, it does not reduce, and shuts off the flame, so while it comes back on the water is cold. Please tell me what to do?

The gas valve is not set properly or the flow of hot water is too small. Adjust the minimum gas pressure on the burner. Check three way valve and secondary heat exchanger.

Boiler Vaylant Turbotek VUW INT 322/3-5, it has a turbine with variable speed, as on the condenser, and a simple pressostat 80/68 Ra.

The boiler switches on for heating for a long time, the draught check indication lights up, but does not go into failure (heating can start in 5 minutes or in half an hour).

It works fine for DHW, as the turbine immediately begins to rotate at high speed. All hoses and tubes are intact, clean and dry. Before that, it worked fine for two and a half years.

I understand the problem is in the pressostat, if you have any other ideas all attention. And the question, if you change the presostat is the same (with the same parameters), or maybe it is better to take for example 67/57, to be sure to work ?

First, clean the turbine blades. Use a more sensitive pressure switch or adjust the setting.

Can someone explain what the difference between F36 (exhaust failure) and S52 (the boiler is in a 20 minute waiting period on the exhaust), under what conditions they are triggered?

Boilers Vaillant has a very interesting system to control the removal of combustion products (chimney boilers), they have two sensors NTC, which measured the temperature of combustion and suction stabilizer draft.

Depending on the temperature difference becomes less than a certain value at the moment of combustion of the burner, the automatics decides on a delay of 20 minutes the state S52 and tries to start the boiler again.

If after several attempts the exhaust of the combustion products does not satisfy the automation, it blocks the appliance and generates error F36. All without human intervention boiler will not start. (For the priority of the anti-freezing it is necessary to get more information).

The same for boilers with closed combustion chamber. Only there, the pressure switch goes off and then S52 and then F36 again. That is, the unit does not immediately block, but gives the chimney a chance to think, maybe the weather will change, the wind dies down.

Boiler Vaillant TurboTec pro VUW INT 242/3-3. Service life is more than 5 years. About once in half a year I clean the secondary heat exchanger and once a year the primary heat exchanger from scale.

Three days ago, when dialing hot water in the bathtub stopped heating water. The green LED does not blink when opening the hot water tap. Heating works properly. Switching the boiler on and off did not help. Check the contacts on the sensors. everything is clear.

Visually did not detect any defects on the control board. Descaled the secondary heat exchanger. The water is not heating and the green LED does not flash. Please advise what could be the problem?

Boiler Vaillant 242/3-3M. After the hot water in the boiler for a while you hear the sound of water, as if pouring from the height. Then the pump stops, switches to heating and everything is ok. The same situation with all closed radiators and towel rails. It runs water through the bypass? And that’s where the water sound comes from?

Like this, and also some air in the pump. We need to open the cap of automatic air vent on the pump. You can also unscrew the plug on the pump drive and bleed air.

Can I fill the Vaillant with anything other than water?? We often have power outages, and we’re afraid the system will freeze.

It is recommended to fill the system with water only or at least with a coolant designed for this brand of boilers. To avoid the consequences of power outages we strongly advise to buy an uninterruptible power supply. UPS allows you to maintain correct operation of the boiler for several hours.

We have a floor standing gas Vaillant in our private house. It is no longer working, the control panel is off. I want to check the fuses, but where are they?

You can start by yourself by unscrewing the cap on the left side and you can find the overheat fuse or the STB button and press it with something thin, like a match. Another fuse is in the underneath, the compartment can be opened with a screwdriver. Or unscrew the panel, there is a fuse near the board.

During a strong thunderstorm stopped the gas boiler Vaillant, although connected through a stabilizer. The house is very far away, I would have to deal with myself. Where to start?

Start by checking the fuses: they could have blown due to a power surge. It is possible that the board is burned out, and the boiler will be completely extinguished. Replacing the board is not difficult and realistic to do it yourself.

You only need to know the exact board part number and the model of the boiler. For the future: the regulator does not hold back power surges because of the long response time. We recommend to buy a UPS.

There is a problem with the 2-circuit gas boiler: immediately the big flame lights up, but gradually goes out and soon the boiler stops. After restarting, the problem repeats. Can you tell us the cause??

For exact determination of the reason it is necessary to carry out diagnostics of the boiler. In this case it is necessary to measure the pressure before the gas valve and behind the valve, at the moment of starting the boiler. It is necessary to measure the voltage that is supplied to the solenoid valve. And make adjustments. Probably the problem will be corrected after a proper adjustment.

The boiler Vaillant 240 does not start: it clicks a little and the “flame” icon flashes, but does not start. What is the reason?

The boiler signals that the heating system is clogged. The filter/mud filter in the system may be clogged or there may be problems with the sensors.

The floor gas Vaillant works more than 10 years, but recently began to ignite with a pop sometimes. How serious is this fault and why does it occur??

There can be several causes of gas popping when the boiler is started. Burner elements could be burned out, the gas supply in the system could be unstable. Sometimes there is a “rollover” of the draft in the boiler room: there is not enough circulation through the chimney at startup, and the cold air goes down the chimney, causing gas build-up and a characteristic clap.

In our country house, a Vaillant 11 kW boiler gives out an error F9. What do you recommend??

Judging by the error code, the fan in the boiler is faulty. The first cause is a clogged chimney and requires cleaning condensation and buildup. But it is possible that the draught relay in the chimney is burned out or the sensor is out of order.

I have a boiler Vaillant VUW INT 240/2-3 installed in my private house. Runs for 2 months without any problems. The heated area of the two floors is 90 sq. m. м. Does it make sense to reduce the boiler output (say, up to 12 kW)? And in this case is there any saving of gas consumption??

Yes, you must decrease the power by all means. The boiler is factory set to 24 kW. You need a maximum of 10-12 kW. You will achieve gas savings. Boiler will run smoother (more proper). If you leave everything as it is, the system may be “clocking”. When the boiler will fail due to rapid heating.

Boiler Vaillant TURBO TEC PRO dual circuit boiler at the taking of hot water boiler does not ignite water is cold, and the heating works fine, the boiler ignites. What could have happened??

It is very likely that the boiler “does not see” the need for DHW, so it does not switch the three-way valve to heat DHW. Most likely the aqua-sensor needs to be replaced.

At me Vaylant boiler VUW INT 240/2-3 prompt, why the pressure of hot water in DHW bad and the boiler constantly turns off and lights up (with an interval of 5-10 seconds). Although the cold water pressure is very good.

If the cold water pressure is good and the hot water is bad, then most likely you have an “overgrown” heat exchanger on the DHW. It is on it because of the narrowing of the passages the pressure is lost and it is because of it the boiler is on and off. There is a temperature sensor on this heat exchanger and in your case it shuts down the boiler when the heat exchanger overheats. The heat comes from the coolant. There is no heat extraction. Most likely you would need to change the heat exchanger.

Hello. I have a boiler Vaillant atmo TEC pro what pressure in the expansion tank should be?

If we are talking specifically about the pressure in the expansion tank, it is 0.75 bar. If we talk about the pressure in the system, the norm is 1-2 Bar.

We use a Vaillant VUW INT 240/2-3 boiler in our country house. When working in a heating mode, sometimes there are strong pops during ignition (not always). In DHW mode it works fine. Can you tell me what the problem is?

Snaps, as a rule, occur from late ignition. Boiler makes several attempts to ignite the burner, each time gas starts, and then when the ignition is obtained, all the gas accumulates and pops. This is not a correct operation mode and is not related to hot water or heating. To correct this problem, try scraping the ignition and flame control (ionization) electrode. This is often enough to help. If possible, with the lid removed, observe how the boiler ignites.

If the problem persists, you can change the electrodes. You have a boiler that is not new and has been in operation for at least 6 years (in 2007, these boilers are no longer available). But the problem could also be in the ignition unit. it is on the electronic board of the boiler. It does not supply enough voltage and the spark is weak. In this case you need to replace the board. It is possible that the gas pressure is too low and that the boiler does not have enough volume to ignite the gas.

The boiler VAILLANT atmo TEC pro 240/3-3 the pressure on the water sensor exceeds the level when the water make-up valve is closed. The boiler shuts down and writes f75.What’s the reason?

Error F75 signals the following: Water pressure sensor and/or pump defective. Pressure jump cannot be detected when the pump is started.Most likely the water pressure sensor must be replaced. There are times when they fail. If possible, remove it, dry it and blow it out. Try again.

Vaillant 28 kwt tec pro plus boiler after three attempts goes into error F28.On the gas valve gas pressure at the inlet is 160 at the outlet after the first ignition attempt 30 mm 2 attempt 50 try 80 mm.water. st. burner does not ignite even from open flame during ignition.

PRO series boilers Vaillant supplies only on 24 kW capacity. Regarding your error, here is what is listed in the installation instructions: Error in the mowing line gas supply. Gas meter or gas pressure control device defective, air in the gas, gas flow pressure too low, fire cock tripped.

Faulty gas fitting: (faulty main gas magnet or operator), improper gas setting, faulty ignition system (ignition transformer, ignition cable, ignition plug), interruption of ionization current (cable, electrode), improper setting of the gas fitting, improper grounding of the device, faulty electronics.

Boiler Valliant turbo pro, wall mounted. Three days ago I had this problem. When you open the faucet of hot water boiler heats up to 15 degrees above the set temperature, then shuts down and again in a circle. Does not depend on the set temperature and how much the faucet is open. What can be the reason, before it was heating water evenly.

Boiler generates any error on the control panel? It can be assumed that the boiler fails on overheating of the heat exchanger. First, wrong temperature sensor on the secondary heat exchanger. Second, the temperature sensor on the main heat exchanger is not working properly.

I put a Valliant VCW 180E boiler. Two-circuit, and the water is heated to a maximum of 40 degrees, while the entire system is also cooled to 40 degrees. What to do? Are there options for adjusting the hot water?

Boilers Vaillant T-4 VCW, does not overlap the three-way valve, most often this is observed due to the incomplete work of the pump in which the condenser is 2.5 μF. Capacitors lose their capacitance to 0.6 uF.

Make-up pipe 0020018066 Vaillant atmoTEC, turboTEC Pro / Plus, ecoTEC Pro / Plus

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