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Thermex System manual and manual in Russian

Congratulations on your purchase of a THERMEX instantaneous water heater

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Before choosing a particular model of water heater prokonszotiruet

consult a qualified electrician about the technical possibilities of connecting the heater to your power grid.

All THERMEX System instantaneous water heater models received mandatory certification by Russia’s Gosstandart and are in full compliance with GOST R 52161.2.35-2008, GOST R 51318.14.1- 2006.

THERME1X System 600, THERMEX System 800 and THERMEX System 1000.

Full name of your purchased water heater is shown on the

Manufacturer’s Warranty” and on the identification label on the heater case.

boiler, thermex, turn

The THERMEX System electric instantaneous water heater (E^c.l)

(hereinafter referred to as THERMEX) is designed to produce hot water for households

one to three water points. The electric hot water heater must be operated in enclosed and heated rooms.

Thermex water heater start-up guide

If specialists usually install the equipment, the owners have to deal with its start-up at least once a year. Let’s take a closer look at how to turn on the Termex water heater, so as not to adversely affect its performance. After all, it is the correct execution of the process that largely determines the duration of operation and frequency of maintenance.

Turning on the water heater: the steps for starting the water heater and setting up may vary slightly. It all depends on whether you use a flow-through device or a storage device. However, in spite of the structural differences, the way they are turned on is the same. Universal instructions for starting a Termex boiler is as follows:

  • Before you turn on the water heater, shut off the stop valve supply of hot liquid from the common riser. This is done even if a check valve is installed on the pipe. After all, if it malfunctions insignificantly, without shutting off the canal, the device will heat the central water supply.
  • Before turning on the Termex storage water heater into the network, it is filled with water. Open the hot water outlet and the mixer one after the other, followed by the cold water inlet. The air needs to be expelled from the system.
  • Once the water is flowing evenly, you can shut it off, turn on the unit in the mains and, after setting the parameters and waiting for an hour or two, start using it.

Scheme of connection of the water heater company Thermex when using flow type units will be similar, except that the result will be felt immediately.

The next step, after turning on the mixer, is to check that it works properly. Before using a Thermex water heater you need to:

  • Make sure that the power indicators light up when the unit is plugged in.
  • Measure the temperature of the water flowing into the mixer.
  • After 20 minutes look at the sensors of the equipment, if the connection of the boiler with a sensor panel is made correctly. the temperature indicator on the device should already increase. If there is no electronic panel it is necessary to measure the degree of water heating at the outlet of the mixer once again.

The process of installation of the flow-through water heater Thermex or any other model requires the presence of serviceable elements of the network: sockets, circuit breakers, cables of sufficient thickness. The devices have a very large capacity, so if they do not work, first of all, armed with a tester, you need to check the presence of electricity in the socket, then. the power terminals. Video instruction on how to install a water heater Termex will help to find their location, and the tester. to take readings. If the voltage is zero, then the appliance cable is broken.

What to do if the water heater Thermex does not turn on, or rather, the power is turned on, but it gives out an error. the most popular question. In this case it is necessary to open the instruction of the device and look at the explanation corresponding to the code indicated on the display. If there is no such a possibility, the causes of the problem may be as follows:

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Check the correct operation

Great if the water heater is connected to a separate fuse. If there is a problem with its operation, it will not affect the power supply to other appliances in the house.

If after the start of the heater knocked out the machine, you can turn it on again. If the situation repeats, then there is a serious problem. The unit should be de-energized and call a technician.

Here are a few more details that you need to check after starting the boiler in operation:

  • Inspect the hot water pipe to see if there are any leaks. The fact that the water heater can create more pressure than the risers. And if the gaskets somewhere are already worn out, but were able to withstand the load from the central water supply, now they can give up.
  • Make sure that the lamp that fixes the voltage supply to the heater lights up.
  • Take a reading of how many degrees shows the meter at the beginning of the device, and then look at the temperature again after 20 minutes. If the data increased. the heater has safely survived the dormant period and properly heats.

Thanks to their compact size and ease of operation, flow-through water heaters are in high demand. But you need to properly assess your capabilities before you decide to install such a device yourself, because this process requires compliance with a number of rules. How to connect a flow-through water heater: installation tips, read carefully.

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Read about connecting the water heater to the water mains and to the power supply here: And also all about choosing the place for the boiler.

Recommendations for choosing a mode

Temperature mode is set individually. But there are general recommendations that apply to all models: how to turn on the Thermex boiler and use it rationally:

Initially, it is desirable to set the minimum temperature, introducing the device gradually. After a dwell time of 4-6 hours, it can be increased.

If you don’t use it regularly, the power consumption increases, because the cost of heating is much higher than the cost of maintaining the temperature. If the unit is not used for just 1 to 3 days, it is best to leave it on the heater.

Electricity is consumed optimally at medium temperatures (45-55 ° C).

Once a week (1-2 times) it is necessary to turn on the “ECO” mode and conduct decontamination.

Proper operation involves annual cleaning of the device from scale and replacing the anode, but in case of high water hardness it is better to conduct the procedure every six months. If you do not use the services of a plumber and do the cleaning yourself, you need a diagram of the Termex boiler, it is also desirable to know the principle of movement of the water flow. During preventive maintenance first of all turn off the automatic device, then the water is drained. The ball valve at the boiler inlet is opened, immediately after opening the “cold” valve, the “hot” valve is opened to let the air into the tank.

The manufacturer has taken care of convenient use and has placed all components on the removable flange, so cleaning is easy and fast. In the bottom of the boiler is fixed heating element (1 or 2, depending on the model), magnesium anode designed to protect against electrochemical corrosion and absorption of metals from water.

Heater operation is designed for at least 15 years, but it is necessary to ensure its correct connection using protective elements, turn on the boiler and subsequent operation according to the instructions. It is also necessary to carry out annual preventive maintenance, in case of hard water. once every six months.

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Carrying out preparatory work

Installing the water heater requires determining the place where it will hang or stand. For rooms with a small area, you can install a small boiler, which will hold 50-80 liters of water.

Such tanks are most often hung on the wall. You can choose a water heater with any diameter, design.

If you need to install the tank more than 220 liters, you can not hang it on the wall. For such a tank must find a place on the floor.

When fixing the water heater tank on the wall, it is worth choosing a load-bearing wall for this, so it can withstand the weight of the unit.

To fix the tank, you need to have anchor bolts. In some models they come complete with a tank, sometimes you need to buy fixtures separately.

For water heaters, which are placed vertically and have a volume of 30-100 liters, we need 2 anchor bolts.

If you want to install a horizontal unit, which volume is 50-100 liters, then you need to have 4 elements of fixing.

The place where the water heater will be located must meet the requirements:

  • It is necessary to provide access to the water heater during the entire period of its operation;
  • Installing the tank on the wall provides the ability to withstand a load equal to twice the weight of the water heater;
  • It is worth checking the wiring, it must be able to withstand the work of the water heater. If the wiring is old, it will need to be replaced;
  • It is necessary to check the condition of the pipes in the room, there should be conclusions for connecting the water heater.

Turning on the Termex

Depending on the design of the water heater, some steps may differ. It mainly depends on the type of device. flow or storage. Meanwhile there are some basic principles that are applicable for any type of water heating equipment, including not only Termex brand.

Universal instructions for turning on the boiler consists of three steps:

  • The first step is to shut off the hot water supply from the central water supply. If there is a check valve on the hot water pipe, you still need to shut off that branch. This is done so that even in case of a minor leakage the boiling water does not return to the central line.
  • To force air out of the system, open the hot water faucet on the unit, then the faucet and supply cold water. Once the flow of water began to flow smoothly, the faucet is closed and the boiler is filled with water.
  • The last step is to connect the device to the network, set the necessary values and wait, about an hour, before using it.

Flow-through water heater Source cdn.amzu.With flow-through water heaters, the procedure is similar, except that the boiling water will go almost immediately.

An important step in operating the boiler is to check its functionality. When you turn on the network to make sure that all indicators are lit. Measure the initial temperature of the water in the mixer. After about 20 minutes of operation of the device to make another control temperature measurement, making sure that the heating is going. In devices with a touch pad no need to manipulate with the thermometer, all data is displayed on the screen.

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Peculiarities of start-up of water heaters of well-known manufacturers

Regardless of the manufacturer, the start-up procedure consists of steps:

Technics “Electrolux”

Algorithm of start-up of storage-type heaters brand Electrolux:

  • Insert the plug into the socket or move the lever of the packet switch to the position of closing the power circuit.
  • Press the activation button on the body, wait for the indication on the display.
  • Using the keys set the output of the device and the temperature of water at the outlet.
  • Confirm the changes made to the settings and proceed to operate the boiler.

Water heater Electrolux.

Water heater Ariston

  • Turn on the power and then press the start key.
  • Set the temperature of heating by the buttons. During the adjustment process, the heating degree indicators are on continuously, other LEDs should flash.
  • Confirm the changes, the equipment starts heating the water. When the liquid is consumed or naturally cools down, the heating element turns on automatically and the control panel lights flash to indicate the number of degrees the water needs to be heated. The equipment is equipped with a memory, at the second power-up setting is not required (except in cases where the water is required at a higher temperature).

On some models of boilers the heating element power must be adjusted, the mode can be selected with separate buttons. The company produces boilers with the support of additional functions (such as programmable time interval).

With antibacterial mode, the appliance automatically heats the liquid to a high temperature that kills bacteria that breed in warm water. The setting method depends on the type of control panel, the information can be found in the operating manual.

Ariston equipment supports self-diagnostic mode. When a failure is detected, the indicators on the control panel are flashing. The owner can press the start button to restart or turn on the diagnostic mode with error codes broadcast by control lights. Inspection allows you to determine the breakage of electronics, the temperature sensor, anode (if any), heating spirals. If there is no water in the tank the equipment displays an error, preventing power on and damage to components.

Thermex device

If the equipment is equipped with a mechanical control panel, the startup is performed by keys (each of the toggle switches includes a separate heating element, regulating the heating power). Turn the knob to the required temperature to select the water temperature. Turning knob counter-clockwise to the stop triggered the limit switch, which opens the circuit breaker power.

To set the Thermex models with an electronic control unit and a display it is necessary to

Regent Electric Water Heater Installation

  • Press the ON/OFF switch and wait for the heating temperature and the water temperature in the tank to be displayed.
  • Using the buttons to select the degree of heating of the liquid (in 5 ° C increments) and adjust the power key Power Selector. The operating mode is indicated on the control panel by means of the control indicators.

Thermex water heater.

Main technical characteristics of Termex 30 lt

As with most appliances that run on electricity, the Termex 30 liter water heater requires 220V voltage (tolerates an error of /. 10%), with a frequency of 50 Hz. The inner tank capacity is 30 liters. The thread size for inlet/outlet is 1/2. A unit with a capacity of 30 liters heats water in no more than 50 minutes.

The Termex kit includes:

  • The water heater itself with RCD
  • RSD safety valve, one piece
  • Reference
  • Special fastening anchors, four pieces
  • Packing

How to remove the water heater from the wall

At the back of the boiler is a plate with holes for attaching to the wall. In this case, anchors with hooks are fixed in the wall on which through these holes and the unit is suspended. The water heater, which has been emptied of water, is removed from the pipes (using an adjustable wrench) and lifted to remove easily from the hooks.

Первое включение бойлера

Sometimes the device, once mounted on a wall, is additionally secured with bolts. In this case, you must first unscrew the bolts with a wrench and then remove the unit from the wall. The removed boiler is turned over and placed on the floor with the spigots upwards. so it will be more convenient to dismantle.

Note! Ariston models with oval flanges can not be turned upside down, because the heating element can fall in. They are dismantled without removing them from the wall.

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