Bosch and Makita building vacuum cleaners comparison

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bosch, makita, building, vacuum, cleaners

Обзор сравнение плавности пусков УШМ Metabo, Makita, DeWalt, Bosch

Bosch Top 10 Construction Vacuum Cleaners 2021. Their features, pros and cons

Innovative technology, German quality and an impressive set of features are the main advantages of industrial vacuum cleaners from the company Bosch. The manufacturer offers customers well thought-out devices for thorough cleaning of premises, distinguished by the ease of operation and maintenance.

Developed by the German manufacturer of high-quality household appliances Bosch cleaning equipment has a great success among users worldwide.

bosch, makita, building, vacuum, cleaners

And this is not surprising, because the industrial vacuum cleaners offered by the company are distinguished by their reliability, versatility and durability.

The devices are designed specifically for cleaning large areas at a professional level, and therefore are able to remove any dirt in just a few minutes.

Top 10. Bort BAX-1520-Smart Clean

Bort vacuum cleaner can easily cope with any debris, whether it is sawdust or concrete chips.

bosch, makita, building, vacuum, cleaners
  • Rating (2022): 4.7

    Industrial vacuum cleaner Bort takes the second position in the rating of the best, thanks to its unique characteristics. These include a very light weight of only 3 kg combined with compact size, which allows the unit to not take up much space. The power here is medium (1000 kW). It is unlikely to cope with large debris, but perfectly removes dirt, dust and other contaminants. Comes with two nozzles: standard and for narrow slots. With these, the vacuum cleaner works effectively on any surface. They are located in the specially designed recesses on the body, which is very convenient for use. Vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special dust container with capacity of 10 liters. The design allows Bort BSS-1010 to do with his wet cleaning.

    KARCHER WD 6 P Premium, 1300 W

    The Professional Building Vacuum has a large 30L bin, so it’s perfect for when you’re actively scraping walls for buried wiring. The 1300 Watt motor produces a powerful suction so you can get out and clean up in less time at the end of the day. The socket on the housing supports automatic switch-on for simultaneous operation of the floor saw and vacuum cleaner.

    6 m power cord makes it easy to connect without an extension cord. Thick multilayer filter keeps dust out even when cleaning for long periods of time. The metal housing is shatterproof and retains its integrity even if accidentally dropped. Available power adjustment, if you need to vacuum the garage, car, carpet, to save power consumption and reduce noise level. But the weight of the model is 13 kg, so it is often uncomfortable to transport it from place to place.

    Makita VC3012L, 1200W

    Construction site vacuum cleaner has a proven track record with drills, milling machines and circular saws. The socket on the housing allows you to connect powerful equipment with a consumption characteristic of up to 2400 watts. Not all analogues are capable of this. Also the reviews praise the model’s long and thick cable that does not become warm during operation. Owners note that the wire does not freeze on the frost, so the vacuum cleaner is suitable for use in unheated rooms.

    Body has a compartment to hold accessories. Large 30-liter tank does not need to be emptied frequently. The 3.5 m hose is convenient for quick cleaning of the room without rolling over the motor part. The kit includes adapters to connect the hose to the nozzles of various power tools. The suction power can be adjusted. The model has a reputation for reliability, resistance to wear and breakage.


    there is a block to put the accessories;

    Metabo ASA 30 L PC INOX

    Building vacuum cleaner is suitable for connecting a planer with a power of 2600 watts. This is what the socket on the body is designed for. Some people actively use the model paired with an electric tile cutter. Power of the unit itself is 1250 watts. It generates a suction power of 210 mbar. Vacuum cleaner pulls in stone chips and sawdust with confidence. Usually you can get by without an extension cord, because the power cord is 7.5 m long. The base is easy to move on a flat floor thanks to the platform with wheels.

    The long 3.5 m hose is ideal for the connection to a stationary or mobile tool. The metal garbage can has a capacity of 30 liters, but it has no handle, so it is inconvenient to carry and empty the contents. Barrel is secured to body with plastic latches. Owners in reviews warn that they must be used carefully. In terms of cleaning quality. the model does not kick dust out of itself, as long as you clean the filter daily.


    Built-in power receptacle is rated at 2600 watts;


    No handle on metal bucket.

    Bort BSS-1440-Pro

    The model is distinguished by a large dustbin 40 liters. This is a good indicator for cleaning bulky debris, including scraps of installation foam after installing doors and windows. Less frequent cleaning of the tank. From reviews, we see that the vacuum cleaner is often used to remove dust after semi-finishing. The power of 1400 watts is enough to tighten fine plaster and plaster, without leaving dirt in the cracks. But it is important to clean the filter at least once a day, otherwise the suction force of 190 mbar will drop.

    Vacuum cleaner has a metal body, in which the tank is fastened to the steel clips. With this device, the model can better withstand harsh construction conditions. The long 4 m hose does not require frequent rolling of the 10 kg base. Two brushes and crevice nozzle included, but no bags. Paper and synthetic consumables on sale.

    Kitfort KT-548

    Simple and economical solution

    Quite a large household vacuum cleaner for ease of movement has swivel casters. And the range of accessories lets you perform any kind of indoor cleaning, including picking up liquids.

    The ultimate in simplicity in its design, the vacuum cleaner is very versatile. Suitable for professional and home use. In addition to the function of collecting liquids, it can be blown out.

    State-of-the-art filters minimize dust emissions into the room. Metal case made of alloyed stainless steel reliably protects the internal components from mechanical damage. Container dust container makes it easy to empty the dustbin.

    We liked the durability and versatility of this unit, which at its low cost is a huge plus. Reusable membrane filter does not require periodic replacement and is easy to clean. And it gets clogged with fine dust pretty quickly, too.

    Karcher WD2

    For home use

    This is more of a professional cleaning equipment, but it can perform the functions of a construction vacuum cleaner in the home.

    Convenient and light vacuum cleaner is very versatile, although not designed for work on a large area (because of the short hose and wire). And it moves around easily, thanks to its big, quiet wheels. All the accessories can be locked right on the body for easy storage and for easy access to the items you need.

    The dust bags are only disposable, and only one is included in the set. you have to think about getting one beforehand. But this model is inexpensive, and thanks to its high power it copes even with the collection of large debris.

    Rating of top 10 according to KP

    Vacuum cleaner from a German company Bort opens our rating. Our choice fell on this model because of the very good value for money and functionality. Firstly, it is equipped with a high efficiency HEPA filter. This is an important point if you are going to use the vacuum cleaner in a residential area. Secondly, it is a spacious dust canister. 30 liters; both the tank directly and the bag can be used to collect dust. Thirdly, it has a high suction power of 320 Watts. Fourthly, a good set of attachments included. For this model, the manufacturer has not provided the ability to connect power tools, but we believe that this feature is not always needed, although certainly would be extremely useful.

    A very capacious vacuum cleaner from the German company Fubag, which is known as a manufacturer of professional equipment. It has a very large dust canister capacity of 60 liters. The trash can be collected either in a bag or directly in the container. The additional handle on the body allows to move the vacuum cleaner easily, but the main thing is the presence of a HEPA filter, which makes its use in the living space more attractive. The clear benefit of having an integrated socket and being able to synchronize with the power tool. The good thing is that it is not completely synchronized with the connected tool: after you turn off the power tool, the vacuum cleaner will run for 10 seconds to collect the rest of the debris. If you need a very roomy machine that can be used not only in the workshop, but also at home, then you can consider buying this model.

    Main Features

    Professional vacuum cleaner from the Japanese corporation Metabo. This is a compact, but powerful model with a dust bag capacity of 25 liters. Built-in power socket allows you to clean in sync with the work of power tools, the manufacturer claims that you can use tools up to 2600 watts. The specific feature of the vacuum cleaner is a system of manual cleaning of the filter with an intense stream of air PressClean, which is activated by a separate switch on the vacuum cleaner.

    The super capacious vacuum cleaner with a dust-collector capacity of 100 liters from the Chinese company CROWN. This model is not common, which is not surprising: you have to pay for the capacity with weight and dimensions. And, of course, high cost. Nevertheless, it will be good for stationary work in workshops when you need, for example, to remove debris when working with power tools. The power consumption is also quite impressive: 3000 watts, and the suction power the manufacturer does not announce. However, judging by the fact that the vacuum cleaner is equipped with power control, it can be assumed that the suction power there is full order. The vacuum cleaner does not have a blow out function.

    Main characteristics

    The German company Karcher is known as a manufacturer of professional equipment, but they also work in the budget segment. And the WD 3 is just a model of this level, the manufacturer has even added the word Premium to the model name, but do not let this confuse you. This vacuum cleaner has two cleaning modes: dry and wet, as the dust bag. Includes a good set of nozzles, it is also equipped with a socket for connecting a tool and turns on automatically when the connected tool starts working.

    Small construction vacuum cleaner from Czech company Hammer. Perhaps this is one of the most compact construction vacuum cleaners, and its weight is less than 6 kg, which makes it easy to move. At the same time it has a quite capacious dust bag. 20 liters. You can use a bag or pick up litter directly in the container. Cable and hose are long enough to allow you to carry the vacuum cleaner around. It can also be used with power tools.

    Inexpensive but practical vacuum cleaner from an American company Patriot. The distinguishing feature of this unit is that it collects not only debris but also liquids. Built-in power socket allows you to remove debris directly while working with any power tool. The machine is equipped with a system of multiple filters, which makes it suitable for residential areas.

    Main features

    Vacuum cleaner from the Russian manufacturer “Enkor”. This model is distinguished by a capacious dust canister, a built-in socket for synchronized work with power tools and a solid iron housing. For dry cleaning and small debris manufacturer recommends using a bag, and for everything else. the container. Comfort in the work will also add a long hose.

    Budget-friendly device from the company Bort. This product is distinguished by its iron body, which is not bad for the budget segment, and a capacious dust container of 25 liters. However, as the dust collector bag serves as a dust bag, which is not the best solution for construction vacuum cleaner. Also the vacuum cleaner works on a blow-out and has a wet mode.

    How to choose a construction vacuum cleaner

    The key criteria on which to make an Accent when buying:

    • Conditions of use. The developers necessarily indicate the hazard class. the conditions under which the vacuum cleaner is able to function. For example, L class products are used to collect low-level waste, so they are equipped with a standard filter.
    • Power. Such figure varies in the range of 1-7 kW. The higher the parameter, the better the performance and durability.
    • Resolution. This characteristic determines the suction power and ranges from 17 to 250 mbar. The higher it is, the larger particles the device collects.
    • Dust Collector. Its capacity up to 50 liters. For small volumes of work, do not purchase a product with a bulky container, as it will add to the overall weight of the device. The production uses vacuum cleaners with a capacity of the dust collector to 100 liters, which will allow you to clean without regular interruptions for tank cleaning.
    • Housing. Made of heavy-duty plastic, aluminum or steel. For the convenience of carrying the vacuum cleaner is equipped with reliable wheels and a bumper, providing protection from mechanical damage.
    • Extra Functions. Vacuum cleaners are often equipped with auxiliary options. These include the presence of a power outlet, an adapter, protection against overloading, auto-cleaning filter.

    All of the above is the private opinion of the author of the article. All pictures are taken for example from Yandex.Pictures.

    bosch, makita, building, vacuum, cleaners
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