Bosch dishwasher Wi-Fi connection

Bosch dishwasher installation: How to install and connect the dishwasher correctly

There’s a clear desire to have an electric dishwasher in your kitchen: it saves time, wastes minimal water, and effectively cleans dishes with greasy stains and dried-on food.

bosch, dishwasher, wi-fi, connection

The self-installation of Bosch dishwashers doesn’t differ in principle from the connection of similar technical devices, moreover, the installation manual is supplied with detailed diagrams. This article details how to install the dishwasher and how to connect it to the plumbing, with plenty of step-by-step photos and a thematic video.

Home Connect

Bosch‘s new Home Connect appliances open up a whole new world of possibilities for your home. Now you can control and monitor all your appliances remotely and conveniently from your smartphone or tablet, making your daily life even easier. and, of course, allowing you to achieve perfect results.

Bosch Series 8 Dishwashers With Wi-Fi Connectivity | Available At The Good Guys

Home Connect is not only an innovative technology in the home appliance industry, but also the standard for all future Bosch models and an integral part of your smart home.

Home Connect expands and opens up the possibilities of appliances even more with new services and features.

Now you have access to a wide range of services, recipes and recommendations.

Only helpful tips and advice with answers to most frequently asked questions.

You can send your cooking recipes directly to the Bosch oven, which automatically adjusts to cook with the ideal temperature and humidity settings for perfect results.

Sync your hob and hood with a few taps on your mobile device. Now when you turn on the hob, your cooker hood will automatically start and stop after a set time, after the end of cooking.

You can send your cooking recipes directly to the Bosch oven, which automatically adapts to cooking with the ideal temperature and humidity settings for perfect results.

bosch, dishwasher, wi-fi, connection

Perfect program settings: the function removes all doubts and helps you to set the most suitable program settings for perfect results. Enter the color and fabric of your clothes and the level of soiling in the Home Connect app.

By setting up push notifications, you’ll receive information about the end of the wash on your mobile device.

We’re out of detergent? Thanks to Home Connect and the tablet counter, you can receive push notifications when the detergent runs out.

Some machines are equipped with Emotion Light with color selection and adjustable lighting, which complements the cozy atmosphere of the kitchen with a soft background light every time the appliance door is ajar. In the app, you can choose from a pre-defined color scheme or create your own.

The 19 coffee drinks featured in “coffeeWorld,” the one you’d like to enjoy today

PlayList in the Home Connect app Your guests can choose their own coffee drink. All you have to do is send the PlayList to the coffee machine.

Built-in dishwasher Bosch SPV40E30RU. review

I’ve hated doing dishes since I was a kid. And over the years, my dislike for the business has only grown stronger. I still remember those wars with my husband, “No, you’re not!”, “No, let you!” to the question: who does my dishes today?

So the first thing I did when we planned the kitchen of our new apartment was create space for a dishwasher.

In terms of brands and functions I had no particular preference.

But there were certain conditions:

The width is 40-45 cm, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space

The sales consultant offered us several models, among which was a dishwasher Bosch SPV 40 E 30 RU. This is the one we settled on!

Technical characteristics:

  • dishwasher 45 cm long floor-standing
  • fully installable
  • condensation dryer
  • 3 wash modes pre-rinse mode
  • half-load mode
  • Delayed start mode for 3, 6 and 9 hours
  • water consumption 9 liters
  • 0 electricity consumption.78 kWh
  • Operating noise level 48 dB
  • complete watertightness

Price at the time of purchase. 28 999₽

When we had it installed, I immediately began to study it.

The package included the instructions for assembling and installing the dishwasher, the instruction manual and its shortened version.

Top basket for small plates, saucers, glasses, mugs, long cutlery (that won’t fit in the dishwasher, but you can put them away) and other small items.

The bottom box is designed for plates, bowls, cutting boards, baking pots, pots and pans.

The lower compartment has folding pins that can be lowered to make it easier to position pans, bowls, etc.

Also, included a special basket for cutlery, which should be placed in the bottom box.

In the lower part of the machine there is a filter system that prevents large impurities from getting into the pump.

First, remove large food scraps, bones, for example.

All the containers must be placed with the opening facing downwards.

Convex utensils, bowls should stand at an angle to allow water to drain off. Otherwise, they would not dry.

Dishes, especially glasses, must be stably positioned so that they cannot be knocked over by the pressure of the water.

Important! Dishes should be positioned so as not to interfere with the rotation of the spray beater. There are 4 of them (3 rotating, 1 not)

Getting started. Control panel.

Since this model has a minimal set of functions, there are not many buttons and everything is intuitive.

2️⃣Load the detergent.

I have these eco-friendly dishwasher tablets, but you can use powder or liquid special detergents (compartment 1). Load the dishes into the compartment on the door and close the lid of the chamber (during the operation the lid will open at the right moment and the detergent will dissolve).

If you use everything separately, then to wash the dishes you need 3 compositions:

By the way, dishwasher salt you may need, in case you have very hard water and universal tablets do not cope. You will see if there is lime residue on the dishes after washing.

How to connect your dishwasher to Wi-Fi?

On the dishwasher control panel, press and hold the “Wash Temperature” and “Power Dry pads” buttons for 3 seconds. until the display shows “Ready to connect”. Click Next in the SmartHQ app. Put a starter pad on your dishwasher. The display then shows the network name and password.

Modern devices have a data port (e.g. RJ-connector or Ethernet port) which simplifies the testing or maintenance. This port is used by GE Appliances factory technicians to connect their diagnostic equipment as needed For more information on smart technology.

Control panel, Dishwasher interior, Water softener setting

Water softener, Getting to know the machine

of the dishwasher, you will find at the beginning of the manual on the cover.In the text you will find some footnotes for the individual items.

I (“BCL” switch./BYNC.”I 0 Programme selection buttons I 8 Start timer I @ Extra functions I H START button I P “Check feed” indicator

I ‘ Rinse presence indicator I ^ Digital indicator

Dishwasher runner, depending on model Number depending on model

I 2″ Berry box I 2 Berry spray

I 2: Filters I 2B Special salt container I and Cutlery basket I 2^ Bottom basket I 2L Rinse aid container I 2b Detergent container I 2^ Clip on detergent container

the dishwashing machine needs soft water, t. е. in water with little

limescale is deposited on the dishes and the parts of the interior of the machine.Tap water with a hardness higher than 7° BN (1.2 tto1/1)

with a special (regenerating) salt in the

setting, and the amount of salt it determines depends on the degree of

salt is adjusted by setting the values from

of tap water. Bam help from the Bam district water supply organization.

Press the program selection button I # and hold it down

In this position, press the “START” button I H until the digital display shows

emotionLight Pro: Choose your favourite color and create your own ambience.

The Home Connect mobile app makes it easy to set the emotionLight Pro function for your dishwasher. You can choose from a variety of predefined colors or create your own. Let your home reflect your personality.

Connecting the dishwasher. 2 ways.

Dishwasher installation and connection can be broken down into 3 steps:

Let’s take a closer look, with an indication of the most common mistakes, at exactly the stages of installation to the utility lines and utilities.

You won’t need a lot of materials to connect the dishwasher to a 220V socket:

The dishwasher is not a particularly powerful consumer of electricity, such as a hob (7kW or more). Its output is usually less than 2.0-2.5kW.

Today’s models are energy class “A” or “A”. That’s about 220kW per year on your meter.

Despite this, it is still desirable to connect the automatic machine, at the stage of repair, to lay in a separate hole in a separate cable line for a trimmer.

If you have the repair has long been over, and after buying technology you do not want to re-strobe the walls and damage the wallpaper, you can do with the existing socket. Just make sure that it is protected by RCD.

The socket should be located at a comfortable height. up to 90cm from the floor.

And place it on the right or left side of the washer, but not behind it.

Also take into account the fact that the total length of the cord and plug of this equipment rarely exceeds 1.0-1.5 m. On this basis, and choose a place for the socket, so you do not have to later use the extension cord.

The socket itself should of course be grounded. But not everyone has this very grounding. Especially in apartments of old stock.So many people use regular ones, and everything seems to work fine. But the level of protection is no longer sufficient.

Roughly speaking, if there is an earthing contact and there is a current leakage, then you can not even turn on the RCD. And the consequences of these leaks, even small ones, can be quite fatal.

With a simple socket, on the other hand, it will only disconnect when you touch the enclosure, which is already energized.

And this very same electric shock, at least for the initial moment, you will still feel.

There are two ways to connect the dishwasher to the water supply.

The first is when you are in the phase of construction or major repair, and can afford to lay individual pipes, drilled holes in the walls, etc.п.

The second is when you have already installed the whole kitchen and finished all the finishing work. That said, you’ve bought a dishwasher and you need to hook it all up somewhere, to your existing water and sewer system with minimal alterations and hassle.

For a complete installation you will need a variety of materials:

The socket method is used when installing pipes. To do this you will need a special device for soldering polypropylene pipes.

The total length of the pipe and the number of fittings are chosen individually. It depends on how far away the dishwasher is from the cold water collector.

First, you mark the route where the pipes will be laid from the distribution collector to the place of installation of the PM.

After that you need to cut with the plumbing cutter to the required depth.

Next, connect PPR fittings with coupling nut to one of the manifold outputs.

Cut a piece of pipe so it is enough to the first turn or corner. Do not forget to leave 15 mm for the connections on each side.

Connect the pipe and fittings by soldering, controlling the position of the angle.

After connecting all the pipes along the marked area, at the very end mount the water socket. Be sure to fix it on the wall.

Next, you screw a ¾-inch male threaded pipe into the water socket.

Mount the water supply hose on the angler.

The AquaControl or AquaStop system, which it may be equipped with, should protect against leaks in the event of a breakdown and automatically shut off the water supply.

Say what you need and Alice will do the rest

You can control your voice through one of the devices that support Yandex’s virtual assistant. a smart speaker, smartphone or computer. To teach Alice to control the smart device, install the app developed by the brand on the device. For Bosch appliances, it’s the Home Connect app, for Samsung it’s called SmartThings. The Home Connect app finds voice-activated devices, those just purchased and those that have been in the house for a while. Samsung appliances need to be added to your SmartThings account. Then you need to install the application “Yandex with Alice. To manage Bosch devices, you need to merge accounts, and then go to the “Device Management” tab, find and activate the Home Connect skill. For Samsung appliances in the application “Yandex with Alice” is necessary to activate SmartThings Connector.

BOSCH Dishwasher 2021! Review/Demo/Installation Detailed Explaination ✨

Today, voice control with Alice supports two kinds of Bosch smart devices: coffee machines and dishwashers. Samsung’s voice-controlled Alice works on TVs, but not all models, and washing machines with assistant support.

Let’s tell you how Alice works with appliances, using a coffee machine and a dishwasher as examples.

Alice, make an Americano!

With a single command. for example, “Alice, make espresso”. you can turn on a Bosch coffee machine and ask it to make one of the drinks from the traditional range. espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte.

This is just one of the command options that Alice understands. There are more simple commands, like “Alice, turn off the coffee machine,” “Alice, brew coffee” or “Alice, cancel all commands,” and more complicated. For example, you can ask Alice to find out what’s wrong with the coffee machine. In response, Alice will test and give you the current status.

The coffee machine can be controlled not only with your voice, but also through the Yandex app on your mobile device. The coffee machine can be integrated into a smart home ecosystem run by Yandex and embedded in a sophisticated user scenario. Then in response to the command “Alice, good morning”. a whole chain of events will happen. At the command of Yandex Station the coffee machine will turn on, do the morning rinse and brew coffee. Meanwhile, the smart curtains go up, the outlets turn on, and the speaker tunes in to your favorite radio station. There are even more features in the Home Connect app, which is available on all leading mobile app marketplaces.

By controlling the coffee machine with the original app, you can turn your kitchen into a coffee shop, not only for yourself, but also for your friends, acting as a barista.

The app is designed to give you access to the widest variety of coffees. CoffeWorld lets you teach your machine how to make drinks that go beyond the traditional range, like a latte macchiato grande. A wide variety of national recipes are available, like Colombian coffee or Viennese melange.

You can save your own ideas and ideas by remembering the recipe for the drink you just invented. Smartphone control saves you the hassle of always asking special guests, who might have special tastes that can’t be satisfied with a basic Americano or espresso.

Coffee machines with Home Connect support drink “playlists. All you have to do is create a list in the app and send it to the machine, which will make sure your guest’s preferences are carried out correctly.

bosch, dishwasher, wi-fi, connection

Alice, wash up!

By controlling the dishwasher, Alice doesn’t just wash dishes. she acts as an expert. You can ask her, “Alice, run a quiet program on the dishwasher”, and the assistant will understand that you don’t want noise and choose the right washing program. The number of commands supported depends on the dishwasher model, but there is a certain set that all support.

In addition to the “quiet program,” you can ask Alice to turn on the fast intensive mode, or select the universal “Auto” program. You could also ask them to choose a program from the dishwasher menu, for example, “Alice, activate the dishwasher on the Eco 50 program”.

The smart home user scenarios also include roles for the dishwasher. For example, if you say “Good night” the assistant will turn off the lights, the smart curtains will close, relaxing music will play, and the dishwasher will turn on later. when the hour of the nightly electricity tariff comes. In this case Alice will choose the quietest washing program. Scenarios can be adjusted by day of the week and by time individually.

What can you ask Alice in the future

The Home Connect module is built into dozens of BSH household appliances. These include ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, cooktops, robot vacuum cleaners, and others. In the near future, with Home Connect and Alice, it will be possible to send commands to these devices thousands of miles away from home, set timers, check the status of food and floor. doing everything that 20th-century science fiction writers could only dream of doing.

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