Bosch gas stove does not work ignition

What to do if the hob gas goes out on ignition?

The gas control is an automatic system needed to ensure safety and reduce the risk of propane leakage. Its design, in terms of the principle of operation, is simple: it has a small copper part, shaped like a coin. a thermocouple. It is fixed on an electronic igniter, which is triggered by pressing and turning the knob of the regulator. The probe (thermocouple) is being heated by the fuel supply and is giving off a charge to the valve. If there is no signal between the parts, the system turns off the supply and, consequently, the flame goes out.

Most often this fault is a lack of contact between the thermocouple and the solenoid valve. Rarely, there are cases where the flare of fire simply does not reach the temperature sensor.

In some cases, masters do not exclude the contamination of the thermocouple, which, due to the presence of a layer of dirt, heats poorly. To avoid such situations, it is always necessary to monitor the cleanliness, conduct timely cleaning and, if possible, avoid “leakage” of cooked food.

Signs of failure

The electric ignition of gas stoves can break down unexpectedly: the switch turns, the gas comes out, but there is no spark. Breakdown of the additional function can occur for absolutely different reasons.

But first of all, it is worth determining that the function of the electric ignition of the gas stove is really out of order. This can be indicated by the following signs:

  • while pressing the control knob or the button for the burner, the electric ignition function does not work;
  • the automatic functions of the device work in continuous mode, click-like sounds are noted. There is no spark, the gas stove simply does not ignite;
  • When releasing the knob or button, there is no disconnection of the system;
  • The appliance operates even without pressing a button;
  • The circuit breaker in the area of the apartment switchboard knocks out when the appliance is switched on;
  • The presence of a malfunction can be determined by the circuit of the piezo-ignition and electric ignition, it may be closed.

How to understand that the ignition is broken?

Despite the fact that the absence of this function is not a critical aspect, many consumers still immediately try to find the cause of the fault in order to make the most of the appliance. If using the button or turning the lever still does not produce a spark, it means that there is a clear malfunction. As practice shows, most often the electric ignition does not work on the gas stove for three reasons.

How to understand that the igniter is broken?

Gas stove experts have compiled a rough list of common failures based on statistics collected.

  • When you press the burner control knob or a special separate button, the electric ignition does not happen.
  • Automatics of the product in the gas stove works constantly, you can hear clicks, but there is no spark. the gas does not ignite.
  • The system does not turn off after releasing the knob or button.
  • Appliance keeps on working even if the button is not pressed.
  • Ground fault circuit breaker in the starter panel goes out during startup.
  • Piezo or electric stove ignition circuit is shorted.
bosch, stove, does, work

What to do if the stove constantly clicks by itself

The most important thing in this situation. to find the source of failure, and then just follow the instructions to fix it. In case of breakdown do not panic and following strict safety rules try to repair following our recommendations. Remember. most of the causes of failure, in this case, is absolutely safe and they can be eliminated by yourself, without resorting to the services of specialists.

How to fix it without calling a specialist

The following actions can help in the fight against malfunction:

  • If the cause of failure is water and its constant ingress on the stove, there is only one way out. to dry it well, preliminarily turn off the ignition switch from the mains. Let the stove stand unplugged for a few days. during this time it should thoroughly dry out and the clicks themselves will stop. If such a “repair” did not help. it’s time to call a master and trust the repair to him. When drying, it is necessary to take into account one important point. you can not dry the stove with the oven running. then the moisture, on the contrary, will be collected in the device in huge quantities and the situation will only worsen. So, be patient and let the appliance dry naturally.
  • If the ignition button does not operate properly, it may be because of dirt, dust or stale grease accumulated under it. Clean it. For better cleaning use a brush soaked in soapy water. Allow the hob to dry out after cleaning. It should be noted that this method is not always able to return the button to its previous function. There is always the possibility that because of the low fit, it will not fully seat. If cleaning doesn’t help, replace the ignition button or the ignition mechanism itself.

In the course of prolonged use, the auto ignition unit may malfunction. If only one burner isn’t working, it’s probably because the wire in the channel of the unit is damaged. But don’t forget that the burner itself can be defective, and in this situation, self-repair is not only unacceptable, but also dangerous to life. For an accurate diagnosis of the cause of a malfunctioning burner should contact a specialist who can not only identify the actual cause of the fault, but also to make a replacement of the damaged element.

bosch, stove, does, work

Whatever happens to your favorite stove, don’t panic and be smart. Remember, well thought-out repairs can fix almost any kind of breakdown.

AEG gas cooktops

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All hobs are equipped with automatic electric ignition and gas control. This safety technology ensures safety during use. If for some reason the flame goes out on a burner, the fuel supply to the burner will be stopped immediately. The appliances can function both from the gas mains and from liquefied gas in a cylinder (a conversion kit is included).

Bosch gas stove repair with your own hands

In detail: repair of gas stove Bosch with his own hands from the real master for the site

The cheap circuit boards that make up the electronic stuffing of household appliances cost 10. Consumers avoid repairing budget gas stoves with electric ignition with their own hands. The price exceeding 30, unwittingly provokes the thought of saving. Visiting the forum of radio amateurs: you see Ready electric schematics of ignition devices. Wind up step-up transformers, look for capacitors, solder, kurochat technique at your own risk.

In contrast to most household appliances, the repair of gas stoves with electric ignition forces you to master the technique of replacing resistors. Frequent, constant process. Newcomers disputing the feasibility of the event, causing general indignation of forum users. Calling a dilettante with offensive words, condescendingly explain, inside the high-voltage unit:

The circuit of electrics is poured with compound on purpose, a sucker will not get inside. You’ll unscrew it, saving your blood money 30. Self-taught ignores manufacturer’s thoughts on protecting products against unauthorized access.

Gas Hob Repair Service | BOSCH Gas Hob | Hamara Ghar

Electric ignition device of gas stove optionally contains control elements. thyristors, triacs. It takes a long time to explain the exact principle of operation of the components of the ignition switch. Worth noting: the behavior of semiconductors resembles a key (faucet. more commonly thought of by plumbers). Semiconductor electronic elements are used to drive a power line with a voltage amplitude of 5-12 volts.

The analogy of the water valve is complete. A man makes a symbolic effort to open the faucet, releasing the non-consumable power of the pump. The voltage of the control electrode reaches the operating point, the thyristor opens, triggering the ignition circuit. There are two positions: open, closed. Pure water digital microelectronics. Any processor is formed by semiconductor keys. tiny, indistinguishable to the human eye. The PC is considered the logical evolutionary continuation of electronic circuits.

A high-voltage transformer raises the voltage (units of kiloVolts) of the output winding, the burner arcing slots illuminate the electric arc. The gas is fed by the same-name knob, triggering the ignition circuit. There are other models of devices. Thanks to a spark, the gas ignites:

  • By pressing the knob, the cook charges the capacitor with the rectified voltage;
  • The capacitance begins to accumulate electrons;
  • the voltage level of the control thyristor rises when it reaches a threshold value, the capacitor discharges, heating the transformer’s primary winding;
  • the output of the ignition circuit generates a voltage that triggers the arrester
  • spark ignites gas.

Principle of operation of electric ignition is based on charging a capacitor through a rectifying diode to a certain level. Specific circuit implementations vary. Shame to read the textbook electrical engineering: to repair the ignition of the gas stove with his own hands like a piece of cake. Know a couple of rules, know how to solder.

The aforementioned resistor in the ignition circuit is often rated at 3.9 kOhm. Power dissipation is 0.5, rarely 1 W. Capacitance size has long been (according to forum users) known. a couple of fractions higher than 2 microfarads (figures are jumps according to the rows given by GOST, find exactly 2 μF is not possible, otherwise as from a number E24) operating voltage of 250 volts. The radio amateur will not notice the difficulties. There was a time when TVS were rewound by hand!

The average person wants to know the sequence of operations. First, you must disconnect the ignition of the gas stove from the power source. The second step is to remove the electronic, high-voltage unit. Design comes in separate printed circuit boards, single substrate. Other variants are.

Inspection begin by evaluating the quality of the tracks, solder joints. A layer of conductor, looking like a silver stripe, is covered with a layer of varnish. Made to protect the ignition circuit from external factors, primarily moisture. Lacquer covers the conductive layer reliably. Nail polish available at home? 100% suitable.

Burnished with a null sandpaper, degreased with alcohol, coated with varnish on top. Detached, torn ignition circuits are repaired.

Example. Torn conductive layer. Both edges are ground a little with an emery, tinned, soldered together. Varnish is put on top of cooled solder, alcohol is applied as needed. For wiping the circuit board, of course.

Burned resistor black. The rating is listed above. It is not forbidden to put a more powerful element. Eyewitnesses unanimously assert: the further process of operation goes perfectly. Let’s give the circuit of the stove a resistor of 9 kOhm. The power dissipation is better to be greater than that of the original element. 1 W will do.

Capacitor breakage is visible from afar. Some (electrolytic) swell, the swollen barrel can not be missed by the attentive craftsman. Regarding the ratings it is advisable to ask the forum people. Modern marking of resistors with multicolored rings is more complicated than alphanumeric inscription. Tolerance was expressed as a percentage.

Repairing the ignition switch on a gas stove can be a simple matter. If transformer winding is burned out you have to buy a new one. Want to check the location of the fault? At each lead find a pair that rings. Resistance (use a multimeter) is hundreds of ohms. feet hanging in the air: Most likely a transformer assembly fault. Rewinding is not an easy thing to do. The expanse of the network will provide valuable information. Core of letter “X” shape is used. Primary winding has a dozen turns, the secondary winding will have to be engaged in earnest.

After examining the circuit boards of the gas stove, pay close attention to the state of the button. Control panel element that triggers the ionization process of the spark gap. Button contacts of ignition switch are fed by 230 V voltage of centralized network. Brass contacts melt easily with welding arc in a short circuit. It is recommended to sweep the pads, and check the serviceability of the switch with a multimeter (continuity test).

A product capable of withstanding the operating voltage is suitable. The electric ignition will not work worse. Sometimes the installation is accompanied by technical difficulties. Button does not fit the mounting dimensions of the housing. Finish it off with a file.

Repair piezor ignition of gas stove with your own hands

In detail: repair of piezorozhiznok gas stove with his own hands from the real master for the site

On many models of gas stoves, designers install automatic ignition, which is turned on with gas supply or from a separate button. This function is very convenient: no need to handle an open flame to ignite the burner. If you suddenly found that the auto ignition on the gas stove does not work, do not rush to call the service: repair of this malfunction can be done with your own hands.

The gas stove specialists have compiled an approximate list of common failures based on the statistics they have collected.

  • No ignition occurs when the burner control knob or a special separate button is pressed.
  • Automation of the product in the gas stove works constantly, you can hear clicks, but there is no spark. the gas does not ignite.
  • The system does not turn off after releasing the button or knob.
  • The appliance continues to operate permanently, even if the button is not pressed.
  • The circuit breaker in the apartment switchboard at startup knocks out.
  • Piezor ignition or electric stove ignition circuit is closed.

Electric ignition can only be used on gas stoves. Its main function is to ignite the blue fuel at the moment of its exit from the burner flame cutter installed on the gas stove. It comes in automatic and mechanical types. In the first option, special piezo elements ignite the gas-air mixture by turning a switch on the control panel, and in the second case, the user must press a special button. A spark ignites the gas and you can start cooking. Automatic gas ignition device. this is the most capricious and unreliable device of the entire arsenal, which is equipped with a modern gas stove.

Very important! Never try to turn on the system, if the burners are removed. breakdown on the body is guaranteed.

In aggregate, the entire operation of this system looks like this:

  • the user presses the button, thus he applies voltage to the capacitor, which begins to charge;
  • the level on the thyristor increases gradually, when it reaches the set threshold, the capacitor discharges;
  • at the output of the entire system, a voltage is generated, which operates a special device. the arrester;
  • a spark ignites the gas.

The whole system works much faster than we describe it. The spark is fed to the burner that is currently on (in older models, it was fed to all devices, but lit the one that had access to gas). The start buttons are located under the controls. The ignition is powered by a 220 volt AC line and is vulnerable to voltage fluctuations, which are very frequent. After the voltage surge, it may continuously click, which reports its failure.

My Stove wont stop CLICKING. SO ANNOYING. Easy Fix

The system will only work if a separate cable plug is connected to the home electrical network, which many users forget about and call the service with a complaint.

Why the electric ignition of the gas stove doesn’t work? There are several causes of malfunction in this device.

  • No spark on the electrodes.
  • Moisture or grease got on the inside of the system or on the surface of the plug.
  • The ceramic candle insulation is cracked or broken.
  • Transformer. spark generation unit burned out.
  • Oxidized contacts of the trigger or fouled contacts as a result of short circuit.

Some faults can occur after wet cleaning of the cooking surface, when moisture gets into the inside of the hob. To fix them, all you need to do is preventive maintenance: cleaning the contacts, drying the plugs. almost the same activities are done by car enthusiasts.

If it is only one burner that doesn’t ignite, it can be caused by a damaged high-voltage wire to the ignition electrode, the ignition device itself or a faulty channel of the whole unit.

When you have made an inspection, found the cause and diagnosed the problem. you can begin to repair the gas stove yourself. It is carried out in the same way for all models. The famous Italian brand Ariston or Belarusian Gefest stove, which is in great demand among Russians. there is no difference, the ignition systems are almost identical, except for purely individual nuances.

Before starting work, refresh your knowledge by reading the product manual. Knowledge of the principle and structure of the gas stove is necessary for its successful repair.

  • We ignite the faulty burner with a third-party source of open flame, matches or a special lighter. the flame must be even and distributed around the circumference of the flame spreader. The yellow color of the flame means the wrong concentration of gas and air: it is necessary to clean the nozzle or replace it. It is possible that the flame-spreader holes are clogged or moisture is getting there. It is necessary to do preventive maintenance, blow out all the holes, take out the burner housing and inspect it.
  • All electrodes and switches are connected in parallel. Each electrode is powered from a single ignition unit, but they are turned on by different buttons. To make sure that only this button does not work, and the control unit is normal, you must turn on the next burner. If the gas ignition occurs. repair the button, and everything else in the system works properly.
  • If the igniter cracks constantly, check the contacts: they could be stuck by grease or oxidation residue. Before repairing, remember to unplug the stove, then carefully disassemble, clean the pins or dry them with a hair dryer. You will be protected from injury if you observe the safety precautions.

Repair of electric ignition of gas stove with their own hands Bosch

In detail: repair of electric ignition of gas stove with your own hands Bosch from the real master for the site

In this topic you will learn about the electrical ignition device for gas stoves, their wiring diagrams, and how to diagnose the electrical case of a malfunction.

The gas stove ignition unit consists of the following elements:

  • diode;
  • resistor;
  • capacitor;
  • thyristor;
  • triac;
  • transformer;
  • the contact of the pushbutton switch is closed;
  • spark plug.

The primary winding of the transformer (igniter) consists of two half-windings Fig.1. At the ends of these half-windings the magnetomotive forces will be different, i.e. the control electrode of thyristor VS1 will receive alternately positive and negative polarity impulses. At the moment when the positive polarity impulse is supplied to the control electrode of the thyristor, the thyristor opens. The current in this case. rush will increase to its nominal value.

The transformer secondary winding, consisting of two parallel excitation windings, will supply the spark plugs

phase current. When you turn on the igniter, phase intermittent current in the form of a spark. will break the law of physics on the body of the gas burner.

The second circuit Fig.2 in its essence compared with the first circuit. does not change anything. In the circuit with the primary winding of the transformer, triac VS1 with anode control is included. In the open state, current flows in both directions, control over anode is also carried out by means of current pulses.

Diagnosis of household appliances, namely the electrical ignition, is carried out in a passive way without connection to an external source. To test the resistor, for example, which has a resistance. 510 Om, the device “multimeter” is set in the position of resistance measurement. in the range from 200 Om to 2 k Om, that is the digital value of. 510 must be within the measurement range set.

Keep in mind that in addition to its resistance, each resistor in the circuits of Fig.1, fig. 2 is designed for its rated power.

When replacing a capacitor, not only the capacitance, but also the voltage rating of the capacitor must be taken into account. For example a capacitor has a capacity of 4 microfarads, the permissible rated voltage for a capacitor is 400 V. consequently two values must be considered:

The thyristor is checked for its conductivity, the device is set in the resistance measurement position, checking the resistance value between:

The primary and secondary windings of the transformer are tested for resistance, with the instrument set in the position of the lowest resistance measurement.

In gas stoves (without electric ignition) it is convenient, as you know, to use the piezo igniter.

The piezo igniter of a gas stove consists of two components:

bosch, stove, does, work

The piezo igniter works on the same principle as an ordinary piezo lighter.

Afternoon. Cooktop Bosch.The ignition sparked on one hob. works without interruption.I turned off the power, cleaned, turned on. the second burner began to spark. I looked at it before. Is it possible to fix it by your own forces?

Hello Igor. You need to check the circuit of the ignition switch. pushbutton, that is, the contacts of the switch as I assume are always in the closed position. Switch contacts are subjected to: the heating effect of current; oxidation; burning. If the switch is pressed, it is of course not repairable and therefore you need to find the same switch.

At one of the heaters discharge is taking place as if not to the end, that is, it can be felt, but one burner does not light, if the block to change the contacts are all normal, is it worth cleaning the block or easier to buy a new ?

Hello Dmitry. The wire from the plug is inserted in the “socket” of the ignition unit. So, here is the usual connection (socket to socket). Contacts need to be well cleaned with a cotton swab moistened with any alcohol (for the ignition switch). Also, you need to inspect and if necessary, clean the plugs and their contacts. Victor.

Whirlpool gas Hob when plugged in spark bursts into all burners at the same time and will not stop before I unplug it from the mains, Could you please advise what may be the problem?

Hello. I believe that this failure is a faulty ignition switch.

Hello! I have Electrolux cooking surface and the same problem, took it apart checked everything is clean, washed the buttons with alcohol and grease, dried, did not help. Can you tell me how to check the ignition block bf95046-n00 for serviceability, it is all covered with plastic go out of one contact! It is in the service of 1500 re, before giving it for so much money, I want to make sure that he really krankankol! Thank you.

Hello. Try stripping: ignition wire contacts, ignition spark plug wire contacts, ignition button wire contacts. Also, you need to check the buttons themselves. Button of the electric ignition is checked with an indicator screwdriver, that is, you need to check the contacts of the button to turn on. When you turn on the igniter, the spark on the burner from the plug, respectively, you need to check the candle tips (if there is oxidation, the tips need to be cleaned). Check the electrical outlet to which the igniter plugs in, check the electrical cord and plug, each wire from the candles. In general, you need to check everything thoroughly. It may be that the ignition switch itself is not the cause, but a faulty button, and then. It may be necessary to solder the wire from the candles. If you have any questions for me, let me know.

Hello Victor! So the situation is as follows. When the ignition switch elements are assembled and plugged in, the spark is on all the spark plugs and clicks constantly. When disconnecting the ignition button assembly, there are 4 of them sitting in parallel on 2 wires, there is no spark. I conclude that the unit itself is working fine, and the unit of spark plug buttons have a short circuit. The tester showed a short circuit. Disassembled and washed all the buttons with alcohol, cleaned the contacts, still shorted Put it on the battery drying waiting.

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