Bosch Induction Cooker Indicator Blinks

Induction Cooker Malfunctions: Hand-Held Repairs

Sometimes the induction hob may display a certain error code on the control panel. Some faults can be repaired manually, others require specialized intervention by the service center. We will consider common error codes of induction stoves.

Kitfort KT-104

Please note that the errors for all stoves are the same, but the display can be different. For example, in Gorenije stoves the error is indicated by the letter E, while in Hansa models the letter F. Also note that the errors discussed here and their solutions apply only to induction stoves. The solution to problems with conventional electric cooktops can be quite different.

Bosch Cooktops

Hello. Bosch PVS631BB5R Cooktop. Error E513, new surface, installed after warranty expired.

Glass replacement for Bosch Cooktop over a month ago Bosch PIF 651FB1E Cooktops

Hello. Urgently need to replace the glass on the hob Bosch PIF651FB1E, where and how much it costs in Novosibirsk?

Glass on the hob broke over 2 months ago Bosch NKN 625H01 Hob

Good evening. The glass on the hob Bosch NKN 625H01 is broken and needs to replace the glass, how much is it?

The hob shuts down spontaneously more than 3 months ago Bosch PKN645T14 Cooktop

Good afternoon. When you turn on a Bosch PKN645T14 hob burner (any), you hear a lot of clicks and the power goes off. Only from.

Error e on two burners more than 3 months ago Bosch PVQ612FC5E cooking plates

Hello. When I turn on the Bosch PVQ612FC5E hob, the error E lights up on 2 burners in a row. Cooktop connected in 2 phases.

Bosch cooktop doesn’t work Bosch Cooktop PKN645T14 more than 3 months ago

Hello. The control panel on the hob Bosch PKN645T14 at night turns off and all the dials are blinking. The hob also lights up during the day.

Bosch cooktop error e more than 3 months ago Bosch Cooktop PKF 645B17

Evening. Bosch PKF 631B17 cooktop, I got a cockroach and the power supply burned out and the transformer is high frequency.

Hob turned on by itself over 3 months ago Bosch PUE645BB1E Cooktop

bosch, induction, cooker

Hello. Bosch PUE645BB1E hob turned on by itself and the on signal sounded and the light on the main switch came on.

Error 0 5 13 more than 6 months ago Bosch hobs

Greetings. On the PUE631BB1E hob, the “E” light is on on all the burners, and when the control “buttons” are touched, a set of digits appears: 0.

Not working 4 burners at the same time over 6 months ago Bosch PUE645BB1E Cooktop

Hi there. 1. On the Bosch PUE645BB1E hob, the burners work independently of each other perfectly. Turning on the 2nd burner pulls, when plugged in.

Hob error over 6 months ago Bosch PKF675FP1E Cooktop

Hello! Bosch PKF675FP1E hob shows E on all burners when I turn it on, when I press the burner number. E-mail:.

Error er22 Bosch more than 6 months ago Bosch PIB673F17E Cooktop

Good afternoon. On the Bosch PIB673F17E hob ER22 error lights up when I press the clock button, all other buttons make a sound when touched.

Unpleasant noise when I pressed the buttons more than 6 months ago Bosch PIF675FC1E hob

Happiness to all. When switching on the Bosch PIF675FC1E hob and pressing the sensor buttons, it sounds as if the battery is running out of power (the sound has become more and more obnoxious).

Bosch PKE345CA1 Hob two-phase connection more than 6 months ago Bosch PKE345CA1 Hob Panels

Hello! Please advise whether it is possible to connect the Bosch PKE345CA1 cooktop to two different phases if instead of the existing.

One burner on the hob does not turn on over 6 months ago Bosch Cooktop PKF645CA1E

Hello. Bosch PKF645CA1E hob one burner does not work. Nothing when turning the appropriate knob.

Over 6 months ago Bosch PWP651BB5E Cooktop Error when turning on left burner

Hello. When turning on the Bosch PWP651BB5E hob induction hob, put the pan on the left side (doesn’t matter top or bottom) and.

The lights on the Bosch PIF672FB1E hob do not turn off over 6 months ago

Hello. Previously, when you turn on the Bosch PIF672FB1E hob, the control panel lights 0 opposite each burner. Then.

Error codes of induction stoves from different manufacturers

It is often the case that an induction hob gives an error. In order to understand what exactly the problem occurred, you need to know what kind of fault is displayed by a particular code.

For example, an E3 error on an induction hob means that the mains voltage is out of the operating range, while an E0 error indicates an incorrect setting of the appliance. However, the codes can mean different malfunctions for different manufacturers. For example, the code E0, in addition to problems with the setting, can also mean the absence of dishes on the burner, and the code E3. problems with the inverter.

Let’s look at the fault codes that induction stoves from manufacturers Electrolux, Burning, Bosch, Miele and Kitfort can produce, with decoding.

An Electrolux induction stove error can be indicated by one of the following codes:

  • L. “Child protection” is active;
  • Flashing F. no suitable type of cookware on the hob;
  • E1. The maximum allowed temperature in the vicinity of the electronics has been exceeded;
  • E3. it is impossible to communicate with the inverter;
  • E4. maximum temperature of burners exceeded;
  • E5. mains error;
  • E6. no communication with the power unit.

If errors E3, E5 and E6 occur, it is necessary to call for help from a qualified technician in order not to damage the appliance.

Mile Induction Cooker Trouble Codes:

  • EF35. damage to the induction power board;
  • U accompanied by a beep. improper connection of the burners;
  • E. burner overheating;
  • E (ER). Electronics error.

Bosch induction hob error is indicated by the code:

  • E-22. sensor defective. dirt or moisture is present on the hob surface;
  • E-25. The Bosch power board is damaged;
  • ER-26. Inadmissible high voltage.

If any of these codes appear on the display and it is impossible to carry out an independent repair, it is recommended to bring the stove to the Bosch service center in order to fix the problem.

Manufacturer’s model fault codes Burning:

bosch, induction, cooker
  • F1. short circuit;
  • F2. damage of measuring circuit;
  • F6. communication with the power board cannot be established;
  • F15. temperature sensor failure;
  • F16. power supply is out of order;
  • F18. damage of the control sensor;
  • F85. electronic module overheating.

Kitfort induction stove error codes

  • E0. Absence of suitable type of cookware on the hob;
  • E3. maximum permissible voltage exceeded;
  • E4. lack of voltage;
  • E5. surface overheating, maybe there is an empty pot on the plate.

The subtleties of unlocking cooktops of different manufacturers

In spite of wide range of home appliances, the considered option functions practically in the same way on different models. Therefore, regardless of whether the hob is purchased Bosch, Candy, Siemens or other manufacturer, locking and unlocking is carried out in the same way.

bosch, induction, cooker

The unlocking methods described above are standard. However, they don’t always work. Then it is worth trying other variants.

Before unlocking, press the ” ” and “-” buttons simultaneously. This can also help if the house has had a power outage. If the hobs are unlocked, a quick blinking signal will be displayed.

Before unlocking press the buttons ” ” and “-” simultaneously

It is clear that with such a complex electronic system faults can occur. This is particularly the case if the operation is not always correct. Sometimes a simple action is enough to reset. If the button responsible for unlocking is still lit, unplug the hob from the electrical outlet. Wait in this position for about one minute and then restart the appliance. Then you can reset the required mode.

Also, remember that you can unlock and change settings when the heating zone screen (i.e. the 3rd part) shows the “0” position.

How to unlock your cooktop

Learn how to care for your glass ceramic and tempered glass cooktop with special cleaners and homemade detergents.

Bosch Siemens Neff hob error codes with hi light hot burners

er. 12 Repair possible, ask for specialist assistance. repair possible

er. 21 It is not a breakdown, turn off the appliance for an hour to cool down

er. 22 Internal sensor error. Dirt, water on glass ceramic

����‍♀How to use induction stove in telugu��best induction cooktop in india | pegion induction stove

er. 26 Usually the relay board is damaged when the mains voltage is too high in standby mode. Detailed description of this breakdown in this article. repair is possible

I just have to ask and that’s it

There are situations when you need to fix the hob, but shops and craftsmen are just not around. The owner of the stove, skillfully owns a soldering iron, knows how to use a multimeter and knows that the diode bridge is not just a crossing Write to us in the column questions about repair of appliances, describe your breakdown. as accurately and informatively as possible. A specialist, after assessing your issue, will definitely give sensible advice and work together to help fix the stove yourself. Attention! We don’t give advice by phone, we don’t accept phone calls from the regions.

One of the burners is not working

At the beginning, when the hob is switched on, the correct cooking zone is selected by means of the sensors. Only after selecting it, you can set the power level. If the correct sequence was followed, but it won’t turn on, check what the cookware is made of. It must be either metal or cast iron, that is, have the property to be magnetized. Aluminum and copper cookware is not suitable for induction stoves. Also it will not be possible to cook on such a cooking surface in glassware.

In the case where the cookware meets the required standards, but the problem remains, it is necessary to run test programs to check the temperature sensor of the burner. If it is defective, it must be replaced. If the sensor is functioning, check the induction module for proper seating on the vitrified clay cover. If necessary, the adhesion can be adjusted by means of clamping springs.

Bosch cooktop issue

Ariston|Ariston Electric Cooker Error Codes

Depending on what kind of error on the touch panel of the Ariston stove a certain error code appears, which tells its owner what exactly is faulty:

  • If the stove doesn’t work properly and the F01 error is present, it means that the NTC sensor is broken.
  • The F03 code indicates that the key does not work.
  • F05 error indicates that the TEC circuit of the large burner probe is in short circuit.
  • F06 says the same thing, only for a small burner.

Error E9

Faulty touchpad or rotary switches

  • In the first case you have to turn off the unit for 30 seconds and then turn it on again. If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to replace the entire sensor so the error codes are gone. Repair the induction hob with their own hands in this case is rather problematic, so we advise to take to the service center.
  • If the rotary switch is defective, you have to replace it with a new one.

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