Braun carestyle 3 steam generator how to clean

In most modern models of steam generators (steamers, steam irons), such recognized brands as Tefal (Tefal), Philips (Philips), Bosch (Bosch), Karcher (Karcher), Braun (Braun), there is a special indicator light, which automatically activates (beep, or begins to flash or shine signal light) when you want to remove limescale, with all steam iron itself may not work until the cleaning is done automatically.

As it is time to clean the scale in the clothes steamer (steam generator), you can use:

Let’s consider below separately, how to clean the steam generator from scale at home criteria, using any of the listed methods (the introduction of special descaler cleaners is in the same sequence as citric acid, and the proportions of its use are indicated on the package by the manufacturer).

What is not allowed to clean the steam generator from the inside

It is forbidden to use to remove deposits:

  • Concentrated solvents: May corrode or damage parts made of chemically sensitive materials;
  • sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid;
  • Acetic acid, essence;
  • Sweet carbonated drinks (Sprite, Coca-Cola, Fanta).

Mechanical descaling is not permissible. If you attempt to scrape deposits with a sharp object, it may damage parts of the steam generator.

Review: Braun Care Style3 steam iron. Where can it be without it)

After my second Saturn steam iron broke, I did not know which one to choose, so it should be of high quality and in the medium price range. Decided that this time it would be with a soleplate, not a stand. In the store of household appliances consultant advised to pay attention to the iron with a steam generator Braun IS 3041.

I liked the fact that the soleplate of the iron is made of aluminum, without any coating.

As the manufacturer itself states, it is resistant to scratches and this is a huge plus. In fact, in the store the seller showed a steam generator of known company for 8000 UAH., The soleplate was already damaged in the store. I also liked the ICARE technology, which has a built-in sensor that automatically selects the best temperature for the fabric. There is a self off function, automatically after 10 minutes, I haven’t tried it, but I don’t have to worry about the iron not turning off at home. I can easily pour water into the soleplate, just open the drawer at the top and pour it

It seems that you can use tap water, but I do not risk so. The manual says that I can’t use distilled water either. The problem with this model is that the container is not removable. If I have to wash it, it’s a piece of cake. In six months of use, it is not necessary yet, and in the future I do not know. I don’t have an ironing board since I usually steam iron using the rack from my previous steam generator and put the iron on the couch. If you iron that way for a long time, your hand will get tired, because the iron itself is not easy. The steam blow function is interesting. I found it by accident, but then I read it in the manual. As it turns out the button under the handle needs to be pressed 2 times in a row and a strong stream of steam will be released for a while.I did not know where to put the iron, I wouldn’t put it on the soleplate, I was afraid to spoil it. But after watching a review of a similar model still took a chance. Thank goodness it didn’t ruin the iron itself or its soleplate. The silicone is resistant to heat. It has a self-cleaning function, but the right button has not turned on yet. And when it lights up, you just need to pour water into the special side hole, shake the soleplate and press a certain button on the control panel.

CareStyle 3 | Care and Maintenance

On the sides of the soleplate is a fastener for both the cord and the tube attached to the iron.

The ironing of this model is very good, much better than the previous one.

No complaints after six months of operation. I wish of course that the container could be removed to wash things, but I can’t do that. That’s why I’ll take the point off.

Review: Braun CareStyle 3 Steam Iron IS3022 WH. Iron things. Simply a pleasure!

Good day. I want to share my feelings about using such a great helper as a steam generator. The choice of good steam generators is quite broad. Our main focus was on functionality and cost. I chose the Braun CareStyle 3 steam generator! Manufacturer has proven itself in the market with quality appliances.

High-quality plastic steam generator with anti-slip coating on the handle of the iron. The iron can be adjusted from minimum to maximum temperature. Temperature mode with one point is suitable for synthetic fabrics, with two points. For silk, wool ; with three. For cotton and linen. Indicator light on iron lights up when iron is heating up, goes out when iron is off. Means the iron is hot.

When ironing, the iron is easy to hold, the anti-slip coating minimizes the risk of the iron slipping out of your hands. Handle bar has green steam button. Pressing it quickly twice in a row activates the continuous steam function for a few seconds.

The iron’s soleplate is made of anodized aluminum, slides very well, you can iron things with elements such as buttons, buttons, metal inserts and not be afraid that the iron soleplate will be spoiled. The soleplate of the steam generator is also easy to clean, you just need to wipe it with a damp, clean cloth.

Reinforced steam hose, length 1.6 Meters.

Iron plate is treated with heat resistant silicone, has a locking system for the iron. You don’t need to carry the entire steam generator by the handle.

On the stand for the iron there is a button to turn on and off, a reset button, the handle to adjust the steam power up to 120 grams per minute. I like to iron on medium power.Water tank holds 2 liters. Very convenient, no need to go and pour water unnecessarily. Also easy to fill.

The steam generator has a valve on the housing for decalcifying. It is behind the transparent lid. Everything is easy to unscrew and remove.

DO NOT clean the device until it has not cooled down completely (2-3 hours), fraught with burns and injuries, the boiler pressure of 5.5 bar. Limescale removal is needed about once a month, it all depends on the quality of water. If you don’t descale the steam generator for a long time, you can ruin things with yellow stains, t. к. The steam holes in the iron will help particles of limescale to escape. Before ironing light colored garments, we recommend trying out the iron with steam on the ironing board without the garments. The instructions explain in detail how to perform this procedure.

The features of this model:- Iron weight 4.3 kg. water tank can not be unrolled and washed inside. takes up a lot of space.From the pluses we would like to note:. stylish. powerful. anodized aluminum soleplate with the possibility of self-cleaning. possibility of vertical steaming. auto-disconnection feature. water tank 2 l!).After three years of use showed itself from the best side. It is especially nice to use vertical steaming, dresses made of thin fabrics, curtains, tulle. No complaints in work. I like it very much!

Review: Braun CareStyle 5 IS 5055 WH steam iron. Ironing is now a joy

Good day dear readers and guests of the site “otzovik.

I want to introduce you to a great steam generator from the brand “Braun”.

Each of us knows how much depends on technology, especially with regard to a good steam generator. The main criteria for me in choosing a steam iron was that the iron was light enough and my hand did not get tired when ironing a lot of laundry. Not the least important criterion was the volume of the water tank.

The laundry is constantly piled up a lot, so the selection was very careful. Every mom knows that when the kids are small, the clothes have to be washed very often, because enough clean clothes literally for 1 day, and after washing no less important factor is high-quality ironing with steam.

I wanted ironing to be fun. I wouldn’t even consider regular irons because I’m having a hard time getting water to properly iron my clothes when they’re too wrinkled. It was just torture. I had to run the iron ten times in one place to the laundry more or less came in the proper form.

So I decided that the steam generator is ideal for me, although the price in comparison with the irons, is much more expensive, but it is justified, so as not to go through all the torture of a long and exhausting process.

We stopped, as you have already understood the brand “Braun“. We bought it about six months ago.

Now let’s move on to its appearance.This is how the whole system looks like:

The color scheme is very harmonious, there are gray, white and dark gray. The design is very concise. Nothing superfluous, but still looks quite stylish and modern steam generator. What is not insignificant, it is not bulky at all in comparison with other steam generators.

Let’s move on to the system itself. The front panel has buttons with different modes:

As you can see there is a power button on the left hand side. Also a turbo mode, which is perfect for overly crumpled and over-dried laundry. It irons everything in one go. I just need to run it a few times and I have perfectly ironed laundry.You can also set the normal mode, and eco mode.This results in a total of three.

Also on this side is the name of the model and brand of the steam generator.

On this side, there is a lever that opens with a circular motion:

Limescale removal system ensures long life of the steam generator. It alerts you to an increased buildup of limescale. Easy to descale the steam generator. I pour about half a liter of water, rinse and repeat the process 3 times. After that I can iron the laundry with no problems at all, but there is one thing. After cleaning the iron it is desirable to put a cloth which is not sorry, as dirty water will come out first, iron it, and after making sure that the iron will not stain the cloth surface, proceed directly to the clothes.

The water tank is big enough. 1400 ml.Let me tell you right away that it is not removable. You have to refill the water a few times thanks to the special cup with a narrow spout.

On the tank there is a mark with the minimum volume of water and the maximum:

You need to pull the lid, and the compartment for filling the water can be easily opened:

On the end there is an inscription with the name of the brand:

We take the iron off the platform, this is how it looks like:

The platform is grooved, so the iron will not slip off. For extra stability and to fix the iron on the platform, you can clamp the spout with the sliding mechanism. Provides a tight fit for your iron.

This is how the spout of the iron is fixed:

Now you don’t have to worry about the iron accidentally falling off. It is “firmly” attached to the platform.

You can connect the iron to the power grid with this plug:

The wire itself is long enough. Reaches the socket without difficulty. Hardly any need for an extension cord. The cord is long enough. Its length is. 1.8 м.

The handle of the iron is very comfortable, it does not slip in your hand.

Iron has metal back side with lots of holes to let the steam flow.

As you can see the iron has a thin tip, the platform easily slides over your clothes, no extra effort is needed. The iron has a powerful steam blow. High pressure steam penetrates deep into fabrics, even the most stubborn creases give up under this powerful pressure.

Takes approx. 4 minutes max to warm up after plugging in.

There is protection against overheating, if the iron is on for a long time and no ironing is done, the iron turns off by itself. When the iron is in the vertical position, the cut-off time is 10 minutes.

The power of the iron is 2400 Watts. At the same time, the steam generator is not noisy at all, which to me is a big plus.

The steam generator came with an instruction manual, it is very simple, it was very easy to understand. It explains everything in detail.

Now let’s move on to the pros, which I can note after using them for quite a long time.

I like the steam generator very much, it is very easy to use. I would definitely recommend it. It is a good and reliable helper that easily handles large volumes of laundry in a short time. Ironing with this steam generator is a pleasure. I think it’s a worthy appliance at a reasonable price. The quality is worth the money. With this technology, ironing is not exhausting at all, but only a joy. With the ironing system it is easy to bring the laundry to perfection.

I have ironed my entire adult life with a regular iron. Needless to say, I have changed the irons from time to time! But the very process of ironing did not bring me any joy.

Heard from a friend about how great ironing the laundry steam generator with an iron. True, she sang a serenade to the model company Philips. That’s what I originally wanted. But.

For a steam generator I came to the store M-video. Their selection of goods is huge. But after analyzing the whole range of products, you realize that there is no sense to save on technology. All good, stands well.

The M-Video store consultant redirected me to Braun. And I am very glad that I bought a steam generator from this brand. Realistically, if you study the details, compare it to others. Braun is the best.

braun, carestyle, steam, generator

This model comes with a boiler! This is a big plus. The water boils not in the soleplate of the iron, but on its base. Such a steam generator will serve the household for a long time.

So, the machine is moderately compact. A pleasant pastel color scheme.

A big plus for me (I have kids growing up in the house). That the iron can be fixed on the base.

The steam generator works from the mains. The heating time of about one minute.

If the turbo and normal is more or less clear. It’s only the steam output. Then eco mode is the program for ironing delicate fabrics.

After you have plugged the device into the socket, brought it into working condition, you still need to pour water into a special reservoir.

The maximum volume is 1.4 liters. At this point, I say that the Braun steam generator has a significant disadvantage. The water tank is not removable. Have to run and pour water from containers. And the steam generator kit didn’t come with any extra cups. I do this with the container from the previous iron.

As you understand, it is inconvenient to drain the remaining water. It is necessary to go to the bathroom with this machine. And it is impossible to wash the container. A serious flaw on the part of the manufacturer.

The steam generator Braun operates on water, so, it is worth pouring in a good purified water, so it is not clogged with limescale. But in any case, you will need to clean it. How?!

There is a special compartment on the side. Unscrew the lid and pour 400 ml of water inside. No need for a bigger one.

You should do such a procedure at the rate of 1 cleaning per 4 liters of water used by the steam generator. You can do it more often, it won’t make it worse.

braun, carestyle, steam, generator

Now let me show you the iron. It’s small and moderately heavy. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the appliance. It’s easy to use. For example, many other steam generators have different iron weights. The nose is heavier and vice versa.

The surface of the iron with lots of holes. The steam generator has a vertical steam mode. It’s handy when you need to freshen up a thing on the hanger. Iron your tie.

Steam comes out of the iron when you press the top and bottom buttons.

braun, carestyle, steam, generator

Steam stops flowing when the button is released.

When ironing, you have to be as attentive as possible. The steam is very hot and burns your hands.

The Braun steam iron has a big advantage. This is the automatic shut off. When you don’t iron for 30 minutes, the iron turns itself off. You no longer have to worry about whether you left the iron on or not.

So, let me summarize. The steam generator with a Braun iron, for all its faults, I really liked it. Fast and good quality ironing. Easy to use. You can not burn your favorite clothes now. Ironing became a pleasure. Not like before. Constantly forced myself to pull myself together and iron a lot of laundry! Now clothes don’t pile up either. I iron everything at once.

My review will be of Braun CareStale 5 Pro IS 5550 with a steam generator (ironing system, to be exact).

A year ago I was looking for an iron, since I am very picky, I looked through everything on the market. But the deciding factor was the iron in my seamstress.

When I saw it, I immediately fell in love with the design, such a beautiful minimalism. But, of course, it’s not the only thing that will get you away! I asked her about it and she said take it.

And I wanted to throw it out, because there were a couple of things I didn’t see.

  • No removable water drain. This beautiful rectangle, along with the iron, with the cord, should be dragged along to the water purification treatments. And hold it upright and think to myself, “FUCK, FUCK I took it,” and this for a second should always be done after ironing. Water in the compartment can not be left, as will be a problem, you know what. Although I’ve sinned many times and even left it for a couple of days. Ugh, ugh, ugh nothing happened.
  • Enough to iron a couple of times lit up the light cleaning light from the salt and other crap. I once stepped and opened this thing right after ironing and the iron ran me in the forehead, I’m not kidding, this iron flap with all the speed flew between my eyes, with a whistle, steam and pain (a week, I did not go near him, I had a moral injury, but this is my fault and had to go back).
  • Small compartment for liquid, for a set of linens, I fill twice 1.Four liters. Maybe I’m making it up, but it’s not enough for me with its power.
  • He’s so fast, the way he rolls around in the laundry. you can push it with your little finger and it will float along.
  • Good steamer, very powerful, you can steam anything you want;)
  • 3 modes with which you don’t have to bother, twist, tweak, etc.E, it’s like it adjusts itself.
  • Convenient size, it’s so compact. And it looks good) just like a designer accessory) well, I certainly exaggerate, but definitely not as a bubble buster, which you want to hide in the closet.
  • It heats up quickly, turns it on and by the time you unpack the clothes it’s ready to go.
  • If you leave it on your clothes and run to the phone and forget about it, go cook, and then remember. Relax, things won’t burn, you’ll be helped by auto power on and the smart iron function.
  • Power 2400 W
  • You can safely pour water from the tap.
  • Power cord 1.8 м.
  • Sharp, sharp tip. Gets in where it needs to and doesn’t need to.
  • Non-rusting and scratch-resistant platform.

The new best friend for your closet. Whatever your ironing needs or expectations, iCare’s smart technology will help you iron flawlessly faster and easier. It protects the fabric by picking the right temperature. for both thin and thick fabrics. The world’s first 3D BackGlide soleplate with rounded, beveled edges helps your iron glide freely even backwards.

Turbo mode for easy ironing of tough materials

CareStyle 5 Pro models have a turbo mode with high temperature and maximum steam power.

The patented upward curved soleplate lets you glide 360° over any fabric, overcoming any obstacle. even backwards. Never again will you get stuck in s or areas around buttons.

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing for me is this. turns itself off. I’m a bit of a matron, I can often get caught up and forget, and then wonder all the way whether or not the apartment will burn down. And then drive backwards at the end and see the iron turned off.

Digital Anticlave function

No more irritating water spots, and no more leaks during ironing. Thanks to the digital technology incorporated into CareStyle, the temperature is controlled much more effectively than with a traditional thermostat. It means less ironing, because water will no longer annoy you by seeping through the soles, and clothes will stop getting wet.

The CalcClean limescale removal system guarantees your appliance a long life by alerting you to scale formation. Cleaning is easy and convenient. follow just 3 easy steps after your appliance cools down: open the CalcClean valve, fill and shake, close the valve, and then press the button on the interface. When you need to clean the device again, the indicator light will turn on. there you go!

be careful, I already got my bullet in the forehead;)

I ironed my husband’s shirt and pants, took 7 minutes (I pick on myself and always seem to have creases somewhere) and so much water:

Advantages and disadvantages

Braun is a world-renowned German brand that has been producing a variety of top-of-the-line appliances for decades. Of course, the steam generators in this brand’s range are no exception. The main advantages of ironing systems are as follows.

  • Unique steam generation. No more need to heat up the soleplate of the iron itself. Steam is now self-generated inside the appliance.
  • High performance and ease of operation are the two most important qualities. Control of this ironing system is fully electronic and easy.
  • The user has the ability to quickly and easily adjust the level and intensity of steam. Also modern models are equipped with a drip irrigation function. for smoothing particularly wrinkled things.
  • The presence of a large number of operation modes and heating levels as the steam, and the iron soleplate itself allows you to smooth and steam things of any material.
  • It can be used not only for clothes, but also for curtains, bedspreads and other home and garden clothes.
  • All Braun steam generators can also be used as conventional irons if necessary. It is enough only to activate the dry ironing function.
  • Each device uses a boiler, which is not only made of durable material, but also has a fairly large volume. So you don’t have to keep refilling the water while ironing and steaming your laundry.

But even with such ultramodern ironing systems, consumers have identified some disadvantages.

  • It is not possible to use just an iron at a considerable distance from the boiler and the system itself.
  • When ironing, you need to get used to it at first, otherwise the cord interferes with the process.
  • High cost is a relative disadvantage. But it pays off in terms of the longevity and quality of the steam generator.

What you can not clean the steam generator

Cannot use concentrates for cleaning. When poured into the tank, they corrode parts made of materials that react with acid. Sulfuric and hydrochloric acids must not be filled. Vinegar 6 or 9% table vinegar is used, and acetic acid should be discarded.

You shouldn’t iron good things when cleaning an iron, as they can be ruined

Do not use mechanical means to remove limescale on your steam iron. Scraping hard deposits from the soleplate with scrapers, brushes, or other implements will cause scratches. Once the protective coating is broken, the iron is easier to throw away than to repair.

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