Can I blow dry my hair?

Care of the hair extensions

Girls who have undergone the procedure of hair extensions, it is useful to know how to care for the hair extensions:

  • brush your hair three times a day;
  • Purchase professional care products;
  • Wash your hair under the shower, blow-dry gently in a natural way, but not with a hot hair dryer;
  • When bathing in the pool wear a cap;
  • Do not use a tanning bed, steam baths or saunas;
  • You can use irons and curling irons to style the hair, but at a safe distance from the capsules;
  • Never perm your hair;
  • Do not go in direct sunlight without a hat.


How to Wash

Choose a shampoo with a neutral pH for everyday washing of your reconstructed hair. Apply shampoo by diluting the soaping dose with water so that the product is better and more evenly distributed. Do not rub or twist the hair, or use your hands in any abrupt way when washing. Do not wash your hair with your head tilted back, under the tap, or in a basin. The water should run from the top to the bottom, so use a shower only.

When applying balm, only work on the midsection and tips, not the roots. Avoid sprays and conditioners on attachment points. Do not take a bath with long hair loose, better braid it. Do not wrap your head in a towel immediately after washing. blot the hair and let it dry naturally. Do not go to bed with wet detangled strands.

How to Comb

Prepare the hair before you wash it. Comb them with a massage comb made of natural materials with rare teeth. This helps avoid static and tangles. After washing, dry the lengths lightly and comb them out, keeping them at the roots to avoid tangles or capsules to put too much pressure on them. Blow-dry the hair down gently with a lukewarm air dryer and comb through it gently. It’s not advisable to comb through wet hair, not even with a comb.

How to blow-dry

If you wash your hair at night never go to bed with wet or damp locks. They will become tangled, forming tangles that are impossible to comb out. After washing, gently blot the hair with a dry towel and do not twist it on your head. If possible dry hair naturally, without a hair dryer. This rarely happens in practice, so a hair dryer can be used in cold air mode. Do not direct the product flow towards the capsules, but start at the tips and work your way up. After drying, check with your hands for knots.

The coloring of the extensions

It is desirable to think about coloring the extensions before extending, so there is less hassle. In this case the master dyes the client’s hair separately in the desired shade and separately the extensions. If a girl wants to change the color after the procedure, contact a specialist. Individual coloring can lead to unpredictable results. Infusion hair can be dyed more quickly than natural curls, they use a weaker solution, and do not apply any dye to the capsules.

Several types of hair are used for the procedure:

Natural material is disinfected, dyed and dried. It is then sorted, combed and shaped (ribbons, capsules, tresses).

To smooth the scales on the surface of hair, they are treated with silicon-containing agents. This not only makes it easier to comb the extensions, but also gives them an attractive shine. The silicone gradually washes out with repeated use of the same strands, so they need to be treated with conditioners and leave-in serums.

blow, hair

One and the same material can survive 3-4 corrections.

Professional product reviews

How to remove excessive hair at home? There are many special fluids and gels with which you can easily get rid of the annoying artificial strands. These products contain special nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, and extracts from plants. Their gentle formulations not only allow for gentle removal of the hair extensions, but also allow for the healing of the hair. The choice of a suitable remover depends on the technology of the build-up:

  • Furman. The product of Ukrainian production, which is popular with hairdressers for the correction of artificial strands and their removal. This product is perfectly suitable for removing spiked hair at home. How to do it? Only takes half a minute to soften the capsules. It is noteworthy that the remuver is absolutely safe for the native hair. The remover is suitable for removing hair extensions, which have been cold or hot. Its
  • RIO Profi. Universal remuver, which is used to remove tapes and capsules. The product contains jojoba oil, which moisturizes your hair, saturating it with nutrients. How to remove hair with this remuver? 4-5 drops of the product are applied directly to the band or capsule. The amount is enough to soften and remove hair.
  • Severina. The product gently affects the keratin capsules, on which the hair is attached. Removers contain herbal extracts and essential oils. The special dispenser makes this product very easy to use. In the liquid has no specific smell, it is absolutely safe for the native hair and has a gentle effect on them. Surprising girls and affordable

Other products are popular as well. There are a lot of positive reviews about these removers: Arcos Solvent and YRE Professional. These products are also gentle on the native strands, have an affordable price and allow you to carry out the procedure at home quite safely.

How to Wash Properly

Washing the hair the wrong way can significantly shorten the life of the hair, making it look ugly and tangled. Remember, wash with gentle, even strokes of the hand. Never use water that is too hot or too cold. This can have a negative effect on the condition and look of the luxurious hair.

  • The strands should be thoroughly combed out before washing.
  • Your head should not be tilted forward when washing. Wash in a natural head position. This is best done under the shower.
  • The scaly structure of the extensions is not permanent. Washing improperly can open the scales. If you do, your hair will stick to one another and cling to one another. As a result, the hair will be very tangled, and combing it in the future will be very difficult.
  • Shampoo is applied with gentle strokes. Do not rub detergents into the roots. Such movements can seriously damage the capsules. The cleanser is spread evenly on the entire length of the hair and leave it for a few minutes. Do the same with masks and nourishing balms.
blow, hair

Proper care should not rub detergents into the scalp or twist the locks with a towel. Gently blow-dry and blow-dry naturally. Comb your hair after it has dried. Don’t forget to hold the strands at the roots.

Attention! Don’t forget about the timely correction of the hair extensions. The procedure will prevent the hair from becoming tangled in the place of attachment, and will preserve the beauty of natural and donor strands. Read more about correction and timing on our website.

Marina Yakovleva tells how to wash correctly the hair.

Natural Masks

How to care for hair on a capsule? A special role in the care of such curls occupy a self-prepared mask. Unfortunately, most of them are not suitable to be applied to artificial hair, however, there are a few recipes among them that will help make your locks look healthy and smooth:

  • One chicken egg should be beaten with natural yogurt without any fillers, add 1 tbsp. л. linseed oil. The mixture should be applied to the hair, avoiding the roots and the area where the capsules are attached. The mask should remain on the hair for 30 minutes, then it should be thoroughly rinsed off.
  • The yolk of 1 chicken egg should be mixed with 1 tbsp. л. Castor or olive oil and 1 tbsp. л. bee honey. The mask should be left on the hair for 50 minutes. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to put a bag on the hair and wrap it with a warm towel.

The masks should be applied to damp washed hair. It is recommended to wash off the nourishing compositions with warm water and shampoo.

Can I straighten my hair with keratin?

From year to year there are new cosmetic products and developed innovative technologies in the female beauty industry. Nowadays keratin hair straightening is very popular. The technology is able to bring dry, brittle, unruly strands in a perfect condition, smooth curls, eliminate the need for daily styling. In this article we will try to answer the question: can you do keratin straightening on the hair extensions?

The more curls, the better and more advantageous the hair looks. 100 strands is the number for minimal volume on sparse hair. 150 locks for a medium volume hairstyle, and 170 for a thicker hairstyle.

Gone are the days when an ugly girl was looked at with regret, as they simply do not exist now. Modern cosmetology has not only stepped forward, but continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Anything that nature has deficient in appearance can be corrected very often within a few hours. This also applies to hair. You want gorgeous locks, you can have them, and your whole appearance has changed beyond recognition. But to make your beauty last as long as possible, you should give it proper care.

Can I Dye?

Hair coloring is performed before hair extensions, but, if necessary, it can also be done after. The dye should be low-oxidizing. But it’s dangerous to do it at home, so get it checked by a professional. A good master will take into account that hair extensions can be dyed brighter and washed off faster than natural ones The color of the hair is chosen immediately during the extension, to repaint them is almost impossible, it is the same as throwing them away immediately, along with the money.

Can I blow-dry my hair?

Proper hair care is the key to spectacular and long-lasting results after the procedure.

Proper care of the hair extensions. the key to maintaining a spectacular and long-lasting result after the procedure. Its main purpose is the careful attitude to the donor strands and maintain the health of their own curls.

The hair extensions are not only beautiful, but also fashionable and comfortable. Imagine that you have a haircut and you really want to have long hair. And you’re wondering, “Why not get hair extensions??” After all, this procedure instead of many years will only take a couple of hours. In a word, hair extensions are a great way to make yourself better. Read more:

Also, you should know that taking care of the hair extensions is not so easy, because they do not get vitamins and minerals from the fruit, unlike the real ones.

blow, hair

Home care for hair extensions

After the hair extension procedure, you need to ensure that your hair is properly cared for. You should start by buying a special comb. For the uninitiated people a comb for hair extensions care is not much different from the usual massage brush, but the difference between them is fundamental. Firstly, it has a softer, more shock-absorbing cushion at the base of the comb. Secondly, the bristles should be only of natural origin. Thirdly, this comb has no ball-shaped tips.

You need to comb out the hair during the day more than once, at least 3-4 times. To ignore this rule means to condemn the locks to constant tangling.

In addition, you should wash your hair in an upright position to avoid the entanglement of capsules. Shampoo and balm should be applied starting from the root zone. The product is better to dilute with water and lather up in a separate bowl. If you do it habitually right on the curls, there’s a great risk of damaging the capsules. The hair should be dried in the direction of its growth.

As for the care cosmetics, they should not contain conditioning agents. Choosing detergents for hair, pay attention that they do not contain large amounts of oils. The fact is that the lipid environment is the main enemy of the capsule and strip extensions. Therefore, if before the procedure you used to use shampoos and balms for dry hair, then later you need to switch to products designed for normal or oily hair. Also, be sure to use moisturizing balms and non-washable serums. Cover only the hair shaft, avoiding the area where the donor strands are attached.

Recipe for a moisturizing mask for hair extensions

In addition to expensive store masks and balms, you can also use folk remedies in the care of the hair extensions. For example, perfectly moisturizes and straightens such curls a mask based on homemade yogurt.

  • In a ceramic dish, pour 5 tbsp. л. natural yogurt. It is best to use homemade medium-fat yogurt.
  • Place the raw egg in a separate container and whisk until smooth.
  • Mix the egg mixture with the yogurt. Add a teaspoon of natural flaxseed oil to your hair.
  • Thoroughly mix all ingredients until homogeneous. If you have dark hair, add 2 tbsp to the mixture. л. of cocoa powder.
  • Apply the finished mask to dry hair and leave on for 30 minutes. Under no circumstances, twist or wrap your hair to avoid damaging it. After half an hour shampoo and apply a moisturizing balm.
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