Can I carry my epilator in my hand luggage?

What you can take on the plane, and what. can not

We explain what you can take on board the aircraft, and what you can’t take on board as hand luggage. Lists of prohibited and permitted items in the cabin.

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Above or below: you can’t swap shelves and sit in other people’s seats

Many people buy the first ticket they see in the hope that they’ll be able to swap places later. It is fair that it is difficult for an elderly person, parents with small children, pregnant women and people with disabilities to climb to the top shelf. But it’s equally fair. by law!. and that the passenger on the lower shelf has every right to refuse to change.

the lower shelf even during the day is not considered “common” territory, passengers with tickets for the upper shelves can sit on it only with the permission of the person who bought the ticket for that particular seat.

As for luggage, to put it in special compartments of the lower shelves again is possible only with the permission of the passenger on the lower shelf.

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In most cases the price of tickets for the upper and lower shelves in one car is different. That’s why the passengers who had bought the most comfortable seats in advance have additional arguments for not getting “over”.

Of course, life always makes its adjustments. And the passengers can switch places by mutual consent. But no one can force you to do so! If your neighbors aggressively demand a more comfortable berth, call the conductor and show the ticket, which confirms your right to travel in maximum comfort.

What is included in the free services for each passenger of the train?

As a passenger on the train, you’re entitled to a number of free services. The conductor is obliged to provide you on request with glasses, cutlery, a shoe brush, a sewing kit and even board games (chess, checkers)! Turning it into practice, we should note that during the trip you can drink your tea or coffee, and get a container for brewing them for free.

Relationships with neighbors are a delicate matter

Your neighbors on the train can ruin your entire trip, especially if you live in an upper-class car. Is it possible to find a solution for troublemakers??

The direct prohibition to drink alcoholic drinks, to make noise and to disturb other passengers is valid only in public and suburban transport; technically it is not valid on long-distance trains. But if you equate the train with a public place, any disturbance to the peace must be stopped (when it does happen).

That is peacefully sitting with a guitar and alcohol neighbors, most likely, you will not direct them to the true path of healthy lifestyle. But if they disturb your sleep, behave aggressively or show signs of heavy drinking, you can find a solution. ask the conductor.

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You can take a guide dog free of charge

There are always challenges in transporting an animal. For example, big dogs are not allowed to be transported in the cabin. But an exception is made for guide dogs that accompany people with disabilities. You can carry such an animal free of charge. But it has to be at its owner’s feet when it travels. Also it is obligatory to put a dog collar and a muzzle on it.

Important! If you are going abroad, please check the requirements for the transportation of guide dogs in the country you are going to. For example, with a pet can be allowed only in the cars of a certain class.

Please note! If you carry a pet (it is generally forbidden to carry a wild animal) it has different rules, restrictions and requirements are much more. Travelling with the pet you should thoroughly prepare and know all nuances, only in this case you will avoid problems during the boarding and in transit.

Change your route if you want or need to

If you have bought a long-distance ticket, and in the middle of the journey you decide you would like to stop on the way and stay at another station, you are at liberty to do so. You won’t have to buy a new ticket. within 10 days you can leave the train of the same route from the station you left. You’ll have to pay extra for the so-called “first-class” ticket and the fee for reissuing the ticket.

Important! After getting off the train at the intermediate station, it is necessary within three hours to go to the ticket office and make a mark on the ticket about the stop.

You can ride a little farther, too

And if you overslept your destination, you can ride a little farther for free. Tell the conductor that you missed your stop and ask him to let you get to the next one. You don’t have to pay for that part of the trip anymore.

Of course, all of these rules work so well in theory, but they may not be enforced in real life. It’s not uncommon for passengers to face a sharp refusal to give them what they are legally entitled to. In this case, it is important not to be confused and remind that your requirements are within the “Rules of Carriage of Passengers, Baggage, Cargo Luggage by Rail”.

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Getting ready to go

1. A misprint on your ticket? It’s OK!

When buying tickets online, it is easy for a passenger to make a typo in his or her first or last name. It is often the cause of worry. will they let you on the train with such a ticket? No need to worry! The main thing. take your passport with you. If there are no more than two mistakes (one in letters and one in digits), you must be allowed to pass. It is fixed in the telegram of Russian Railway JSC /311 from 05.10.2005 (TSDV-2-59).

Keep in mind! In tickets for international trains typographical errors are not allowed. How to determine if your ticket needs to be changed urgently? If you cross Russian border you should demand the ticket with valid data, if not. you can leave the ticket with a misprint.

If you forgot your ticket at home and arrived at the station early enough, you can try to restore it.

To restore the ticket you must go to the train station to the officer on duty and write an application. You need to show the document proving your identity, exactly the one you registered when you bought the ticket. Also you’ll be charged a fee for restoring the ticket. The whole procedure may take about two hours, so it’s not a solution for every situation, but if time allows, take advantage of it.

And the easiest way is to buy electronic tickets and check in beforehand. In this case you won’t lose your travel document (you can always find it in the mail) and in some cases you won’t even have to show the ticket at all.

2. How many kilos of luggage can you take with you?

Baggage weight restrictions are an “airplane story” for many. But trains also have restrictions on hand luggage (basically all the luggage we take on board). You can carry up to 36 kg of things with one ticket (up to 50 kg if you’ve bought a ticket for a sleeper car). If you take a lot more with you the train conductor in charge can notice this and not let you on the train.

If you don’t want to part with your luggage, buy another ticket and you will have a legal right to carry 36 kg of extra luggage.

There are also some limits on baggage that is checked-in separately. For one ticket you can bring no more than three pieces of luggage with total weight not exceeding 200 kg and each piece weighing no more than 75 kg.

Important! These restrictions apply for one ticket. If you are traveling as a couple or threesome, you can carry accordingly two (three) times as much hand luggage and baggage (in total) with your travel documents.

carry, hand, luggage

Leaving earlier or later? Please!

With a ticket you can leave a little earlier or a little later.

In the first case there is no problem at all. as long as there are seats on the train departing in the same direction at an earlier time.

If you want to leave a little later (or late for the train, which also happens), the question also can be resolved. Within 24 hours after the departure of your train go to the station ticket office, and you can buy another one with a minimal surcharge. If you don’t plan to buy another ticket right away, you can get back a part of the money you spent for the ticket (but not the whole amount: the price of the first-class ticket (payment for your place in the car) and the fees will be deducted).

At many stations you can visit the toilet for free, and at other stations your ticket is a station toilet pass

Since 2020, toilets at many long-distance train stations have been made free of charge. But this is true only for those stations, the territory of which is under the jurisdiction of the Directorate of Railway Stations.

If they want to pay for the toilet, show your ticket. You must be allowed to pass without paying the fare, because it is already included in the price of the travel document. If the harsh “toilet cashier” does not let you through even with a ticket, refer to the Railway Transport Code.

Rules of air transportation of medicines

Undoubtedly, the most comfortable and fastest transport to cover long distances is a plane. Of course, there are certain restrictions for the flight that bring inconvenience to passengers, but they are designed to ensure their safety.

Unfortunately, in today’s world society is faced with the problem of disease progression, so a large number of people are forced to take medicines regularly in order to save their lives. So when they go on a trip, they take all the necessary medications with them. Sometimes the desire to take medications on the plane also occurs in healthy people.

In every aircraft there is always a first-aid kit. Of course, airline passengers may also take medications with them, but there are a number of conditions. If the flight takes place within Russia, there are few restrictions. The requirements are stricter when the passenger flies abroad.

Rules of air transportation in the territory

In the luggage compartment is allowed to carry medicines of different structure. Regarding carry-on luggage. you can take pills and medicines in powder form into the cabin.

recently, the requirements for the carriage of liquid forms of drugs have changed. Previously you could take up to 100 ml of medicines in the cabin, but now air passengers must include all carried liquids in their luggage.

An exception is possible if the liquid medication is taken during the flight. In this case it will be allowed to take in the cabin a limited amount, but with a doctor’s note.

However, not all medicines in powder or tablet form may be taken on a flight without restrictions.

Some medications have additional rules for air transportation:

First aid medicines, which can easily be purchased in pharmacies without a prescription, are allowed to be carried in small quantities. They should be kept in a transparent container or a separate cosmetic bag. These medications include: remedies for allergies, nausea, constipation, diarrhea; antiseptic, analgesic and anti-burn medications.

Medicines in any form, which are necessary for the passenger during the flight and which can be purchased only with a doctor’s prescription, may be carried as hand baggage. They require additional documents, as well as a written declaration. If such medicines require special temperature storage conditions, the airline passenger has the right to use his thermo bag.

Medicines, which contain narcotic or psychotropic drugs, have sedative and psychostimulant effect, antidepressants and tranquillizers are prohibited for carriage without a prescription, doctor’s note, documents which will be the proof of their origin. It is obligatory to declare such medicines. Otherwise the medication can be confiscated and you may face criminal liability.

Medications must be labeled with an expiration date. It is allowed to transport the drug, which is made at a specialized pharmaceutical company, only in the original package with instructions on the composition of the drug.

carry, hand, luggage

List of prohibited drugs and conditions of their transportation may vary dramatically in different countries. Therefore, when planning a flight abroad, you should thoroughly study the information about restrictions in force in the country of arrival, as well as import/export of prohibited medicines and substances into Russia.

Peculiarities of international air carriage

Transportation of more than five packages of permitted drugs without a doctor’s prescription is prohibited as it is considered a small wholesale.

Customs regulations of many countries do not allow import/export of psychotropic and narcotic goods. Familiarize yourself with the contents of the medicine you wish to take with you before your flight. Most often, diuretics, painkillers, or sedatives may contain illegal substances.

Compulsory condition of carriage of medicines in the cabin is their original packaging. It is forbidden to take pills, medicines in powder form or liquids in other containers.

If possible, it is better to take receipts with doctors’ stamps for the necessary medicine, translated into the language of the country of arrival. This is necessary, for example, if the preparation is prohibited for carriage, if the volume of the medication does not meet the regulations for transport or if special temperature conditions are required for storage.

It is advisable to carry medication in small doses in various places in your luggage and in your hand luggage, especially if the regularity of taking the medication is directly related to your health or life.

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Carrying an electric shaver in your carry-on luggage

You can take an electric razor in the salon under certain conditions:

  • Shipping an electric shaver without packaging is allowed, so as not to raise questions with the declaration and about the price.
  • If you bought an electric razor as a present for someone else, you must keep the receipt in order to show it to the customs officer.

Recommended volume

As for cosmetic products, the volume is set only for liquids: 1 container. no more than 100 ml, the total volume. 1 liter. Any amount of cosmetics (within allowed weight) is allowed in luggage, except for high-pressure cylinders and flammable substances. It is better to take only the most necessary things in the cabin.

Passengers who have to fly frequently encounter different situations at airports and on the plane. There are both positive and negative reviews of airline travel requirements, which is only natural. Most passengers say the following:

  • When going through the preflight inspection it is better to meet all the requirements, because otherwise the security service has the right not to let the passenger to fly.
  • Exceeding the volume limit of liquids, the presence of explosive substances and stabbing and cutting objects are indeed very strictly controlled.
  • Violating even a minor rule can lead to the saddest of consequences.
  • Airport staff offer a sufficient number of ways to keep personal belongings prohibited for carriage, instead of disposing of.

To learn about the new rules of carrying your hand luggage, please watch the video below.

There are not many restrictions on carrying cosmetics on the plane, so remember them and follow them will not be difficult.

Can you take medications and pills in your carry-on baggage? Learn more about this on our website.

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What to do if you lose your luggage

When an unforeseen circumstance occurs, and upon arrival at the airport there is no luggage on the conveyor belt, it is necessary to contact the airline service, which deals with the search for missing luggage, to do so:

carry, hand, luggage

If the luggage is not found within 21 days the airline shall pay the compensation. In Russia it’s 600, abroad. 20/kg. If your luggage is intact, but it is damaged and some items are lost, follow the same procedure as for lost luggage. Payment of compensation is possible. The airline itself will determine its amount.

The luggage policy of budget companies is aimed at making sure that there are as few free luggage services as possible.

When using the services of low-cost companies, remember that the minimum weight of hand luggage allowed free of charge is 5-7 kg.

What it is forbidden to take on the plane, and with what you will be allowed on board. watch the following video.

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