Can I drink alcohol after laser hair removal?

The compatibility of alcohol and Botox injections

Today the issue of Botox is quite on the agenda. But despite the fact that many people consider it both harmful to the woman’s body in general, and an interference with the natural course of things, a sufficient number of clients who want to “hide” the hated wrinkles resort to this procedure. It is worth noting that Botox, this powerful drug, also combines poorly with alcohol, so the use of even low alcohol beverages is extremely undesirable, both before and after the procedure. Concerning the question of how long it is necessary to abstain from alcohol, doctors do not give an unambiguous answer. Some believe that the use of strong drinks should be excluded on the day of the “operation” and two to three days after it, some people are more radical, authoritatively argue that we must forget about drinking alcohol a few days before Botox, and do not drink anything stronger than tea for ten days after the injection.

There is a quite reasonable question: why? Why is worth abstaining from alcohol after such a painful procedure as Botox?? The truth is that both alcoholic drinks and Botox are very toxic and the effects of such a “shock dose” on the body can lead to, to put it mildly, very undesirable consequences. At a minimum, the effects of botulinum toxin will be neutralized, and at a maximum, an allergic reaction could easily develop.

Alcohol after laser facial resurfacing

Alcohol is contraindicated after laser facial resurfacing for several reasons:

  • It dehydrates the body, which is extremely undesirable in the rehabilitation process, contributes to dryness of the dermis;
  • Alcohol increases vascular permeability and thereby stimulates the development of edema;
  • ethanol cannot be combined with anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics, practically neutralizing their effect, increasing the risk of secondary infection;
  • Alcohol causes distorted perception of pain, which may be fraught with inadequate patient behavior after laser skin resurfacing
  • Alcohol slows down regeneration processes by blocking metabolic processes;
  • It lowers immunity, which slows down the recovery process

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Laser hair removal: how many procedures do you need?

The modern methods of getting rid of body and facial hair with the laser is an opportunity to effectively influence the hair follicles, remove unnecessary hair in the right places, and thus get rid of minor discomfort. We used to regularly spend enough time destroying hair on our own, with a loom, epilator, in some places even with tweezers. Apparatus cosmetology and the properties of laser, discovered by science, have saved us from this.

Naturally, many people think before the laser hair removal: how long the results of one session are enough, whether it is necessary to repeat it, how many times to visit the salon or the clinic for the effect to be maximal. Laser hair removal allows you to forget about the need to constantly think about repeated manipulations, but to get a perfectly smooth legs, bikini zone or other parts of the body, still need more than one session. To understand why this is the case and whether it’s a doctor’s trick, we’ll break down with you in this article the peculiarities of laser action and the peculiarities of your and our bodies that are inherent in nature.

To drink or not to drink, preparation for the procedure.

As you can understand from the sarcastic note of my creation, the theme of the article will affect the use of alcohol before epilation, in our case, before shugaring.

I think if not everyone, then most of us have tried at least once in life to relieve stress / tension / fear and other strong emotions with alcohol. The explanation is quite trivial: the “degree” tends to dull our reactions and thus make us less susceptible to external factors. You don’t have to go far to find an example. During the war, alcohol often replaced anesthesia during operations.

Some clients develop a pathological fear of pain. The culprit is often the colorful stories of acquaintances about the torments of the procedure. But the desire to be perfect, as a rule, overpowers, and the poor victim, having signed up for “execution” is ready to do anything in order to reduce his suffering. It’s no surprise that the thought of putting “a few drops” in your head comes to mind. But I must disappoint you: some “lucky” people have a higher pain threshold because of alcohol. However, there is another reason why you should refrain from drinking.

I would like to remind you that alcohol, as well as caffeine, increases the sensitivity of the skin and your threshold of pain, so the procedure will a priori prove to be more painful.

There is an opinion, and it has a place, that alcohol slightly raises the body temperature and weakens the hair follicles, and therefore the procedure is not only less painful, but also faster. However, there is a high probability that at the end of the procedure you will reap the following benefits: irritation and rash on the treated skin area. The best thing you can do is to avoid anything that makes it difficult to extract the hair from the follicle. Namely:

Refuse to use ice before the procedure, because the cold tensions the muscle that lifts the hair, and narrows the pores. 2. Do not use alcohol-based cosmetics before epilation, they have a tanning effect (make the skin more dense). 3. Giving up alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.

To facilitate the procedure will help qualitative preparation of the skin: scrubbing with pre-boiling. Of course, emotional mood is not canceled: have a good rest, relax, be in a positive mood and think about a stunning end result.

Finally, I want to emphasize that for our sensitive clients we are always ready to offer an alternative: the use of anesthetic before shugaring. Let’s not forget that each of us should always have a choice.

With concern for your health, The team of teetotalers CADEPO 😉

Advice before laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has become very popular. This is not surprising, since the effectiveness of this method is the highest among other known methods of hair removal. Laser hair removal is indicated for different skin areas, including sensitive areas like the face, underarms, or bikini.

However, despite the mass of positive reviews, availability of photos and videos before and after the procedure, there is an opinion that laser hair removal is not a panacea and has deviations. Is it so?? We are sure that if hair removal is performed in the salon by a professional craftsman, its efficiency will be 100%, if the patient follows all the recommendations of his specialist, both before and after the procedure.

Do not forget about the recommendations before laser hair removal

To laser hair removal was successful and you do not have a disappointment after reading the reviews and looking at photos, it is necessary not to forget that before the procedure you need to prepare.

  • Two or even three weeks before your first procedure it is strictly forbidden to sunbathe, t.е. to fill your skin with pigment, which will then be spread by the laser, which means that you will easily get burns (the pigment must be only in the hair);
  • It is forbidden to sunbathe neither naturally, nor artificially, so it is forbidden to go to a tanning salon;
  • Before procedure it is impossible to remove hair by anything, except a razor (wax and shugaring is forbidden), to lighten them or to pluck them;
  • 1-2 days before the first procedure, the treated area must be shaved to 1-2 mm hair length (you do not need to do this on the face).

Observing these simple rules, you will come to the procedure prepared for your treatment. It is important for waxing to be effective and painless.

No hair growth after laser hair removal

Your master will tell you what you should not do and after the hair removal procedure. These recommendations allow you to avoid complications and side effects. Since most of them are revealed precisely from the wrong actions of the clients, rarely through inexperience and the fault of the beautician himself.

Do not sunbathe for a month, exposing the sun treated area;

in the first few days you need to use a special cream with antibiotics and a healing cream, such as Bepanten 2 times a day;

alcohol lotions, scrubs and other products aggressive to the skin should be excluded from use for a while;

In the first two days you should take a cool shower and not steam;

If epilation is done in the sunny season, do not forget about sunscreen face, hands or feet ( SPF no less than 30);

Between procedures you can not use wax, tweezers, depilatory cream and other means for hair removal, only shaving.

It is necessary to note that thin hair will disappear after the first session, if the hairs are hard, they will leave roots which will fall out after 1-1,5 weeks. Do not stand them on your own.

Finally, I would like to mention the main recommendation before laser hair removal. Today many beauty studios and salons perform laser procedures, so it is necessary to choose the salon wisely.

Exorbitant price of laser hair removal. is not an indicator of its quality, this type of procedures does not apply to the exclusively expensive, the price threshold is average, and therefore the procedure can be inexpensive. Study reviews, come to the first consultation, ask about the equipment, learn about the qualifications of the masters.

The preparation for laser hair removal: how long must the hair be?

When using a laser to remove hair there are no strict recommendations that you have to grow the hair at 5 millimeters or more, as in the case of other methods. But there are some nuances of laser hair removal. So, it is recommended to perform a shave with a loom just before you go to the session. If hair removal is carried out by diode laser, it is necessary to shave the hair a couple of days before going to the laser room to grow “bristles” of 1-2 millimeters.

The top 5 “not allowed” of laser correction: from boxing to eyelash extensions

Laser correction gives sight back, but what if it takes something away?? Can I give birth after laser correction of vision? ? Or do sports? There are a lot of frightening stories on the Internet such as “after the surgery you can not do sports”, “after the surgery you will have a baby only by C-section” and the like. As any fiction, they are based on facts. But these facts are so distorted that they are useless. In this article we will analyze what you really shouldn’t do after laser correction of vision.

Let’s face it: there will be restrictions after surgery. But not forever. The prohibitions concern only the rehabilitation period, which lasts approximately six months. But no one makes you give up your favorite activities or plans for six months. you can return to many of them earlier. And when the rehabilitation period is over the restrictions will be canceled. After laser correction of eyesight our ophthalmologist will decide for you when you can go back to your daily life.


Total ban on sports after laser correction only applies to the first few days. You can then return to your active life in stages. You can go out for exercises and jogging after the correction of eyesight in a week already. serious sports will wait for two reasons:

Exercise and light fitness are allowed in a few days after the laser correction. Heavy sports. will have to be postponed.

  • Stress on the body. Intense exercise can cause an increase in intraocular pressure, which is bad for weak eyes. That is why weightlifting can be returned to exercises only in a month after the operation.
  • Eye injuries. If you are fond of soccer, martial arts or boxing, laser correction of vision will interrupt your exercises for about two months. Contact sports have a high chance of damaging the eye and displacing the top layer of the cornea that was incised during surgery. So I don’t play contact sports until everything has healed.
drink, alcohol, laser, hair, removal

But swimming and vision correction are an interesting combination. You can return to swimming after just one month, as it will help to restore the eyes. When the shoulder girdle is kneaded, the brain is saturated with blood and oxygen. That is why swimming can help during rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation periods for different sports are described in detail in this article.

Pregnancy and childbirth

It is recommended to plan a pregnancy in six months after the correction of eyesight. the doctor will tell you the exact terms. There is no need to be afraid of being forced to give birth by Caesarean section. usually there are no such restrictions after the correction of vision.

Delivery immediately after surgery is not recommended for two reasons:

  • Pregnancy is a strain. Just like in sports, it is better to endure the rehabilitation period. The birth after laser correction of eyesight can lead to the same results as sports activities.
  • Dry eyes are one of the body’s reactions to pregnancy due to hormonal changes. To become pregnant right after the correction of vision means to put the eyes to an additional test. Dry eye syndrome develops in many patients after the surgery. It usually goes away quickly, but if the eyes are already dry, the rehabilitation process can take longer.

Nothing will prevent to have a baby after laser correction of vision, when the rehabilitation period is over.

Laser Hair Removal for Men. Permanent Hair Removal for Men. HRBR


Mascara, shadows and eyeliner should not be used for a month after surgery. The tiniest particles of cosmetics can cause irritation and even inflammation if they get on the not yet healed cornea.

Eyelash lamination after vision correction is not recommended. But if laser correction of vision is not far off, girls can solve the problem by getting laminated in advance. Then will be a beautiful view, and you can do without mascara.

Can I drink alcohol after having surgery?

Though you can make up in a month, it is allowed to have eyelashes done after laser correction only in two months.

We have described the stages of coming back to the use of cosmetics after laser correction in this article.


You should give up hard drinks a couple of days before the procedure and be patient for at least two weeks after the surgery. There are several reasons for restrictions:

  • Medications. After the operation the patient should take special drops: antibiotics incompatible with alcohol.
  • Dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic, causing the body to lose a lot of water. All mucous membranes are affected, including the surface of the eye. The eyes should not be allowed to dry out after laser correction.
  • Risk of injury. During the first postoperative period it is strictly forbidden to touch the eyes, and after a few glasses of alcohol there is a risk to lose coordination or to forget that you should not touch the face.

Only a doctor can tell when a patient can return to drinking alcohol.

Gadgets, books and hobbies

Finally, they left a short, but uncomfortable restriction. giving up gadgets, reading, knitting, and other pleasant activities of the heart. You only have to do without it for a few days.

It is better not to hold a phone or tablet for twenty-four hours after the operation: your eyes will quickly become tired. After laser correction patients experience dry eyes which increases after spending a few minutes in front of a bright monitor. Reading and other activities that require eye strain will also cause discomfort.

Books and movies can be substituted: download audiobooks, ask your family to read aloud, play songs you haven’t listened to in a long time.

Plans, habits, physical activity and the rest after vision correction will not be taken away from you. All restrictions are individual and often depend on the method of correction.

DO’s and DON’Ts when doing laser hair removal

When the rehabilitation period is over, you can enjoy life and sharp vision.

What you can not do after laser hair removal?

Since after some cosmetic procedures there is a recovery period, it is reasonable to ask: “What can not be done after laser hair removal?”. And it is not surprising, because clients don’t want to get an adverse reaction after the session for the reason that certain rules of care were not followed. A professional laser depilation specialist must necessarily inform the client about what he can or is strictly forbidden to do after the procedure.

Do you need to stop drinking?

Concerning the question if it is allowed to drink alcohol after laser correction of vision, the doctors are unanimous. In their opinion, alcohol should not be drunk, because it leads to complications. Such surgery implies a recovery period, during which the body should not be exposed to adverse influences. Since alcohol, especially in large quantities, is harmful, its use is restricted.

It is up to the specialist to explain why you should not drink alcohol after vision correction. There are several reasons for this. These include:

  • Alcohol and antibiotics are incompatible. Since the manipulation is a surgical procedure, it can cause infections and inflammations. To avoid it, the patient is prescribed antibiotics. The course of treatment may last up to a week. Drinking alcoholic beverages is not recommended during the procedure, as they impair the effect of the medication.
  • Negative effects on the cardiovascular system. Under the influence of alcohol, spasms occur in the vessels and capillaries. If the capillaries around the eyes are affected, the healing process is delayed.
  • Probability of infection. If alcohol is consumed in large quantities, we may experience congestion and inflammation. This leads to the development of infection, which has a negative effect on tissue repair. Also under the influence of infection weaken the effectiveness of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

That is why alcohol is prohibited after laser correction of vision. This is not the only prohibition. To reduce the risk of complications and a faster recovery, the patient should follow many more recommendations.

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