Can I take an iron on board?

Can I take food on the plane?

There are certain prohibitions on carrying foodstuffs in aircraft cabins. These are valid on both international and domestic flights. Each passenger of an aircraft must know them in order to avoid conflicts on board.

As you know, pre-prepared food on the plane is not as cheap as you’d like it to be. That is why tourists try to take everything they need for snacks with them when they travel by airplane. And there are limitations here.

If a traveler does not cross a state border during a flight, he is not subject to customs bans.

However, there are restrictions on what foodstuffs can be carried on board, set by the airline. Can I take sandwiches?? Yes, if they can be easily carried in your hand luggage. They can be taken on board. It may also hold chocolates and other sweets.

The permitted dimensions and weight of hand luggage are set by each airline individually. This nuance should be clarified in advance, so that the staff at check-in is not forced to leave half of the collected provisions.

iron, board

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Customs prohibitions and restrictions when crossing the state border. What to take on the plane with food in this case? For instance, if a traveler flies from Russia to France, he should take into consideration the rules of import and export of products set by each of these countries when choosing products for transportation.

As a rule, it is prohibited to carry such food items on international flights:

iron, board

These products are considered potentially dangerous because they can cause infectious diseases and epidemics. Import of these products is forbidden due to the government security measures.

What you can’t take in your hand luggage

In addition to the items on the general ban list, you may not bring these items in the cabin of an airliner:

  • scissors with a blade length exceeding 6 cm;
  • knitting needles;
  • syringe needles (only if documentation is provided);
  • corkscrews;
  • Knives with a blade longer than 6 cm.
  • segways;
  • gyroscooters;
  • electric scooters;
  • hoverboards;
  • Monocars.

Calculating baggage allowance

Before taking electronics and appliances on a trip, you should familiarize yourself with the weight and dimensions of.

Most carriers from the CIS, Asian and European countries use the system of weight calculation. The standard weight standards for one piece of luggage (may vary depending on airline conditions) are as follows:

According to the weight system, it is the weight of cargo that a carrier limits passengers to. That means that one citizen whose ticket includes 20 kg of luggage can carry two bags each weighing 10 kg. Each kilogram in excess of the allotted allowance is charged separately, according to company rates.

Maximum dimensions are limited to 203 cm (sum of three dimensions).

Different rules apply for flights departing or departing from the United States, Canada, Mexico and South American countries. Every citizen whose fare includes baggage is entitled to carry:

one seat weighing not more than 23 kg. economy class (from the USA and Canada two seats are most often provided);

two pieces weighing not more than 32 kg each. business class.

The size limit is 158 cm (sum of three measurements).

Accordingly, you may transport electronic and household appliances, provided that they meet the following weight and size requirements.

Dimensions and weight of transported equipment are calculated together with package. For example, if the TV set fits within the allowed dimensions, but because of the wrapped film, cardboard or the case it exceeds them, then it can not be transported by the general rules.

Regulations for carrying small appliances in the airplane

First you need to decide what kind of equipment you plan to take on a trip. This may be affected by the duration of the trip and the terrain.

You can take a telephone, notebook, tablet or camera into the cabin. They may only be carried in your hand luggage. You may also take an epilator, hair dryer, hair dryer, iron and even an electric cooker with you, but make sure you don’t exceed the size (55×40×20 cm) and weight (usually not more than 10 kg) established by the carrier.

Large appliances must be left in the hold. Most often airlines allow up to 20 kg of cargo space per passenger.

How to properly pack an iron and whether it is worth it to take

Before packing an iron in your suitcase think carefully about whether you will need it during your trip. Find out in advance if the hotel or private house you are planning to stay at may have an iron at their disposal. In some hotels there is a paid service for the order of the clothes, in others you can do it for free yourself in a special room where there is an iron and ironing board. In any case, an inexpensive travel iron can always buy on the spot. If you decide to take this technique with you on vacation, you should decide which way it will be transported: hand luggage or in a suitcase will be turned in the luggage.

The right packaging is important. This should be taken seriously if you want the appliance to survive the flight in one piece. There are two ways to pack your lighter: you can pack it yourself at home in a box and put it inside your suitcase, or you can use a professional service at the airport, it will cost you more, but at least you will be sure that it will be securely packed and the device will be safe.

Do you have to bring your hair dryer and curling iron on board??

feminine items such as gels, perfumes, sprays, creams are not permitted in the cabin, and must be left in your luggage. Cosmetics from Duty Free are allowed. They have to be sealed and have a receipt before you arrive at your destination. For girls who travel without luggage relevant question is whether it is allowed to carry in hand luggage:

Flammable solids, liquids and gases are prohibited on the plane and in the luggage compartment.

The flatiron is a small household appliance, belongs to the safe group, so there are no restrictions. It is not dangerous for the flight and passengers. It can be taken in luggage and hand luggage.

There are no restrictions for an electric curling iron either. There are gas-powered models that work from a can. They are definitely not allowed on the plane. You are allowed in the hold, without a cartridge. Gas is strictly forbidden on flights. Such an appliance is better left at home.

On Russian flights

All airlines have the same permitted hand baggage allowance according to the list of prohibited articles. Hair dryers, curling irons and curling irons may be carried in the cabin on domestic flights.

It is worth taking into account the weight of the bag up to 5 kg and the parameters 55 40 25 cm

On international flights

The list of prohibited items in hand luggage does not include hair irons and curling irons on international flights. Allowed in addition to have a small handbag. The total weight of hand baggage: must be within the cabin baggage allowance; fit under the seat, on the cargo rack. Weight limit is 17 kg and dimensions 55 40 25 cm.

What you can take in your hand luggage

Most important devices and their chargers can be taken in your hand baggage:

  • smartphones;
  • laptop computers;
  • cameras;
  • camcorders;
  • electric toothbrushes;
  • hair dryers and appliances for hair styling (except for gas curling irons);
  • small appliances (iron, kettle, coffee maker);
  • tablets.

Your hand baggage, as a rule, may not weigh more than 5 kg / 269 lb. Otherwise, you may still have to check in some of them in the hold.

You can also check these things in the hold, but it is better to have all the necessary equipment with you, just in case. That way you won’t be left without communications and a computer if your luggage is delayed.

make sure you have your phone with you in the cabin. luggage delays are rare, but they do happen

What you won’t be able to carry in aircraft luggage in 2022

Some things are classified as dangerous to transport. These are prohibited, even in the hold. In this case, local airline rules do not play a role, the list is the same for all countries and carriers:

  • cold, gas weapons;
  • pyrotechnics, dynamite, explosives;
  • Gas in cylinders, aerosol cans;
  • acetone, thinner, flammable liquids;
  • matches;
  • Toxic substances: poison, arsenic, mercury;
  • Substances that are easily corrosive and corrosive.

The list of items that are prohibited for carriage by airplane is quite extensive. If you need to transport an unusual item in your luggage, you should ask the air carrier for advice in advance. Observance of these rules ensures the safety of all passengers and helps to avoid problems at customs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take food on board?? Take solid food with you. But remember that loose and strong smelling food is not welcome. Chicken and garlic may get a stinging look, but sandwiches, chocolate, nuts and other snacks are okay. 🙂 Soft drinks and liquids (Brie, Camembert) must be in containers no larger than 100 ml.

Can I take water on board?? You can take it in a bottle of no more than 100 ml. You can buy it after customs or fill an empty bottle with water in the clean zone.

Can I take perfume on board?? Yes, you may take it in your hand luggage, but no more than 100 ml. In luggage. any volume.

Can I take my laptop on board?? Yes. However, it is illegal to bring an Apple MacBook Pro with a 15 screen into Vietnam.6″ 2015-2017 production year due to battery fires.

Can you take cigarettes on an airplane? Yes, but cigarettes are restricted. Check with your host country how many packs you may bring.

Can I take electronic cigarettes on board?? Vape, icos and other electronic smoking devices can be carried in your hand luggage and with you but cannot be checked in the hold. Please note that some countries have banned e-cigarettes. India, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lebanon.

Can I take deodorant on board?? Yes, you may carry in your hand luggage up to 100 ml.

Can you take your razor on board?? Disposable razors, razors with replaceable cassettes and electric razors are allowed in carry-on luggage.

May I take pills on board?? Medicines can be taken, but there are nuances. Read the section above about them. Mercury thermometer. a controversial issue, ask the staff. It’s better to take an electronic one.

Can I take a thermos flask and a thermos cup on board?? No problem, as long as they are empty.

Can I take shampoo on board?? Yes, you may, as well as all other toiletries and cosmetics: toothpaste, shower gel, spray, etc. д. However, they must be no larger than 100 ml. If you take more than that, check it in the hold.

Can you take a baby carriage on board?? baby stroller is allowed. If it does not add up, you may be asked to check it in the hold luggage.

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Can I take Power Banks on an Airplane?? Up to 100W⋅h. no problem. So a 20,000 mAh power bank won’t attract any attention, which is exactly what we take on trips.

Can you take alcohol on board?? In carry-on luggage. in bottles of no more than 100 ml. If purchased in duty-free shops, in a sealed bag. You should ask the airline in advance.

Can I take my lighter on the plane?? Disposable, yes, in your carry-on baggage or The gasoline Zippa may not be allowed, and neither will the liquid.

Razor can be brought on board.

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