Can I wash after laser hair removal?

Is it possible to wash after laser hair removal? Reviews of oncologists about hair removal

No hair right after waxing?

The hair begins to fall out after 14 days, and the process can last up to 21 days after the procedure.

You can use methods that do not involve pulling them out, if it does not involve removing the hair from the root, that is, you can remove hair with a trimmer, hair removal cream, razor, can not: pluck with tweezers, string, use an electric epilator, shugaring, wax, resin, etc. It is better to refrain from hair removal for 2-3 days after the session and wait until the skin calms down.

Can I wash after waxing and sugar paste depilation??

The essence of the sugar and wax depilation is the same: the hair removal along with the bulb. Either sugar paste or warm wax is used. Before your session, there are a few preparations that you should follow. For example, the day before, it is worth taking a bath to clean the skin from impurities and keratinized cells.

How long you should not bathe after epilation? It is not recommended to wet the skin for at least six hours. After that you can take a shower, but any other water procedures are excluded. That is, to take a hot bath, go to the sauna or bathing is permitted not earlier than 48 hours after the procedure. Why it is better to do it only after the specified period? If you follow the recommendations, you can avoid side effects in the form of:

There are other recommendations after the sugar or wax depilation. For example, you can not apply moisturizing creams on the skin, wear tight and synthetic clothing, exercise, go to the solarium or sunbathe on the beach.

Can you sunbathe after laser hair removal??

Because skin is more susceptible to irritation after a session, you should provide proper post-procedure care. One of the recommendations. Prohibition of sunbathing (visiting the solarium and beaches). During this time, you must not forget to use a moisturizer and sunscreen to prevent premature skin aging or sunburn. Usually you can’t sunbathe for two weeks after waxing. However, your cosmetic surgeon may specify a longer break, depending on your skin type and condition. They can also tell you when you may return to your tanning salon, the beach, the gym or the pool.

Did you know.? Unlike other types of hair removal, laser hair removal can be performed on almost any part of the skin. This method is suitable for the most delicate and hard-to-reach areas such as the back, buttocks, groin, nose and ears. Precisely because of its versatility, this procedure is also popular with men.

How to prepare for laser hair removal?

There is no age limit on the procedure, but children should not do it.

During puberty (12-16 years) girls and boys actively grow hair: both stiff and downy. Therefore, in order to remove hair with laser hair removal, they will have to spend a lot more sessions with short pauses than adults.

Can I pluck or do threading after laser hair removal?. Dr. Nischal K

As for the elderly, they often have lighter hair, so it is poorly perceived by the laser.

What about the solarium?

There is artificial ultraviolet light in the tanning bed, which can be even more harmful than the sun’s rays. Firstly, the radiation in an enclosed space is much more concentrated. Secondly, during laser hair removal cosmetologists use a special cooling gel. It is not designed for contact with ultraviolet, so it can cause allergies.

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From an increased concentration of UV rays can show uneven pigmentation, burns and remain black dots in place of each removed hair.

It is possible to sunbathe and go to a solarium not earlier than in two weeks after procedure. The lighter the skin, the longer the interval between waxing and sunbathing. Light skin is much more sensitive to ultraviolet light. By the way, laser hair removal is not done immediately after sunbathing.

The rules of behavior after laser hair removal

Immediately after the epilation procedure the patient may have erythema (redness) and edema (swelling) around the hair follicles in the epilation area, which may last up to 2 hours and longer. Erythema can last up to 2-3 days. The sensation in the affected area is similar to a sunburn, but it will go away after a few hours.

On the laser-treated areas, the doctor applies topical moisturizers, such as panthenol spray, Bepanten cream. At home it is also recommended to continue applying these products for several days.

Make up can be applied immediately after the procedure, if the skin is not irritated.

  • After laser hair removal can not be exposed to direct sunlight for 1 month to prevent hyperpigmentation of the skin.
  • The patient must use sun-protection cream (SPF 30) (can be obtained in the Center) during the whole course of the procedure.
  • The patient should not traumatize or scratch the affected area or use any other method of hair removal (wax, electro coagulation, tweezing) that damages the hair follicle in the area. Shaving is preferred.
  • The hair after laser hair removal is burned. From day 10 to 21, the patient may notice that the hair has fallen out. The patient can clean or remove hair while washing, gently using a washcloth.
  • After laser hair removal of the armpit area within 24 hours the patient should not use deodorants, to reduce skin irritation powder (powder) can be used instead.
  • Washing is not forbidden, but the skin must be carefully treated at least for the first 24 hours after the procedure.
  • After epilation procedure hair growth resumes partially (in 4-6 weeks for the upper half of the body and 1,5-2 months for the lower half), but not earlier than in 3 weeks. For final getting rid of hair it is necessary to address in the Center for repeated carrying out of one or several procedures. On average, 4 to 8 treatments are required (depending on the area).

If you have any questions concerning laser hair removal procedure, you can consult with a specialist of the Laser Hair Removal Center by phone 8(499)973-10-80.


We would like to remind you that the effect of a laser beam on the skin is similar to being in the active sun. The laser pulse is even on the same color spectrum as the sunbeam. It follows that the skin is exposed to a similar effect to a strong tan, which of course may not affect it in the best way.

Within 3 days after the procedure, you can not do anything that irritates the skin:

  • rubbing with a sponge
  • massage
  • Take a hot shower or bath, visit the sauna, sauna
  • use scrubs and alcohol-containing products on the treated body area
  • Visiting the pool, swimming in the open pond and taking a Jacuzzi
  • to tan under the direct sunlight and visit tanning salon (within 14 days)!)
  • Exposing oneself to physical activities causing active sweating

One of the most asked questions. why you can’t bathe after laser hair removal? As a matter of fact, it is allowed to wash, but only with slightly warm, not hot water. Not to use hard soap for the first few days, but shower gels or foams.

Sauna after laser hair removal is contraindicated, because additional heat will irritate the skin. Chlorinated water will also cause irritation, which is why you should not swim in a pool. It is prohibited to bathe after laser hair removal and in open reservoirs, in order to avoid infection.

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DID YOU KNOW? If you are taking any medications during this period, inform your doctor that you are having laser hair removal. And also inform the specialist of the salon about taking medication. In some cases it can affect your health and the result of the procedure.

Since the action of the laser beam is much similar to the exposure to the sun, it is better to conduct the procedure in a cold season. In addition, most of the prohibitions associated with it, it is much easier to adhere to in the winter and autumn.

Skin care after laser hair removal: what you can and cannot do?

Today laser hair removal procedure enjoys great popularity not only among.

What To Do After Laser Hair Removal | Laser Hair Removal What To Expect

Today laser hair removal procedure enjoys great popularity not only among the fair sex. men also use this service.

But in some cases the effect of hair removal does not meet expectations. That the result of laser hair removal will please you, you should follow certain rules.

The skin care after laser hair removal directly influences the final effect of the procedure.

  • Avoid direct sunlight for 7 days, don’t visit a tanning salon either: remember, tanning reduces the effectiveness of laser hair removal;
  • Do not bleach, pluck or remove hair with wax.
  • After the procedure, you may notice a slight redness of the treated skin area which lasts from several minutes to several days. Apply the product that your doctor suggests;
  • Do not sunbathe for 3 weeks.

Between laser hair removal procedures:

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  • Do not remove hair by plucking and waxing;
  • Determine yourself the optimum retreatment time: as soon as new hair appears, go for a second session. So you “catch” hair at a stage of active growth when the follicles contain the most pigment, and it means that during this period they are the most vulnerable to laser hair removal.

After the first procedure of laser hair removal all visible hair is lost forever. However, if you want to remove hair for vacation. take care of it in advance, because in the 18 days after the photoepilation can not sunbathe.

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Why after laser hair removal you can not do waxing

After exposure to the laser, the hairs fall out naturally, it may not necessarily occur on the first day, and over the next seven to ten days, and some customers feel that the hairs continue to grow, but do not panic, and even more so to resort to waxing.

In such a situation it contributes to traumatization of hair follicles. And in order to avoid any complications, you should first of all follow the doctor’s advice.

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