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Slot In installation of the refrigerator into the wall

Gorenje refrigerators with Slot In function can be installed in a wall niche or placed up against other appliances and furniture. The door of the units opens at right angles so that you can easily remove shelves and containers. Even if there is little space in the kitchen, it will be convenient to use the cooling unit.

In the manual to the usual refrigerator there is always a requirement to leave sufficient distance from the ends and from the wall for ventilation. The design is installed only on the floor. The appliance must be at least 60 cm deep. In case of poor ventilation, the service life of an expensive appliance will be considerably shortened.

Built-in refrigerators in the kitchen are adapted to work in an enclosed space. They have a stronger insulation of the case, the product is installed on a solid base of the furniture, the cabinet is initially created to the size of the refrigerator, and the decorative panels are attached to the refrigerator, creating a single plane.

Plasterboard niche for a refrigerator

Installation in wall recesses of the appliances allows you to avoid crowding in the room. No family can do without a refrigerator, but it is its size that most reduces the kitchen space. This problem is especially acute in small kitchens. To solve it will help to have a niche from drywall under the refrigerator that will save a place in the kitchen.

There can be several reasons for refusing to buy a built-in appliance in favor of building a regular model yourself:

  • A built-in model is always more expensive;
  • All other things being equal, the built-in appliance is inferior in terms of volume and capacity;
  • We already have a perfectly good old refrigerator in the house.

On the other hand, to build a built-in refrigerator from the technical point of view is much more reliable, easier, and in this case the appearance of the whole structure, starting from the fittings and finishing with the fronts, is ideal. A built-in refrigerator doesn’t overheat, makes less noise and vibrates.

But if you’re still committed to the idea of building a refrigerator into a kitchen set, we suggest you consider two ways in which it can be done:

A regular refrigerator built into a cabinet

The option to build a regular refrigerator without connecting the fronts to the doors

How to place the fridge in the kitchen

The fridge is the tip of the stock-washing-cooking triangle, which means the convenience of your kitchen and even your cooking time have a lot to do with its placement. And the size of the unit is so large that one way or another to plan the place and method of its arrangement with all due care, especially if the kitchen is small. In this material, we will tell you where it is best to install a refrigerator, how to plan the design of a small kitchen with a refrigerator, how to organically fit it into the interior and what planning decisions should not be taken.

Option 5. Installing in a niche

A niche can be created artificially by literally hollowing it out in the wall between the kitchen and another room.

The niche can be a construction made of plasterboard, as a design intent, created to divide the kitchen zones.

You can also organize a niche from a ready-made small pantry, which is in most apartments built in the 50s, 60s and 70s of the last century. However, such a niche will already be outside the kitchen and refers more to our next option.

Can I lie a fridge on its side?

Can you build a standard refrigerator into the cabinet?? We don’t recommend it! And here’s why.

The reasons are different: unpresentable appearance, the white color of the fridge is out of the common range and other reasons that push many people to this idea.

We asked the director of the showroom kitchen furniture “Kuhmaster” (Moscow, Russia).Saratov) Lyudmila Gennadyevna Bazarova.

Once upon a time, about 10 years ago, at the great request of our client, we met her halfway and built the fridge into the niche.

We were not happy with the result, and here’s why.

Before we tell you how to build a fridge into the cabinet or, to be more precise, why you shouldn’t do this, let’s take a brief look at what a built-in fridge is and how it differs from an ordinary one.

Can we put the fridge 60 cm in the niche 60,2 cm??

It so happened that in the course of the repair the niche for the fridge was only 60.2 cm wide.The opinions of the consultants in different stores are different: some of them say to put the fridge 60 cm wide in the niche 60.2. It is possible, t.к. The walls only heat up to 25 degrees.Others point out the need for 5 cm distance to the walls on each side.I really want to buy a Samsung RL 55 VTEMR mirror, it’s insanely good.How to be in our situation, can we put the refrigerator in the niche?

Khrushchev refrigerator: 8 ideas on how to use the niche under the window

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Idea 1: Place food supplies

You can not go far from the original purpose of this niche and equip it with a cabinet equipped with doors, the style of your kitchen set. You can make additional shelves inside to get a convenient place to store cereals, sugar, pasta, canned foods and other products that have a long shelf life. This cabinet is also suitable for storing vegetables that do not need a refrigerator, such as potatoes, onions, carrots, etc.

Closet doors can be not only hinged. One popular solution is sliding sashes, which do not differ much from conventional doors in function, but greatly save space, since they do not need space to open.

Please note: The alcove does not have to have shelves. In other cases, it is much more convenient and ergonomic to install pull-out drawers. This way, you don’t have to pull out the entire contents to get the item lying against the far wall. All you have to do is pull out the drawer, take out the jar and push it back in.

True or False: It isn’t safe to put hot food directly into the refrigerator

Idea 2: Store household chemicals

In the kitchen, there is often not enough space for storing household chemicals, as all the shelves are occupied by dishes, products, kitchen gadgets. In this case, a free opening under the window is a real boon. Since this place is isolated from the set, you can place even strong means, not worrying that they will react with the food or inadvertently spilled on dishes.

The usefulness of the niche will especially be appreciated by those housewives who have a dishwasher and washing machine located in the kitchen. In this case, it will be possible to store detergents for these household appliances in close proximity. Note that if there are small children or pets in the apartment, you will need to put locking mechanisms on the doors.

Idea 3: Install the heating battery

Another great idea for a Khrushchev fridge is to install a heating radiator. This option has several advantages:

The battery will not take up space in the corner, and in its place can be placed a dining area or a small sofa; the outer wall of the niche is closed by a decorative screen, so that the interior of the kitchen looks much more beautiful and neater.

It is best to plan to move the radiator in the summer or any other period when there is no heating season. In the process, you need to remove the old doors and shelves, insulate the opening to bring the pipes to the place where the radiator will be installed. To PVC-pipes do not spoil the interior, we suggest laying tunnels inside the brickwork.

By the way, instead of a radiator you can use an electric fireplace. It will not only warm, but also imitate fire, which will make the room more comfortable.

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Idea 4: Extend the kitchen unit

Khrushchev refrigerator will serve as a great place to arrange the built-in cabinets of the kitchen set. Above it you can equip a window sill, countertop, which will be at the same level with the other part of the kitchen cabinets. Thus it will be able to kill several birds with one stone: to increase the kitchen space and make a convenient U-shaped layout, if the remaining corners of the room are also “at work.

Idea 5: Organize a pantry for dishes

If the kitchen has a multi-functional set, which has enough space to store food and various accessories for cooking, then in the niche under the window you can make a compact pantry for dishes or small appliances that you do not use every day, such as blender, toaster. When you install shelves in the makeshift pantry, calculate the height so that you can easily put a tall pot with a lid in the niche.

Idea 6: Build a fridge

How about using that niche for its intended purpose, like in Soviet times? Insulate it with reflective materials and build in a cabinet, which will need to make a hole where there is already a ventilation hole in the wall. To keep the cold from the street from entering the apartment, install tightly closing doors on the kitchen side. So you’ve got a small refrigerator, but you can only use it during the winter. But in the summertime, put canned goods or food that needs to be cool in the niche.

Idea 7: Install appliances

The refrigerator isn’t the only appliance you can put in the niche. There are a few more good options:

Freezer. if you often freeze vegetables, fish, meat, and other foods to extend their shelf life, use the space under the window for this purpose and install an additional freezer there. This solution will be especially relevant if the volume of the refrigerator compartment is not enough.

Washing machine. in a tiny khrushchevka apartment, where the bathtub, toilet and washbasin take up the whole space of the bathroom, the question of storing the washing machine becomes particularly acute. We suggest taking advantage of the opportunities offered by Khrushchev refrigerator, and place there a narrow model of washing machine.

Dishwasher. a free opening under a window would be a great place to place a recessed dishwasher with a stylish front. If there’s not much space left, use it as a small cabinet for storing household chemicals.

Oven. if you happen to have a properly sized electric oven, install it in the niche to save space on the countertop.

Idea 8: Decorate the bar or the bar

If you don’t need the extra storage space, go the other way and set up a sill bar. Due to the fact that there is no radiator under the window, but instead there is a wide recess, you can sit comfortably behind the rack without worrying that your knees will bump into the wall.

Another option of using the opening under the window is storage of alcohol. For convenience, you can make a bottle holder with horizontal storage. Voila. the original counterpart of the bar is ready.

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