Candy washing machine itself switches the modes. Luke locking breakdown

Simple instructions on how to enable Candy washing machine

The secret of core washing lies in specially selected programs in which the water temperature, the duration of the cycle and the squeezing force are adjusted. By filling out the drum and by pressing one button, you can pick up clean things after a while. But this will be able to do those who know the decoding of all available images on the control panel of the unit. By deciphering the icons on the washing machine, you can forget about manual setting, also start using the additional capabilities of your machine gun. Most characters are the same for everyone and their secrets are available.

How well things are washed out during washing, mainly depends on the detergent. It should be a high.quality powder or gel marked “for a machine gun”. But this is not all. it is important to properly fill the concentrate or pour into the washer.

All Candy washing machines are equipped with special dispensers, often called powder receivers. The bunkers are located on the top of the left and are used to dosing the detergent during washing. Depending on the model, the machine has from 2 to 4 compartments, each of which is designed for a separate type of concentrate or stage of the cycle. Therefore, it is important to first understand the types of cuvette.

So, the Aquamatic model has only two compartments:

You can’t confuse dumplings, otherwise the product will be dosed incorrectly. If the powder is poorly washed out of the dispensary, it is recommended to use a special container, which is filled with a concentrate and placed in the drum along with the laundry. Just pour or pour a cleaner to the bottom of the tank or things is undesirable. it will dissolve unevenly, and in the worst case, the fabric will damage, discoloring or spoiling its structure.

It is impossible to add a gel or powder to a drum without a special container. an aggressive concentrate can ruin things!

Modern Activa Smart Candy models are equipped with advanced powder receivers with more compartments:

  • for preliminary washing;
  • for the main modes (for pouring liquid agents, a special bath is used, which comes complete with an automaton);
  • for bleaching;
  • For liquid additional funds (softeners, air conditioners, flavors).
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In order for the detergent to enter the drum on time and in the required quantity, the powder receiver must be regularly washed. Without high.quality care, the bunker is clogged, clogged, covered with mold and will cause an unpleasant odor. Avoiding problems is simple: just remove the dispensary from the case, soak in a soda or lemon solution and return to place.

But it is better to always take care of the condition of the container. So, after each washing, it is recommended to leave the powder receiver open for drying and clean the not dissolved remains of the detergent.

With what detergent to washing jeans in the washing machine, liquid detergents are best suited, since, unlike powders, they come out of rough material faster and do not leave whitish stains. At the same time, washing itself better, since movable gel particles penetrate better into fibers than powder.

You can choose detergents for wool and silk that provide delicate care. They lay out a rude denim well, do not allow him to sit down or polish. It is even better to buy special gels for washing jeans, the choice is quite large.

If the choice still stopped on the powder, then you need to choose a quality brand. It is best to take with a note “for color things”, since a special formula will protect Denim from molting and retain the original brightness of the material. In this case, you need air conditioning that softens the coarse fabric after powder.

Manifestation of a malfunction and its elimination

According to consumers, squeaks are found in many washing machines. Squeaks both Whirlpool and Atlant with Hotpoint Ariston and many famous brands. It makes no sense to blame the design features. the internal structure of each brand and model is far from the same.

The squeak is manifested during washing in different ways. An unpleasant sound is more likely to be heard throughout the cycle with an interval of five minutes, but sometimes it is heard 3 times in the entire program. It falls heavier than whose machine is squealing every five seconds.

In addition to sound, flashing indicators on the dashboard may also meet. Some units shine with a temperature bulb, others. a selector of switching modes, and others. with all the buttons and keys.

In most cases, the squeak does not interfere with the washing room to cope with the given tasks. Worse if the squeak is accompanied by problematic operation. For example, the machine system drops the working program and ends the cycle ahead of schedule.

You have to restart the mode and spend time on the next laundry tuning. As a rule, a similar discharge occurs randomly, approximately once for every 3-4 attempts to launch.

It is strongly recommended to diagnose a machine for a squirrel source independently, it is better to contact specialists.

Specifically say why the machine starts to squeak is difficult. But the problem is exactly in the management board, which cannot adequately manage the system. Complex diagnostics, repair or flashing of the module are needed, and to cope with the identified tasks can only be for the service professionals. The replacement of the board is required extremely rare.

The dishwasher squeales when working. what to do?

Modern household appliances usually regularly cope with the tasks assigned to it and greatly facilitates the life of its owners. But even the highest quality and most expensive devices can sometimes fail and start to behave quite strange. For example, sometimes a dishwasher begins to squeak during operation. Why this happens and how to eliminate such “music”? Let’s deal with these and other questions in more detail.

What can the squeak of dishwasher signal

Our experts do not recommend covering their ears for such obvious requests for the help of your technique. After all, most often, an annoying hearing, a squeak announces that some kind of breakdown occurred inside the device or a non-standard situation arose, which should immediately be understood.

So, the squeak of the dishwasher can signal the following:

  • The filters of the device were clogged. To continue the correct work, they need urgent cleaning. Otherwise, the machine may finally fail and demand the subsequent expensive repair. The filter is located under the rockers and you can clean it yourself. To do this, you need to turn off the device from the network, unload it from the dishes, thoroughly get the rest of the remaining liquid and gently extract the clogged part. You can clean the filter from a fat plaque by home improvised means. For example, soak it for several hours in a solution of citric acid, and then rinse thoroughly under running water. This procedure should be performed at least once every few months, without waiting for a sound signal from your kitchen assistant. By the way, about the input filter, which is located on the water supply valve, you also need to not forget and from time to time wash it from litter and rust.
  • Special detergents (air conditioning and/or salt) came to the end. Special sensors can also flash as an additional notice of such a problem besides squeak. Funds must be immediately added or added to the compartments intended for them.
  • Flake out. Excessively hard water and lack of salt lead to the fact that the heating element of the dishwasher and its insides over time are covered with a thick plaque of scale. This crust gradually destroys the heater and disables it, as a result of which the device begins to work incorrectly. It does not heat the water to the required temperature, does not completely dissolve detergents, does not dry the dishes, etc.D. The part should be replaced with a new spare part.
  • There was a breakdown of the pump or nozzles clogged. It is required to clean the hoses and install a new pump. If the first part of the problem can be solved on their own, then the second should be entrusted to specialists. Take into account that by contacting a specialized service center, you will not need to independently look for the necessary spare part. The details necessary for repair (high.quality and original), and at very acceptable prices, will immediately be delivered by employees of the service company to the place of repair work.
  • There was a leak of water. In this case, you should immediately disconnect the device from the network and call a specialist to eliminate the problem.
  • The software module failed. It is subject to flashing or replacing. The decision after the full diagnosis of the device is made by the specialist.

What affects the duration of the cycle?

The washing machine does not provide fixed washing time. The duration of the cycle is affected by many parameters, among which:

  • Linen weight and type of fabric. For example, cotton requires longer washing than silk.
  • Temperature. It is selected depending on which linen will be loaded into the drum. The higher the heating, the longer the cycle lasts.
  • Selected program. When the option “Fast washing” is turned on, the entire process can take from 14 to 44 minutes. In turn, intensive washing lasts up to 2-3 hours.
  • The set speed speed. The more revolutions you have to perform the drum, the longer the cycle lasts. This parameter can increase the duration of washing by 5-15 minutes.

Mode and time

Depending on the selected mode, the washing time will differ:

  • White cotton. 2 hours;
  • cotton with a preliminary wash function. 2 hours 30 minutes;
  • Fast washing. 32 minutes;
  • cotton. 2 hours;
  • washing in cold water. 50 minutes;
  • Mix Wash System (a linen cycle from different fabrics). about 3 hours;
  • Express-stirl 44-44 minutes;
  • Express 14. 14 minutes;
  • Synthetics. 1.5 hours;
  • delicate fabrics. 1 hour;
  • Jeans-1-1.5 hours;
  • wool. 30 minutes;
  • Suprostir. this mode reduces the time of any program to 50 minutes;
  • Superplitting. lasts about 40 minutes;
  • drain. 4 minutes;
  • Sport. 50 minutes.

Hoover and Candy Washing Machine Error Codes

When choosing additional functions, the duration of the cycle for each program will increase:

  • Aqua-plus-for 30-40 minutes;
  • Intensive wash. for 3 hours;
  • rinsing. for 40 minutes;
  • Preliminary washing. it lasts 170 minutes;
  • Zoom function. 59 minutes, regardless of the type of fabric and the selected program;
  • Washing mode of natural wool. 55 minutes;
  • Washing durable fabrics. from 70 minutes to 3 hours.

Time is indicated. Exact indicators depend on the model of the device, the weight of linen, selected options and a number of other parameters.

Solution option

If your cm is without a screen, the error is determined by implements light bulbs. Such Candy washing rooms signal the malfunction with a series of flashes. That is, in case of error E02 you will see two flashes of indicators in a row, after. a pause (the duration of the pause varies from 5 to 13 seconds in various models). After. again two flashes.

Which indicators flashed depends on the line:

  • In the models of the Candy Grand series without a display, the “Intensive Washing” indicator flashes (looks like a dirty shirt) and the first light bulb in the light indication of the return time counting system (usually “90” indicator);
  • In the Candy Smart series, the “Intensive Washing” indicator blinks (looks like a spigned shirt) and the upper light in the light indication of the return time reference system (90 ”or“ Start ”indicator);
  • In the Holidy and Aquamatic lineups, the “Washing Cold Water” button (snowflake) usually flashes.

note! What kind of bulbs flash. values ​​for determining the error do not have. Only the number of flashes in the series is important, it is it that corresponds to the error number.

Error E02. when you can fix it yourself

Here is a list of causes of errors that you can handle on your own without the help of a master.

Self.sample water from the tank

The recently installed machine during washing or rinsing constantly gets water. Probably incorrectly connected by draining the machine: the drain hose is completely below the level of the tank, so the water spontaneously follows the sewer.

It is necessary to install the washing machine of the candidate according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The drain hose should make a loop above the level of the tank before entering the sewer.

Weak pressure of water

Когда машина тратит много времени на наполнение бака, а потом пишет код Е02 на дисплее, вероятно, не до конца открыт запорный вентиль, который перекрывает подачу воды в машину. Another cause of weak pressure is low pressure in the water supply. In the first case, open the valve completely. Secondly, contact the management company.

Water is not supplied

Perhaps the supply of water to the Candy washing machine is blocked or completely absent in the water supply. Check that the valve of the water supply is open. If there is no water in the tap at all, contact the management company.

Plane problem problem

The water supply valve in the Candy washing machine consists of a membrane and the case itself. The membrane opens with an electromagnetic reel. If the part is out of order, it is replaced with a new.

What to do if the problem is with the valve. you can look at

The failure of the press

Pressostat. a sensor that measures the water level in the apparatus. With a malfunction of this element, such situations are possible:

The reason for this situation may be the failure of the press-start due to a breakdown, or its blockage.

If the pressure chamber closed or the hose is clogged, the working condition of the node can be restored after cleaning. With a breakdown of the press. it is completely changed.

Control Bloc

Error E02 in some cases appears in case of accidental failure and does not be systemic in nature.

To restore normal work, you can try to overload the washer. turn it off and after a few minutes. start again.

For a complete reboot, you must not only turn off the device by pressing the button, but also pull the fork out of the outlet.

In rare cases, there is a chance that the control unit requires repair. It is advisable to entrust its performance to the wage diagnosis and restore its performance. With serious damage, the control board is completely replaced.

Fault of the wiring

The wiring malfunction in the press start chain can also lead to problems in Candy with water filling. This can happen with the unreliability of the contacts that were ill due to vibration during the work of the washing room. In cases where the wires are physically damaged, for example, rodents, make twisting or change the entire train at once.

How to turn on after?

In a situation where the reloading of the washing machine was carried out without opening the hatch, then to launch the new washing program, it is enough to press the Start/Pause button.

If in the process of rebooting it was necessary to drain the water from the drum and open the hatch, then to re.launch the washing process, it is necessary:

If the restart occurred due to the temporary disconnection of electricity, then most likely the washing machine will continue to be washed on the previously given program after restoring the supply of electricity.

If this did not happen, the washing mode and all the necessary additional options will have to be set manually by pressing the corresponding buttons or turning the selector handle.

If the reboot did not help

The situation when the reboot did not help restore the interrupted washing process, requires thorough diagnosis and repair of the washing machine. Most often, the cause of the problems is associated with electronics and control module.

The washing machine signals the error code on the malfunction on the control panel or flashing indicators. Knowledge of the Candy washing machine will help to solve the problem yourself, otherwise, without the help of service centers professionals, you can not do without the help of service.

How to stop the washing machine during washing

Sometimes the hostesses have the need to cancel the washing for certain reasons at the stage of soaking, drying or rinsing.

Esli the unit began to gain water, the cessation of washing will lead to the door to remain blocked, and the water will not merge. This is not happening with all cars.

Usually, turning off the unit during washing leads to the fact that the linen boot hatch is unlocked, there is water in the drum that did not go through the drain hose. Here you need to turn on the drain mode or if this is not, then wait until the water level does not become less than the hatch level for loading the linen or open the filter on the front of the unit, putting the tank for draining the liquid.

As a rule, the cessation of washing is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Forgot to report the things that were intended for washing.
  • Disabled water or light.
  • I got an extraneous object (keys, coins, phone).

The main way with which you can stop the washing process is pressing the Pause or Start button, as with the program reset. Modern models with such a shutdown will not unlock the door until the water completely merges. After you report your clothes or take out an extraneous item, the washing machine will launch the program from the moment of stop.

Where to start checking

There are several reasons why the machine stops working completely or the program freezes.

With possible problems of a technical nature, it is better to contact specialists, some problems can be eliminated independently.

First of all, you need to follow the work of the washing assistant, and observe the next behavior:

  • Erases longer than the required time. The drain hose and its correct connection to the sewage system are checked here.
  • The program does not start. If the machine does not start to wash, then the problem lies in the absence of water in the water supply, the drunk door or the failure of the main computer.
  • The machine does not turn on. In this situation, you need to check the power, if there is a current, then the problem lies in the engine and you will need a calling the master.
  • After the spin, the program does not complete. If the washing assistant does not want to disconnect, then the reason is the imbalance of the drum caused by the incorrect distribution of linen or wear of the electric motor brushes.

Preparation for washing

The first stage of preparation. sorting underwear. Dirty things are divided by:

  • type of material,
  • color (white things always wash separately),
  • The degree of pollution (old, dotted pollution is pre.processed by the stain).

Before loading clothes, necessarily check s for foreign objects, fasten snakes and buttons, sew holes, bedding is turned into the wrong side.

Before loading into the drum, all removable elements, fur edges, large decor are removed from clothes.

candy, washing, machine, switches, modes, locking

The second point that we must not forget about is the load rate. You should not fill the washing machine drum to failure, and even more so exceed the load rate specified in the passport of the household appliance. In order for things to wash well and rinse well, when loading, it is recommended to leave the drum for a third empty (for delicate fabrics. half).

The choice of mode

The desired program is installed by turning the selector handle or by pressing the button on the control panel.

Basic modes (usually focused on the type of fabric):

candy, washing, machine, switches, modes, locking
  • Washing of strong cotton, mixed fabrics (cycle provides intensive washing, intermediate exciting and rinsing, water temperature from 30 ° C to 90 ° C).
  • Washing synthetic and combined fabrics (water temperature does not exceed 50 ° C, moderate squeeze).
  • Delicate washing (ideal for light, thin fabrics, provides for spinning at small speeds, heating water not higher than 40 ° C).
  • Washing woolen products (a special, sparing spill regime, rinsing in a large amount of water, water temperature is not higher than 30 ° C).

Additionally, Candy washing machine is equipped with programs that simplify the process of caring for clothes that help achieve the ideal quality of washing:

  • Aqua Plus mode-washing 30-40 minutes, with an additional rinse cycle.
  • The delayed start mode as follows as possible the process of launching the working cycle. It is enough to set the right time of the start of the working cycle so that at the right time washing is over.
  • Additional rinse mode (duration 30-40 minutes).
  • The washing mode without heating water is used for very thin, delicate fabrics (the duration of the cycle is fifty minutes).
  • Except button (helps to change the number of push.up revolutions installed by the program automatically).
  • Pre.washing mode (pelvis and letter P) (used to better wash off especially contaminated clothing).
  • 44 ”Fast washing mode (working cycle, including rinsing and squeezing, lasts 44 minutes).
  • 32 ”Mode of the washing express (full.time cycle lasts 32 minutes).
  • Sport mode (water temperature is not higher than 40C, rinsing in a large amount of water and active squeeze).
  • Manual washing mode (involves a very low rifle speed of the ram, the temperature of the heating of the water is not higher than 40C, seal at minimum speeds).

Depending on the model of the washing machine, the list of functions and modes may differ. detailed information about the functionality of the household appliance can be spied on the operating manual.

Washing modes in Candy washing machine

Italian Candy washing machines are attractive to a combination of rich functionality, good operational characteristics and moderate value. Most buttons on the control panel have understandable, generally accepted designations. their meaning will easily understand the average user. And if questions arise, then there is always an instruction at hand in which there is a complete decoding of all “infographics”. But there are a number of symbols that are not characteristic of other brands. We will figure out what is the washing modes in Candy cars, what they are remarkable and under what badges they look for them.

Many buyers often entails an external picture. the design of the apparatus. Particularly important “facade”. It is here that there is a panel with buttons and switches, with a display and symbolic designations. It is equally important in what form the programs and modes are presented. It can be inscriptions, icons or their combination.

It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the descriptions of the programs, and if they are presented in the form of characters, decipher their values. Difficulties may arise if the inscriptions are made in a foreign language and there are no instructions in Russian. The language of signs is universal, it is understood by representatives of all nationalities. But not all the characters used by manufacturers are clear at first glance. Kandy also has obscure signs requiring decoding. We will figure out what modes the Candy washing machine offers and how they are designated.

Designations Descriptions Time, min
Aqua-plus. By choosing this option, you get a cycle with additional rinse. Valuable program for allergy sufferers, suitable for children’s things 30-40
Intensive mode. For things to apply special conditions, otherwise they do not wash off. High temperature is supposed. up to 95 degrees. Suitable for tissue resistant to heating: cotton, flax. Not for delicate matters such as tulle or organza 170
Putting launch. A convenient option for those who go to work and will be from home for a long time. Having set the start time, you can guess the end of the process to your arrival 1-24 hours
Rinsing. By choosing this option, you can set an additional rinse. The cost of water and energy will increase, but the environmental friendliness of the washed products will increase. This is especially important for underwear and bedding 30-40
Pelvis with the letter “P” Preliminary mode, soaking. Designed for washing too dirty things. The process goes in slightly heated water, since hot water helps strengthen many contaminants. The detergent is poured immediately in two containers. for the first cycle and for the second, which will begin after draining 170
Three skeins of wool Woolen things werehed under normal conditions are deformed and dumped. They are washed only in barely warm water at a minimum speed of rotation of the drum 55
Pelvis with the inscription “32” 32 is time. That is how much the manufacturer took the express stream. The program is convenient for things that you only need to refresh a little 32
Such a symbol can be found in the Lise CB 103 TR model. Suprostir. It is allowed to use only for cotton and synthetic tissues. Convenient option for fans of savings and operational washing By clicking on this button, you will reduce any program by 50 minutes
Superplitting. Great function for allergy sufferers. It does not hurt when washing children’s things 30-40 depending on the type of fabric
Normal rinse 30-40
Improves the quality of matter after washing. softens it. With one button, you add air conditioning and flavoring
Apply against organic contaminants
Drill without spin. It is used when washing fabrics that are contraindicated four
Such a button is, for example, in the Aquamatic 80f model. The peculiarity of the regime is cold water. Suitable for delicate and not too contaminated products. Saves electricity fifty
Sport Emerate clothes for sports. The process is in warm water. Such things usually contain synthetics, because hot water is contraindicated for them 70
44 “ Quick wash. In addition to the main process, the cycle includes rinsing and squeezing. The amount of clothing is limited when loading. Applicable only for slightly contaminated things. Good energy savings 44
32 “ Express. An even faster process. Requirements are similar to the previous regime 32
Mix Wash System. Combined Washing. A convenient option that allows you to simultaneously load different fabrics into the drum 180

Near the selector there are not only icons, but also temperature designations in degrees. Each temperature is intended for a certain type of product: durable, delicate, white, colored, etc. D.

In the Candipis washing machine, the mode of the mode is made by the type of fabric. All models use the same icons.

Designation Textile Description
Durable A set of programs providing for intensive processing. There is an interim squeeze that ensures the quality of the rinse. After the final pressing, the products need a little drying
Synthetics and combined The speed of the drum rotation and water level is selected so that the results of washing and rinsing are perfect. Rimming is prevented
Delicate During the process, long pauses are arranged. Water is gaining more than usual
Woolen Apply the program. development of the WoolMark Institute. Things are very carefully rinsed, but the mechanical effect exerted on them is minimal

How to configure the mode?

Before starting the device, linen should be sorted. Each group of things: cotton, synthetic, woolen. you will have to wash separately. If there is a combined wash mode, cotton can be put in a drum along with synthetics. Delicate fabrics are collected in a separate group, things that are erased by hand. It is recommended to lay out products in size. Big things are best loaded separately from small ones. in order to avoid unbalancing.

If you choose a car program, you do not need to set time and temperature. everything is already programmed. You can also set the basic mode, and then adjust the parameters using selector switches.

Having set up a washing machine in accordance with the type of fabric and the degree of pollution of linen prepared for washing, you will save time and resources. And most importantly, make your favorite things impeccably clean and keep the fabric in its original form for a long time.

The reasons for the appearance of an error

Candida is a Candida Washing Code when the liquid does not flow into the tank. Similar breakdowns are characteristic of the Activian line Smart. The device gives it out, a couple of minutes after starting.

Consider what can cause a similar problem:

  • Too small pressure or lack of water in the tap at all.
  • Blocked or openly open the valve.
  • Filter elements are contaminated.
  • The bay valve broke.
  • A more rare reason lies in the problem of management board.

When an E02 error can be eliminated on your own

Approximately a third of the E02 error mappings can fix Candy owners without inviting the master. In fact, this is not even a breakdown, but non.compliance with the rules for installing and operating the washing machine.

Self.sample water from the tank

The recently installed machine during washing or rinsing constantly gets water. Probably incorrectly connected by draining the machine: the drain hose is completely below the level of the tank, so the water spontaneously follows the sewer.

It is necessary to install the washing machine of the candidate according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The drain hose should make a loop above the level of the tank before entering the sewer.

Water is not supplied

Perhaps the supply of water to the Candy washing machine is blocked or completely absent in the water supply. Check that the valve of the water supply is open. If there is no water in the tap at all, contact the management company.

Weak pressure of water

Когда машина тратит много времени на наполнение бака, а потом пишет код Е02 на дисплее, вероятно, не до конца открыт запорный вентиль, который перекрывает подачу воды в машину. Another cause of weak pressure is low pressure in the water supply. In the first case, open the valve completely. Secondly, contact the management company.

Filter blocking in front of the inlet valve

The clogging of the mesh also leads to a slow set of water. The mesh filter filters the water entering the machine. It is laid on it scale, metal oxides and other impurities. Cross the water supply into the car, unscrew the pouring hose and take out the filter using pliers. Rinse it under a stream of water and place it in a solution of citric acid for 30-60 minutes to clean.

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