Caramel for depilation at home

Of what and how to cook paste for shugaring: the subtleties, recipes, work on mistakes

Shugaring. removal of unwanted hair from the body and face with the help of sugar paste (caramel). The procedure has been known since the days of ancient Egypt, when the maids of Queen Nefertiti got rid of excess “vegetation” with a sticky, sweet composition. European beauticians became interested in the sugar method only in the 80s of the XX century, and modern girls often prefer to do the procedure at home. The effectiveness of shugaring is largely determined by the quality of the paste. The range of caramel, provided in specialized stores, is strikingly diverse. However, the question of how to make sugar mass yourself, does not lose relevance.

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Paste for shugaring ARAVIA Professional is ideal for use in the salon. They contain only fructose, glucose and water. Ingredients that can cause an adverse reaction of the client’s skin are completely absent. Our pastes don’t even contain citric acid, so depilation is especially gentle and comfortable.

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How to Make Traditional Arabic Wax Sugaring Caramel Recipe and Tutorial

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Economical consumption

We make shugaring profitable for the master and available to everyone. Whether you’re in a big city or a small town, in a premium salon or a home office, a professional using ARAVIA Professional pastes will always have satisfied clients and a good income.

The average cost of a procedure with Aravia Professional pastes

  • Arm area up to the elbow. 48 ,
  • Foot area (manual technique). 144 ,
  • deep bikini. 52 ,
  • armpit area. 17.3

Average values. The cost of the procedure depends on the thickness, density and length of the hair, as well as on the experience of the master.

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Shugaring in the underarm area

Hair on this area is removed quickly, and the effect can last up to two to three weeks if done correctly.

  • Apply a disinfectant to the skin.
  • Warm the paste and apply it with a spatula or hands (better to do it in a bright room near a mirror, so as not to miss hairs).
  • Powder with talcum powder.
  • With a sharp movement, tear off the paste. this is the most important step. Otherwise the procedure will have to repeat.

Do not use deodorants and lotions in the first two days after the procedure, you may have darkened skin.

Caramel for depilation at home

Removal of unwanted hair. This is a problem for all girls and women, because sometimes it is so hard to find the perfect method. Quite often girls suffer from ingrown hairs, irritation and discomfort during epilation. Relatively recently popular became such a method of hair removal as shugaring (sugar epilation). This is a very affordable way to remove hair, because you do not need to buy expensive products or regularly visit a beauty salon. You can even do such epilation at home. The advantage of shugaring is that this method allows you to remove hair using natural ingredients, so allergic reactions are minimized. This epilation uses natural sugar syrup, which you can easily prepare at home.

In many beauty salons this procedure is very popular, but if you want to save money and practice self-care, then this article is for you.

To make shugarnig you will need: 1. A few spoonfuls of granulated sugar 2. Two tablespoons of water (tap water is fine) 3. Juice of half a lemon 4. Glass or ceramic plate 5. Wooden spatula or spoon

Take half a lemon and squeeze the juice out of it, remove the pips. Now mix sugar, water, lemon juice in a non-metallic container until smooth. Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring continuously with a wooden spatula. Try to do it in a ceramic pan to avoid the oxidation process. Wait until the mixture becomes golden brown and starts to boil. Now you can take the pan off the fire. Allow the caramel to cool for about 15 minutes and then proceed with the hair removal procedure. Carefully with your fingers take a small amount of the product and knead it in your palms, you should get a ball.

If you have a lot of water you will not be able to roll the caramel into a ball, so always stick to the recipe. Apply such a ball on your clean skin and distribute the caramel in a thin layer. Now tear off the mass with a sharp movement and moisten your skin thoroughly with body lotion. You will see how many hairs are left on the strip of caramel.

This method is very easy to use, and the balls of caramel that you have left after cooking, you can safely put in the refrigerator and heat before repeating the procedure in a water bath. There are different methods of removing unwanted body hair, but shugaring is the cheapest. Ingredients that are needed to make caramel at home, there are in every kitchen, so you do not need to spend extra money to buy expensive means.

I’m Afraid of Pain During Sugar Waxing. This situation is quite typical, because women are very sensitive to pain. Here it is important to use painkillers. If you are afraid of pain during the procedure, then carefully wipe your skin with ice cubes before the procedure of shugaring. This will help reduce pain and moisturize your skin. After using ice, be sure to wipe the body area dry, because the caramel will not stick to wet skin.

Shugaring will help you get rid of hair on your legs, arms, armpit and even in the bikini zone for 15-20 days. This type of hair removal is good that you will not suffer from the appearance of stiff bristles and irritation, and an allergic reaction is practically excluded. Sugar waxing is available to every woman and girl, so try at home to do salon procedures on their own, which are very expensive.

Features of the recipe for sugar depilation at home

At all times, the fair sex wanted to look attractive. Even in Ancient Egypt, women made their bodies insanely sexy by removing all excess hair with sugar. Now shugaring again found its popularity, they are even used by men. It is not necessary to go to the beauty salon, because there are many recipes for sugar depilation at home.

With shugaring I know for a long time and tightly, starting from making home “cocks” to regular visits to a qualified master.

A lyrical digression on my history of acquaintance with shugaring

In 2015, climbing the Internet, I came across an interesting word “shugaring”. I am very impressed with the results, especially the shaving of the hair. Found many homemade recipes and the basis is sugar, water and citric acid. For homemade sugar paste takes very little money, but you can always get the desired consistency if you do not respect the proportions.

In general I transferred a kilogram of sugar, but still made myself a magical potion I started experiments immediately in the bikini area. I barely got a pubis, and (excuse the details) labia and then I decided not to touch.Then came the underarms and legs.

I was quite impressed with the result, but the procedure for cooking the paste is not at all. So I decided to buy the disgusting paste firm “Gloria” and was disastrously disappointed in home epilation.

A couple of months later I went to the master of shugaring and only then felt all the charms shugaring, but the first time it was an unbearable pain to pull the hair, since after a razor, they were insanely hard, thick and broke often. After 3 or 4 sessions the hairs grew less, lighter and finer. Beauty! And in fact I went to the master for 4 years to a deep bikini, on the legs and underarms at the poor student did not have enough money, so again came to the aid of a razor.

And then, standing in line at the store, accidentally saw this paste for shugaring.

The first thing that caught my eye was ! This is really pennies, given that 100g of paste Gloria 4 years ago cost 1000.

I thought about it, came home and decided to read the reviews, but oooh there were none! The only thing I found on the Internet was a social networking site.Caramelka product store page. I found out that it is produced by IP “Ibrahim” in the city of Almaty, which is in my country, Kazakhstan

On this basis, I decided that it is not 1000 and the volume is 5 times greater than Gloria (inner Jew rejoiced and was not mistaken)

On the jar is written instructions for use, the date of manufacture, expiration date and place of production

Medium density paste, suitable for epilation of bikini, underarms and legs. Looks nice, easy to grasp and rolls into a ball

I decided to start my session in the bikini area. I’ve forgotten how to do it on my own, but it went really well! The hairs were not growing so thick anymore, so it was easy and simple to remove.

When I was done with my bikini, I started to grow my armpit hair so I could remove it safely. It took about a week to grow out and this is what they looked like

Got my hair fighting kit all ready to go. It includes:

  • Sugarpaste
  • Baby powder (you can use talcum powder)
  • Wet wipes
  • Chlorhexidine

Sprinkled talcum powder to remove excess moisture and applied the paste to the entire armpit from top to bottom and with a sharp tug ripped off. Wiped with chlorhexidine, then I applied a soothing skin cream. The next morning the redness was gone and a couple of weeks of perfect smoothness ahead!

And now let’s talk about the frugality of this wonderful paste!

In a jar we have 550 grams and it costs 255 (here and below the in rubles, not tenge, to the Russian readers was easy to orient. To get the price in tenge you need to multiply by 6)

One hair removal ball weighs about 10 grams (maybe even less, I took a bigger one to make it easy to count) and costs only 5!

Now let’s calculate the cost per treatment

  • Underarms.One ball is enough, so
  • Bikini.On a deep bikini I had 4 balls of sugar paste, from here
  • Feet.On both legs from shin to belt me enoughe8 balls, respectively
  • TOTAL 65
  • With this use, the jar is enough for me for 4-5 times, depending on how much hair initially

Are you surprised by this

The basis of shugaring. paste made from sugar, which can be cooked at home itself, or use a ready-made tool from the store. Sugar paste is applied to the skin, which can be prepared at home with your own hands. The skin should be well cleaned, before the procedure shugaring, it is better to do this tonic or lotion, which has degreasing properties. The procedure begins after the paste is applied to the skin, before which the mixture must be heated in the hands. It is applied against the growth of hair with a hand or a special device. It should be removed against the growth with a quick, sharp movement.

Sugar depilation at home, how to boil sugar syrup

You can try to cook paste for shugaring yourself at home. Just a few spoonfuls of sugar are enough for this. This method of hair removal has an advantage over other methods:

  • The procedure is painless and effective
  • It does not require complex and time-consuming preparation
  • The solution, applied to the area where the unwanted hair is located, does not cause irritation
  • Another big plus is the hypoallergenic nature of each of the ingredients
  • This depilation method is cheaper than its counterparts
  • Eco-friendly composition and easy recipe

Paste for shugaring recipe preparation

Sugar paste for shugaring at home is prepared very easily. You only need to take: 10 12 tbsp.л. Sugar, about 4 tbsp.л. water, mixed with half a lemon (juice) and a little citric acid. You need to mix all the ingredients with the sugar and put it on a low heat.

Stir the mixture until it comes to a boil, and then simmer for another 5 to 8 minutes until the mixture becomes caramel-colored. Only then the pan can be removed from the fire. You need to wait until the sugar paste cools to your desired temperature.

The next step is to check whether it is sticky to your hands. In this case. it is ready to use.When the caramel prepared according to the recipe is ready, you need to clean the skin and sprinkle it with talcum powder. Take a small portion of the sugar paste and roll it into a small ball, which will need to be evenly distributed on the selected area against the growth of hair. Pluck in the direction of growth. Important. For each new skin area, take a new small piece of mixture!

This technology is suitable for all parts of the body and face. shugaring works perfectly with everything. Be careful with the bikini area!

Shugaring at home with citric acid

This recipe for shugaring with citric acid can also be prepared in the microwave. Take 6 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar, half a tsp.л. citric acid, and you’ll also need 2 tbsp.л. water. Mix everything and put it in the microwave for two minutes. This mixture can also be used to remove unwanted hair in places like: bikini, underarms and face. In this case it is necessary to very carefully and gently prodeleniya shugaring procedure. It may require a little more time.

Depilation zone bikini at home

The recipe is simple: take a small amount of weight and roll it into a small ball. You apply it to the skin for 15-20 seconds, and then pull it off sharply. Here it is necessary not to overdo the paste on the hair, otherwise it will thicken a lot. After you have carried out the removal, you need to apply a soothing cream on the skin.

The next time to perform shugaring need only 10 days later.

But after the next procedure, the skin as long as possible will remain gentle and smooth. Depilation of the intimate area at home will go even better if you do it in the evening.

Reviews about home shugaring

According to reviews of Internet. users, shugaring the most ideal and affordable type of hair removal, which can be carried out at home. It allows you to painlessly get rid of the mustache over the upper lip, quickly remove intimate area vegetation. And most importantly, that sugar epilation can be done itself and without pain, without using the usual epilator. Such a device also works quite effectively, but brings much more discomfort. This method has a very simple recipe, the preparation of which will not take you much time.

Shugaring myself: the basic rules and algorithm of the home procedure

Sugar depilation is an effective way to remove hair for up to 2 weeks. But how to learn how to work with sugar paste? For beginners, a series of Start Epil, which has everything you need for home shugaring Read how to pick up products and repeat the popular procedure.

One common procedure is waxing with warm honey. For it is prepared a paste with honey, sugar and lemon juice. You need to mix 1 cup of honey. and 2 tbsp. л. juice. It can be replaced by diluted citric acid. Put all the ingredients into a saucepan and cook in a water bath for 5-7 minutes. Stir and do not allow the formation of lumps. Cool until honey is warm and apply no more than 1.5 cm thick.

After the smeared paste places cover strips of natural cloth, press well and pull sharply. Prepare the honey mixture for several procedures, and before using a portion to melt in the microwave. The honey procedure is in high demand among women whose skin is prone to irritation.

You can also make your own caramel paste. To prepare, mix 1 cup. Of cane sugar and the juice of two lemons. Cook until the mass becomes brown and viscous, but not sticky to the hands. Such epilation is effective for both legs and underarms. Caramel paste is used both hot and cold. Only for hot you will need strips, and cold caramel is used by applying it to the body with your hands. Wash it off easily with warm water. Remove hairs and gelatin, diluting it according to the instructions. But it takes a long time to wait until it hardens, so it is better to buy a ready mix and warm it a little to the desired consistency.

How to anesthetize the skin at home

Still, no epilation is painless, as advertising would have assured us. Each master has his own secrets of anesthetizing the skin, but to reduce the pain at home will help improvised means.

First treat your skin with a hot shower and wipe it dry. Use medication to help relieve pain. Lidocaine in an ampoule or spray is good. Massage with patting and tweezing.

Effective pain relief through freezing. Moisten a towel and put it in the freezer, before the procedure wrap the necessary places with a cold towel. Also use special cosmetics, such as Karmolis and Emla.

Features of intimate zone epilation

The deep bikini requires special attention. If epilation will be done by any device, you need to steam the skin, and if the wax. to cool. Shave your hair this way along its growth line. If an epilator is used, then against the growth. The method with sugar is applied against the growth, and is removed along the growth. Waxing is distributed along the growth and removed. against. In the intimate areas it is undesirable to do waxing 3 days before and after menstruation.

After the procedure be sure to use a natural antiseptic. Apply olive oil, infusion of calendula, chamomile or St. John’s wort on the skin. Women’s reviews say that for the bikini line perfectly suits the Brazilian and enzyme hair removal.

Waxing at Home

This method is probably the most popular. It is used in salons and at home. A very good video lesson on waxing at home is presented in the program “Everything will be good”. To make this procedure with your own hands you need to buy a special wax. It is sold in cans and cartridges.

The safest procedure is warm wax. Melt the wax to the desired temperature with a wax melter and apply a thin layer to the skin, then covered with strips for waxing. After a few seconds, pull the strip off parallel to the skin. The area of application of the wax is extensive. It is used for both upper lip and bikini hair removal. It is better to use cold wax for the face, and hot wax for the legs. Remove the residue easily by rubbing in regular oil. Waxing at home will be less painful if you put ice on the area.

Sugar waxing or shugaring (recipe and video)

You can prepare shugaring paste for more than one. Sugaring is also suitable for men to remove moustaches. For it you will need 1 kg of sugar, 7 tbsp. л. Lemon juice and 8 tbsp. л. water. You can overdo it a little with lemon, it won’t hurt. Place everything in a pot and simmer for 30 minutes under a lid, stirring. After pouring it into a plastic container to cool. Epilation can be done after 3 hours, during this time the sugar will cool. Knead the mass with your hands and put it against the growth of hair, pull it off sharply. You don’t need special strips for it. If you boil the mixture in stock, it can only be stored for 3 months. Before a new treatment, the paste is melted in a bath.

How to cook paste for shugaring there are many recipes. You can watch similar lessons for free on YouTube.

How to properly do shugaring at home video

Master class on shugaring held more than one beautician, but how to do it at home to understand the more difficult.

Hair removal epilator

If you can not fight with the hairs of the above methods, then use an epilator. It will not get rid of hair forever, but 2-3 weeks to enjoy smooth skin is still possible. Usually, all epilators work against the growth of hair, and they come with a set of nozzles for each zone. The manufacturer leaves a photo with their purpose in the instructions and it is very important not to mix up, because one nozzle is designed for long hair and the other for short hair. In any case, steam the skin and the hair follicle. After the procedure, apply creams to slow down hair growth.

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