Carbon filter for the hood with their own hands

Filter replacement

The main requirement for the installation process is not to break when replacing the fasteners, which are made of plastic. Next, the activities to replace the filter are carried out in the following sequence:

  • The hood is de-energized by removing the plug from the socket.
  • Dismantle the grease traps.
  • The charcoal filter is located in a special cassette that is attached to the inside of the hood body. This cassette is pulled out. The cassette is firmly seated in the brackets, so you must pull it out very carefully.
  • Detach the filter from the cassette.
  • Wipe down the cassette with a damp cloth, even though it becomes slightly soiled.
  • Then the installation is done in the reverse order: the new activated charcoal filter is inserted into the cassette and the filter is put back in its place.
  • The hood is then plugged into a socket and checked for efficiency.

The installation of the charcoal filter in the hood is usually done by the homeowner himself, without the need for a handyman. Note that the filter cassette must be inserted correctly in the cassette.

Rules for changing filters

The metal components of the extractor hood require regular cleaning to ensure that they function correctly as the odour filter becomes soiled.

If your cooker hood is not equipped with a contamination indicator lamp, you can assess the state of the filters by means of a visual inspection and by checking the air quality.

Flushing and replacing the filters is quite simple, it is only important to follow the step-by-step plan:

  • The decor panel should be removed and the filter itself removed;
  • the parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher; they can also be washed by hand (but only if previously soaked in a detergent to eliminate grease);
  • It remains to dry the filter and mount it in place.

If a washing machine is used to wash the filters, the procedure should be carried out once every 2 months; manual cleaning should be carried out once a month.

To clean the charcoal filter, use a vacuum cleaner. In the case where the charcoal is knocked down, it should only be replaced.

The replacement of the filters is performed according to the following scenario

  • The hood should be de-energized;
  • The grease filter should be taken out;
  • the charcoal filler is removed;
  • the cassette is filled with new carbon;
  • After assembly, turn on the hood and check its operation; there must be no questionable noise or vibration.

How to make an exhaust filter with their own hands: the principle of operation and a step by step guide

Air filtration from harmful vapors, carbon monoxide gases and various odors is important in any ventilation system of industrial enterprises, medical, administrative and public facilities and residential complexes. For large areas are used industrial charcoal filters for cleaning, which have a high capacity. But what about the residents of private houses and cottages, buying equipment is expensive and requires professional installation. You can make a charcoal filter for the hood with your own hands, the main thing is to know the principle of operation and its features.

How to make a filter with your own hands

It happens that the hood, still working well, has already become obsolete and the cassettes for it are removed from production. There is nothing else left but to make a charcoal filter with your own hands. To do this, you need to open the body of the cleaner at the connecting seam, and then replace the spent activated carbon with fresh. The main thing is to keep its shape. pellets.

Charcoal filter for the hood with their own hands

There are universal filters. They are compatible with many models of kitchen hoods, although there is no guarantee that they are the original products of the manufacturer.

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Carbon filter for cata cooker hood. charcoal filters

Dear customers, we offer you several opportunities to save money when buying charcoal and grease filters:

It is a simple, convenient and cost-effective solution for all those who like clean air in their homes, to protect expensive kitchen furniture from grease and to protect the cooker hood motor (for longer life). After all, the 4 sets of. A supply that allows 1 or even 1.5 years without worrying about purchasing a new activated charcoal filter to replace its old one (lifetime depends on how often the cooker hood is used and the intensity of cooking).

The new filter type K5, filter type K5, filter type K5, filter type K5, filter type K5, filter type K5, filter type K5, filter type K5, filter type K5.971.1190.05 and analogue filter type KU, type KU new, art.971.1000.03. You place an order for 2 kits and get another one as a gift!

The need for charcoal filters:

Work in the kitchen is associated not only with the process of cooking delicious food, but also with the accompanying vapors, smells (and not always pleasant), combustion products, flour dust and much more that is not visible to the naked eye, but “successfully” settled on the walls, furniture, ceiling and in our bodies. All of this can be countered by a kitchen hood, which, depending on the power, will clean the polluted air in a short time without allowing it to spread throughout the apartment.

One of the most important elements in a ventilation device are exhaust filters, which have a significant functional load. There are two types of hood filters: activated charcoal filters and grease filters. In spite of the popular belief that charcoal filters are only used in hoods that have a recirculation mode, they are also necessary for units that work in exhaust mode.

Charcoal filters for kitchen hoods effectively remove all kinds of odors that accumulate in this room in excess. These filters incorporate adsorbing substances: chemically treated sludge or activated carbon, which purify the incoming air while absorbing all odors and holding them firmly in place. There may be one or two such filters, depending on the capacity and number of motors. Please note that they are not included in the hoods and therefore must be purchased separately to replace the charcoal filter.

Timely replacement and quality of filters have a major impact on the performance of a kitchen hood.к. Depending on the degree of filling of the filter, the air circulation begins to slow down and, consequently, its purification is significantly reduced.

Accordingly, the replacement of the filter is a necessary operation, which should be performed after a certain time interval, equal to 2-6 months. The life expectancy of the hood depends on the intensity of use, as well as the manufacturer. the instructions for use contain all the necessary information.

We recommend Zeman filters. Zeman filters are specially designed for CATA, Krona, Jet Air, Apelson, NODOR, ELIKOR hoods and guarantee minimum power loss and double protection against grease and smells, which means extra motor protection and prolonged hood life. High quality manufacturing guarantee precise dimensions and easy and quick replacement. In addition to the cardboard box, Zeman filters are additionally packaged in a zip lock bag for quick and clean disposal.

You can buy extraction filters for CATA, Krona, Jet Air, Apelson, NODOR and ELIKOR hoods on our website, where you can find a wide range of.

It is a mat made of a synthetic material. Products can be acrylic, fleece or synthetic. Use these types of filters for the hood in budget models.

Some people try to wash or otherwise upgrade the protective component to save money. But this should not be done. First, the filter is not expected to wash and damage. Secondly, even if there is no visible damage, it significantly loses its properties. And further use can cause damage to the appliance itself.

Filter for the hood with their own hands

The daily preparation of various dishes is inevitably accompanied by a variety of smells, which, if spread throughout the home, create a certain inconvenience. Kitchen hoods cope well with such nuisances.

Such devices trap the air above the stove, quickly removing it together with various smells from the apartment through the ventilation system. The most important element of any modern cooker hood is the grease filter, without which the motor would break down very quickly.

How extraction filters work and what they do

All current cooker hood models are capable of operating in one of the two modes of operation:

Let’s look at these modes of operation in more detail.

The first mode implies the existence of a ventilation shaft. Pipes that conduct air out of the kitchen are connected to the hood. The motor of the device creates a draught, thanks to which the fat and combustion products are quickly and properly removed into the ventilation shaft.

At the same time there are pressure differences, as a result of which new air enters the room. Old air is removed and new air enters from the same ventilation duct, so it is difficult to call it clean, but at least it does not contain any unpleasant odors. Hoods that operate in this mode are flow-through.

Devices that operate in recirculation mode are more complex by design. The air containing smells and grease is drawn from the kitchen into the hood, where it is cleaned first by the grease filter and then by the activated charcoal filter. After that, the air purified from odor and various particles returns to the kitchen.

It is clear that the disadvantage of this kind of equipment is the lack of fresh air. The advantage of this type of hoods is the ease of installation, as well as the absence of various pipes that drain the air. That is why such a stove hood must be installed above the worktop, no matter at what distance from the ventilation opening it is positioned.

Hood grease filters are used in all models of such appliances, regardless of their modes of operation. This element cleans the air from grease particles so that they do not cover the moving parts of the motor and all the internal surfaces of the appliance.

Kitchen hood filters can be disposable or reusable. It is clear that the second type is of higher quality, but the first is also quite common.

Some synthetic materials are used for the manufacture of disposable cleaning devices:

Their appearance such grease filters look like a small thin mat. They are usually used in budget models of suspended hoods installed on the kitchen cabinet. They are called flat filters.

The synthetic filters should be replaced as soon as they become dirty. Some housewives even wash and reuse them. Doing so is not recommended, because in this case, the initial purification properties of synthetic will not return, and with each subsequent use of the filter air purification will be less effective.

Reusable hood grease filters are used throughout the life of the appliance. Such cleaning devices are installed in devices of medium and high price category.

This type of filters are made of metal, in operation are more durable and reliable in comparison with disposable models. They do not need to be replaced at all, but it is important to periodically remove the filter and clean it.

Reusable filters are generally made of aluminium and look like a cassette. Structurally, it consists of a frame made of metal and a filtering element, which uses many layers of foil. peorized or netted. The design can be asymmetrical or symmetrical.

The filter allows the air currents to pass freely through, but grease particles are deposited on its surface. The reusable elements are made of aluminium foil or wire mesh, but you can also find models made of galvanised steel or stainless steel.

But it is not uncommon to find cleaning elements made of some other materials as well. For example, Elica products are often made of anodized aluminum. The surface of this material is a very thin layer of metal that prevents oxidation.

Elikor products perfectly captures grease particles in the air in the kitchen after cooking thanks to a five-layer filter made of the same type of aluminium. In spite of so many layers, they allow the airflow to pass through the element as freely as possible.

Devices of medium and high price category in most cases are equipped not with one large, but 2-3 small cassettes that allows you to remove, wash and put them back in place quickly and easily.

Another new addition to the market are the multiple use hood filters that use stainless steel as the basis of manufacture. These elements are easier to care for than aluminum models. They are also more durable and clean the air very well.

Among such novelties, the products of the brand Elica deserve attention, which is a set of cells arranged asymmetrically. The air in such cells moves like in a labyrinth, which contributes to the retention of the maximum number of grease particles in the filter.

Manual cleaning of the grease filter

As already noted, grease filters do not need to be replaced, but it is important to clean them periodically. This is done as follows:

It is not recommended to use baking soda when cleaning grease filters, as it leads to the formation of brown spots on the metal. Do not use high temperatures in the dishwasher. this can oxidize and darken the aluminum.

In the case of cleaning the filter with a dishwasher, it is recommended to do it once every 2-3 months, in the case of hand washing, cleaning should be done once a month.

Thus, the grease filter is one of the main parts of modern hoods, which protects the unit’s motor from contamination.

Why do you need a charcoal filter in your hood?? The principle of operation of the kitchen hood.

Why do you need an activated charcoal filter in your hood?? The principle of operation of the kitchen hood.

Extractor hoods have been helping the most active cooking enthusiasts in the kitchen for a long time. Their main function is to extract and clean sootcontaminated air and eliminate unpleasant odors from the room. Depending on the capabilities of the kitchen, its size and functionality, there are several types of hoods:

No matter what kind of appliance you have, it’s good to know about its basic features, including its filters and other consumables. If necessary, these parts for kitchen hoods can easily be replaced, because there are many online stores that sell spare parts for household appliances, for example (EasyFix).

What does your kitchen helper need such a detail as a charcoal filter for?? The fact is that if your hood works on the principle of air recirculation (that is, after entering the device, the air is purified and returns to the kitchen). then you, in any case, need such a cleaner. Modern devices have several levels of filtration. the first removes grease and soot from the air, while the second must eliminate other inappropriate odors and particles. this is best dealt with by a charcoal filter.

What does a kitchen hood need an activated charcoal filter for?? How a kitchen hood works.

As you can quite easily guess from the name activated carbon filter works due to the activated carbon, which is an excellent absorbent. It soaks up and traps all the harmful substances that make their way through the air stream. If its task is to clean the air coming from the ventilation shaft. then its efficiency increases by almost 20%. But with continuous air circulation processes the charcoal filter gets clogged quite quickly and loses its effectiveness.

How to clean & replace your cooker hood grease filters | by Indesit

But in modern appliances there is nothing without it, because it’s not enough to get rid of grease. In fact, such consumables are quite popular, and their life ranges from two to four months. They may differ in density and quality of retention of substances. Of course, they won’t save you from the smallest particles, but they can provide relatively clean air. The main thing is not to forget to change them in time.

It is worth noting that charcoal filters, as a rule, are not included in the delivery set, so you need to buy them yourself. And for your cleaner to last as long as possible you need to leave the hood on after you’ve finished working in the kitchen for at least five minutes. That will remove the rest of the moisture from the device and the charcoal will retain its absorbency.

Filters: what is better to use for the kitchen hood

Almost every kitchen has a cooker hood. But not everyone can be proud of their grease-free kitchen cabinets. The efficiency of the extraction system is largely determined by the filters and their proper maintenance. Which of them is better, you can determine by reading the article, getting acquainted with the photos and reviews about them. You will also learn how to make your own hands a filter for the hood.

Recirculation hoods do not remove the exhaust air but clean it by means of filters and return it to the room. These hoods are equipped with two types of filters. grease and charcoal.

The grease filter is intended for rough air cleaning and prevents the formation of grease deposits on the motor and fan blades. Grease filters have an efficiency of 95%. This type of filters, in turn, are replaceable (disposable) and metal (reusable).

  • Disposable filters are available in the form of plates of synthetic, fleece, acrylic or other synthetic material. They are mainly used in economy class hoods.
  • Multiple coarse dust filters are made of anodized aluminium, stainless steel or galvanized steel. This product can have several modules or layers.

Attention! Replacement filters can not be washed. They will lose their function, will not catch the suspended particles of grease and the motor will fail very quickly.

Behind the grease filter is the activated charcoal filter. Its role is to perform a fine cleaning, absorb kitchen odors. Visually, it is a round plastic cassette or a rectangular cartridge with an adsorbent. powder or fine granules of carbon. The fine-meshed screen prevents the contents from spilling out.

Carbon filler collects on its surface small impurities. Therefore, purified fresh air returns into the room. The filter will lose its efficiency after 3 to 4 months. Some hoods have an indicator light to tell you when the odour filter is very dirty.

Tip. Don’t rush to turn off the hood after you’re done working in the kitchen. If it stays on for an extra 10 minutes. then clean air that has passed through the filter will remove moisture and prevent carbon dust from settling, which means that the cartridge will last longer.

For the hood to operate efficiently, care must be taken to maintain the metal filters. If you don’t have a gauge to tell how dirty your hood is, the condition of the air in your kitchen and the filter’s appearance may tell you it’s time to do something about it. Cleaning the filters is simple:

  • place it vertically in the dishwasher or clean it manually by soaking it in a grease remover;
  • let it dry and then return it to its place.

This procedure is repeated every 2-3 months if using a dishwasher, or every month if cleaning by hand. Vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning the activated charcoal filter. If the charcoal is knocked down, cleaning won’t help, you’ll have to change it.

Tip. In case of heavy contamination, you can use a product designed for cleaning pipes, but do not forget to protect your hands. these products are very aggressive.

If it is necessary to replace the filters, then perform the following actions:

  • install a new charcoal filter element;
  • Check the hood for extraneous noise, vibration. If they are there, the installation is not done correctly.

It happens that the hood, still working well, has already become obsolete and the cassettes for it are removed from production. There is nothing else to do but to make a charcoal filter with your own hands. To do this, you need to open the body of the cleaner along the connecting seam, and then replace the spent activated carbon with fresh. The main thing is that its form remains the same. pellets.

Extractor charcoal filter with your own hands

There are universal filters. They are compatible with many models of kitchen exhaust devices, although there is no guarantee that they are the original manufacturer’s products.

Often housewives share their impressions of the operation of their kitchen hoods, the efficiency of the filters installed in them, and their experience in caring for them. Experienced hostesses advise to find out all the nuances when buying: “We picked it out together with my husband. He asked a lot of questions to the consultant, but bought a great hood.Electrolux. It has a micro-carbon filter, so I didn’t have to buy anything extra.

No recommendations will not help so much as the reviews of those who have already experienced all the ways to care for the filters:

Now you know the basics about hood filters, so you can pick the one that’s best for you.

How to effectively clean a kitchen hood Filters for a kitchen hood: photo

How to replace Carbon filters in your cooker hood | by Hotpoint

Changing the socket outlet is necessary when the old one ceases to perform its functions, or just broke.

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Extraction Filters

Kitchen hoods eliminate unnecessary odors, allow you to maintain the presentable appearance of furniture, avoid its destruction, reduce the level of humidity inside the room. Professional constructions of this type are installed inside cafes, restaurants and manufactories. Simple hoods with grease trap and charcoal filters are installed for home kitchens.

For the construction of the extractor hood is a protective component, preventing dust particles, grease, food residues to the motor of the device. Once a month it is necessary to change filters for the hood that are disposable, every three months acrylic safety inserts are washed under running water and metal ones are put into dishwashers. About what filters are sold, the rules of choice, ways to change independently will be told below.

Consumers buy the hoods with the filter elements inserted inside. Protective components are positioned under the grease trap and take the form of round, rectangular cassettes.

Grease trap, universal filter has the following operating characteristics

  • reusable, requires frequent replacement;
  • facilitates the task of cleaning the housing, the air duct;
  • Keeps grease, dust and other particles out of the motor;
  • Absorbs coarse debris drawn in by the fan inside the structure;
  • protects the appliance from breakage.

Made of synthetic materials, specially designed for filtration of thick paper, aluminum, galvanized steel.

Fleece, sintepon cleaning components are replaced 3-4 times per year. Modern hood designs independently signal the owner of the hood to perform a change.

Aluminium cassettes are removed from the construction, placed vertically in the dishwasher, rinsed under running water.

The dishwasher is replaced by a weak soap solution, the preparation of which is done at home. Filter for the kitchen hood of the presented sample can not cope with the smells of food. Achieving this effect is made possible by fine cleaning with charcoal cassettes.

You can learn more about grease filters from the following

Hood charcoal filters operate for 3-4 months. The filler of round, square, rectangular cassettes is activated carbon. Granules of coal have a dense structure, absorb odors and neutralize them in 5-10 minutes. A person can only change the charcoal pellets inside the fixture, throw it in the trash.

Charcoal elements for different types of hoods

Part of the ventilation fixtures have an indicator that signals the need to change. If the supplement is not present, a person will understand the need to perform a replacement by the poor quality of absorption.

Activated Charcoal Filter

Such a unit has a number of the following characteristics:

  • gets rid of food odor in the kitchen room;
  • quickly purifies the air;
  • Is behind the grease trap;
  • it is changed every season;
  • has a charcoal filler.

If you can not find the cartridges for a particular model of appliance. you need to buy universal add-ons. Cleaning the exhaust ventilation is done with a soapy solution, put a filler inside the charcoal filter, if the manufacturer provides such a possibility.

The extractor on the standard filters of disposable costs 3-4 times cheaper than professional, having an aluminum component to trap grease. It will cope with the household needs of the family, but it is not suitable for catering. Inside the professional appliance is inserted aluminum component used to trap food particles, it can be washed, the addition operates for 5-10 years.

Installation and replacement of hood add-ons

Homemade paper, charcoal, syntepon, and fleece supplements wash, replace. Acrylic inserts designed to trap grease particles are washed by hand, done 3-4 times, new ones are put in. The remaining samples are not subjected to the washing process.

Old fixtures are removed, new ones are inserted behind this principle:

  • Unscrew the bolts, remove the grease trap;
  • gently pull out the filter cassette;
  • Clean any excess grease, food on the cabinet, in the air duct;
  • Insert the new component inside the system;
  • Put the grease trap in place, secure it with bolts.

This algorithm is used for the first installation of addition, its replacement, if it is necessary to wash, wash addition. The filter is selected under the model of the hood. When there are no original installations of the required firm, a person buys universal inserts.

You can see an example of how to install the charcoal filter in the following

The aluminum filter hood belongs to the professional cleaning appliances. Its cost is three times higher than the devices that have disposable cleaning elements. The presence of a metal component designed to draw in excessive dirt does not exempt from maintenance.

Clean the metal filter for the hood should be as follows:

  • 1. open the upper grid of the grease trap;
  • 2. Remove the lower component of the structure to the side;
  • 3. Unscrew, pull out the metal element;
  • 4. place the device vertically in the dishwasher; if not, cover it with soapy water;
  • 5. Put the clean appliance to dry;
  • 6. Reinstall the construction and reassemble the complete mechanism.

Do not put the wet element inside the working mechanism. Fasten everything carefully, using the instruction to its model of working device, previously applied skills.

For more information about cleaning the metal filter, see

To update the charcoal filter for the hood with their own hands a person can manage in 5-10 minutes. The initial step in changing the absorbent filler will be to buy it. In stores of household appliances pellet fillers are sold.

The process of discarding the old, pouring the new content into the cassettes is performed as follows:

  • 1. Disassembly of the main grid of the structure. grease trap;
  • 2. careful removal of the old cleaning component;
  • 3. neat opening of the thin, upper grid of the cassette;
  • 4. Complete removal of the old content;
  • 5. additional cleaning of the place where the filler is located;
  • 6. adding, evenly distributing new pellets;
  • 7. assembling the structure of the odour absorber, putting all the components in place.

The process is carried out 4 times a year, the algorithm of work is simple, clear. Filtration hoods with grease and charcoal additives at the same time have excellent functional characteristics. It is worth buying charcoal supplements designed to change the pellets, this option is cheaper.

You can see an example of how to restore a charcoal filter in the following

After the purchase of the exhaust system, independent installation of its accessories is not required. It is better to buy a mechanism for kitchen use with a dirt indicator that signals the need for cleaning.

Purchase spare cassettes firms Rovent, Lissang-South, Titan, performing the functions of grease traps is recommended by professionals.

Coal fixtures brands Hansa, Gorenje, Krona show good performance.

When choosing a filter option for kitchen hoods, the consumer should pay attention to such indicators:

  • the reputation of the manufacturer’s company;
  • The heat resistance of the additional component. you need 70-80 degrees for metal add-ons;
  • the absence of minor damage;
  • The compatibility factor with the specific model of extraction system.

A person who does not know the model of his or her appliance should purchase universal additional cleaning inserts. Due to this, the filtering home hood will not break, the motor will not deteriorate. The aluminium particle trap is the best choice. Its high cost pays for itself in a year, the service life is not exhausted when it comes to domestic use.

A cleaning system with replaceable filters requires regular maintenance. In addition to replacing the grease trap, the cooker hood must be cleaned regularly to remove dust from the ductwork. It is better to avoid turning off the functional system after cooking, so that it cleans itself, the air in the room is refreshed.

Dismantling the old cleaning appliance, without the subsequent installation of a new one, ends in the breakdown of the main system.

This kitchen appliance must work only with a filter, otherwise there will be this:

  • extraneous odors will not go away;
  • Grease particles will settle on the air ducts, reach the boundaries of the motor;
  • The starting mechanism of the ventilation system will stop working;
  • The appliance will be completely ruined.

Kitchen system from this category works without connection to the ventilation system. The mechanism from breakage saves the catching supplement. Its complete absence makes the device useless, shortens its life. Everyone has an opportunity to buy and change paper, acrylic, synthetic, polyester, coal cassettes.

It is better to buy a kitchen quality catcher for large particles of grease, excessive odor cleaner. Without it, the hood becomes a useless component, does not do a good job. What kind of filter is inserted in the hood is worth asking a specialist who performs its initial installation.

It is better to buy aluminum, stainless steel cleaners for the exhaust structure. Every six months you should wash and dry them and put them back. After selecting the acrylic component, it is worth to subject it to wash 3-4 times, then throw it away. Paper supplements last less than three months.

Sintepon, polyester, fleece additives are replaced 3-4 times a year. To buy in the kitchen, insert, change the universal device should be through a hardware store, not picking up options in the markets.

Homemade extraction components have a wide metal cap, capable of capturing odors, installed over the stove. Filtration component supplements are placed directly behind the grease trap grid. It is also worth putting a charcoal filter that performs the process of fine filtration. Component can be changed by opening the upper grill, pulling the said add-on out easily.

The work of disposable tabs to absorb grease can not be performed longer than a year. If there is a contamination indicator on the appliance, it will give an audible signal when the need for replacement, its absence forces a person to perform control of the situation on their own.

Filter for home hood disposable must not be attempted to wash. To buy an additive for replacement you need to buy in a store of household appliances. For some types of activated charcoal filters, there are substitute granules available.

Their quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer, which is verified by the experience of real consumers. The most powerful and durable metal filter types are used for public catering.

We recommend that you watch a video about cleaning the filter and the oven:

Filter types

Recirculation hoods do not remove accumulated dirt from the exhaust air but clean it with filters and return it to the room. Such hoods are equipped with two kinds of filters. grease and charcoal filters.

The grease filter is designed for coarse air cleaning and prevents the formation of grease deposits on the motor and fan blades. The grease filter has an efficiency of 95%. Filters of this type can be either replaceable (disposable) or metal (reusable).

  • Disposable filters are produced in the form of plates made of synthetic material, fleece, acrylic or other synthetic material. They are mainly used in economy class hoods.
  • The multiple coarse filter is made of anodised aluminium, stainless steel or galvanised steel. This product may have several modules or layers.

Warning! Filter cartridges cannot be washed. They will lose their properties, will not retain suspended particles of grease and the motor will quickly fail.

There is a activated charcoal filter behind the grease filter. Its role is to perform a fine cleaning and absorb kitchen smells. Visually it is a round plastic cassette or a rectangular cartridge with an adsorbent. powder or fine granules of coal. Fine-meshed screen protects the filter from spilling out of the dirt.

Carbon fill collects fine dirt on its surface. Therefore, purified fresh air is returned to the room. Filter loses capacity after 3 to 4 months. Some hoods are equipped with an indicator light, which signals a strong contamination of the anti-smell filter.

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