Changing the drive of the washing machine candy

Repair of Candy washing machines

If there is a breakdown or your candy washing machine works with errors, you should immediately call the repairman. We can even order urgent repairs with the departure of a specialist at home within half an hour. The manager will take your request, advise on the first steps (for example, how not to flood the neighbors) and immediately send a master, pre-equipped with the right list of parts and tools for urgent repairs.

Diagnostics is free, if after it will be repaired. If possible the technician can repair the machine or replace worn units and parts on the spot, during the first visit. If your problem requires stationary intervention or fine tuning on a special stand, we will arrange for transportation to our workshop, where all necessary repairs and maintenance measures will be taken.

Replace a Candy washing machine tank at home

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How to Replace a Washing Machine Heater (Candy or Hoover)

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Weaknesses of Candy washing machines

Despite its reliability and durability, no appliance lasts forever. Let’s look at some types of breakdowns and their causes.

  • For Candy active 100 plus. Drain pump or blockage could be the problem.
  • In the models Alise CB 103 TR the drum rotation is too fast, it is necessary to check the motor or the control board.
  • Large vibrations when wringing, there may be many problems. From shock absorbers to bearings.
  • CTL-100 does not pick up the washing powder, the matter may be in the tap water supply or clogged filter.

In most cases Candy washing machine repair can be done at home, only in some complicated cases hospitalization is necessary. To accurately determine and diagnose your assistant, it is better not to try to fix the machine yourself, and call a qualified technician.

All of the above breakages and not only, will help identify and repair the company’s specialists “Golden Hands”.

By calling our company, and briefly reporting the essence of the breakdown, you can get highly qualified help over the phone, and an experienced technician to repair washing machines Candy, will come to you the day of the application.

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Let’s look at and drive back with a Candy Bianca!

To call the wizard for repair you can fill the form or call by phone 8 (499) 409-84-95 and 8 (495) 565-38-25. We have certificates and warranty for the quality of repair work.

Useful information about washing machine repair :

Repair of washing machines Candy at home departure of the master on the day of treatment 8 (495) 565-38-25 and 8 (499) 409-84-95


It is not the first time I turn to Vladimir for help in repairing washing machines of various brands. Vladimir knows his business very well. Clearly estimate the repair possibilities. It made more sense to buy a new washing machine. Ready to recommend Vladimir to all who need high-quality, reasonable price, reliable repair.

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The washing machine repair was performed quickly and efficiently. As Rinat suggested. The problem was in the control module. The washing machine is working again. I recommend the master.


Price, quality of service.My phone display got smashed, I had to replace the module completely. Turned here, the master intelligently explained how everything would be. The display was out of stock, said they would order it and bring it tomorrow. The phone.

Excellent technicians, fast repair No disadvantages I want to thank the company for their quick work I gave the TV for repair. Fast, and most importantly, qualitatively repaired I advise everyone.

Request for advice

  • Comprehensive preliminary diagnostics, which reveals the cause of failure and all hidden defects;
  • Availability of the necessary original parts delivered by the trusted partners;
  • full restoration of the standard parameters with the general preventive maintenance of washing machines;
  • the ability to call the wizard at home by phone at any time convenient for the customer;
  • service warranty for the installed parts;
  • thorough check of the repaired equipment in different operating modes

Peculiarities of Candy washing machines repair. the most frequent breakages

There are several main faults in Kandy machines:

  • No water draining before rinsing. The first possible reason for this is a clogged drain filter or spigot. A more complicated case. the breakage of the pump, which is replaced by a new unit.
  • The machine does not turn on. First of all check the mains cable, which can be simply disconnected or jammed. expensive to repair a Candy washing machine will be if the electronic module is out of order. This can be caused by water getting on it or a voltage drop in the network.
  • Water leakage. Their source can be:
  • hopper for washing powder;
  • tray (in case of a ruptured spigot);
  • The hatch (if the sealing collar is damaged).

Other malfunctions can also lead to the need to repair Candy washing machines, but they occur much less frequently. There is a general rule: if the appliances broke before the expiration of the warranty period, the reason is most likely in violation of the rules of its operation or marriage.

Common malfunctions

Let’s analyze the most common failing elements of Kandi washing machines:

  • Drain pump. A characteristic symptom that indicates a failure of the drain pump of a Kandi washing machine is the appearance on the display of error E03. Drainage of water in this case does not happen.
  • Heating element. One of the weaknesses of this manufacturer’s equipment is a heating element. Several problems can occur here, the first is insufficient heating of the process liquid (the malfunction is invariably accompanied by the appearance of error E05 on the display). Another possibility is that the fuses pop out while in operation. In some situations, the water temperature can be too high.
  • Control module. If the control module of the Kandi washing machine malfunctions, you can sometimes see error code E09 on the display. There are a lot of options for the specific consequences of failure: it disrupts operation modes, hangs the program, no response to commands received from the user.
  • Tank bearing. If the spinning of laundry does not occur properly (perhaps even does not start the cycle), it can be stated outage of the tank bearing (usually occurs as a result of wear).
  • Electric motor brushes. Another element prone to wear is the brush motor. If the brushes are out of order, the drum will simply stop rotating during the washing, while normally it can be “moved” by hand.
  • UBL. A leak in the system can occur if the washing machine door will not be blocked. Sometimes. but not always. the unit gives the owner an error code E01.
  • Shaft drive belt. Sometimes the belt is torn, less often. it snaps, as a result of which the drum of the Candy machine stops rotating, while the formal washing is in progress (you hear the clicks, the water is heating).
  • Fill valve. Here the problem is simple to diagnose: if the Candy washing machine refuses to draw water (or draws it poorly), the inlet valve is broken. Error code. E02.
  • Door seal. Wear on the door cuff leads to leaks: during the operation of the Kandi washing machine, water begins to accumulate under it; sometimes the liquid also leaks from the hatch on the body part.


Profiled service center deals with repair and prevention of washing machines Kandi all generations and modifications.

  • Departure of the master at home at a convenient time for the customer;
  • availability of all necessary replacement parts;
  • Prompt performance of work of any volume and level of complexity;
  • professional diagnostics;

Specialist arrives at the customer’s home, identifies the cause of the malfunction. Most breakdowns can be solved in one visit. For more information and free consultation, please contact us at.

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