Check the operation of the compressor of the Indesit refrigerator

Indesit refrigerator repair: how to find and fix typical problems

Even the equipment of wellknown trade marks breaks down from time to time due to various reasons. High-quality repair of refrigerators Indesit can be carried out in a service center, but some operations are also possible for a domestic handyman. Besides, the knowledge about the causes of malfunctions will help to avoid and prevent the majority of breakages.

You will learn everything about restoring the serviceability of the refrigerators of this brand from the article presented by us. We have described common malfunctions, their causes and diagnostic methods. You can cope with the problem by yourself taking into account our recommendations.

Nuances of Diagnostics

Several elements interact in the refrigerator, and all of them are important almost equally. Failure of at least one part will affect the work of the entire system. It’s hard to know for sure if a compressor is broken at home.

For exact diagnostics you should either check other alternatives by method of elimination or dismantle a part of the system to check resistance on the contacts with a tester. But first things first. And it would be more correct to start with the visible signs of the failure of the refrigerator.

Possible malfunctions:

  • does not work at all, up to disconnection of indications and lights;
  • it doesn’t start;
  • Does not cool or overcool, a layer of ice is formed on the walls of the freezer; (including its change up to grinding and similar “unhealthy” signs, as well as a complete absence). As a rule, modern “Atlants”, “Nords”, “Indesits” and other brands are practically silent;
  • vibration.

For installation of the compressor after diagnostics and restoration of the system you need to have a soldering lamp (gas torch) and special equipment for charging with freon.

The process itself requires great accuracy and care when connecting the tubes, and in general in all actions with the technique.

Errors are fraught with loss of tightness, and as a consequence, leaking refrigerator and violation of its normal operation in general. It is strongly not recommended to do it yourself, especially without knowledge and skills.

In case the decision to disassemble it by your own efforts is nevertheless made, here are instructions on how to do it. Most likely, even in the case of such a difficult to accurately diagnose, you will still have to call a specialist to replace and refill the compressor.

And if it is so. maybe it makes sense to entrust the whole work to a professional? If the equipment is under warranty, there is nothing to think about.

Pay attention: in the instruction manual there is a warning about a refusal of obligations by the service center, if any repair is not made in the service from the list admitted by the manufacturer to service.

Checking the resistance

The next step to be taken if the compressor is faulty is to check the resistance, as.к. if damaged, it can give you an electric shock. This is explained by the fact that the winding has been damaged and the voltage from it jumps to the housing. This happens most often with older units. It is checked by measurement of resistance of each of three contacts together with the refrigerator case, thus it is necessary that on a place which is tested there was no paint. The multimeter should show “infinity” on the display, i.e.е. do not display anything or your compressor is unusable.

If checking the resistance is inconclusive and the refrigerator still does not work, check it with a pressure gauge, i.e.е. check the pressure inside the enclosure. It is necessary to connect the simulator to the discharge nozzle and take readings at switched on compressor. If the pressure gauge reads 6 atmospheres, and this figure is a raster, in this case your refrigerator is in good order. If it is lower, then you should replace compressor housing.

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Compressor arrangement

There is a black casing with oil in the base of the refrigerator. It has a compressor suspended in it.

In many refrigerators compressors look the same. These are piston electric motors with a starting winding. When the motor breaks down, the refrigeration equipment doesn’t work.

The compressor has three leads for communication, one of which is common. They are located at the bottom in the shape of a triangle. There is a relay for starting the motor. This device is connected to all the leads.

Modern models of refrigerators have compressors connected to a separate box. In it there is the circuit diagram. Check how the cable works. If it is in order it is necessary to check the refrigerator compressor, whether it is working or not.

Check compressor with multimeter (tester)

Remove compressor, disconnect relay. You can see it visually in the video. You need to check the integrity of the windings. For this purpose we separate all wires and terminals. Measure resistance. In a working device there should be 20 ohms resistance between the left and the top pins. Short-circuit the upper right contact. Its resistance is about 15 ohms. Short circuit left and right contacts. The highest resistance value is 30 Ohm.

If the values are different, the unit is defective. Values vary between different models of refrigerators, but no more than 5 ohms.

Check the resistance between the housing and the leads. Connect one probe of the multimeter to the discharge nozzle and the other probe to the lead-throughs. If the screen shows a breakage, everything is all right. If the resistance is there, that means the motor is working.

Check with a pressure gauge

Measuring the pressure. Connect the exhaust hose to the discharge connection and take a reading. On the screen of the device, if the engine is working properly, the pressure indicator must be increasing from 6 atmospheres.

It is possible to take electric motor from old refrigerator and connect compressor without relay, directly. Reconnect the winding. It is imperative that all safety rules are followed.

Check the current

Using a new relay, it is necessary to check whether the electric motor is energized or not. We connect the relay to the compressor and start. We need a tester with pliers. Clamp one mains wire. On the screen of the device should be a value of 1.3 A, and the power of the electric motor is equal to 140 W. Current flows correctly at these values. As the motor measurement decreases, the tester reading should also decrease. Use a multimeter to test the relay, as it often breaks.

Haier refrigerator compressor checking |fridge Compressor Not Work |fridge compressor fault trace

When to test

If the cold blower breaks down, the equipment stops working. It is necessary to call a specialist at home or call a service center. However, this is not always possible. Not all people know how to check the serviceability of the refrigerator compressor. To cope with the task, you should arm yourself with some knowledge.

  • bought new equipment, you need to make sure it works;
  • a used refrigerator is purchased and a diagnosis is desirable;
  • It is required to reveal the reason of breakage.

About checking

This procedure is necessary if there are problems with starting the household appliance. Ignoring them will lead to its complete withdrawal from an operating mode. It is easier to prevent serious malfunctions by checking the starter relay in time. This detail is necessary to prevent malfunctions in case of temperature drops.

A drop in temperature causes the thermostat contacts to close, as a result of which the starting relay starts the compressor motor. All this happens in 2-3 seconds. If the expected reaction did not occur, that is, the motor does not go into operating mode, there is still need to conduct diagnostics and correct the faults. You can do it yourself or with the help of a master.

To check the starting relay of the refrigerator, it is necessary to follow the instruction:

  • Carry out visual inspection of the mechanism. The starting relay will work as it should be when it is mounted in the upright position. Otherwise the core, which is part of the coil, will not retract in the allotted time. There is a special marking on the device to avoid an error. If the relay is in the right position, then the error is to be found elsewhere.
  • Put the mechanism on the work table for further manipulation:
  • place the relays of РТК-X and РТП-1 brand with the arrow pointing downwards;
  • Put the part marked LS-08B backside up;
  • place the DXR device so that the terminals are in full view.
  • Check if there is contact between the terminals

Major defrost of tall upright freezer (Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda)

You can do it with the tester. Pay special attention to the sockets. If there are traces of burning, there is no point in further diagnosis. The starter relay can no longer be repaired. It is no longer possible to return it to normal operation.

To carry out this procedure, use sandpaper and a cloth moistened with an alcohol solution.

  • Consistently inspect and check all other parts (stem, coil, core), while getting rid of corrosion coating and dirt.
  • Assemble the starting relay in the reverse order (if there is no apparent damage) and put it into the refrigerator.
  • Carry out a test run of the household appliance.

If the result is zero, it means that the starting relay needs to be replaced, but before buying an original part for your refrigerator Indesit or Atlant it is necessary to check your refrigerator without relay. It is possible that the fault is localized in the motor-compressor Aspera. Before you check the starting relay at home, watch the video.

Measuring insulation resistance with megohmmeter.

It is impossible to check insulation breakdown with usual tester, it measures resistance with low voltage of 3-9V. Megohmmeter allows you to measure resistance at a higher voltage of 200-1000 V. But it is still necessary to “probe” the winding with multimeter, because it is impossible to measure the resistance with megohmmeter, if the winding is short-circuited to the frame.

On the device you can select the voltage to measure the resistance and the time for which the winding will be tested.

The resistance should be measured between one of the three terminals on the compressor and, for example, a copper tube coming out of the compressor with voltage 250-500 V. Resistance should be between 7-10 megohms. If not, then also the compressor is to be replaced.

Before measuring, carefully read the manual of your device, it uses high voltage, so if you use it incorrectly, you can get an electric shock or damage your device.

Turning on the Mikrotik Cloud function

And so, run the utility winbox, if you’re using Linux, this utility works perfectly through Wine, about the installation of which there are several articles on the site for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora. Authorize and go to the IP item and in the drop-down list select Cloud:

In one of the old publications there was a description of the motherboard Mikrotik RBM33G capable of simultaneously working with two modems. Below I will make a brief description of how to configure RouterOS to distribute traffic between the two lte interfaces.

In this test I will use two Quectel EP06 modems.

Mikrotik RBM33 board with two EP06 modems

The Microtik Router OS is a very flexible operating system and has a huge number of settings, the configuration I propose is one of the possible, but far from the only one. In general the situation of using two gateways simultaneously for Internet access is not standard and has a lot of implementations, and in any case there will be some crutches, anyway spoiling the overall picture, but let’s not speak of bad things for now.

To begin with, let’s do a standard Mikrotik RBM33G configuration for Internet access via a modem:

check, operation, compressor, indesit
  • Reset configuration
  • Combine all LAN interfaces into a bridge
  • Let’s put address space
  • Configure the DHCP server on the bridge
  • Configure the firewall
  • Set up NAT to reach the Internet from our subnet

From now on you must have internet access, which will be working through one of the lte interfaces, the second one will be idle.


Let’s create rules which will add the IP address of the scanning source to the dynamic list and block it completely:

Rule 1

  • Chain: input. incoming
  • Protocol: tcp. required protocol
  • Dst. Port: 22. desired port
  • In. Interface: external interface

How-To PPPoE on MikroTik

In this article let’s discuss configuring PPPoE on MikroTik, this protocol provides extensive management of users, networks and accounting. Nowadays it is mostly used by ISPs to control client connections through xDSL and cable modems as well as in general Ethernet networks. Is an extension of the standard PPP protocol. The difference between the two is the method of transport, PPPoE uses Ethernet instead of a serial modem connection.

Simply put, PPPoE is used to issue IP addresses to clients based on login and password authentication instead of workstations with static address or DHCP authentication. It is not recommended to use a static IP address or DHCP on the same PPPoE interfaces for obvious security reasons. Client and server are running on a second Ethernet layer.

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