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Dome hoods are popular and in demand among customers. These appliances are designed for wall-mounted (less often. They are ceiling mounted, practical and attractive, which makes the hood a worthy part of the kitchen interior. In the model range of such appliances you can find an option for both large and very small kitchens. Modern dome hoods don’t just have a traditional shape, which is where they got their name. You can choose and buy dome hoods in the form of a cone or pyramid, parallelepiped and truncated pyramid in our Internet-shop. There is a wide variety of possible colors for these important kitchen appliances. Dome hoods are painted in different colors, made of copper or stainless steel. Hoods can be fitted with glass and woodgrain finishes. It’s easy to find a version that suits your tastes and your kitchen‘s interior design! Dome hoods are different not only by design, but also by size and capacity. They are equipped with mechanical or electronic control. Many well-known manufacturers offer beautiful and functional hoods.


The feature is very important because it can make or break a cooker hood’s daily maintenance routine. Dirt and grease is easiest to clean from the enameled surface. This material is also good for its inexpensive cost, as well as excellent reliability and durability. expensive is stainless steel. It looks very impressive in the kitchen interior, and also attracts a long service life. The most expensive is considered tinted glass. This material is externally very attractive, but in the daily care is too time consuming.

It has already been mentioned about the connection methods and types of hood designs. However, it is also worth touching on their dimensions and power.

Before choosing a built-in, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted hood, calculate the necessary dimensions. Generally available in widths of 60, 70, 80 and 90 cm. When selecting equipment, remember, the hood must be the same width as the stove or larger, not the other way around.

The depth of our hoods varies from 35 to 65 cm. Find the right depth for you based on the size of your cooktop and your cooking habits. When buying a dome model, pay attention to its height. Manufacturers specify the allowable distance between the ventilation hole and the appliance’s work area. Usually it ranges from 1 to 1.5 m. One more detail when installing the equipment: the distance to the electric stove hob must be at least 50 cm and to the gas stove. at least 65 cm.

How to choose a hood by power? Calculate the required extraction capacity for your room. Getting the minimum allowable values is simple:

Find the product of the area and the height of the room, then multiply the resulting number by 12.

Advantages and disadvantages

Kitchen hoods, presented in our catalogs, all without exception, will become an essential attribute of any kitchen. It is a quality appliance made only from proprietary materials and with the latest technology. Among the variety of models there is a hood for any room, meeting even the most stringent requirements. over, the different price categories make your choice even more pleasant. All cooker hoods can be recirculating or ducted. In our store you can find both European-made and Russian-made hoods, but in spite of this fact all models pass multiple quality tests and correspond to all European standards. That’s why we can say that the hoods presented in our catalogs are reliable and long-lasting.

The cooker hood in the kitchen is indispensable. But absolutely all hoods have only one big disadvantage. Their work is accompanied by a certain noise. And despite the advances in technology, there is no cure for this disease.

We can give you some good advice to reduce the noise in your kitchen. You only need to buy a hood for the size of your room. Remember that the more powerful and efficient the hood, the louder it will work. So don’t buy a hood that doesn’t measure up to your room’s capacity. To determine the volume of the room, you should multiply the length, height and width of the room. And then multiply that by 12. The final result is the hood capacity and it is measured in cubic meters per hour. This is the only condition in which your particular hood will not be too loud.

Where to buy?

I recommend you buy a hood in M-Video. It’s a proven store with quality products, good promotions, caring for your consumer.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about choosing a hood. Enough to go over the basic parameters and choose for yourself the appropriate values. Surely you will find a model that will best meet your expectations. over, the are very different, so you can pick up the product for any purse.

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Recirculating or direct-flow hood?

If it is possible to install a direct-flow hood, it must be preferred. Better air filtration than intake air, for it removes all contaminants from the extractor hood. Installing a direct-flow hood can be done wherever you are comfortable, it requires access to the nearest ventilation system with open access.

Installing a long duct would not be a very practical solution, as it leads to a loss of aesthetics and reduces the efficiency of air intake, because the performance decreases with each bend.

choose, kitchen, hood, parameters

A direct-flow hood has a metal filter that prevents grease build-up inside the hood. Its absence leads to a rapid breakdown and the hood will eventually develop an unpleasant odour. It is washable, but cleaning it can be quite difficult, so users are more likely to think about replacing the filter.

A recirculating cooker hood consists of two filters: the first removes oil particles and the second removes unpleasant smells. The first looks like a plastic cassette and must be replaced at the end of its service life. The second has an activated charcoal filter to eliminate odors. They are disposable and require constant replacement, and cost a lot of money to maintain in large households.

Most cooker hoods will tell you when the charcoal filter needs replacing and when it’s time to clean the grease trap. These signals are indicated by lights or symbols that fade with use.

Recirculating hood is suitable where a direct-flow hood is not possible, for example, if there is no access to the shaft and in an island kitchen version. Recirculating models do not cool the room, an important feature in kitchen design.

The direct-flow hood can also work on recirculation, this requires an additional filter, it is not included and sold separately.

A budget direct-flow hood without filters is not a good idea because it has a relatively short lifespan and is quite difficult to clean.

Modes of operation

Air extraction or recirculation? Check the possibility of connecting the hood to the ventilation. If this is not possible or if the ventilation system does not work properly, you must install the hood in recirculation mode by adding a charcoal filter that absorbs grease and odors and blows clean air back into the room.

choose, kitchen, hood, parameters

Venting. The hood is connected to the ventilation system of the house, allowing combustion products and unpleasant odors to escape. Units that operate in this mode are also called flow-through.

Recirculation. In this mode, the hood is not connected to the ventilation system of the house and cleans the air only with the help of built-in filters.

Noise level

If you ask housewives what they do not like about their kitchen hood, I am sure that most will answer: noise. Monotonous and loud hum is very annoying, so special attention must be paid to this characteristic.

The noise level is directly proportional to the flow rate: the more powerful the unit, the more noise it makes.

Noise levels should not exceed 55 dB at “low” speed. On intensive modes the volume can be up to 60-65 dB, which is considered normal. If you only use intensive extraction for a short period of time, you can tolerate it for a while.

Higher values would be uncomfortable. In addition, such loudness creates vibrations that spread throughout the kitchen furniture.

Which hood to choose?

Fume cupboard hoods are available as wall-mounted, built-in and ceiling-mounted hoods. The choice of the right model depends on the kitchen layout and your preferences.

Wall mounted hoods

In addition to ventilation of the kitchen, the hood performs another function. it complements the interior of the kitchen. The glass elements create a feeling of lightness and airiness. A model with clear straight lines is perfect for a modern, minimalist kitchen, but for a more traditional interior, it’s better to choose a model with smoother contours.

Built-in hoods

Thanks to the built-in hood, the kitchen looks neat because the hood is hidden behind the cabinet door and doesn’t change the look of the kitchen in any way. Simply use the same doors as the entire kitchen set so that the hood area doesn’t stand out in any way.

Hoods for kitchen islands

Planning to build a kitchen island?? It gives a whole different feel to the cooking process in kitchens with this solution, as most of the cooking is done around the isle. Ceiling-mounted hoods are best suited for this type of layout. Another option is the FÖRDELAKTIG induction cooktop with integrated hood.

If you’re not just looking for a hood, but also an induction cooktop, take a look at our range.

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choose, kitchen, hood, parameters


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The main function of a cooker hood is to remove vapors and clean the air from cooking smells. Particularly important for women who own kitchens with gas ranges. Today’s most powerful kitchen hoods guarantee solutions to these problems. Qualitatively remove kitchen odors created from combustion products and cooking. They have a maximum efficiency and are very easy to use.

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