Cooktop does not work one burner

cooktop, does, work, burner

We repair the induction stove with our own hands

Induction electric appliances have long been used in metallurgy and welding. Despite the apparent complexity of the devices, their manufacture does not belong to the high technology. Therefore, for two decades this principle has been widely used in everyday life: in particular, in the design of electric stoves.

Breakdown of equipment with such a heater is not a big problem, but service centers charge a hefty price tag every time. Therefore, if you have an elementary skill in radio, you can make repairs to the induction stove with your own hands. Our review will tell you about it.

What is the “Cooktop Expansion Zone”?

In simple terms, this technology allows you to increase the burner. It’s no secret that you have to put cookware on the electric stove to cover the entire diameter of the heating zone. But you don’t want the edges to overlap too much. Cooking will then be uneven. It’s not always possible to find the perfect size cookware. However, modern technology has helped to solve this problem. The burner adjusts to the cookware. You only need to study the characteristics of each model, because the expansion zones differ in size and even shape. The electric panel is usually equipped with sensors, which can easily adjust the size of the burner with just one touch.

Induction hobs are one of the most innovative technologies. And of course it has all the functions and features. This includes an expansion zone. And the device adjusts itself automatically for the specific cookware. It heats just the pan or pot without wasting heat. So that maximum efficiency is ensured.

Not working left or right burner pair

If the burner unit does not work on one side, then the connections that go from the coils to the control unit and power board are under the gun. If the contacts in the terminals are normal, the problem may be in the control unit itself. Sometimes it is necessary to change the block of burners, the fuse can burn out.

With any faults, you have to look for a specialist who can cope with the problem. Since such equipment is high-tech, you should not interfere in his device, not having certain skills.

But then the question arises. where to perform the repair? You can go to the service center, which employs qualified personnel, but for their services will have to pay a very tangible fee. It is tempting to find a private master, who is willing to perform the repair significantly cheaper. However, unfortunately, nothing but good faith and decency in this case you can not count on anything else.

Alas, it is not uncommon for the hob to break down immediately after repair. If it has already been working for years, then the breakdown comes after the breakdown due to wear and tear of the components. In this case, it is much more reasonable to buy a new model, which has a warranty.


If after carrying out the diagnostics it was found that the burner needs to be replaced, then this work should be entrusted to professionals. The sequence of actions for all models of electric stoves is approximately the same. Possible nuances are related to the design features of each specific model. First dismantle the upper hob, unscrew the screws that fix the mounting plate on which the burner is installed. Remove the steel base from the recess under the burner, which serves as a support. The mounting bar is removed, while it is important not to damage the wires. The connection of the wires is sketched or photographed for memory. Wires to burner contacts are disconnected. Once again, using the tester to check the burner. Unscrew the screw located in the center of the mounting plate, next to the burner attachment point. Through the hole in the mounting bar, the fixture is taken out. Then the new burner is installed in the reverse order.

Gas Stove Top Burners Not Lighting / Not Working

Gorenje combi hobs. A unique technological household appliance that allows you to cook food even when there are power or gas outages. The popular Slovenian manufacturer offers models with three types of hobs. Induction, electric and gas burners.

cooktop, does, work, burner

Top 5 Reasons Gas Oven Won’t Heat — Gas Range Troubleshooting

Gas cooktops are equipped with gas control, electrical ignition. Modern gas hobs have a WOK burner that allows you to cook delicious Asian dishes. Electric and induction hobs are made of durable glass ceramic. Electric burners are equipped with efficient Hi-Light heating elements, while the induction burners are equipped with a high efficiency heating element. Coils that create a high-frequency field. Gorenje stove ovens use gas or electric power. The working chamber of ovens has a unique vaulted HomeMade shape that ensures efficient heating of the entire volume. Depending on the model, the ovens of Gorenje cooking stoves are equipped with a grill and convection mode. They can operate in normal-heat, small and large grill, defrosting, and plate warming modes. Traditional, catalytic or steam cleaning makes it easy to keep the appliance in perfect condition.

Gas Hob Repair

This option of appliances is considered the latest. If your gas cooktop isn’t working, then there can actually be many reasons for its malfunction. Usually all problems occur with the gas nozzles.

Here are the main causes of breakdowns and ways to repair your gas cooktop:

  • The pieza doesn’t light up well. In this case, you need to clean the electric ignition. If it is really clogged, then it must be thoroughly cleaned.

Piezo element in the gas cooktop

  • No gas flow. In this case, you should check to see if the gas on the gas pipe itself is closed. After that, check the cleanliness of the injector. Quite often they can simply get clogged. Repair of this malfunction can be performed by anyone.

These are the main faults of the gas cooker hob. Even a beginner can cope with them. If you have a new cooktop, then most of the problems can be displayed on its screen.

Error codes in modern devices are displayed on the screen

The code that the display shows is an error code. To deal with this problem, you just need to study the error code that the manufacturer indicates in the data sheet.

Now you know how to repair the hob at home. To solve complex problems you need special expensive equipment, which is available only to craftsmen.

The most common breakdowns of cooktops

Hobs can only be repaired once the true cause of the appliance malfunction has been established. Let’s start with the electric panels. First you need to see if all the burners or one of them doesn’t work. If all of the comfort plates do not work, then check should begin with checking the voltage in the socket. Then check the electrical plug and cord. Next, in the hob itself there must be a fuse. Let’s check it as well. These are the simplest and the most common faults. The best way to check these faults is to use a multimeter. If only one hob works, you can skip the above paragraph. So the voltage is safely applied to the hob. The most common failure of electric panels is due to the following reasons:

  • Failure of the heating element.
  • Breakdown of switching parts of electrical circuitry (switches, switches).
  • Faulty control unit.

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Hobs malfunctions

If one of the burners does not work. it can be over. But the breakdown of the entire stove is already a problem. You can take the equipment to a workshop, but in addition to the cost of spare parts, you will be charged for the work performed. If you know how to hold a soldering iron, and have at least a multimeter, you can repair the hob with your own hands.

All faults can be divided into 3 groups

  • Breakdown of heating elements: for spiral or halogen burners. this is more of a mechanical than electrical problem, the parts are quite repairable. In extreme cases (e.g. halogen heater) simple replacement. Induction emitter (winding) does not break down in principle, the problem may be in the electronics.
  • Breakage of switching elements or wiring. It can be relays, contacts, thyristor keys. Not the most difficult parts to repair.
  • Electronic circuits: generator, transformer, controllers, control unit. Without an in-depth knowledge of electronics it is impossible to repair these elements. At best, you can remove the faulty element, and install a new one.


Before you start a complicated repair, try to diagnose “problems” that can be fixed without disassembling the design.

cooktop, does, work, burner

For example, check the power supply from the input circuit breaker, before connecting directly to the power cable from the panel (including the socket, if any). The presence of power is checked with a multimeter on the terminal block of the hob.

If the control panel does not work, check that it is dry (if there are moving keys) and clean (in the sensor unit). Often a layer of dried-on splatter just won’t let the touch buttons “feel” your fingers.

How to disassemble a cooktop

Most commonly used recessed panels in kitchen countertops. The electric appliance has an independent body with a decorative plane, under which the heating elements are located. We carefully take out the panel and we put it face down on a flat surface. Before starting disassembly it is recommended to disconnect the supply wires. It is worth reminding that the wiring must be disconnected beforehand.

After carefully removing the cover, we get full access to the “internal organs” of the panel. Any design has a similar layout: all electrical elements are located in the so-called working “trough” without separation barriers. The illustration shows a version with “HiLight” heaters on all burners.

Already at this stage it is possible to visually diagnose the integrity of the wiring and the spiral (strip) heaters. All units and modules are connected using connectors or terminals. If a fault is found, you can easily remove the unit for replacement or more detailed testing.

For example, it is possible to remove the heater in the insulating casing, apply power to it, and check its functionality with the device.

Induction hob

If you have an induction hob does not work, there may also be several causes of failure. To your attention an overview of the main faults and ways to repair by your own forces:

  • The hob shuts off and will not turn on. If the model of technology is modern, then you should not worry. it’s in a special protective function. The power will turn off if the diameter or material of the cookware is not suitable for heating. Lack of heat can also be caused by removing the cookware from the cooking zone (it will only start if there is a container on the heating zone). By the way, do not worry if the hob does not heat itself, t.к. According to the principle of operation, the device only heats dishes.
  • It heats long and weak. In this case the cookware is most likely unsuitable, so no repair is necessary. Read the manufacturer’s recommendation for selecting pots. For heating to be fast and normal, the bottom should be flat, and the material of the vessel. metal. Otherwise it could happen that the induction hob does not see the cookware, so it does not turn on.
  • Turns on by itself if there are no dishes on the burner. Here the problem is that there is most likely a metal object on the burner, which causes the triggering. In addition, the reason can be the salt that remained on the surface after washing or malfunction in the control unit, which will need to be repaired.
  • Does not work at all. As we said before, you need to disassemble the technique and test all elements of the circuit. Usually the repair boils down to the fact that you need to replace the fuse.

Instructions for repairing an induction stove are provided at

LikeMike Blog A tale of how I fixed a glass-ceramic Fagor stove Or what to do if a burner doesn’t work.

Once I read an article on the drive to service the coffee machine: simple, honest, no commercial imposition of services and understandable with photos. Helped, it turned out to be a quick and easy fix without calling a handyman for 1t.р. and with all the ensuing: went to buy buy serviced = 2 hours. Decided to also share from time to time household repairs.

I should say at once that I don’t pretend to be professional, and many stoves are similar in structure (judging by what I found on the net). Follow the safety precautions! At your own risk. if anything to the professionals.

One beautiful sunny morning when trying to fry eggs and flicking the power control to “full power”. the 2nd half of the burner is not on.Having googled, it became clear that most likely it is necessary to disassemble and there is a high probability. the failure of the power regulator “torsion knob”.

Personally, I confined myself to the circuit breaker in the panelboard and made sure it was de-energized.

Unscrew the screws (on Fagor this way):a) around the hobb) above the oven doorb) under the front of the hob, removing it.г.) unscrew the frame on which the regulators are mounted.) Carefully photograph each regulator and location of wires.) unscrew regulator from frame and look at part number

Do not disconnect the wires at this stage

You need to unscrew about a dozen screws. Below you can see the screws that fix each regulator individually. You need to unscrew them to remove and see the part number.

How to test: I swapped out the one that works and the one that is questionable (there are two double burners on the stove)

Can try to repair/adjust. found the adjusting screw in the housing.

Some adjusting screw and the inside of the dual regulator. In addition to the part number and photo of the contacts it is useful to measure L1 and L2

Searched, there is an impression that they are all firms EGOFinitely divided into two types:- standing with the factory: the old type, beige, steel pin, cheap with a price of 600-1200r.- Others: the new type, black, plastic pin, expensive 1200-2000r.

Old style. For single and double burners.

New Model. For single and double burners. I didn’t have time to take a picture of the black one for the double burner before installing it(

As a result, I decided to change the controls on all burners, so as not to disassemble again) I bought up everything that was available and as a result all 4 different controls work fine!

I hope sincerely that before this stage did not disconnect the wires and take pictures of.Two things: a) The same I recommend to mark at least a piece of duct tape.b) I recommend to replace by a reconnecting method (length allows): one wire removed and immediately plugged into a new controller, also the second, third, and so on. Very easy. With black controls still have instructions for pinout in special cases (I did not need it, it’s online). the only contact did not match exactly like “4” (in the original version it was vertical, and in black it was horizontal).c) Attach back the panel with the regulators, put the cooktop and try the work

This is the side where the contact for single black regulators may be different

The bottom line: there was the impression that the heating became more brisk. One knob was a little recessed, because of the short L1 of the black double. not affecting performance.

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