Designation of modes on the washing machine Bosch. Icons on the washing machine Siemens

Review of Bosch washing machines: time, temperature, speed speed

The launch of the cycle with preliminary washing is slightly different from the standard inclusion of the washing machine. The main difference is that you have to fill the powder in two compartments at once and press the button marked with the icon. It activates the function. The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

put things in the drum; Pour the powder into the “1” section. It can also be indicated by the Roman number I or letter A; Add detergent to the main washing department

Here you can also fall asleep the mixture to combat stains or oxygen bleach (it is important that it be dry); set the desired cleaning program; Connect the preliminary wash. On the electronic panel of Bosch machines there is either an appropriate inscription or the icon “Basik with a stick”; Wait for the machine to finish the work; Remove the linen from the drum.

If you are worried that during the preliminary washing the technique will “eat” powder from both compartments, check this. Stop the cycle after 20 minutes and see if the remedy has been preserved in the ditch.

Experiment will help to verify the effectiveness of the additional stage of washing. “Scroll” one batch of linen on standard mode, the second. by connecting preliminary processing. Judging by the reviews of the hostesses, things werehed with an activated function are cleaned much better.

What happens at this stage?

The option is combined with almost all Bosch washing programs. It can be connected when cleaning synthetics, cotton items, jeans, shirts, delicate fabrics. There are modes in which preliminary processing is a mandatory procedure, for example, “cotton 90”. Here she is immediately added to the main stages of washing.

How to Identify an Error Code on a Bosch Washing Machine

  • The machine picks up water, warms it up to 30 ° C. At this temperature, spots from grass, juices, cosmetics, and coffee are well soaked.
  • The detergent dissolves in water. The powder be sure to fall asleep into a special compartment.
  • The drum begins to rotate smoothly, cleansing the fabric.
  • At the end, the spent liquid merges, and the machine proceeds to the main washing.

Usually, when complementing the cycle with this mode, the machine operates longer for 30-120 minutes. The duration of the preliminary processing depends on the model of the Bosch washer.

Washing modes

The very first thing that any hostess pays attention to when choosing a washing machine is programs for each type of fabric. After all, the things that you erase, as a result of washing, should not only be cleaned, but also maintain shape and color.

On shortcuts, most often, you will find only instructions on the mode necessary for washing or temperature. But the Bosch Maxx 5 washing machine already has 11 programmed modes by default, each of which clearly describes the instruction. Everything that is required to determine the type of fabric (using the same shortcut), put it within the weight norm of the thing in the machine and select the wash mode.

Next, we will briefly describe the features of each of the programs:

  • “Cotton”. This option is used during the washing of natural durable fabrics, which are not deformed as a result of high temperature exposure (up to 90 °). Often these are towels, diapers, kitchen napkins, pillowcases, tumors and sheets, less often sweaters, shirts, trousers. When you are not sure if you can wash your thing in this mode, look at the label. If other materials are indicated in addition to cotton, then choose a different mode or you can correct this mode. So, instead of a temperature of 90o, put 40 degrees, having previously processed problem areas with a stain. When choosing this program, calculate for a long time washing. The maximum permissible weight of things that can be washed at a time 5 kg.
  • “Synthetics”. If it is planned to wash clothing, fully or partially consisting of unnatural fiber, choose this option. For such things, the high temperature should not be set. For high.quality cleaning of 30 degrees it will be quite enough. If necessary, you can set a higher temperature for the main washing of 40 degrees. But you can squeeze such things using the maximum number of revolutions. Remember, if you wash clothes containing synthetic fibers at high temperature, you can hardly wear it again. Do not put more than 2.5 kg of clothing in the drum.
  • “Mixed underwear”. A new generation washing machine Bosch Max 5 is designed for a very economical and comfortable washing. You may not wait until you get the amount of synthetic linen and separately cotton for washing, and then spend half a day for 2 washes. Wash what is already lying in the basket together by choosing this program. This will save you on water and electricity, and also take less time. If you select this mode, do not put more than 2 kg in the drum in the drum.
  • “Jeans”. The very name of the program already indicates a type of fabric for which it is intended. For many people, it is jeans things that are the most running, which means that the corresponding option in the washer is quite appropriate. Do not forget that the maximum permissible weight of things that can be washed at a time 2 kg.
  • “Thin linen”. Those things that you used to carefully wash only by hand, now you can safely send to automatic washing. Shay, blouses or elements of underwear from expensive and delicate fabrics you can put in a machine and choose this program. The washing process is carried out at permissible temperature (30o), and no more than 600 revolutions need to be pressed out of thin materials. If you use such an option, then do not put in the drum more than 2 kg.
  • “Wool”. Lovers of soft and warm clothes know what tenderness it has. Therefore, in the model of Mahx 5 Bosch washing machine there is a special option for natural things. Even if your woolen sweater is only half, use this program. After cleaning, the thing does not deform. In the process, the device stops several times for a long time so that the clothing is lieuty in a solution of water with a cleansing agent. With a temperature set by default, not a single thing will deteriorate. Do not put more than 2 kg of woolen products in the drum.
  • “Super fast 30/15”. When you just want to “refresh” things, this option is exactly what you need. The device extends in just half an hour, rinses and squeezes clothes. When putting this program, remember that it is undesirable to load more than 1 kg of things. And if you choose an additional SpeedPerfect option, the entire process in time will be reduced by halor. The high water temperature is not provided for by this program, since the Tena takes more time to work.
  • “Night program”. For maximum savings in your time, turn on the device at night, and in the morning just squeeze (selecting a separate option) and hang things for drying. The peculiarity of the program is that the device works as quietly as possible and does not sign the end of the washing process. If you select this mode, do not put more than 2 kg of things in the drum in the drum.
  • Separately, you can set the “rinse” mode. Of course, each of the above program rinses the default items. But some clothes (for example, children’s) must be rinsed additionally so that it does not have the smell of detergent left. This is relevant with manual washing or soaking. Place the already cleaned thing in the device, because it will cope with rinsing better, spent a fewer water.
  • “Excre” can also be used separately when it comes to previously washed things. Any of the above types of washing can be accelerated when you set the program, click the SpeedPerfect button. The exception is the “wool” mode, because for the full cleaning and safety of things, the machine must stop several times.

Bosch Maxx 5, Instruction

Consider the reduced version of the instructions for the operation of the Bosch Maxx 5 washing machine, in which there will be only basic information.

Correct installation of the machine

Bosch Maxx 5 washing equipment should be installed on a fortified surface. It is worth noting that in the process of washing, the machine can move due to strong vibration. That is why it should be installed in the level. Better yet, fix the housing, additionally fixing the legs.

It is important to note that the washing technique has a large weight. Therefore, you need to be very careful, moving it from one place to another.

After unpacking the machine, you need to check the condition of the body. If damage is detected, it is necessary to return the equipment to the store. You should not even connect it to the mains.

If the machine body does not have defects, then you can install it. However, it is necessary to first prepare a place in which the washing technique will stand.

To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

Strengthen the floor. It is not at all necessary to make the floor perfectly even, because at the base of the washer there are twisting legs, with which you can adjust its position.

Organize the withdrawal of sewage system and water pipe. You also need to install a moisture.resistant outlet for a washing machine.

Check the space in which the washing machine will be located. The gap between objects located nearby should be at least 1 centimeter.

The fifth model Bosch Maxx contains special transport bolts on the back wall. They fix the drum during transportation. Before operating the machine, they should be twisted. These bolts need to be collected, but not throw. In the future they may be needed.

Then you need to drown out holes for the bolts. It is also necessary to pull out the drain and bulk slag from fixing fasteners. But this is done after moving the washer to the installation site.

Then you need to put the building level on the laid cover, and then twist its legs one after another until the machine leases. The deviation should not exceed 2 degrees.

Connect the drain hose to the sewage. It must be bent so that water remains in the knee. Then extraneous smells from the sewer pipe will not fall into the machine. The best connection height is 60 centimeters.

Connect the bulk hose to the water pipe. This is done through a troop crane. The compounds must be isolated with a flash. The terminals of the tower crane must have a standard diameter (3⁄4 inches). Before screwing the bulk hose, it is necessary to check the presence of all sealing gum.

Do not connect washing equipment to a water water supply with low water pressure. The pressure is checked is very simple. You need to open the crane, and then calculate the amount of liters of water, which will flow out of the water supply in one minute. There should be at least 8 liters.

At the final stage, you need to include the washing room in the network. But first you need to check the serviceability of the outlet. If doubts have appeared at this stage, then it is better to contact an electrician. It is important that the outlet has grounding. It must also cope with the maximum load that Bosch machine can create.

Positive characteristics include a high washing class (a), as well as the outcome of class D. In the process of squeezing the washed things, the Bosch Waa 16171 washing machine is capable of 800 revolutions per minute. This is its maximum indicator. After such, things remain still quite moist, so they will need additional time to dry.

The diameter of the hatch, where things are directly loaded, is 30 centimeters. This undoubtedly refers to the advantages, since such a large radius of the hole allows you to immerse/extract things without any difficulties. Place the Bosch WAA 16171 model in a narrow designated place will not work.

This is due to the fact that things are loaded frontally, and not vertically. However, the presence of a smooth even upper surface can be used, for example, to store products for washing.

It is important to note that during the period of functioning, the machine consumes a minimum amount of electric energy. But it can spend about 50 liters of water. This model is perfect for those people who do not chase all the trends in the development of modern technology, or if there is no way to purchase a more expensive model yet.

Icons on the washing machine Bosch

If you write all options on the control panel, then it will be completely covered with inscriptions. this is inconvenient for perception and complicates the search for the desired regime. So that the user can quickly find the desired function, associative drawings are used that implies the idea of ​​a specific process.

Pictures are easy to remember, the main thing is to find out once what they mean, and the memory will be easy to choose the right option.

These include drawings that are used in all Bosch models:

  • Designation of the power button. She looks like a circle with a vertical line inside.
  • Wash. Picture. a basin half filled with water. There are many options for the process. manual, preliminary, delicate, express, economy.
  • Rinsing. Pilgroup with water.
  • Supervision. Twisted spiral. There is a choice of revolutions.

Things and types of fabrics

The mode is selected depending on the material of the manufacture and purpose of the product:

Shirt suspended for a hook. for synthetics. The duration of the program is determined by loading the drum. Range. from half an hour to 1.5 hours. Water heating. up to 40 ° C. Synthetic things erased in this mode. in complete safety.

Dress with flower and body. For cotton. Duration. 2 hours. Time varies depending on the additional options selected. Maximum temperature. 90–95 ° C.

Dress with flower and trousers. Combined and fast washing. Duration is determined by the workload of the drum and model. So, Bosch Classixx 5 devices are erased in this mode for half an hour, and Logixx 6. 50 minutes. The maximum heating of water in express mode is 50 ° C.

Designations for some brands of washing machines

Basically, in washing machines of different brands non.standard are the icons that indicate additional functions. Some brands seem to be specially striving to emphasize the introduction of innovations with new icons, which are not on competitors’ products. There are also small differences in the designation of traditional programs. Let’s take a closer look at them.


Many designations used on the Bosch washing machines panels, for example, Bosch Maxx 5, typical (for example, preliminary washing, drain, spin, etc. D.), but there are those that you need to talk about separately:

  • A joint image of panties, T.shirts and T.shirts means a laundry washing mode (in the latest models, t.shirts and a cotton box are often depicted) if the same images are circled by a greasy line. intensive washing is implied;
  • a capacity with a wavy line. a mode with an increased amount of water;
  • the image of an empty pelvis or dial with a dedicated segment of time is fast washing;
  • The iron icon corresponds to the regime that provides light ironing of the washed things;
  • The image of a T.shirt (often with a hanger) is a mode of washing synthetics, the image of a night shirt is a delicate washing icon on Bosch washing machines, and the butterfly corresponds to the washing of silk products.

On modern Bosch units, all icons are signed, it is often not required to refer to the instructions

Decryption and description of the abrasions of the washing machine can always be found in the instructions for the technique


There are often no badges on the control panels of the washing machines of this company, and all the names of modes and functions are printed in Russian, which is very convenient for the user.

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Samsung washing machinery control panels contain a minimum of icons

Among non.standard designations, which can still occasionally meet on such units, the following are distinguished:

  • T.shirts with a painted lower right edge (or with circles in this place) mean an intensive wash mode or Eco Bubble function;
  • Castle and/or smiling face correspond to the functions of protection against children;
  • A pelvis with a wavy line on top means soaking;
  • crossed out speaker. the ability to turn off the sound signals.


Indesit manufacturers often place not only badges, but also the name of programs and options on the dashboard, so it’s not difficult to understand the meaning of the pictures. In addition, almost all designations are typical, there are very few exceptions:

On the control panels of the Indesit washing units are often used, both icons and signatures

The developers of the LG brand washing machines are also not trying to highlight their equipment through the introduction of non.standard images. On dashboard, almost all programs are signed by words in Russian, and if the icons are present, then they are standard.

In the photo below, you can see the dashboard of the LG F12u2HCS2 unit with standard inclusion/off, pause and start icons.

The icons are practically not used on the control panels of many models of washing machines LG


Among the designations that can be found on the Wirlpool brand washing machines, the following are interesting:

  • The letter R placed in a basin means fast washing;
  • The shower image corresponds to the rinse mode, and two souls drawn one after another. additional rinse;
  • The designation “½” placed inside the pelvis involves washing mode with water saving during rinsing;
  • A large capital letter E means the mode in which electricity is saved;
  • The image of the feathers symbolizes a delicate wash;
  • A spiral denoting the squeeze can be two types: tightly twisted and with large intervals between turns. In the first case, this is a standard mode, in the second. sparing.

In the photo. a fragment of instructions for one of the models of WHIRLPOOL washing machines


In some models of this company, the dashboard contains exclusively icons. Many of them are understandable and familiar to users, for example, the image of a cotton box (washing of cotton fabrics) or a flask (washing synthetics). Among the images characteristic of this brand, they distinguish:

  • a drawing of a blanket that speaks of a special mode for washing rugs, bedspreads and blankets from various fabrics;
  • The image of a sneaker on the panel, which means that your washing machine has a mode of washing sports things;
  • shirt icon, which corresponds to the washing program of these products;
  • The image of the pelvis with wavy lines, which in this case will mean a rinse mode.

Why do you need badges in general?

Everything is very simple. In order not to write on the main panel of washing, which means this or that function, Bosch manufacturers decided to denote these settings and programs in the form of special characters. This is just a brilliant solution, because the symbols take less space on the main washing panel than words, they are easily remembered and have a more informative semantic load.

If you look at a specific icon, then in most cases it is intuitive that it characterizes. For example, the image of a butterfly is the embodiment of tenderness and lightness, respectively, this icon programs a delicate mode in which things can be washed from delicate fabrics.

What are the main icons of Bosch cars?

After we considered the designations on cars as a whole, as well as some features of Bosch models in particular, you can go to specific icons in the latter. First of all, it is worth giving a complete list of all the icons that are only on the panel of most models of Bosch machines:

  • Spring.stained button. image of a blower t.shirt;
  • Button for preliminary washing. image of a pelvis with a vertical strip;
  • Button for easy ironing. image of an iron;
  • Button for additional rinsing. image of a pelvis with water with an arrow at the top;
  • Button for choosing the number of revolutions (light icons: silent mode. image of a pelvis with standing water, 600, 800, 900 and 1000);
  • Light designations of the washing phase (the beginning of washing, rinsing, spin and drain);
  • Launch and reset button;
  • Rotary handle for choosing modes.

The last item on this list deserves special attention, because there are most images and designations around the rotary handle. In addition, it is this regulator that plays a key role in determining the operating mode. And we can also say that it is in this handle that the main feature of the panels is Bosch.

With the help of this convenient tool, you can easily control the washing unit. You can choose a mode of delicate or manual washing, the desired temperature, as well as the time of operation. All the variety of programs and settings becomes available, thanks to the use of a rotary handle.

designation, modes, washing, machine, bosch

Features of the display

Here you need to pay attention to how information is displayed and there is whether there is a backlight.

Important! The presence of backlight will greatly simplify the use of the device, since even with the light turned off, everything will be clearly visible.

The display can be either with illumination and without it.

It is better to give preference to ordinary buttons, since the touch display can be faulty and its repair is much more complicated. It is recommended to choose those models that indicate the time and temperature of the washing, as this will greatly simplify the process.

First launch Bosch Maxx

The manufacturer in the operating instructions for Bosch Maxx 4 recommends starting a washing machine for the first time without linen. You can do this with a special starting tool or ordinary washing powder.

The composition is covered in the compartment for the main washing and the standard cycle is launched at the Cotton 60 program. Such events will allow you to clean the washing machine from production mud and prepare it for loading underwear.

The choice of the necessary program here is provided using a universal handle, which is spinning in both directions. Speaking about the functionality of Maxx 4, with the help of a variety of modes, you can cope with serious and old pollution, wash delicate things and children’s clothing without any harm, sports ammunition and even shoes. And although each mode has its own temperature, if necessary, all the specified parameters can be changed on your own.

Also separately, you can initiate a rinse and push procedure. It all depends on the tasks put by the user. In addition, so that the machine does not vibrate much, the number of revolutions can be reduced up to 600. But in this case, the laundry will be more saturated with moisture.

If the thing is delicate, then the function of additional rinsing will also always have to be by the way. The mode of fast washing is usually used if clothes or underwear just need to be refresh. In the instructions for Bosch Maxx 4 WFC 2063 OE, you can familiarize yourself with the table in more detail, where each mode indicates the time. The maximum washing time is 135 minutes.

Before starting to use the Bosch 4 washing machine, it is necessary to produce a trial launch of the equipment in accordance with the instructions:

  • Check the connection of the washer to the power supply, the water supply and sewage system;
  • After the examination, the washing machine usually turns on the laundry washing mode at 60 degrees, but without loading linen into it;
  • At a trial launch into the powder receiver, the washing powder is filled up, and the air conditioner for linen is poured into the second compartment, which helps to clean the machine from factory mud and dust.
  • Bosch Max 4 Manufacturers advise not to leave the household device unattended during the first launch, especially squeezing.

Then, in the case of improper installation of the machine and the occurrence of a malfunction, you can immediately notice this and prevent unpleasant consequences or even repair.

The subsequent process of using the equipment, in accordance with the operating instructions, is as follows:

  • After loading the linen into the drum, you should carefully close its door and turn on the desired washing program, usually on the control panel, manufacturers indicate the most popular icons indicating certain modes and helping to choose the most suitable for you;
  • Even if you have chosen the wrong program, and the Bosch Max 4 washing machine has already launched the rinsing process, you can cancel it by installing the selector on the shutdown icon and waiting for several minutes, after which the mode that you need and the device begins to work on a new one.

In addition, it is worth using each compartment for washing drugs strictly for its purpose, there are only 3 of them in the powder receiver and they are all different sizes. The first (left) is designed for powder and bleach, the second (in the middle) for the air conditioner and the third compartment (right) is used for soaking.

Icons on the washing machine, designation of modes and decryption

The control panel on Bosch washing machines is represented by the start button and other buttons to select the main wash modes. The number of revolutions during washing is selected using a separate switch. over, the more the fabric is contaminated and the higher its density, the greater the speed should be set. A separate switch is also used to set the washing temperature.

It also helps to choose a mode taking into account the type of fabric.

  • Ordinary. It is marked by the image of the pelvis with 2 vertical lines.
  • Fast. It is noted by the pelvic icon with horizontal lines and the letter R.
  • Cotton things. It corresponds to the image of a cotton box.
  • Manually. Its symbol is a basin with a hand lowered into it.
  • Daily. The image of T.shirts answers her.
  • Synthetics. The picture of the flask indicates it.
  • Delicate. The image of the feather corresponds to her.
  • Wool. It is indicated by the picture of a ball of wool.
  • Preliminary. It is depicted by a pelvis with one vertical line.
  • In cold water. An image of a snowflake will tell about her.
  • Without spinning. It denotes a crossed snail.
  • Energetic. It is indicated by a pelvis with two wavy lines.
  • Open cotton box indicates the washing of cotton items.
  • The image of the flask corresponds to the washing of synthetic clothing.
  • The picture of the flower denotes the washing of materials that need delicate care.
  • A basin with a hand immersed in it is a symbol of manual washing.
  • Snowflake means washing in cold water.
  • The image of a skein of wool indicates the washing of woolen fabrics.
  • Basin with a downward arrow denotes a drain.
  • The image of a spiral indicates an exalgage mode, and a crossed spiral means washing without spinning.
  • Layer indicates protection from children.
  • A basin with a horizontal strip is a designation of washing with a tank filled with water.
  • A basin with a wavy line above, inside which there are several points, indicates a rinse mode.
  • Image 2 drops and plus corresponds to the Aquaplus function, which provides for additional rinsing.
  • Drawing T.shirt with spots indicates intensive washing.
  • The image of the clock and the hand.directed arrows corresponds to the function of the delayed start.
  • The drawing of an empty pelvis, in which a stream of water falls, is a rinse symbol on a Candy typewriter.
  • A basin with the letter P on the machines of this brand indicates a preliminary washing.
  • Three pounds of wool denote the mode of washing woolen clothes.
  • The basin, next to which the number 32 is located, can be seen next to the button that turns on the fast washing.
  • Figure Perse will tell you that the selected wash mode is suitable for delicate materials.
  • Picture of the cloud and descending arrow means washing durable fabrics.

Modern washing machines are created taking into account that any user is quite easy to control the washing process. However, dealing with newly acquired technology is sometimes difficult. Some designations on washing machines are clear, but there are also icons, the meaning of which at first glance will not work.

In addition, each manufacturer has an icon on the front panel of the device in some ways differ from the technology of other brands.


For those who have this model is not the first washing machine, the launch of washing will not be difficult. As a rule, first you need to make sure that it is really connected to the power supply. It happens that due to haste consumers are mistaken in choosing a washing program. Do not despair, since choosing another mode is still possible. To do this, it is necessary to carry out the following procedure:

  • We move the regulator of choosing a program to zero mark.
  • We expect a couple of seconds, after which we select a program that was planned to be used earlier.
  • Press the start. and the washing machine begins the process in accordance with the re.selected mode.

In the instructions for Bosch Maxx 4, the manufacturer notes that the device will last longer if it is properly care

It is also important to use it exclusively for the direct purpose

What Are The Programmes And Washes On A Bosch And Siemens Washing Machine

Dispensers where the washing powder is placed, the air conditioning for linen also needs to be washed periodically, since the plaque is formed over time, the powder will not be completely washed out of the compartment. As a rule, the procedure needs to be repeated every four washing.

In accordance with the instructions, Bosch Maxx 4 is not recommended for washing with means not designed for washing machines. For example, manual washing powders create abundant foam. It is also impossible to use shared finely laundry soap. it can clog the powder receiver.

Only a clear compliance of the instruction of Bosch Maxx 4 will allow to evaluate all the advantages and high.quality assembly of the technique of the leading manufacturer of household appliances.

Bosch washing manufacturers make detailed operating instructions. The manual with the typewriter contains all the information that the future owner of the equipment may be needed: safety precautions, general rules of use, recommendations, etc.D.

This article contains a brief instruction for the Bosch Maxx 4 washing machine, which will help you deal with the technique.

Useful tips

Conditional images used in Bosch apparatus are largely similar to drawings applied to the labels of clothing. This makes the choice of suitable regime more simple. Chips on choice:

  • Be sure to study the shortcut, attached to clothes. decipher the icons depicted on it.
  • Find out exactly what effect this or that option will produce on a specific thing before installing it.
  • Do not load white and colored products into the drum at the same time.
  • For expensive delicate things, it is better to choose a manual wash.
  • Try to wash things in special bags. This applies, first of all, shoes, linen and products with fittings.

Knowing what the pictures on the control panel indicate, you can quickly and accurately choose the optimal programs for washing. Knowing the regimes and programs will help you simultaneously save resources and have a qualitatively remove things, maintaining their integrity and attractiveness.

Rinse icon: General appearance

Simple rinse Basin or watering can.
Additional rinse Two waterings (large and small). A detergent or air conditioner is washed.
Rinse holding Full bowl of water. It is used in delicate processing.
Rinsing with a softening agent Picture in the form of a flower.

Rinse. a mode indicated more often by the same icon, regardless of what brand of washing machine is talking about. Most often this image of the pelvis with the addition of a wavy line. Either there are direct dams indicating the presence of liquid. In total, four types of programs present in washing machines can be distinguished:

Rinse-among the regimes-representatives of the last group.

If you only need to rinse the thing, then the seal is disconnected.

During rinsing, such a function such as draining water is automatically carried out.

The distinction between the modes is necessary in order to avoid the appearance of defects on things that require a particularly accurate circulation. For example, in the case of delicate fabrics, if they are forbidden to squeeze.

Washing modes

Bosch washing machines are equipped with the following washing programs:

  • Icon with the image of a shirt hanging on a hanger. Synthetic fabrics. The duration of the regime is from 55 to 91 minutes at a temperature of 40 ° C.
  • Dress with flower and body. Must for cotton and linen fabrics. Water temperature. from 40 to 90 ° to choose a user. Cycle execution time. from 80 to 135 minutes.
  • Dress with flower and trousers (on some models. dress, shirt, body). Used to wash mixed tissues at 40 ° 60 ° C. Execution time. from 50 minutes.
  • Bogochka with a butterfly. Delicate linen of silk or satin is carefully erased at 30 ° C. Except is performed at minimum speeds. Duration. half an hour.
  • A skein of thread and a pelvis with a lowered hand. Manual washing of wool. The mode is performed 40 minutes at 30 ° C. The drum rotates very slowly, the amount of water is increased, the revolutions are low as low.
  • Sliders. Program for children’s things. To remove all bacteria and microbes from them, the regime is performed for a long time and at high temperatures.
  • Icon with the image of jeans. Designed to wash denim fabrics for 40-80 minutes. Water temperature. 40 ° 60 ° C.
  • Shirt or blouse drawing. Washing mode of relevant things. Duration. from 40 to 80 minutes at a temperature of 40 ° to 60 ° C.
  • T.shirt icon with number. Washing sports things at 60 ° C for 80 minutes.
  • Image of a winter jacket. PUMPLICS program. Designed for washing products with a filler at 40 ° C and maximum spin. The program does not allow fluff or other contents of the jacket to go down into a whole lump.
  • Drawing of the month with stars. Night cycle. Designed for regions where the cost of water and electricity is lower at night than during the day. For this program, the squeezer is disconnected and notification of the completion of the regime. The user can turn on these functions by waking up in the morning.
  • Pelvis with an arrow directed down. Draining. The function is launched if things are not required to squeeze or you need to stop the execution of the program.
  • Dialing mode. Fast and energetic work for 60 minutes.
  • A dial filled in half or a quarter means a fast 30 or 15-minute washing. The modes are used to refresh underwear. Full washing on these programs is impossible.

How to start a Bosch washing machine

To launch the wash by Bosch, it is necessary to sort things according to the type of material and color, and then place the fabrics of one species inside the drum. The correct amount of suitable detergent must be filled into the powder tank. Next, you should install a program suitable for the selected type of fabric. If necessary, adjust the temperature, reduce or increase the squeeze, select additional functions and press the mode launch button.

In order not to damage things in the course of fulfilling the regime and remove them qualitatively, you need to follow a number of simple rules.

  • Before placing things in the drum of the Bosch machine, you need to familiarize yourself with the shortcut and conventions that are available on it. Choose a wash mode and a detergent is necessary only in accordance with the indications available on the label.
  • Before installing a particular additional function, it is necessary to accurately find out its meaning and decide whether it is suitable for the selected thing.
  • It is not allowed to load colored and light fabrics into the drum. The former can pour and damage things of the second type.
  • To wash valuable delicate things, it is better to choose a manual mode.
  • Linen, things with fittings and t.D. It is recommended to place in a special bag before putting Bosch cars in the drum.

The choice of the optimal mode for the Bosch washing machine

Before choosing a washing program, you must carefully examine the things that are thrown into the drum. It will not be superfluous to study the labels, each of them must indicate the recommended mode and temperature.

designation, modes, washing, machine, bosch

The process of choosing a program of the washing machine is extremely simple. It is enough to crank the disk of the swing pointer and combine its label with the required mode. In most cases, this is enough, but if necessary, the algorithm can be adjusted and added additional functions.

Several useful tips

Bosch automatic washing machines are designed and made for people. The machine makes life easier for the user, saves time and guarantees clean linen. So that everything is just that you should adhere to a few simple rules:

designation, modes, washing, machine, bosch
  • pay attention to linen labels,
  • Do not wash expensive things if there is no confidence in the correct choice of mode,
  • Do not throw colored and white things into the drum,
  • be sure to check your s before washing,
  • Shoes, clothes with fittings are washed only in special bags,
  • fasten buttons and lightning before washing,
  • use detergents recommended by the manufacturer of the washing machine.

The choice of the optimal operating mode of the washing machine is a guarantee of a good result. It is worth spending a little time to understand the features of each of them. There is no doubt. the Bosch washing machine carries any underwear, you just need to configure it correctly.

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