Dishwasher Salt How to Use It

What kind of salt is needed in a dishwasher to save without damage!

Who does not dream of such a miracle of kitchen appliances, as a dishwasher. And now your dream has come true. this beauty is in your kitchen, ready to work for you. But buying a dishwasher isn’t enough.

Machine for the dishwasher technique is complex, and requires careful attention. In addition to dishwashing detergents the machine also needs salt, but not the usual kind that we use to salt our food, but the special salt.

In this article, in all the details, we will talk about whether you need salt for the dishwasher, what role it plays and what can be the best fit, which is more to pay attention to the company or price?

How much salt to pour

How much salt to put in the dishwasher? Such a question many people ask. Manufacturers advise to fill the compartment to the top. there is usually 0.8. 1.2 kg of the preparation.

How often should I put salt in the dishwasher?? Dishwasher owners assure that one full load of dishwasher salt lasts about 1-2 months (including daily use).

You only need to add more salt when the corresponding indicator on the dishwasher’s display lights up to indicate that there is no salt in the ion exchanger.

The salt consumption rate is directly affected by the water hardness level. The easiest way to find out this level is to contact the utility, but you can also use the above methods.

Dishwasher Salt: Selection and Usage Principles

Wondering if you need dishwasher salt?? Unsure of your choice or unsure of the correct regenerating agent to use? Then this article is for you. We have prepared a detailed manual on the use of hardness-eliminating granules.

In this article we explain the importance of salt for normal dishwasher performance and dispel myths about its uselessness. We explain what tactics to follow when pouring the product into the washing machine. Here are helpful suggestions for choosing the right softener for your washing machine.

What is dishwasher salt?

There are a large number of different salts sold in the home care departments in the low, medium, and high price categories. How they differ and which one to choose? Here’s an overview of the leading brands.


Owners of a washing machine or dishwasher are no strangers to this manufacturer. The brand produces a variety of rinse aid, powders and tablets in the “3 in 1” type. Its advantage is excellent performance at a reasonable price. A pack of 1.5 kg costs 200-300. this will be enough for long-term use (up to 3 months). Main features:

  • makes the water softer, prevents the formation of limescale on the heater;
  • Improves the quality of washing;
  • Prevents unsightly stains.

dishwasher, salt

According to customer reviews, Finish is one of the most effective products on the market. Read the detailed review of Finish salts.

Magic Power

Inexpensive product with excellent performance indicators. For 1.5kg you will pay around 150. The large size of the crystals makes the use of the product economical.

Please note: How long the amount of detergent will last also depends on the water hardness. the higher the water hardness, the higher the amount consumed.

The substance softens the water, improves the quality of washing, prevents the heating element from fouling. This brand also produces detergent tablets, which are used for the same purposes. The main thing is that your washing machine model must have a 3-in-1 detergent option.


Regenerating agent with purified and evaporated table salt, without unnecessary components. This environmental friendliness can result in a substantial reduction in wash quality. Packed in 2kg packs, economical consumption allows one year’s usage, considering the hardness of your water supply.

Important! Products labelled “ECO” and “BIO” are often overpriced, because in terms of their composition they are still just NaCl.


Rare but worthwhile brand. Cost-effective 4 kg packs for less than 500. The formula enables the product to fight hard water reliably and prevent limescale deposits.

The machine always needs salt. regardless of the composition of the water and the quality of its parts.

This product accomplishes several things:

  • Deceleration of scale formation on metal elements.
  • Protects the cookware from lime deposits that are not safe for the human body.

Failure to use salt will not instantly damage your machine. But with each time it will work worse until it fails completely. Sometimes salt is contained in capsules or complex tablets. But manufacturers do not rush to add salt to detergents. That’s why you have to buy it separately.

What is regenerating salt?

A term like this came about because of the way the water is softened. Calcium makes water hard, so it must be “transformed” into sodium in order not to damage the appliance. Dishwashers are equipped with an ion exchanger containing resins that can replace magnesium and calcium ions with harmless sodium. But over time, the sodium is washed from the ion exchanger, and the ability to attract calcium declines. Salt restores the “stock” of sodium and renews the “working power” of the ion exchanger.

It’s important! You should not use the common dietary salt in a dishwasher, it is useless. Regenerating salt for household appliances is specially treated and has a more complex composition.

What is the best regenerating salt? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question, each housewife makes her own choice, but there are several means that have gained popularity among all categories of consumers.

Why do we need salt in the automatic dishwasher?

To wash a batch of dishes, you need to load auxiliary agents into the machine:

The third obligatory component is dishwasher salt, which does not clean, wash or rinse, but without it, the household appliance can’t function properly.

It’s all in the water, or rather, in the hardness indexes. When heated, the calcium and magnesium ions present in the liquid precipitate on the internal elements of the machine. A hard lime scale is formed, which prevents heating and leads to equipment failure. The higher the hardness of the water, the shorter the life of the dishwasher without the use of special agents.

The salt helps to reduce the hardness, which reduces the risk of plaque formation and protects the internal components of the machine. Some brands additionally have antibacterial effect.

For your consideration! Salt indirectly affects wash quality. The preparations foam better in soft water, and the dishes don’t get scum, stains and streaks. The consumption of the product is significantly reduced.

Overview of popular products

On the market there is a wide range of special products, which are recommended to use to soften water in the dishwasher. The choice of a particular composition is purely subjective, since all samples have their positive and negative sides.


Owners of washing machines or dishwashers are no strangers to this manufacturer. The brand offers a variety of 3-in-1 rinses, powders and tablets. Its advantage is in excellent performance at a reasonable price. A pack of 1.5 kg costs 200-300. this will be enough for long-term use (up to 3 months). Main features:

  • Makes the water softer, prevents the formation of limescale on the heater;
  • Improves the quality of washing;
  • prevents unsightly stains.

Magic Power

Inexpensive product with excellent performance indicators. For 1.5 kg you will pay about 150. Thanks to the large size of its crystals, it is economical to use.

Please note: How long you can use this amount depends on the water hardness, i.e. the higher the water hardness, the higher the consumption.

The substance softens water, improves the quality of the washing process, prevents the heating element from scaling. This brand also produces detergent tablets that are used for the same purposes. The main thing is that your model of the washing machine has the possibility to use “3 in 1” products.


From common refined salt. There is nothing superfluous in it, no additives. You have to pay for the eco-friendliness with the quality of the wash. it’s lower than with other preparations. Sold in packs of 2 kg. Uses a pack for about one year. consumption depends on the water hardness.

How do I refill my Dishwasher with salt and rinse aid

Often, products marked as environmentally friendly are unreasonably expensive. The “eco” and “bio” labels are nothing more than advertising.


Rare product. Sold in a 4 kg pack and only costs 500. A good softener. Prevents the formation of leaks.


This powder is characterized by high salt purity and total absence of impurities. The quality of the substance is confirmed by numerous certificates. The crystals in this product pack are smaller than the others. Consumers say that the quality-price ratio is excellent. The Somat detergent is available in almost all household detergent stores.


Two types of salt are produced under this brand name: Cleanvon and Natural (regenerating). The latter product is made only from natural ingredients, while the former is 99.9% purified.

Aonit salt is made by evaporation. The cost of both products is about 100 per 1.5 kg pack.

Three-in-one” capsules

The “three-in-one” capsules are not produced as a dishwasher salt substitute, but as an all-purpose dishwasher detergent that makes the process as easy as possible. The capsules themselves consist of several layers, each of which dissolves at a fixed time interval.

The first two layers open and dissolve in water due to the high temperature of the water. The third layer is incorporated during the rinsing process. The last, fourth layer is dissolved in the final stage of the dishwashing process, during the rinse cycle.

It is because of the multilayer structure of the capsule “three in one” can be called a universal tool. They can replace not only dishwasher salt, but also the detergent itself. However, the use of such capsules, experts recommend only for prolonged washing of dishes. Otherwise, the layers of the capsule will dissolve at the wrong time and the dishes will not clean properly.

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