Distance from the ceiling to the split system

Is it possible to connect the air conditioner to the usual socket

For household networks, the total power consumption of a single household appliance should not exceed 1386 W; if the characteristics of the air conditioner is greater than this figure, you need a direct connection to the power distribution board, not the usual socket.

While choosing a socket or a switchboard connection one should take into consideration the following factors:

  • Total peak load on the power line. Take into account all connected appliances.
  • Possibility to change the wiring scheme. This is done during the repair.
  • Presence of automatic unit from overload.
  • The design of the air conditioner. For split systems, the outdoor unit is connected directly to the switchboard, the indoor unit can be connected through the socket.

For industrial models with high power must be connected without socket directly to the switchboard, run a separate cable.

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Where to install the air conditioner in the bedroom?

The optimal place for an air conditioner in a bedroom is the wall at the headboard, but the device is hanged not directly above the bed, but at the side of the bed. In this case, the cold air will be concentrated closer to the feet of holidaymakers, not near the head.

An admissible variant is to situate a conditioner so that cool air goes perpendicularly to a bed and passes in the area of a footboard.

It is also possible to hang a conditioner above the door. In this case the unit will not be conspicuous when you enter the room and if the door is left open, the coolness will spread outside the bedroom. The only disadvantage of this variant is a long freon line.

The most unsuccessful variants of air conditioner placing in a bedroom are placing it opposite to the bed when the cold air is getting straight on the head of a person resting and opposite to the front door when the unit is at once conspicuous when coming into the room.

The place near a window is also suitable for placing a conditioner, but here you should be very careful with the choice of curtains. Massive structures will lower the efficiency of the device, if they disturb the normal air circulation.

If you did not manage to choose the ideal place, you can pay your attention to an air conditioner with a multidirectional air flow. In case of emergency one can close the lower sash, directing cool air to some side. In any case it is better not to leave conditioner on for the night.

Choosing a place for a conditioner in a living room one should be guided by the rules described above, but, alas, it is not always enough. In a room, where the guests and dwellers are gathering, it is more important than anywhere else that the block should be as imperceptible as possible and should literally dissolve in the interior. It is strictly not recommended to direct the air on the sofas, armchairs and dining-table.

In kitchen, and it is usually a very small space, it is difficult to place a conditioner, especially taking into consideration numerous dangers in the form of a stove, a refrigerator, radiators and columns. If one cannot do without a conditioner at all pay attention to the most compact and angular models.

Requirements to a place of an air conditioner location

Efficiency and longevity of the service life of air conditioner is influenced by its placement; there are some requirements to installation of split-equipment which should be necessarily considered at installation works.

  • A void space of at least 15cm must be left between the ceiling and the indoor unit.
  • There should be not less than 10 cm distance between the nearest vertical surface.
  • The indoor unit must not be installed under shelves, cabinets or other vertical surfaces or above any appliance that generates heat.
  • The internal unit of the split-system must not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • It is not allowed to bend strongly the freon pipes which connect the outside and inside blocks.
  • It is desirable to choose a convenient place for installation of a conditioner so that it could be as accessible as possible for technical service.
  • Try not to create a long route of communication systems between the indoor and outdoor unit, which will require refilling with freon.
  • It is better to install a conditioner at the stage of repair works.
  • It is undesirable to install the unit of cooling in front of the entrance in the room.

On what minimum distance from the ceiling to hang conditioner

The proper installation of air conditioner in relation to the ceiling is very important. What should be the minimum distance from the ceiling to the air conditioner’s unit? Whether there are kinds of climatic equipment, recessed into the ceiling? And what should the owners of stretch ceilings do?? Answers to these questions look in our article.

Distance from the ceiling to the conditioner

When installing the indoor unit of the split-system it is necessary to choose a right place. Distances to side and bottom obstacles and to the ceiling are taken into account. They are necessary for a normal air circulation.

The optimal distance from air conditioner to the ceiling is 10-15 centimeters. Some manufacturers allow to reduce it and hang the blocks up to 5 centimeters.

The conditioners, mounted in the ceiling

One of the most popular types of ceiling mounted conditioners are cassette monitors.

This is a kind of split-systems. But the indoor unit is located above the drop ceiling. Its thickness is not great (about 35 cm), and some manufacturers specially “fit” the dimensions of the block to the size of armstrong cassettes, used for suspended ceilings. Air flow spreads from four sides of the square and blows down from above. often such models are installed in offices and stores, where suspended ceilings are installed. An air conditioner is built into the ceiling in the center of a room.

Duct air conditioners are not visible on the ceiling at all. This is a more expensive and convenient method of creating a microclimate in several rooms at once. An ideal variant of combination of a conditioner and a suspended ceiling. Air ducts are routed behind the suspended ceiling and holes are made in the ceiling itself for the diffusers. The only essential disadvantage of a duct conditioner is the impossibility to control the temperature in each room separately.

It is necessary to design and install the air conditioning system on the ceiling even before the installation of the stretch ceiling.

Air conditioner and a stretch ceiling

Some owners of climatic equipment are facing the question: is it possible to install stretch ceiling if the conditioner is already installed? As a rule, one tries to hang the internal unit of split-systems as close to the ceiling as possible. In order to assemble a suspended ceiling it is necessary to attach a molding to the wall, insert a cloth and after the cloth tension to cover the molding with a decorative plinth.

  • Reinstall the indoor unit or remove it during the installation of the ceiling. Then hang it back. Such works are carried out by specialists in the service of climatic equipment;
  • Build around the air conditioner structure. The canvas over the unit itself will not be stretched.

Air conditioner and stretch ceiling won’t interfere with each other, if the distance from the main ceiling to the inside unit is more then 15 centimeters and the installation is done correctly.

The optimal place for fixing the external unit is the bottom or side part of the wall under a window or balcony. The main thing is that it should be possible to fix and service. It is not recommended to locate outside unit on the southern or western side, it heats up strongly. If possible, it should be installed on the east or north side.

Its placement on the outside wall of the building in the street is ideal. In most cases, this can be done without special permission. But there are some exceptions which do not allow in some cases to place outdoor unit of split-system on the building wall.

Outdoor unit cannot be placed indoors (that’s why it is called an outdoor unit). The heat gain from it is quite significant. The existing ventilation can’t handle it. So, in summer you will have an overheated air conditioner and a sauna in the basement.

The outdoor unit must be positioned strictly horizontally. Even small distortions are not allowed. It negatively affects the circulation of freon (refrigerant). It is recommended that the outdoor unit be exposed to the wind. The most suitable place for installation of an outside unit of split system is a balcony or a place under a roof.

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On what distance from the ceiling to hang conditioner

Then we proceed to more specific cases. The height of ceilings is different for everybody! In order my recommendations did not look as one continuous text, I will present the distance in the form of a table. Here are the figures for traditional wall-mounted conditioners with cooling capacity up to 4 kW (“seven”, “nine”, “twelve”).

In the table there is an example for small units. For more powerful conditioners it is better to keep the distance on 5-10 centimeters more than the given numbers!

Why do I write specifications about baguette (ceiling plinth) everywhere? Yes, because almost 90% of cases it is completely forgotten. It is very important to take into consideration that between a baguette and conditioner there should be at least 3 centimeters. This distance is necessary to “throw” the block on the upper “fangs” of the mounting plate. Otherwise the baguette has to be trimmed (it does not look very good)!)

I know that at the planning stage it is difficult to foresee everything. But I hope that this article will help to understand at least the height of air conditioner installation! I’d be grateful if you could recommend this material to your friends by clicking the buttons below. Ask your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

The required distance between air conditioner units: basic rules and regulations for installation

In the process of installation of conditioners it is important to take into account many aspects, including the manufacturer’s recommendations. You should agree that correctly installed unit works more effectively, and its service life is much longer.

The technical conditions include the choice of the length of the freon line of the split system. copper piping connecting the indoor and outdoor modules. There are limits, violation of which leads to a sharp decrease in performance and breakdowns of key components.

In this article we will consider what should be a necessary distance between the blocks of conditioner and we will find out if it is possible to increase the length of connection main without loosing the functional qualities.

Installation of split-system with your own hands

As a rule, to install conditioner you need to call specialists, who will give you the document certifying a correctly done work. If you install split system by your own hands you lose the right for warranty service. But to save money many home craftsmen try to perform installation of the conditioner by their own hands. Thus it is necessary to take into consideration one moment: to connect qualitatively an external block of the system with an internal one, and then to run the unit in work it is necessary to buy rather expensive equipment. Besides installation of split-system is rather troublesome thing, if you do it by yourself. The purchase of equipment is advisable in the following cases:

  • you plan to move one or more units to new locations;
  • If you have purchased more than one unit;
  • You are planning a serious repair in your apartment, which implies complete disassembly and then reassembly of the split system;
  • You want to help your friends or relatives to install the split system;
  • if you need this tool kit to repair your car air conditioner.

In other cases, the installation of air conditioning in the apartment with your own hands is impractical.

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