Does a robot vacuum clean carpeting

Best robot vacuum cleaners for laminate and parquet in 2022

Every flooring has special features to consider. Not any robot vacuum cleaner can effectively clean them. The rankings bring together the best Top 8 robots for laminate and hardwood flooring, designed to save the owner from extra housework in 2022.

does, robot, vacuum, clean, carpeting
Model 2022 Disadvantages Cleaning Volume of the dust bag, l Я.Market
Kitfort KT-577 Marky dry and wet 0,6 Go to
REDMOND RV-R150 small dust collector dry and wet 0,35 Go to
Polaris PVCR 3200 IQ Home Aqua navigation problems dry and wet 0,5 Go to
Clever Clean AQUA Light small dustbin dry and wet 0,25 Go to
Everybot EDGE does not build a map of the room wet Go to
Ecovacs DeeBot OZMO T8 AIVI expensive dry and wet 0,42 Go to
Dreame F9 Global service center only dry and wet 0,6 Go to
Roborock S7 automatic dusting station sold separately dry and wet 0,47 Go to

Kitfort KT-577. Reliable assistant with good memory

Robot vacuum cleaner of a mid-budget segment, providing high-quality daily cleaning in two modes. Dry cleaning is performed automatically, a choice of three suction power levels, which allows you to collect debris not only from hard surfaces, but also from the carpet with low pile. Process uses two side brooms that sweep up the debris in the direction of the combined turbo brush. Spot mode is available for heavy soiled areas. For wet mopping it comes with a 360 ml water tank, platform, where you can attach a microfiber cloth. Wiping is good, leaving almost no streaks after the pass.

Kitfort KT-577 is controlled through the mobile application WeBAck. Once connected via Wi-Fi, the robot can be controlled from anywhere in the world: you can turn on cleaning, choose a mode, see statistics, make a map. Lidar is used in the construction of the scheme. after starting the system analyzes the space from a distance, displays walls on the main application. As you clean, the map is refined, supplemented by smaller parts, with subsequent passes of the robot vacuum cleaner spends less time, does not collide with interior items.

Cleaning dry and wet
Dust collector volume 0.6 л
Robot features scheduled cleaning, fall protection, obstacle sensor, web control, remote control
Nozzle functions 2 side brushes, turbo brush, microfiber
Noise level 65 dB
Price, ₽ 51 880
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  • Restriction of movement by a virtual wall;
  • low noise. 65 dB;
  • control with the complete remote control;
  • combined turbo brush;
  • Lidar mapping;
  • electronic water control;
  • two side brooms.

TOP 5 Best Robot Vacuum 2022 (Carpet & Hardwood floor)

REDMOND RV-R150. effective dual cleaning

Automated helper capable of dry, wet cleaning of laminate, parquet, other smooth surfaces. Robot vacuum cleaner in the process of cleaning is guided by 14 sensors. It identifies an obstacle almost instantly, which minimizes collision.

At dry cleaning two side brooms are used that sweep out the debris on the combined turbo-brush. The roller has a dense pile that captures dust from 0.3 microns, which corresponds to the standards adopted in the middle class. The collected debris falls into a 350 ml bag, which also contains a double filter that purifies the air in the room.

Wet mopping module comes with a pump that automatically doses water from the tank. This ensures high quality, drip-free mopping. important when working on laminate flooring.

Cleaning Dry and wet
Dust Collector capacity 0.35 л
Robot functions timed cleaning, fall protection, obstacle sensor, remote control
Nozzle Functions 2 side brushes, turbo brush, microfiber
Noise level 65 dB
Price, ₽ 15 119
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Using a robot vacuum cleaner to clean carpets

BEST Robot Vacuums 2020 Edition. Vacuum Wars

does, robot, vacuum, clean, carpeting

Most robots are good for cleaning smooth surfaces. Many are capable of handling carpeting. To decide which model to choose, determine the type of vacuum cleaner. You don’t want to put a device with a floor cleaning function on the carpet, it doesn’t need wet cleaning. You can use combined models, in which it is switched off. Then dry cleaning is used for cleaning carpets and sweeping the floor, and wet. for cleaning hard surfaces.

The best vacuum cleaner for carpets is a floor mat with a low pile. This is considered a carpet with a height of up to 5mm. It removes dust, small debris, pet hair. You can pick up a device that cleans carpets with medium pile height of about 1.5 cm. The quality of work depends on the hardness of the material and the design features of the vacuum cleaner.

And it is very difficult for home helpers to climb on the carpet pile length of 3 to 5 cm, which is considered high. If he succeeds, the long threads will hamper the work of the brushes. So a carpet with a high pile can not be cleaned by a robot.

does, robot, vacuum, clean, carpeting

Please note! The robotdoes not like” the fringe on the edges of carpeting. It is wound on the brushes, blocking the work. In this case, the pile height does not matter.

cases of rapid failure of the lidar, battery and other important elements have been recorded;

no remote control is provided.

Our evaluation: 9.5 / 10

The best robot vacuum for carpets in our review is the Dreame L10 Pro Robot Vacuum. This is another representative of the ecosystem of the Chinese concern Xiaomi. The model appeared on the domestic market in mid-2021, and almost immediately took a leading position in its product group.

This is the first robot with an advanced navigation system that includes not only laser rangefinder and IR sensors, but also an active optical camera and an intelligent mode of operation. Thanks to this set of advanced technological solutions, the robot can recognize objects in order to successfully bypass them during cleaning in the future. The intelligent system is self-learning, precisely memorizing and identifying all kinds of things. from bedroom slippers and children’s construction materials to pet food bowls.

This model has a very extensive functionality, which becomes available to the user after installing the proprietary app on the smartphone. For example, the owner of the unit has the ability to not only draw virtual walls on the map, but also to limit the movement of the robot in wet cleaning mode. This is a very useful option, thanks to which the device will not drive with a rag on the carpet when wiping the floor.

One of the features of this model is its suction power, which is unprecedented (4000 Pa). This allows the robot to easily cope with a variety of debris, even on carpets with long pile. In the settings you can select the option of automatically increasing the power when entering the palace or other soft surface.

The 570 ml bag has a large surface area to vacuum and the 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery gives the robot a working range of up to 150 minutes.

, Which, along with its flagship features and premium performance, makes it the best among the competition in terms of price-performance ratio.

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