Does the humidifier saves the air from the heat

ways to humidify the air in the apartment without buying a humidifier

The proper microclimate in the apartment is a prerequisite for the well-being of the tenants, the preservation of the walls and floor finish and even plants in the house. And the right amount of humidity is one of the points of a favorable microclimate. Told in article how to humidify air in your room by yourself without buying special device. humidifier.

Do not place the steriliser on the windowsill if the distance between the appliance and the radiator is less than 30cm. Then dry hot air can interfere with the normal operation of the device. Make sure that the “jet” is not directed at the window, otherwise condensation will constantly accumulate on the glass. And if you keep a window ajar, the humidifier is generally pointless to place there: the humidifier will be humidified outside.

What is a humidifier and how it works. Types of humidifiers

A humidifier is an electrical device for changing the microclimate in a room, which increases the absolute and, consequently, the relative humidity.

The main function of a humidifier. to force water into a gaseous state. can be accomplished by increasing the evaporation area, heating and boiling water, ultrasound or even by spraying water by mechanical action of air or special disks.

According to the technology that allows to saturate the air with water, there are the following types of humidifiers:

  • traditional, using natural water evaporation without heating; air is pushed through a wet filter or cassette;
  • Steam humidifiers using heating elements to generate steam jets; some models include a built-in hygrostat that automatically shuts off the device when a certain humidity level is reached;
  • Ultrasonic, in which high-frequency vibrations convert water into a mist;
  • Mechanical, such as jets, in which water is sprayed under an air pressure.

In addition to portable household devices suitable for the home or office, commercial humidifiers for large rooms and hospitals are also sold.

What is a humidifier useful for the apartment

This humidity reduction may go unnoticed at first, but it doesn’t mean it is safe for humans. At least six factors appear that negatively affect living organisms. And a humidifier helps avoid them.

  • Dry mucous membranes disappear. They are designed by nature as a protective barrier that traps bacteria and viruses. Mucous membranes must be moistened in order to function. Otherwise they can become thin and even crack. This is especially dangerous for the nose and eyes, which in this state become an “open gateway” for infections.
  • Prevent problems with the eyes. The skin around them is very thin, devoid of sebaceous and sweat glands. That’s why this area requires special care. It tends to lose moisture easily and becomes thin. Dehydrated eyelid skin and mucous membranes in conditions of constant stress from working on the computer, watching TV, etc.п. easily inflamed. Various conjunctivitis occur.
  • The amount of flying dust decreases. Dust particles are very light and can travel upward. In addition, they easily absorb water from the air masses, they become heavy and settle on the surface. If there is little moisture, they keep flying. It triggers asthma attacks or bronchospasms in allergy sufferers and asthmatics, as well as in those who have so far felt healthy.
  • Improves the condition of hair, skin, nails. Moisture is constantly evaporating from the surface of the hair. Dry air speeds up the process significantly. Replenishment of the balance by the inner resources does not give the necessary result.
  • Sleep problems are cured. Uncomfortable conditions affect the duration and strength of sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to poor performance, depression. It is best to have a humidifying unit in the bedroom complete with an ionizer. The latter generates negatively charged particles that effectively retain water molecules.
  • Plants develop better. House flowers stop blooming, the number of new shoots decreases, emerging leaves are smaller, their tips dry out. Plants get sick and die. The amount of oxygen they produce significantly decreases, negatively affecting the microclimate of the room.

What a lack of moisture in the air leads to

than half of human body consists of liquid, so when the humidity level drops, the skin is the first to react. As a result of the body getting dehydrated, the skin begins to dry out. The mucous membranes also begin to dry out, and gradually become cracked, making our body vulnerable to contact with all kinds of bacteria and viruses.Thus, over-dried air masses lead to the following consequences:• Discomfort. Being in a room with dry air results in a sore throat. It makes you feel unwell all day long and affects your sleeping quality at night. Low humidity levels also affect the psychological state of a person, who becomes more aggressive, irritable.• Irritation. People who wear contact lenses can develop dry eye syndrome.• Skin, hair and nails. The skin becomes less elastic, there is peeling. Increased hair brittleness, gradually breaking of the nails.• Home. Wooden furniture, flooring, which gradually shrivels and starts to squeak, also suffer. As a result of the accumulation of static electricity some items begin to electrocute. Dry air provokes all kinds of allergic diseases, leads to colds, weakened immunity.

Humidifier effect on nighttime snoring

A person who snores in his sleep, not only does not get enough sleep, but also does not allow the rest of the family. According to global statistics, one in five people suffers from snoring. To get rid of this ailment can be done in different ways: on the market are drugs that belong to classical or non-standard medicine.

Men aged 30 and over snore more often. Many doctors attribute this sound to the weakness of the palatine muscles. The causes of snoring are as follows:

  • overweight;
  • neurological problems;
  • consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking;
  • age;
  • All kinds of abnormalities associated with the special structure of the respiratory tract.

Snoring or rohnopathy is a disturbed breathing process that occurs when there is not enough oxygen. As a result, note all sorts of serious complications in the form of cardiovascular disease, problems with the thyroid gland and even a stroke.

The snoring is often directly connected with the air quality in the house. Significant damage to the body brings dry air masses that dry out the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, causing snoring.

As a result: there is a high strain on the cardiac system, mucosal edema occurs if measures are not taken in time. Thus, we managed to get an important answer to the question why we need to humidify the air in the room before and during sleep.

Escaping the heat without air conditioning

Close your windows, insulate your walls, and turn your fan into a cooler.

Beginning of June is just a hint of summer heat, and you’re already beginning to wonder how to survive if the heat really hits. We have already written how to choose an air conditioner. But, firstly, this pleasure is not cheap, and, secondly, wanting to install them in the summer well a lot. So we decided to find out how to escape the heat without his help.


The most natural thing in the heat of the day is to try to limit the heat that comes in from outside. I remember this way of surviving the summer heat from my early childhood, says Irina Vitalievna from Kiev. My grandfather used to get up before the sunrise and the first thing he did was to open all the doors in his house for the cool morning air to freely fill the inside rooms. And we had two external doors: one at the front, which led into the house through the anteroom, and the other, which could be entered through a closet at the back of the building. Besides, all the shutters were open, so there were draughts that quickly ventilated the room. And when the sun rose a little higher and the street air began to heat up, all the windows and doors were shut tightly until the heat died down. And all day in the house was kept a pleasant coolness much more comfortable than in modern offices with their air conditioners.

It is possible to fight the overheating of the dwelling in modern urban apartments in a similar way. And it is better to do the main air ventilation not in the late evening, but in the early morning, when the street air has already had time to cool down to a minimum temperature and is still relatively clean from the exhaust of cars and the dust they raised.

There are, however, a few nuances that are worth paying attention to. First, it is a problem of ventilation during the day. An old peasant house still continued to breathe even with closed doors and windows, some degree of air exchange continued through the windows, which are far from being airtight, and even through the walls. That can not happen in a modern apartment with sealed Euro-windows. You have to take into account the volume of the room and the number of people in it. Maybe one or two windows should be ajar in the winter ventilation mode.

Note. В. Zykova. There is a more unpleasant nuance: the different thermal insulation of the walls. The house. At the ground, the walls are brick (most often), the coolness keeps well. By the way, in southern Kazakhstan ancient houses of wealthy people were with external walls one and a half meters thick. Kept the coolness very well. And here is a “khrushchoba”. Bare reinforced concrete, walls warm up almost like a frying pan. The “Brezhnev”. nine-storey buildings are better, there is a layer of foam concrete in the external walls for thermal insulation. But they do not hold out during the heat above 30 degrees, and by the evening they heat up completely.

What does a humidifier do why you need it

CLOSE THE SHUTTERS. The second point is sunlight coming in through the windows. In the described house of my childhood, the windows were much smaller than today’s city windows, and were located low above the ground, shaded by the trees growing around the house. True, the old-timers said that before, when the garden has not yet grown, from the sun hitting the windows, fleeing simply closing the shutters outside, says Irina Vitalievna.

The modern equivalent of peasant shutters are the so-called roller shutters, in fact the same shutters, but fixed outside, so that the accumulated solar heat remains outside. But you can also do with blinds, especially, for example, on a glazed balcony. At the worst dense curtains can help, the lighter the better, so they absorb less sunlight energy. If you are tired of the heat and all above mentioned are either expensive and difficult or it does not help, there is a radical way: taping the windows with foil. Even ordinary food foil will do. It is attached by glue, tape, or even just by wetting the glass with water.

does, humidifier, heat

Ideally, says Andrey Valerievich from Kyiv, foil should be on the outside of the window. But I’m on the 16th floor, so I can’t really get to the part of the glazing that’s outside. So I glued it on the inside. On a hot day, if you touch it, it’s hot. But the light is reflecting, it’s getting cooler in the apartment. What part of window apertures and how tightly to glue up a foil it is necessary to look at your concrete situation. For example, you have a tree in front of one of the windows, which acts as a curtain, as long as the sun is not very high. So maybe you can get by with taping just the top part of this window.

В.З. In addition to foil sells and mirror film.

First I almost completely glued all six of my window apertures, leaving only small clean areas in the sunniest places, recalls Andrey. But it was too gloomy in the apartment. So I took off half the foil. And the house became lighter though warmer too.

В.З. I usually cover the wide part of the sash (standard, wooden windows) with foil. And in the narrow part there is a full-height netting against flies and mosquitoes.

In order not to darken, you can wrap the windows with special films that reflect heat rays, and actually let the light through with some losses. In the summer it will be cooler in the apartment and there will still be enough light. But in the winter light may not be enough. And as simple as foil, these films can not be glued and removed (it is better to attract professionals for this).

В.З. It seems to be on sale and the film with a one-way conductivity of heat. That is, in the summer it does not let the heat into the apartment, and in winter it is unfolded on the opposite side, and it does not let the heat out on the street. I do not really believe it, because it is too simple and good, but I saw an ad.

LIKE A THERMOS. Another advantage of a childhood home, a traditional Ukrainian Mazanka of pre-revolutionary construction, compared to most modern high-rise buildings is a high degree of thermal protection of the walls, keeping a good heat in winter and cool in summer. Residents of apartments in paneled houses have to deal with the fact that their walls are quickly warmed up literally through. This trouble is unlikely to help anything except insulating the walls with Styrofoam boards. Insulating your apartment from the outside you ensure yourself in the summer air temperature a few degrees lower, and in winter it is higher than before insulation.

В.З. But you have to do it from the outside. Accordingly, it will cost a pretty penny. But it will also be warmer in winter. And if you do it inside, the walls will get damp, and Styrofoam is not good for health.


The summer heat has agents inside your home. This fifth column consists of household appliances, which in their work emit heat. Among the main pests are the stove. However, reducing its work in the heat is automatic and not very drawn to the hot, and the housewives can not stand for a long time at the martin.

В.З. This is where a microwave might help a little, which I don’t like 🙂 And okroshka instead of borscht.

Another lurking saboteur are ordinary electric light bulbs, these little heating devices. Eliminate this heat source by installing energy-saving light bulbs. Proven on myself to the working power-saving lamp, equivalent to 100-watt incandescent light bulb, you can safely touch the hand it is a little warm.

In some apartments in the bathroom the towel dryer, which can’t be switched off, lurks for some reason in the summer and starts to heat up as much as possible. People fight it by wrapping either a damp cloth or, much more technologically, the same food foil.

В.З. In hardware stores sells foil-isol. foil with extra insulation.


In order to have an air cooler one needs a refrigerator with some free space in the freezing chamber and an ordinary fan. Plastic bottles of water are placed in the freezer in shifts for freezing. Bottles with ice (in several rows if possible) are placed in a basin or other container in front of the switched on fan. The flow of air, driven by the fan, passes through the improvised radiator made of ice bottles and cools.

В.З. Don’t forget that your refrigerator is pumping heat out of its compartment to the outside, into the room. The colder it is inside, the hotter it is in the kitchen. You don’t believe me. Feel the grille on the back of the fridge.

Some craftsmen improve the system by constructing some semblance of a radiator, for example, from a plastic tube connected to the cold faucet and drain.

В.З. Not plastic! Metal, because plastic is a good insulator. And water is expensive these days.

Often also use the cooling effect of evaporating liquid. For this purpose, the windows are covered with a light wet cloth and then only watched to ensure that it does not have time to dry out completely by wetting it, for example, from an ordinary household sprayer.

В.З. Yes, take a walk through the stores and kiosks with all sorts of gifts and souvenirs. The Chinese sometimes make fountains for this purpose and other amazing things.

To prevent this, the water in the appliance should be changed to fresh water daily. It also makes sense to use the included water filters. Regular cleaning of the appliance according to the instructions is another obligatory point.

Using a humidifier is absolutely safe for children, provided that a number of recommendations in selecting the model device and its subsequent operation. It is better to look at the so-called “children’s humidifiers”, the production of which usually pays special attention to safety. They have additional safety features. for example, against tipping over. Many have a lockable button function.

An additional advantage is the presence of the device auto shut-off function when removing the tank, as well as high edges and enhanced measures to isolate electronic parts from water.

It is also worth looking at the quality of the plastic. the higher it is, the less odor emanating from the appliance. Usually, the smell from quality plastic disappears after 2-3 uses. Cheap materials will always give off an unpleasant odor.

And, of course, the high safety of the device guarantees its proper operation. it is worth caring for it according to the instructions, clean the parts regularly and change the water for fresh.

Where to put the humidifier

So, the device turns out to be really necessary. It will significantly improve the well-being of both adults and children, help to cope with the heat and dustiness, often a characteristic of the summer season. The main thing is to install it correctly. To do this, you need to keep in mind some aspects:

does, humidifier, heat
  • to the humidifier must be freely accessible devices need to refill water in the tank, so you should keep this in mind when selecting a suitable location;
  • The atomizer should be pointed in the opposite direction to the location of the moisture-sensitive items as the water vapor particles may adversely affect them;
  • A humidifier may not be installed on a heated floor. Even if you never turn them on in the summer, it’s better not to foster this habit in yourself.

Another nuance is the issue of open window. It is true that sometimes in summer you want to air out the room properly. But if the humidifier is running, you should not open the window, because this will negate its performance.

When you decide to ventilate the room, first turn off the device, then open a window for a while. When you’re done airing, you can close the window and turn the humidifier back on. This is how you create the perfect atmosphere in your home.

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