Drying closets for fruit and vegetables

Machines for drying fruits and vegetables

Dried fruit is not only a good remedy for vitamin deficiency during the cold season, but also a tasty ingredient that is added to baked goods, meat dishes, etc. The cost of dried fruits has always been high, that’s why many professional kitchens of restaurants, canteens, cafes, etc. They make their own, using the device for drying fruit, which you can buy with delivery in the online store VitrinaStore.

The dehumidifiers are of two types.

Dehydrators, drying cabinets

drying, fruit, vegetables

Dehydrators are devices for drying fruits and vegetables. The category includes equipment designed for domestic and professional use. Models are distinguished by their capacity. In the section you can find drying chambers, as for home use, and suitable for small industries.

Scope of application

Dehydrator is a device for drying fruits and vegetables by means of heated air. Uniform temperature distribution allows you to get quality drying. The equipment is suitable for the production of marshmallows, snacks, soups, compotes and other semi-finished products. Dehydration allows to prolong the shelf life of products, is an alternative to blast chilling.

The main feature of dehydrators. the presence of a built-in thermostat, which accurately maintains the specified operating temperature. The hot air circulation is ensured by the built-in fan. Processing of products in a professional chamber allows to obtain uniformly dried product, preserving at the same time the maximum of vitamins and useful properties.

Varieties of dehydrators

Dehydrators can be divided into two types according to hot air supply method:

Vertical appliances are designed for use at home or in small establishments. The advantage of these machines is their low cost. However, since the hot air only comes from above, it is necessary to move the trays from time to time. Another feature. to check if the product is ready, the dehydrator must be turned off.

Horizontal dryers are designed for drying large batches. In this case, drying takes place evenly on all levels. Even when processing different products on several tiers, there is no mixing of odors. Horizontal dehumidifiers are not only suitable for drying fruits, vegetables, berries and mushrooms but also for curing meat and fish.

Dehumidifiers come in a variety of capacities. Professional devices can have up to 20 shelves. The casing of domestic models is usually made of plastic. Professional dehumidifiers for demanding applications are made of stainless steel.

There is a control panel on the body of the dryers. It can be mechanical or electronic. Professional dehumidifiers are often equipped with additional features, such as a timer with automatic shutoff function, overload protection and ultraviolet disinfection function.

Infrared and convection drying ovens

Closet Drying Systems. They are electric heating panels (cupboard dryers), using the infrared drying method by means of a functional ceramic coating, applied in a special way on the heating elements (heating elements) of the drying panel. Drying cabinets are designed for small loads of product.

Depending on the desired capacity and energy capabilities of the customer, as well as the type of products for drying, our company is ready to offer infrared drying cabinets of various capacities.

Infrared drying ovens are powered by electricity. Depending on your capabilities, needs and desires, our specialists will choose exactly the model of infrared drying oven, which can ensure the success of your business and make it economically viable.

Infrared drying cabinets of “Universal-SD” and “Omegadrive-SD” series are used for drying a wide range of products. Infrared cabinets are ideal for drying fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and medicinal plants, medicines. In infrared drying cabinets series “Universal-SD” and “Omegadrive-SD” you can get a perfect quality fruit (apple) snacks, qualitatively dry meat offal, fish and meat snacks.

Cabinet Dryer For Fruits & Vegetables

Infrared drying cabinets series “Universal-CD” and “Omegadrive-CD” make it possible to get quality dried product with minimal energy consumption (energy efficiency of the cabinet ensures automatic reduction of heating power as the humidity of the product decreases. Omegadrive-SD” series) and human resources. The cabinets operate in fully autonomous automatic mode. Controlled from the control unit, where the process engineer specifies the drying program for each type of product. Omegadrive-SD” series cabinets can support any drying modes, including oscillatory mode, necessary for drying and curing of fish products, getting the tightly dried products. Infrared drying systems of cabinet type series “Universal-SD” and “Omegadrive-SD” are economical, reliable, fire safe when drying products to a low degree of humidity (5-6%).

List of products that can be dried in an infrared drying cabinets series “Omegadrive-SD” and “Universal-SD”:

Infrared drying cabinets for fruit

Are you planning to open a fruit drying shop? You want to buy reliable and quality equipment at favorable prices? Use the help of our professionals to choose the infrared drying oven and make your business profitable, successful.

Working on the market of drying equipment for over 20 years, we offer our customers driers for the preparation of berries, fruit snacks and purees. Order this equipment, you can easily dry plums and cherries, blackcurrants and raspberries, pears and peaches. Most importantly, their natural taste and all their natural vitamins and minerals are preserved. That means your customer will be satisfied.

To choose a dryer for berries and fruits, we recommend using our equipment selection service. Specifying basic information about the company, as well as all you need parameters, you can get a detailed specification from our experts. And this will allow you to order the best unit to work.

Now let’s take a look at what kind of dryers to choose for small business owners. We recommend to pay attention to cabinet drying equipment for fruit. It runs on electrical power and is designed just for a small load of fruits. The quality of food preparation remains unchanged, but the maintenance costs of installations are reduced.

In particular, you can choose the dryer Universal SD-4-40R. Perfect for drying apples, plums, pears and other fruits that are sliced up to 5mm thick or are of that size by nature. The main advantages of this model and similar units for dry fruits for sale are:

And that’s not all. At your discretion, the dryers for berries and fruits completed with the required number of trays, filters, etc. Everything is negotiated individually.

Therefore it is not necessary to think for a long time! Call, consult and order tumble dryer right now.

Equipment for drying fruits and vegetables

Rotary dryers with pneumatic loading are designed for drying grain and sawdust, other light, loose and granular materials of small fraction.

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Drying:. Wood waste (chips, sawdust). sand, crushed stone. litter. grains. и

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Drum dryers SB are designed for drying grain, sawdust, other light, loose and granular materials of small fraction.

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Used for drying grains, also for drying:. wood waste (chips, sawdust). sand, crushed stone.

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Chamber Drying Systems, produced by our company. drying chambers of different loading and capacity, which can work on any

Delivery from d.o.b. Saint-Petersburg Availability New

Operating principle of a cabinet In a basis of the operating principle of infrared electric cabinet “Universal-SD-4” the combined radiation and convective way of drying

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The drying plant is designed for convection drying of articles with mechanized loading into the oven. Drying mode maintained automatically by the station

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For drying vegetables: potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, cabbage. Can be used for drying mushrooms, pasta, various kinds of herbs.

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For drying vegetables: potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, cabbage. Can be used for drying mushrooms, pasta, different kinds of herbs.

Apple chips are a high quality food product with high dietary and gustatory qualities. Apple chips are a healthy dessert.

Drying plant RTS-200 is a part of drying plants BOU-3000 and BOU-6000, designed for continuous drying of various raw materials

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The patented Dewatering Plus dehydration system is designed to remove residual liquid from a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables during industrial

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The drying line is designed for drying fruit and vegetables including tomatoes and mushrooms. Operating principle of the drying chamber: Drying by recirculation

Delivery from d. Belgorod Availability New

Drying of material in an aerodynamic unit is provided by intensive mass and air exchange, which allows drying of wood and agricultural waste,

Delivery from d. Belgorod Belgorod New

The design of drying unit allows to carry out drying of sticking and hard-to-dry, mushy, pasty and granular products

Tunnel dryers are suitable for the drying of fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms, nuts and medicinal herbs. Raw material for

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Our plant manufactures industrial belt dryers of tunnel type using the technology of infrared drying. On the belt

The felt drying unit is designed to remove moisture from the product (potatoes, carrots, beets, topinambur) is part of the line for processing and

The equipment is designed for pre-cleaning vegetables from

Selling automatic complex for washing and packing vegetables, special order. Operated one season, now mothballed. Located in the Sverdlovsk region

Convection belt dryer for fruit and vegetables with working capacity 350 kg/h of ready fruits and vegetables (washed, peeled, dried, peeled and shredded),

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Dry potato peeling machine SO-16 is designed for cleaning the vegetables from soil, sand and dry dirt, and give them an attractive marketable appearance before

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Dry cleaning machine CO-10 Dry cleaning of potatoes CO-10 is designed for cleaning the vegetables from soil, sand and dried up dirt, and giving them an attractive marketable

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Strainer with integrated loading conveyor VO-6 This separator is used for effective separation of vegetables from the soil, sand, tops and leaves

Heaters of the TIS type ensure high-quality drying of: vegetables, all kinds of fruits, mushrooms, berries, tea, medicinal herbs, food seasonings, etc.д. Products,

Delivery from Rostov-on-Don. Delivery from Rostov-on-Don is planned for delivery from Rostov-on-Don. Stavropol New

Drying chamber (technological climatic chamber) is designed for drying of crushed products in filter bed. This drying chamber is suitable for drying

Delivery from r. Rostov-on-Don Availability New

The company designs and manufactures modern drying equipment for the production of casein, soybean okara, pulp (beet, malt root, fruit,

Delivery from d. Yekaterinburg New

For bulk materials processing: cooling, heating, calcining, mixing, drying,

Purpose: To ensure the continuous in-line operation of the grain dryer it is necessary to use it in a line consisting of compensation tanks and

Composition of department: 1.Ventilated hopper BV-40A, capacity 40 tons., mass of 3.1 tons., with fan, electric heater, discharge auger with a total capacity of 62 kW

Grain drying, box heating

Delivery from St.Petersburg. Kalina Available New

Control and diagnostic complex, allows the control and processing of 1 to 14 information signals; has the 1st version of the software;

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Furnace units with heat capacity of 1.6 and 2.4 megawatts / hour are used as a heat source for drying a wide range of agricultural products:

Delivery from r. Saint-Petersburg Availability New

Vacuum drying fruits, berries, nuts, mushrooms, medicinal

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For roasting sunflower seeds, roasting cereals, groats, soybeans

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Designed for freeze drying powders 5 kg

The agricultural dryer is perfect for meat, grains, fruits and vegetables, medicinal herbs and teas, nuts and mushrooms, fodder, seafood and cheese. machines ensure removal of excess moisture, dust and other harmful impurities.

The use of high-tech agricultural drying equipment at an adequate price allows businessmen to appreciate the advantages of machines such as cost-effectiveness, versatility, uniform heating of the product over the entire area, the absence of contamination, high drying speed, minimum electricity consumption, sterilization.

Drying lines

Their purpose. drying of various products: vegetables, berries, fruits, herbs, mushrooms, meat, candied fruits, tea, etc.д. These machines heat treat (dry) raw materials at the highest temperatures possible.

  • The widest range of drying cabinets, lines and other equipment;
  • large selection of suppliers;
  • convenient site navigation;
  • relevance of offers;
  • saves time and energy of the potential buyer.

The dryers and lines of this type use the most effective and advanced infrared drying technology. This ensures the preservation of all useful and valuable properties. The shelf life is considerably extended without the use of any preservatives, which saves resources as much as possible.

The drying lines you’ll find on this website are perfect for industrial-scale operation even on an industrial scale. These are special tunnel and cabinet dehydrators, fine-meshed spiral chain dryers, systems for drying containers, fruit and even shoes, as well as many other useful things.

Industrial dehydrators for fruits and vegetables

Industrial drying is becoming increasingly popular. This is a profitable business, especially today, when people are concerned about healthy eating, preserving nutrients in the processing of vegetables, fruits, berries and the organization of a healthy diet throughout the calendar year. Hand drying of crops is a thing of the past, nowadays this task is performed successfully by high-tech dehumidifiers with a wide range of additional functions. Dozens of kilograms of products can be dried in one cycle, and in most cases the user only has to turn the device on and set the necessary parameters.

What industrial dehydrator for vegetables and fruits to buy, we will deal below.

Oberhof Fruchttrockner C-99 dehydrator

The first place in our selection deservedly takes the model of the German manufacturer. Oberhof Fruchttrockner C-99 in double steel case is designed for drying fruits and vegetables in large volumes. Transparent tempered glass door makes it possible to monitor the drying process. The appliance includes 32 sturdy trays made of durable stainless steel and equipped with a non-stick coating. The design of the device is represented by two independent of each other sections. It allows to process two different types of products simultaneously by setting necessary parameters of temperature and time for each of them. This development ensures uninterrupted production, significant time savings and optimum energy consumption.

Functionality of powerful industrial dehumidifier based on the action of hyper-wave oscillations. Horizontal blow-out of the drying cupboard contents. Model is equipped with 4 fans. The air flow is uniform so you don’t need to rearrange the trays. Timer can be set for up to 15 hours. The proposed unit allows you to cook not only dried fruit, but also to dry fish and meat, to form marshmallows, create delicious natural yogurt. Protection against overheating ensures many years of durability.

  • Robust German construction
  • High power
  • Minimal noise level
  • Two-layer stainless steel cabinet
  • Two insulated drying cabinets
  • 32 long-lasting trays with non-stick coating
  • Tray height adjustment
  • Timer for up to 15 hours

We decided to expand our production and bought a dehydrator from Oberhof. We thought it would take us a long time to develop it. In fact, everything is simple. The cabinet is roomy, consists of two separate sections, dries a lot of volume at a time. The quality is excellent. All meet the advertised specifications. Products don’t over-dry, don’t stick to the trays, and odors don’t mix. All because the blowing is very good and the fans are powerful.

Excalibur Premium 10 Dehydrator (EXC10ELF)

Another model of professional dehydrator for fruit and vegetables, which is designed for drying food on an industrial scale. The device made in the USA has a stainless steel housing and transparent doors made of tempered glass. The device includes 10 trays on which you can place all kinds of products: fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs and mushrooms. The trays can be easily cleaned by hand under warm running water or by loading them into a dishwasher.

Even distribution of air flows inside the cavity so there is no need to move trays from one place to another. Appliance with electronic control panel. The user can easily set the desired temperature range from 36 to 74 ° C. Has a digital timer that allows you to use two consecutive modes in order to absolutely remove moisture not only from the surface, but also inside the most humid products. According to the manufacturer, the motor and heater in the model are made for heavy duty and will be suitable for intensive use.

  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Transparent door
  • 10 pallets
  • Even, side-by-side blowing of food
  • Digital timer for up to 99 hours

Bought this model mainly because of the sturdy stainless steel housing and parameters, although now we think we should have taken a more spacious cabinet. But it serves well and is easy to operate. Although the process is quite long, probably because of the lack of power and the presence of only one fan.

HotmixPRO Dry Dehydrator

The device from the Italian manufacturer has found use in catering and commercial enterprises operating in the direction of healthy food. Use it to efficiently dry vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, berries and herbs. AISI 304 stainless steel housing. 10 trays in the appliance design. Precise temperature control up to a maximum setting of 90 degrees. It is technically possible to set two temperatures at the same time. In this case, the microclimate in the drying chamber is controlled by two separate probes. This adds operating convenience and saves energy by allowing the use of separate zones with varying temperature conditions.

Horizontal uniform airflow is obtained by two independent fans for a perfect and homogeneous aeration of the product. There are pre-installed programs with the ability to customize your own dehydration methods. Outside of the cabinet always stays cool thanks to the double chamber that separates the inside and outside.

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Possibility of setting two temperatures at the same time
  • 10 trays for product placement
  • Simple electronic control
  • Preset drying programs
  • Insufficient capacity
  • The door of the dehydrator is not transparent, which does not allow you to watch the process from the outside
  • Only one drying chamber
  • Overpriced

We bought it for our company, and now we sell our own line of dried fruits. Pretty powerful unit, but at first you had to open the door and check on the drying, the cabinet is completely blank. The case by the way is cold, this is a plus, next time we will look for a bigger model.

Fruit and vegetable dryers

We build machines and complete production lines for the production of dried apple potato chips. We get fragrant, tasty, crispy product.

High-quality drying of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, mushrooms and.

Delivery from Astrakhan, Russia. Saint-Petersburg New

Passat series infrared drying cabinet systems.Turbo” August 2008. The design bureau of our company has started to work on the creation of universal

Delivery from Simferopol. Saint-Petersburg Availability New

For high quality drying of short-cut pasta. The unit can be used to produce fast-drying fruits,

Delivery from Moscow. Chelyabinsk Availability New

For drying pasta as well as vegetables and

Delivery from r. Simferopol Availability New

We produce and deliver turnkey apple potato chips lines (any fruits and vegetables). Productivity. from 500 kg/hour by

Delivery from Turbot. Astrakhan Availability New

Convection dryers for farms Dryers are made in the form of prefabricated modules, steel structures, lined with insulating materials. All

Delivery from Simferopol. Simferopol Availability New

Delivery from Moscow. Simferopol Availability New

We deliver complete plants or single pieces of equipment for production of dried fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms, herbs and medicinal herbs.

Delivery from Simferopol. Simferopol In the presence of New

We produce and deliver turnkey apple chip lines (all fruits and vegetables). Productivity. Starting from 500 kg/hour by

Drying for fruit, vegetables and mushrooms

Despite the name, many dryers can be used not only for fruit but also for other products. Different temperatures range is optimal for different cases, that’s why you have to choose the right equipment, considering what kind of products you are going to use it for.

Actually the fruit is dried at a temperature of 55-60 ° C. For vegetables a slightly lower temperature of 50-55 °C. Range of 40-45 ° C allows for cooking yogurt and drying loaf. The lowest temperature of 35-40 °C is used for drying herbs and herbs, and the highest temperature of about 65-70 °C for meat and fish. Accordingly, the wider the temperature range of the device, the more versatile it is. However, you should deliberately choose a “wide-range” dryer only when you need to work with a wide variety of products. versatility usually affects the price.

The dryers can have a varying number of separate trays; they are designed so that different products of the same type (for example apples, apricots and oranges) can be dried at the same time. Also, a higher number of trays usually means more volume. Correspondingly, the optimum number of trays depends on the number of products to be dried at a time as well as on their variety. For a small family and occasional work, 4 trays are enough, but if you need to make large supplies, dryers with 6 or even 8 trays are useful.

Some models are equipped with a fan. it improves the circulation of heated air inside the dryer and significantly speeds up the process. At the same time, the processing quality is not significantly affected by this function, and therefore you should purchase a dryer with a fan if a short running time is especially important, for example, for large amounts of products.

Also the power of the dryer influences the time of work. the higher it is, the faster the device copes with the task (all other things being equal). Dryers can be controlled mechanically or electronically. The first option is characterized by low cost, the second. by a high accuracy of settings; accordingly, when choosing which of these two parameters is more important. Both types can be equipped with a timer switch, this function eliminates the need to monitor the time: the products will not dry out, even if you forget to turn on the dryer. And to make sure that the device can be left unattended safely, it is worth checking whether it is protected against overheating.

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