Duct fan for bathroom and toilet

In this section we have collected fans from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers to control the work of which requires human intervention. In the absolute majority of cases, they effectively cope with their main task, being much cheaper than advanced models.

Soler Palau DÉCOR 300 C 23 W

Reliable and powerful fan from the famous Spanish manufacturer is suitable for installation in the bathroom area of 15 to 25 square meters.м. It has a flat front panel of durable white plastic, reinforced with stiffening ribs. The product is equipped with a non-return valve and light indication of a switched on state. The equipment has degree of protection IPx4 and is not afraid of water spray from any direction.

Noise level in working mode according to the manufacturer’s data does not exceed 46 dB. The maximum ambient temperature must not exceed 40°C, making it unacceptable to install the appliance in a sauna.


  • power 23 W;
  • capacity 250 m3 /h;
  • 220 volt power supply voltage;
  • duct diameter 150 mm;
  • Dimensions 200x200x129 mm;
  • weight 1.44 kg.

duct, bathroom, toilet

  • High performance.
  • Reliability.
  • Long service life.
  • Pleasant appearance.
  • Virtually not clogged with dust.
  • affordable price.
  • Noise level clearly above nameplate value.
  • Seating dimensions are designed for large duct sizes. When installing and operating in old buildings with narrow ventilation shafts, operating efficiency will be reduced.

Conclusion. This model is ideal for installation in a modern apartment or cottage with a large bathroom. When installing, care should be taken to avoid the likelihood of direct water ingress into the device.

Electrolux EAF-150 25 W

One of the most popular models of the famous Swedish brand is made in China. It is calculated on maintenance of the forced air exchange in premises with the area up to 14 sq.m.м., but can be installed in a larger room. Fan housing is made of ABS plastic, characterized by mechanical strength and resistance to aggressive liquids. It can be attached to the wall in the ventilation shaft outlet area or to the false ceiling.

A double non-return valve at the back of the appliance prevents unpleasant odours from entering the bathroom. Specially designed impeller shape to reduce noise level to 35 dB. Degree of protection against moisture IPx4. Status LED.

Technical characteristics:

  • power 25 W;
  • 320 m³/h;
  • Power supply voltage of 220 volts;
  • duct diameter 150 mm;
  • dimensions 193x193x153 mm;
  • mass 0,89 kg.
  • High capacity.
  • Sleek, modern design.
  • Low weight.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Reliable components and high-quality construction.
  • Low noise level.
  • Acceptable price.

Output. This modern and powerful model manages to quickly change humid air even in large bathrooms. It is designed for a long service life and does not require special maintenance.

VENTS 125 Kvyt 17 W

Reliable fan of Ukrainian manufacture is adapted for use in bathrooms. Its case is made of plastic, resistant to mechanical damage, the action of chemicals and ultraviolet radiation. Several color variants of exterior panel design.

The design features should include a check valve, sealed protection against moisture, a reliable two-speed motor, bearings with a life of 40,000 hours of operation, special rubber inserts, vibration damping. Motor protection against overheating. Noise level 32 dB.

Technical features:

  • Power 17W;
  • capacity 185 m3 /h;
  • 220 volt power supply voltage;
  • The duct diameter is 125 mm;
  • Dimensions are 182х182х91 mm;
  • weight 0.78 kg.
  • Reliable design.
  • Low weight.
  • Simple mounting.
  • quiet operation.
  • Good enough performance.
  • Pleasant exterior design.
  • Reasonable price.

Conclusion. Excellent model that fits in most standard size bathrooms.


Compact two-speed fan of Russian production is designed for periodic and continuous ventilation of bathrooms. The casing, impeller and front panel are made of ABS plastic in white. Double leaf non-return valve prevents the air from streaming out of the ventilation duct. There is a grid that prevents the penetration of insects.

Noise level in operation is less than 35dB. Provides protective lock the motor at overheating and light indication on the front panel.


  • power 14 watt;
  • Capacity 97 m3 /h;
  • Power supply voltage of 220 volts;
  • duct diameter 100 mm;
  • The dimensions are 150x150x84 mm;
  • weight 0.48 kg.

Output. The product of this brand is a good budget option for installation in small and medium-sized bathrooms.

VENTS 100 Quit 7.5 W

Another model of a famous European brand designed for bathrooms and kitchens. It is made of high-quality plastic, resistant to physical and chemical effects. Front panels are available in white, silver or red.

This brand is distinguished by a two-speed motor with a long service life, a vibration damping system, a special shape of the impeller, which produces a minimum of sound, tight casing, reliable operation of the check valve. Noise level only 25 dB. Motor protection against overheating.


  • power 7,5 W;
  • capacity of 97 m3 /h;
  • 220 volt power supply voltage;
  • Air duct diameter of 100 mm;
  • Dimensions 158x158x107 mm;
  • weight 0.55 kg.
  • Good performance.
  • silent operation.
  • Pleasant design.
  • High reliability.
  • Simple installation and connection.
  • Long service life.
  • Affordable price.

Output. than good technical characteristics. Suitable for installation in small and medium-sized bathrooms. To avoid buying a product with a factory flaw, it is recommended to perform a thorough inspection and check its performance in the store.

Axial fans

In our catalog you can find more than 48 models of axial fans by ERA, DICITI, AURAMAX, ELECTROLUX. Designed for installation into ventilation canals. Differ in design, configuration, size, capacity, price.

Features of goods

Form-factor of ventilation devices corresponds to the size and shape of room hoods. They are installed directly in the opening, connected to the domestic power supply. Characteristic features of axial ventilators

Bathroom Extractor Fans. a DIY Guide

  • • Do not create a lot of noise when working.
  • • Easy to install.
  • • Safe and durable.

Payment and delivery methods

  • Buy online with delivery
  • • You can pay for your order by cash or bank transfer.
  • • Date and time of delivery you agree with the operator on the phone when confirming the order.
  • • Conditions of free service depend on the city, the amount and weight of the product.
  • • Unloading of goods, lifting and transportation are additional services and may be charged separately, please contact the store operator.

Detailed information about intervals and zones by cities, terms of unloading and lifting of the order are on the page of the service where you can calculate the cost of your delivery in advance, specifying the postal address and parameters for unloading.

  • Order and pick up yourself where you want
  • • Filling out the order form, specify convenient date and time of your visit to the hypermarket.
  • • You can pay for your purchase in cash or by bank transfer at the cash register.

Purchased goods can be picked up at any of the OBI stores, St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Omsk, Krasnodar, Surgut, Bryansk, Tula and Volzhsky.

Its main driving element is an exhaust fan. It directs outgoing air into the ventilating duct or directly to the street. Such a scheme allows you to achieve the necessary multiplicity of air exchange for a particular room. And its most important advantage is its independence from weather factors, such as:

According to the European comfort standards, the removed from the room air must be compensated by fresh air inflow. It can get inside through open windows or gaps in them. But we recommend you to consider domestic supply, supply and exhaust systems or inlet valves. It is thanks to such structural solutions, will be compensated air pressure in the room, and thus ensure the effective operation of ventilation.

Bathroom extractor fans

In apartment buildings the ventilation system was originally designed, but it also happens that it is not working efficiently enough. The reasons for this are different. for example, clogged vents, or carelessness neighbors who just pinned the ventilation shaft, because they are disturbed by noise or smell from the neighboring apartments.

As a rule, in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet are installed fan, which got its name because its outer part is leaning against the wall, and the other is immersed in the ventilation shaft.

It is easy to check if the ventilation in your apartment is working. put a piece of paper near the grill. It’s stuck? The ventilation is working properly. If not, then cope with this problem will help install the extractor fan.

Other useful functions of exhaust fans

  • Timer. Allows you to ventilate the room within a given time (from 2 to 30 minutes, after you have already left it);
  • humidity sensor. Equipment equipped with this function is usually placed in the bathroom. the hood begins to work at full power only when the humidity in the room reaches a certain percentage and goes into economy mode when the humidity is normal;
  • motion sensor. It switches the domestic fan on whenever there is any noticeable movement in the room, the timer is activated after the movement has stopped, and the forced ventilation continues for some time. Ideal for use in living rooms, offices, sports halls and sanitary facilities.

Very often European manufacturers (Europlast, SolerPalau) equip the extractor fan with several functions at the same time. non-return valve, timer, humidity sensor.

Additional functions

In the simplest version, the extractor fan in the bathroom exhaust unit is switched by a separate switch. Some models have a chain to pull to turn it on or off. In this case, the device works as long as the power supply is on. There are other options:

  • It switches on when the light comes on, and switches off after a delay of 2 to 30 minutes. Often encountered, adjustable delay. When buying it should be remembered that a special power supply is required here, a double phase (to supply power to the fan after turning off the light).
  • Motion detector switch off delay. In this case, the fan turns on when there is movement in the bathroom, turns off also with a delay.
  • Humidity detector. This type of fans is also called intelligent, as it turns on/off depending on the state of the atmosphere in the bathroom. This option is the most economical (the fan runs only when needed), but the devices themselves are the most expensive.

The most common models of bathroom exhaust fans with delayed shutoff after lights out. But they can also be switched on with a separate switch, eliminating the light bulb from the circuit. Units with a moisture detector are more economical, because not every visit to the bathroom and turning on the light requires enhanced ventilation. For example, if you come in to wash your hands, it is unlikely to include forced ventilation.

Another convenient option is different speed of the blades. In this case, the extractor fan in the bathroom can change the mode of operation depending on the initial humidity in the room. Switching is manual (mechanical), automatic (MARLEY MP-100S).

Producers of exhaust fans which

To make life comfortable, different companies produce modern appliances, devices. And for many customers the face of the company, its reputation and recognizability are the decisive criteria of choice. Others do not want to overpay on brands, but are looking for reliable suppliers. The best exhaust fans in 2020 introduced:

  • Ballu. brand owned by multinational company Ballu Industrial Group. It specializes in climatic, engineering equipment, which entered the world market in 1990. The head office is in Hong Kong, manufacturing plants are located in Japan, Korea, Russia, China, Lithuania and Poland. In the Russian market equipment was introduced in 2003, its representation company Rusclimate.
  • Auramax. Russian brand of products for ventilation systems, such as household fans, grilles, revision doors, etc. The main difference is a combination of availability and quality of manufacturing, modern design. Materials are characterized by long service life, high wear resistance due to overheat protection.
  • Erre is an Italian company producing high-tech air-conditioning equipment. Experience in this direction has passed the mark of 70 years. In 1995 the ISO 9001 quality certificate was awarded. The official dealer is the company Vencon. The last decade of activity has been focused on the popularization of the Italian approach to business, design.
  • Vortice is an Italian air conditioning company, supplying reliable quality ventilation equipment for over 60 years. Accent is made on the aesthetics. Representative offices opened in different countries in order to expand the borders.
  • Vents is a large Russian company of climatic equipment, selling a range of millions of units. Production takes into account international quality standards. Due to this the brand is a member of the association of experts in the climatic industry. Date of establishment is the 90’s, since then 16 large workshops have been opened.
  • ERA is a major domestic company in the production of air-conditioning equipment, which began its activity in 1997. At first, production was focused on the production of modular ventilation systems, the company was called “Ekovent” Ltd. Today the range includes about 1,300 items and sales volume reaches 30 million units.
  • Cata is a Spanish company that produces kitchen hoods, industrial ventilation systems. Began operations as far back as 1947. In a short time it has become famous all over the world for its air-cleaning equipment. Full name CataElectrodomesticos S.L.
  • Diciti is a brand of high-quality commercial/industrial fans owned by ERA. Date of establishment of the company. 1997. A range of products created from unique designs by leading designers. In addition to aesthetics, the manufacturer relies on innovation.
  • Soler Palau. the famous Spanish manufacturer of fans S The representative in Russia is the company Blagovest. Plants are scattered in other countries. USA, China, Europe, India. Date of foundation 1951. Since 1987 products are certified by ISO-9001, since 1989 ISO-9001/2000.
  • Electrolux is a Swedish household and professional appliance company, founded in 1919. Originally engaged in the production of kerosene lamps, after quickly became a leader, retraining in another industry. Annual production of over 60 million. All products are on sale in 150 countries. The slogan is “Made with intelligence”.
  • Blauberg is a popular manufacturer of ventilation equipment from Germany. 7 plants in different parts of Europe. The volume of produced equipment exceeded 100 million. units. The brand successfully balances between aesthetics, quality, functionality of models.

The quietest

The loudness of a fan does not only depend on the motor power, but also on the bearing and the quality of adhesion of the parts to each other. The winners of our review make about 20dB noise, i.e. they are almost inaudible.

PAX Norte 4 W

  • economical;
  • Presence sensor, delay timer;
  • capacity of 110 m³/h;
  • Bluetooth;
  • noise level 20 dB;
  • humidity sensor.

This wonder of technology with smartphone control has a built-in calendar and requires a geolocation connection for Bluetooth. Quietest bathroom fan: only 20dB. Turns on and off independently by sensors. Delayed switch-off is programmable.

VENTS 100 Quit 7.5 W

This model is claimed to be low noise (25dB). But in the reviews indicate the extraneous sounds: creaking of the housing, rattle of the check valve because of the loose fit. Multiblade propeller, good moisture evacuation.

Variety of exhaust fans

Exhaust fan design is quite simple: housing, motor, impeller with blades. There are models equipped with a non-return valve, which prevents the penetration of foreign odors from other apartments, which is very important for multi-storey apartments.

The device fan for the bathroom

The air duct of the extract unit can be connected to a general ventilation system or led separately through the wall to the outside. According to the method of attachment all exhaust fans are divided into ceiling and wall, as well as built-in and overhead.

Ceiling ones are less popular, although they have high capacity and easy installation. Such a fan can provide active circulation of a large volume of air, so it is ideal for spacious bathrooms. But most consumers still choose wall-mounted models, both built-in and overhead type. They are simple to install, easy to operate, easy to clean and replace. With their compact size and modern casing design, they look quite aesthetically acceptable and fit perfectly into any interior.

The photo axial fan for the bathroom

Depending on the internal device, fans are divided into:

  • Electric. simple models with built-in or external switch. That is, the occupants of the apartment need to turn the device on and off by themselves, as required. A very common option when such a fan is connected to a common switch in the bathroom, and then simultaneously with the lights the extractor turns on. True, in this case, the moisture does not always have time to fully escape into the ventilation, but the power consumption is reduced;
  • Automatic fans that are equipped with special sensors. Models with humidity sensors turn on automatically when the humidity level exceeds normal values and turn off when the condensate has completely evaporated. The models with motion detectors turn on when a person appears and turn off when the room is empty. There are also automatic fans with timers that work only a set interval of time.

Illuminated extractor fan in the picture

Exhaust fans are also classified according to the type of construction. In the domestic sector, the most popular are axial and ducted units, which are suitable for multi-storey and private houses.

Axial fans

In the axial fans, air movement occurs along the axis of rotation of the blades, which gave rise to this name. The design is very simple: the body (usually cylindrical), impeller with blades, electric motor. Many models have a collector at the front to improve aerodynamic properties. The structure of the blades reduces resistance to the air flow, so the fan has a high efficiency. According to the type of installation such devices can be wall and ceiling mounted.

Most modern axial fans are characterised by low energy consumption and reduced noise levels, unlike earlier generations. They can run for a long time without stopping, are easy to clean, and have an attractive design. For these units to be effective, the duct length must not exceed 4 m. The same goes for the size of the bathroom. the smaller the room, the more efficient the extraction.

Duct fans

For large bathroom areas, ducted fans or centrifugal fans are optimal. Their design is distinctly different from axial-flow devices: a drum with many narrow curved blades is located inside the cylindrical body. The centrifugal force generated by the blades during rotation draws the air inwards and directs it into the ventilation duct.

CATA duct fans

These fans work effectively with a duct length of 4 meters or more, mounted on the ceiling or on the wall (depending on the modification). Fans can be extracted continuously, but are generally connected to a bathroom switch or a humidistat. This allows a more economical use of electricity and prolongs the life of the fan. Many models are designed for flush mounting and are relatively quiet so that they are virtually invisible in the bathroom.

How to choose a bathroom exhaust fan

The main technical characteristics that govern the choice of a bathroom fan: power, capacity, air exchange and noise level. Also take into account the ratio of quality, functionality and cost of the device.


This figure depends on two factors: the volume of the room and the number of air changes per unit time (per 1 hour). The performance of an electric fan is calculated as the product of these numbers. The volume of the room is calculated by multiplying the area by the height of the room and rounding the result upwards. The air exchange ratio, in accordance with building regulations, ranges from 6 to 8. If the bathroom is used by 1 to 3 people, the multiplicity is taken equal to 6, if more. then 8. Specialists advise to choose the fan so that the capacity, declared by the manufacturer, was slightly higher than the calculated one. The average hourly airflow is between 95 and 100 m3.

Noise level

There are two types of noise during the operation of the ventilation device:

The latter penetrates into the room, spreading along the duct. Aerodynamic noise comes from the vibrations of the components, such as the duct and sheet metal coverings. If the noise level exceeds 35 dB, it has an irritating effect. Therefore choose the fan so that the noise level should not exceed 30 dB. If you plan to turn on the device at night, the noise should not be more than 25 dB. You can solve the problem by using soundproofing when equipping the bathroom.


Another important factor in the choice is the degree of protection of the device from moisture. Water falling on unprotected components is fraught with short circuits and wiring fire. To avoid this, you need to look for fans specifically designed for bathrooms (this can be understood from the corresponding marking). In addition, the most common operating voltage of safe fans is 24 V. Even in the event of a short circuit, there is no danger to the life of anyone in the bathroom at that moment.


If you are still undecided what brand of electric fan you need to buy, pay attention to the functionality of the device. There are 2 types of bathroom hoods: standard and automated. The principle of operation of standard devices is very simple: the hood starts working at the same time as the light turns on. Convenient, but not very practical. Such a fan does not have time to remove all the moisture in a short period of time.

Automated devices are more functional. At the same time, they are more advanced because they are equipped with special timers. The extractor continues to run for about half an hour after the bather leaves the tub, then shuts off. If the unit is equipped with a humidity sensor, it will automatically turn on if the humidity level exceeds the preset limit. Turns off after a set time interval.

If the ventilation systems of the bathroom and kitchen are a single unit, use models with a non-return valve. The fan removes moisture from the room, preventing it from entering the kitchen.

Installation method

A distinction is made between recessed, surface-mounted and ceiling-mounted units. Especially in-demand recessed version. Such devices are inconspicuous, functional and easy to install in a ventilation duct.


Its size varies from 80 to 200 mm. Diameter of standard air exchangers is a multiple of 20. It is desirable to choose a smaller diameter device so as not to have to break the wall. It is necessary to choose a corrugation of suitable size, place the fan in it and fill the remaining void with construction foam.

Fan type

Axial electric fans (with air circulation along the axis) are more suitable for domestic use. Centrifugal type devices are more powerful and designed for production facilities.

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