Effects of laser hair removal on hormones

Effect of the procedure on reproductive function

Opponents of laser hair removal argue against the negative impact of the correction on human reproductive capabilities. This opinion may be considered unfounded, since the beam targets the follicle and does not damage the skin (2).

Epilation is prohibited during pregnancy and lactation due to lack of data on the effect of the laser beam on the baby and a woman with a weakened immune system. The closer you get to childbirth, the greater the risk any hair removal method carries (3). Even an experienced cosmetologist cannot predict how pregnant and nursing women will react to external influences.

Effects of various hormones on hair follicles

Science has proven that the growth cycle and structure of hair follicles is strongly influenced by various hormones.

Laser hair removal: Be prepared with these 5 facts

It is no secret that androgens. Such as testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and their prohormones, dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate and androstenedione. Key factors in terminal hair growth.

They affect specific hormone-dependent areas of the body, turning blond downy hair into thick and dark terminal hair.

To do this, androgens bind to intracellular receptors in the dermal papillae cells of the hair follicle. For this process to be successful, most hair follicles require the intracellular enzyme 5-alpha reductase to convert testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

In addition to androgens, the role of other hormones is currently being studied. For example, estradiol can significantly alter hair follicle growth and cycle by binding to estrogen receptors and affecting the activity of the aromatase enzyme, which is responsible for converting androgen to estrogen.

The review includes summarized results of many analyses and provides an up-to-date understanding of the effects of hormonal changes on the hair follicle.

The health harms of laser hair removal

Over the past 20 years, light therapies have literally flooded the market. Lasers and broad-spectrum phototherapy solve a variety of problems in medicine and cosmetology.

Fighting excessive vegetation, pigmentation, telangiectasia, neoplasms, rejuvenation. these are only a few of the possibilities of light therapy.

Now it is difficult to find a salon that does not offer some form of optical treatment. The situation is also favored by the fact that this area is poorly regulated by law.

The license issued to a beauty salon does not guarantee that a qualified and experienced employee will work on the equipment itself.

Few people will ask about the education or experience of the beautician, and at the same time, such methods, like virtually all medical methods, in the wrong hands can bring significant danger.

In addition, light niche lasers, photoepilation and phototherapy still belong to the understudied areas, and many of the long-term effects we have yet to learn.

effects, laser, hair, removal, hormones

There is a very wide range of opinions about how harmful the effects of this category of equipment.

Someone declares that the treatment is absolutely safe for everyone, and that there are no risks in principle and can not be.

Others are afraid even to be close to these machines. what if it did not happen!

Who is right?? Is it possible to enjoy this technique without compromising health and beauty??

Contraindications for epilation

Laser hair removal is accompanied by exposure of the skin surface to light rays. The principle of the machine is as follows: a stream of light reaches the bulbs, blood vessels, contributing to their heating and subsequent die-off. Therefore follicles are destroyed and hair growth stops on the treated area.

Repeated laser hair removal procedure, which is carried out after 25-30 days, removes the remaining hairs that were previously in a state of sleep. After 10 sessions of such treatment follicles become totally incapacitated.

To all light devices instructions for use are attached, where the diseases that are contraindications to the procedure are written in details.

Laser hair removal is prohibited in the following cases:

Low immunity due to severe pathologies.

Any skin diseases, especially infectious ones.

Varicose veins and spider veins.

It is also worth postponing such a procedure if the client has at least one of the conditions:

Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

effects, laser, hair, removal, hormones

Infection with viruses and various infections.

Inflammatory skin conditions in the area to be waxed.

Damage to the skin. Wounds, cuts, scratches.

Choice of epilation method

The modern beauty industry offers several types of laser equipment, which differ from each other in effectiveness, length of the light flux, and depth of effect.

To work with any laser equipment, you must have medical training and a license to practice.

  • Diode. a popular laser model, promotes thinning of hard hair, removes fuzz and blond hair. The main advantage of the apparatus can work with any skin phototype;
  • Alexandrite. ideal for light skin and dark hair. Effective and safe;
  • Neodymium. helps remove stiff hair, stops the follicle feeding, destroying its feeding system. Effective on all hair colors.

A prior consultation with a cosmetologist is required to select the type of laser for the procedure.

Laser hair removal. professional hair removal.

Laser hair removal is the most reliable and modern method of removing excess hair. Wax, shugaring, shaving. does not destroy the roots of the hair, these procedures are called depilation.

If you’ve had hair removal by laser, you probably want to know what is the difference between our hair removal and hair removal in other salons and clinics? For you we have prepared a special article: “How we REALLY remove hair on the CANDELA GentleLase Pro”.

If you have never had laser hair removal, this article is for you. How not to fall for cheaters and marketing tricks, why not all lasers are the same and how not to go for years to get hair removal. we’ll tell you everything.

Laser hair removal does not remove hair forever?

The official medicine does not mark any difference (in terms of efficiency) between laser hair removal, photo hair removal and electro hair removal. If competently and correctly perform all these procedures, the effectiveness of hair removal for all these methods is the same!

About ineffective laser hair removal people who don’t really understand how hair removal by light works. Note that the laser is the same light. only highly concentrated, so physically laser hair removal is no different from photoepilation.

Risks and consequences of laser hair removal

Translation of Laser Hair Removal’s Risks by Roni Caryn Rabin in The New York Times January 6, 2014.

Laser hair removal procedures have become extremely popular in recent years. According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, about half a million laser hair removal procedures were performed in professional facilities in the United States in 2011.

However, an unknown number of procedures are performed each year by non-specialists who have minimal training and often have not even received medical training.

Keyword. growing. If epilation procedure is carried out correctly, all active growing follicles should die after one session!

Next, the patient must wait for the dormant and inactive roots to “wake up” and repeat the procedure on the newly grown hair.

The most important thing. If you don’t see the result after the first treatment (hair residue). stumps. should fall out in 7-12 days after the procedure and within 15-30 days nothing should grow: we had an alexandrite CANDELA GentleLase Pro like this), change the clinic where you were hair removal.

What destroys the hair follicle doesn’t matter. Both laser and light and electricity should be equally effective on growing hair. But electroepilation is longer and more painful, often with the risk of micro-scars.

1) The number of procedures depends on how much hair is dormant and what is the period of hair renewal.

heredity and initial “hairiness

Patients 18-25 years old have an active hormonal background, so you can repeat procedures for quite a long time. Up to 5-10 times. Older patients require fewer procedures.

Bikini area, upper lip, back of the knees. The most complicated in terms of hair removal. With minor changes in hormonal background the hair in them again begins to grow.

If you have the Caucasian genotype, the bikini area. The highest concentration of dormant hair follicles.

2) It is important to observe the correct interval between treatments.

There was no point in repeating the treatment more than once every three or four weeks. During this time the hair follicles simply do not have time to wake up!

Where it is advised to buy 10 treatments at once with a frequency of visits every 2 weeks there are marketing tricks. We’re in the business of medicine, not marketing games.

Let’s share the story of our patient:

The patient bought a subscription to 10 sessions of laser hair removal at one of the laser hair removal network clinics. According to the experts. That should have been enough visits to remove the unwanted hair permanently. After the first visit, she had a follow-up appointment in 10 days. After the second visit, she was asked to come back in another 20 days. Then another 30 days later.

One week after the fifth visit (. ) a girl came to us for a procedure of contour plastic surgery and casually complained that half of the bought 10 sessions had passed, and the hair was still growing and almost more. To our question. “And why go for waxing after 10 days, when there is no new hair?”, the patient said that she was following her beautician’s instructions. We praised her. because it’s really important. Obey your beautician!

And advised to use the remaining 5 visits with the benefit: come on the procedure only after the hair has sufficiently grown.

3) Patient’s phototype: skin color and hair color.

The better the difference in “brightness” between the skin and hair. The more effective the procedure and therefore fewer sessions are required.

If your hair is dark, a skin is light, but you love to sunbathe (by the way, 10-14 days before and after hair removal it is categorically impossible to do!) and your skin is tan, it will add 1-2 treatments to the course of getting rid of hair.

No laser or photoepilation (whatever you read on the Internet) will remove even the lightest hairs. There is no melanin in the hair, and it is this pigment that both laser and light react to in IPL removal.

The laser successfully responds to a 1-tone difference between hair and skin. But more procedures are required.

4) The Type of Hair Removal Machine.

It is considered that the alexandrite devices of the latest generation have 1-3 shorter hair removal sessions. The reason is simple: alexandrite light interacts more effectively with melanin.

But the most important thing is something else: it’s important that the patient isn’t misled or deceived by selling them laser hair removal treatments instead of hair removal. its “counterpart”.

How patients are deceived.

Be sure to read our article about hardware fraud in the laser hair removal market! You should know it!

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