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Consumption based on the parameters of the house

accurately assume the possible power consumption of an electric boiler is possible knowing the parameters of the house and its heat loss (also measured in kW). To maintain a comfortable temperature, heating equipment must compensate for the heat loss of the house. This means that the heat output of the boiler = heat loss of the house, and since the efficiency of electric boilers of 99% or more, then, roughly, the heat output of electric boilers is also equal to the consumption of electricity. That is, the heat loss of the house roughly reflects the consumption of the electric boiler.

There are average data on the heat losses of houses made of various coating materials (we take into account houses with a ceiling height of 2.7 m, standard glazing area which are located in the climatic zone of the Moscow region). The temperature difference is taken as 26°C (22°C in the house and.4°C outside), this is an average value for the heating season in the Moscow region.

electric, boiler, heating, much, month
Heat losses of typical residential buildings with an area of 100 m 2
Covering type and thickness Average heat losses, kW (per hour) Peak heat losses at.25°C, kW (per hour)
Frame insulated with mineral wool (150 mm) 3,4 6,3
Foam block D500 (400 mm) 3,7 6,9
The house according to SNiP Mos. obl. 4 7,5
Foam concrete D800 (400 mm) 5,5 10,2
Hollow brick (600 mm) 6 11
Log (220 mm) 6,5 11,9
Log (150 mm) 6,7 12,1
Frame insulated with mineral wool (50 mm) 9,1 17,3
Reinforced concrete (600 mm) 14 25,5

Feedback from owners of electric boilers on the performance in practice

According to installation practices, owner feedback and information from the forums, we were able to get a lot of examples of very different designs and flow rates, here are a few of the most representative examples:

  • House of 160 m2, per month winds up to 18-20 thousand. But this is Siberia. Wall: expanded clay aggregate 5cm foam brick veneer.
  • A house of approximately 165 sq. m. frame, insulated with 150 mm thick psbs-15, 240 mm thick psbs15 roof. We live in a house for the first year, so before finishing hands yet, plus there are problematic areas such as iron entrance door, which freezes and uninsulated stairwell in the basement 7 m 2. Total for the 141 days of the heating season 15 865 kilowatts wasted.
  • area 120 m 2. 150 mm epps floor, 300 mm glass wool ceiling, 375 mm D300 wall. Ventilation 6 pcs Blauberg A150 Pro 150 mm ventilation ducts in the room under the boiler room. For the calendar year from 09.03.2018 to 09.03.2019 16 812 kW. Calculate 16812/120/365/24 = 15.99 Watt/m2.
  • House 50 m 2. Standard masonry in the 2 bricks and plaster without insulation, plastic windows with double glazing. It comes out about 7-9 thousand per month. rubles per month in winter and 5-6 thousand. In fall/spring, at 0 degrees or plus temperature.

How to know how much the electric boiler consumes?

Electric boilers. a convenient and practical option for home heating. They are environmentally friendly, small-sized, inexpensive and relatively easy to maintain. But it is more expensive to heat the house with electricity than with gas. Therefore, owners are looking for ways to save money. And you should start with calculations on how much an electric heating boiler consumes per month.

Now we will tell you how to independently calculate the energy consumption and the required capacity of the system, at which the temperature in the dwelling will be comfortable, and you will not overpay.

What capacity electric boiler Leberg needs

Company Leberg presents single-circuit electric boilers for heating from 4.5 kW. Up to 30 kW. How to calculate the capacity of an electric boiler for your area of the room to be heated?

The most common, but very rough calculation is usually the number of square meters of the room. Proportion of 1kW. per 10m². That is, if we take the boiler with a capacity of 15kW., It is respectively suitable for a house or apartment with an area of 150m².

But if you need a more accurate calculation, you should take into account such indicators as:

  • heat loss of the materials from which the floor, ceiling, walls, floors are made;
  • The thickness and area of the walls and floors;
  • The energy savings of the installed windows (the number of chambers and the area of the window opening).

Also, when selecting a boiler, it is necessary to take into account the volt. As there is an electric heating boiler 380V, 220V, rarely 400V.

Calculation of the power of an electric boiler

In addition to the above methods of determining the boiler output per room area, there is another formula for calculating. To do this, you need to know the area of the room and the coefficient of specific power for a particular region, such as:

For example, let’s calculate the power of an electric boiler for the average zone with the area of 100 m2: 1001,2100%=12000W. or 12 kW.

electric, boiler, heating, much, month

Accordingly, based on the obtained result, we understand that our house/apartment area of 100 m2 requires an electric boiler power of which is 12 kW.

We determine the consumption of electricity

To find out the daily consumption of electric heating boilers, the power is multiplied by the hours when the equipment operates without interruption.To find out the consumption per month, its capacity is multiplied by the number of working hours and divided by 2.


What electricity consumption will be in the heating season, find out by multiplying the received value for the month by the number of months in the heating season of the particular region. Knowing the approximate amount of consumption of boiler, you can find out the money expense for the season in hryvna, multiplying the consumption of kW to the rate.

What does the electricity consumption depend on

How much an electric boiler consumes for heating can be calculated, but first it is worth to calculate the heat loss of the building. Namely, take into account the total area of the premises, the height of the ceilings, the material used for the walls and ceilings, as well as the number of windows.

In addition, to find out exactly how much the electric boiler consumes, it is necessary to take into account the duration of operation of the unit to maintain the set temperature.

Pay attention to the principle of the electric boiler.

You can distinguish the following types of devices, depending on how the heating medium is heated and the amount of energy consumed:

How much electricity consumes an electric boiler is important to know, but which unit will be the most “profitable” specifically for you also plays a role. For this purpose, when choosing, it is worth paying attention to the following parameters:

  • Type of construction (boiler with two circuits or with one).
  • Expected volume of heated rooms.
  • Power characteristics of the electric boiler.
  • Cable cross-sectional area.
  • Supply voltage and cable size.
  • Heating area.
  • Potential of the tank.
  • Quantity of fluid in the heating circuit.
  • Actual operating hours of the installation during the heating season.
  • The price per 1 kWh.
  • The average daily duration of operation in “maximum” mode, and so on.

Remember that an ordinary electric heating boiler does not require special permits from the services, but at the same time, a design with a capacity above 10 kW needs approval from the Electricity Distribution Authority and the Energonadzor. After all, in this case you need to connect to a powerful three-phase network.

How much an electric heating boiler consumes in a month: 2 schemes of calculation

Greetings, comrades! Today we will learn how to calculate the electrical consumption of an electric boiler of known power in the conditions of real work. I will introduce you to two calculation schemes of varying complexity. the nominal power of the boiler and the actual need for heat in the house. Let’s go.

Electric heating element boiler is used in my house as a backup source of heat.

First a few general remarks to help you understand the proposed schemes:

  • Part of the time the boiler stays idle or works at a reduced capacity. Its rated capacity is adjusted for the peak power consumption of the house that falls on the coldest days of winter. When the thermometer goes up, the heat demand decreases;

In a thaw, the heat demand of the house decreases.

The heat consumption at constant thermal conductivity of the walls is directly proportional to the temperature difference between the house and the street. It will decrease not only when the outdoor temperature rises, but also when the indoor temperature drops.

  • Efficiency (coefficient of performance) of any electric heating device with a minimum error is equal to 100 % and does not depend on type of a heating element. The small amount of heat that is dissipated by the appliance body is also used to heat the house;

To reduce non-target heat losses, the heat exchanger of the boiler is insulated with mineral wool or teplofol (foil insulation based on heat-resistant polymer foam).

Therefore, the thermal capacity of the boiler is always taken equal to its electrical capacity: a device that consumes 8 kilowatts of electricity will give the same amount of heat.

  • The average actual consumption of a boiler with a properly calculated capacity is approximately equal to half of the consumption at rated capacity for the same time. Simply put, an 8-kilowatt appliance on average consumes 4 kilowatts in the winter months.

After heating the water to the desired temperature, the boiler shuts down heating and waits for the cool down of the coolant.

The capacity of household electric boilers, as a rule, ranges from 12 to 30 kilowatts. Before you buy a unit, you need to clarify the features of the power grid in your area. how they will affect the operation of the system.


If the actual voltage is less than two hundred volts, the imported boiler designed for 220 may fail. If the quota per house is low, you need to consider what electricity consumption of the electric boiler. Otherwise we may have problems with the neighbors.

When designing the heating system is taken into account:

  • the necessary power of the boiler;
  • the number of circuits (what is a two-circuit electric boiler);
  • boiler volume;
  • total amount of coolant in the system;
  • heated area of the house;
  • Incoming cable cross-section (must correspond to the wattage);
  • Power supply voltage and current value;
  • duration of daytime heating depending on the season;
  • duration of operation at peak power;
  • price per kilowatt hour.

The design of the heating system is guided by the heat map of the house. It takes into account virtually all the features of the building: the materials of construction, insulation of walls, floor and roof, the area of windows and doors, the climate in the region.

Electric boiler power consumption also affects the choice of the optimal heating scheme.

How to calculate the boiler power

The final capacity of the installation depends on a number of factors. Averaged take ceilings up to 3 meters high. In this case, the calculation comes down to a ratio of 1 kW per 10 m 2. in climates typical of the middlelands. For an accurate calculation, however, consider the following number of factors:

  • Condition of windows, doors and floor, the presence of cracks on them;
  • What the walls are made of;
  • the presence of additional insulation;
  • how the house is exposed to the sun;
  • the climatic conditions;

If you have a room blowing from all the cracks, then you and 3 kW per 10 m 2 may not be enough. The way to save energy lies in the use of quality materials and compliance with all construction techniques.

You should not take a boiler with a large margin, this will lead to high electricity consumption and financial costs. The reserve should be 10% or 20%.

The final power is also affected by the principle of operation. Look at the comparison table, it will surely help you:

Some details in the examples

It is necessary to take into account the cross-section of the cable, especially if you connect a large capacity electric boilers. The area of current-carrying conductors for single-phase units are determined by the elementary formula, which is perceived as an axiom. Sectional area in sq. mm must not be less than the rated output, which characterizes the performance and consumption of the electric boiler and is expressed in kW. With three-phase supply the calculation is more complicated and it is important not to forget that the consumption of electricity by an electric boiler over 10 kW requires the registration of permits for withdrawal of this load from the power grid.

Simple calculations based on the fact that heating 1 cu. meter of the room requires 30-35 W, allows you to make a calculation for the optimal boiler for any house. One need only multiply the area of the rooms (floors) by the height of the ceilings. The nominal output of the electric boiler is overestimated by 10%. Do it with a reservation about the possibility of scale formation on heaters or the prospect of making changes to the house plan (annexes to the house). Determining the figure: how much an electric boiler consumes per day requires the assumption that the consumption per hour will be equal to half the boiler capacity.

Daily ration of the electric boiler is obtained by multiplying the indicator per hour by 24 hours. The same method should be used to determine the monthly norm of consumption and for the heating season as a whole (annual consumption). Determining how much the electric boiler consumes on average per year. the electricity consumption for home heating multiply by the cost of 1 kW and you get the financial cost of home heating.

Economical electric boiler. Features of the device, details on

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