Electric cooktop in retro style

Cooking hobs in the interior of modern kitchens: styles and design solutions

Since ancient times, the home hearth has been considered the center not only of the kitchen, but also the entire house. Later the stove was invented, and then it was replaced by compact and convenient cooking hobs, which have taken an important place in the interior of the kitchen. They can perform not only practical functions, but also make a significant contribution to the organization of the kitchen space, create a mood, and even serve as the main decoration of the room. Gas, electric or induction hob in the interior of the kitchen can be very different in shape, color and functionality. And all of this together allows you to develop the most interesting style solutions for all tastes.

We have already written about which type of hobs will be more convenient and economical, but in this article we will focus on the aesthetic component.

Built-in electric hobs. with 4 burners

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Electric cooktops are divided into 2 types. Dependent devices provide control of burners on the oven panel, independent devices are equipped with their own touch or mechanical control. Our selection includes standard “pancake” cooktops and ceramic glass cooktops with a variety of burners. Heating elements can be standard, halogen or induction. There are also combined models that combine gas and electric burners. We offer built-in electric cooking hobs that offer maximum performance and a stylish design. Compact kitchen appliances have gained popularity among those consumers who appreciate unpretentious devices in terms of care, as well as the comfort and speed of cooking. Modern electric hobs are multifunctional: they have a timer with different functions (with auto shut-off, with audible alarm, direct countdown), the option to recognize the presence of dishes, energy consumption display. There is a QuickStart option for precise detection of the pot’s position, a reStart option to save your previous settings, a Power Management option to speed up cooking. Number of capacities reaches 17. Child lock and safety switch-off for maximum safety. Control of electronics is simple and intuitive. 1-year appliance warranty. Plug and power cord are usually not included. If you have any questions about the choice of appliances you can ask our specialist in the chat (button located in the bottom right corner of the page).


and more consumers are choosing appliances not only for their technical qualities but also for their external elegance. The best choice in this case might be a retro style stove. They often become a real decoration for many different interiors. This is a non-standard color. most often cream, anthracite, beige or ivory. The design is also original.

The old design can be found in products from a variety of suppliers. Relevant models offer both international giants and relatively little-known companies. A good example is the Country line from Darina. And some companies have always delivered more or less the same device, the appearance of which has not changed for decades. Retrostyle products are divided into 3 price ranges:

  • Elite brands from the EU, the very name of which says a lot to connoisseurs (some models can be comparable in value to passenger cars);

The main difference between retro-style stoves is, of course, in the way heat is generated. Even induction units can be among them. This solution is popular in many different countries and fits perfectly into any environment. Cooking with an induction hearth is quite easy. The size of such equipment varies greatly, so you can choose the option that satisfies the consumer, regardless of the available space and level of performance.

The principle of operation is quite simple: incoming electric energy with a special device is converted into a magnetic field of high frequency. Inside it, eddy currents are formed that heat the cookware. Since the entire impulse is focused only on the cookware itself, unproductive energy leakage is minimized. The service life of induction technology is quite long, however:

Gas stoves are quite good and quite usual for people. It is important to remember that some models are designed for natural gas and others for liquefied gas.

electric, cooktop, retro, style

In urban environments, an electric stove is often a more practical solution. Unlike the induction model, it allows you to use almost any cookware. The electric oven provides more even heating than its gas counterpart.

And you can also find other types of stoves:

Let me tell you about my three-year experience with the Gefest gas cooktop. Gefest CH1211 K54. When choosing her reviews were not so much on the Internet at that time, but bribed by the beautiful appearance and a very, very low cost, I got it in April 2018, along with delivery for only 8 thousand.

Right now the price ranges around 10, which is also quite a bit for quality appliances, you’ll agree. At the time of purchase I wanted to see as many photos as possible of how it looks in real life. Therefore, I think that it is not superfluous my review for those who are setting up a retro kitchen.

So all in all the panel has not let me down once in 3 years and it works properly. In all the time I can highlight the following advantages.

First, of course, the design.

Look how great they look together, just a duo. All the time I use the panel, I’m pleased to look at it, it just pleases the eye with its delicate beige color.

Second, the panel has a great enamel coating. It’s very easy to scrub, no problems with cleaning. I’ve been using an electric ceramic hob for many years and have become quite friendly with the scraper, scrubbing the glass ceramic just loved it)))) so I was worried about how the enamel would be. Turns out my fears were unfounded. Many stains wipe off simply with water, others with any liquid dish detergent.

I have not had any scratches or damage on the coating itself at all during use, look:

Thirdly, among the unconditional advantages I can mention the most convenient electric ignition. A couple of clicks and the stove is on. It works without a hitch.

Fourthly, the positioning of burners is very good. I like the size of them, the fact that they have different sizes, one small, one large, two medium, it’s just great, you can pick up the one that you need at the moment.

I like to cook porridge on a small burner for the kids or heat something small. The large burner has very good heat: it is convenient to quickly fry meatballs / chops and everything else that needs to be fried, and then move it to stew on the second burner. Or it’s convenient to bring the food to the boil and then put it away to let it cook near the wall. In general, I am completely satisfied with this arrangement of burners.

The burners are easy to remove, it is also not difficult to put them back in place.

Fifth, just great that the grill is divided in half. Sometimes handy when you have something on the stove, or during cooking on one half, take the other half off and wipe up any spilled slop.

Sixth, but not least, the panel is equipped with a gas control. Automatic gas shutoff system. A couple of times I ran away from the compote, the flame went out, and the system really, really worked, the gas went out, at least there was no smell.

And now a nuance in the studio!!

Handles are not as convenient to clean as we would like. But that’s actually what I understood when I bought the panel, that there would be problems with these curls. What to do, you have to pay for beauty.

Next, which again is connected with the handles. their coating is cracked in places, apparently not able to withstand the temperature heights. So if you are an aesthete and expect the highest quality from technology after years. for its low cost. then the Gefest panel is still not for you and you should look for something more expensive. Here, you can see the darkened stains on the handles, in this photo should be visible:

And finally, the final touch to the minuses. Cleaning the cast-iron grill from cooking grease is not as much fun as you might think. Total satisfaction that I cleaned it well, I do not have, after years of use. There is no pristine cleanliness, at least like on an enamel surface. But I think this disadvantage applies to all cast-iron grids, it’s not about this particular model.

Summing up, I say so, the Gefest panel is a good budget solution, it is not the price of a Mercedes, and if the above drawbacks do not make you shiver, feel free to buy this beige happiness!

You might be interested to see a little VIDEO about the Gefest СН1211 K54 gas cooktop:

The choice of retro are true connoisseurs, with exquisite taste. This style helps to create an atmosphere of coziness and family warmth at home. In this case, all items of interior must be made to look like the old times, with the distinctive features of a bygone era. Ovens in the retro style have a memorable appearance, most often equipped with metal switches and handles. The design of the devices can be sustained in a calm color scheme or pleasing to the eye with classic colors. The catalog offers matt black, sand and antique white ovens, as well as ivory and copper.

In this section of the catalog you will find the following lines:

    . A distinctive feature of the devices is a stylish embossed metal brand logo on the front panel;

  • Piedmont. The retro-style ovens in the range vary in size from 45 to 60 cm in width;.The models are equipped with a glass tray which can be used when laying the table. Glass is easy to clean and is thus one of the most practical materials;. This design series was dedicated to the founding year of Körting. It combines retrostyle elegance with modern functionality. A distinctive feature of these ovens are brass rotary knobs.

How to choose a hob to match the kitchen design?

The hearth has been at the center of the kitchen since time immemorial. It was not just a device for heating and cooking, but also a sacred element, in particular, a talisman against evil spirits. The functions of the hearth gradually took over the stove, and then its more compact version. the kitchen stove. These days, rather bulky cooktops are gradually replacing cooktops.

When choosing kitchen appliances for a long time we do not take into account their sacred meaning, but much attention is paid to the selection of design. Cooktop in the kitchen interior should look harmonious, as it is the main element of it. Agree, in a room, decorated in the classical style, will look very inappropriate modern minimalistic model. And a vintage cooktop will ruin the main idea of the interior in the style of high-tech.

In this article we will not talk about what technical characteristics should be considered when buying home appliances, and will focus exclusively on the aesthetic aspect of choice. You will learn how to integrate the hob into the kitchen interior, creating a harmonious and complete ensemble.

Retro-style cooker hoods

Elegant 60 cm wide dome hoods complement the Provence gas and electric cooktops. The devices are designed for quick and effective cleaning of cooking air from grease, smoke, carbon monoxide and various smells. The hoods are available in 4 shades: black, white, copper and ivory. Design of the appliances is emphasized by wooden and bronze elements of the construction. Models can be mounted on the wall directly above the stove or hob. Recommended mounting height is: 50-60 cm above electric and 70-75 cm above gas burners. Bright, energy-saving backlighting for comfortable use.

Dome hoods have a modern motor that runs quietly and economically. The capacity of the appliances is 750-950 m3/h, with 3 operating modes for different cooking intensity. Control is enabled by a simple and reliable slide mechanism. Extractor hoods can effectively operate in the mode of diversion and recirculation of air flow.

Thanks to modern technological solutions and high-quality insulating materials, the noise level is significantly reduced. The set comes with a reusable grease filter made of aluminium. It is particularly convenient because it is dishwasher safe. Carbon filter is available as an additional option, it must be ordered separately.

GEFEST DA 622-02 K69 Electric Oven

Electric oven Gefest ZDV DA 622-02 K69 is made in a stylish green color, it will be a finishing detail in any kitchen. The large volume allows you to cook several dishes at the same time. The oven is controlled by rotary knobs and a sensor that displays all the necessary information. Includes grill and rotisserie for cooking fish, meat with a crispy crust. Bright backlight allows you to watch the process, and you can use the timer to set the desired time. Gefest ZDV DA 622-02 K69 oven is covered with enamel, so it is very easy to get rid of dirt. With telescopic rails, you can easily remove the trays and not burn yourself.

GEFEST DA 622-02 K69 electric oven


  • comfortable control
  • operation modes
  • easy cleaning
  • Interior fittings
  • functionality
  • safety
  • thermal insulation

That appealing retro

Turning to the past is how the concept of retro style is interpreted. Manufacturers of home appliances often use elements of this style, imitating details of bygone times, so cute to our eyes. Defiantly resisting the trends of modern life with its deliberate practicality and elimination of superfluous details, this design recreates the atmosphere of warmth and comfort that we sometimes lack.

Retro-style models can be found in the line of almost any manufacturer. Sometimes they have a common name, like the Empire collection by Kaiser and the Nostalgie by Bosch. But even if there is no such serial name, you can always put together a vintage-style set for your kitchen.

Electric oven Bosch Nostalgie HBA23BN61

53 L capacity, 7 cooking modes, 3-layer glass door, GranitEmail enamel

Dimensions (HxWxD) 59.5×59.5×51.5 cm

Kaiser hob KCT 6395 I Em ISO L

4 induction burners, including 2 with Power

Touch control, sAutomatic shutdown system Safety Guard

Kuppersberg Microwave RMW 969 C

Volume 32 l, diameter of the turntable 32 cm, power 1000 W

5 programs of automatic defrosting, 11 cooking programs

On the contrary, these models are equipped with the most advanced technological solutions. For example, Kuppersberg RMW 969 C retro-style built-in microwave has automatic cooking programs, electronic touch control and combines microwave and grill modes.

RICCI gas stove RGC 9030

5 gas burners, 110″ gas oven л

Gas control stove and oven, stove burner auto ignition

Dimensions (HxWxD) 85x90x60 see

Whirlpool Electric Oven AKP 255 JA

56 litre capacity, 8 cooking modes including convection and grill

Whirlpool cooking surface AKM 528 JA

4 gas burners, including express burner

The Gorenje Infinity collection of appliances includes exquisite black and beige appliances with vintage decor details. Oven handle adorned with the infinity symbol, delicate switches and graphics on the glass door. these are the design elements of Gorenje Infinity ovens. In some ovens of the new collection, there is an analog electronic programmer, made in the form of a vintage clock, which displays the current time. The touch-sensitive electronic programmer used on other models ensures easy operation and full control over the cooking process.

The unique vaulted shape of the HomeMade™ One of the main advantages of Gorenje ovens. Designed in the image of a traditional wood-fired oven, the oven allows hot air to circulate freely, spread evenly and completely envelope the food. So the food is heated intensively and evenly on all sides, getting both juicy and crispy at the same time.

Gorenje Infinity ovens feature the gentleClose door closing system: a light touch is all it takes to close the door silently and quickly.

Gorenje Infinity gas hobs are equipped with a powerful three-circuit WOK burner. The automatic ignition function provides easy operation and the PowerBoost quick heat function lets you quickly reach the temperature you want.

The most advanced induction cooking technology has been given a vintage look by the Gorenje Infinity hobs. And the vintage style Hi-Light electric cooktop in addition to the three conventional burners is equipped with a fourth burner with an extra heating circuit, which allows you to change the cooking area depending on the size of pans.

Thanks to the innovative P.A.S. The air absorption zone in Gorenje Infinity hoods is located not only in the central part, but also on the sides of the hood, thus reducing power consumption and noise level, and increasing the efficiency of kitchen air purification.

AdaptTech system sensor in the hood detects the intensity of vapours and impurities in the air and adjusts the motor power accordingly. If you’re cooking a lot of food at once and the amount of steam has increased, the PowerBoost function will ensure that it is removed quickly and efficiently.

Gorenje electric oven BO637INI

67 liters capacity, 11 heating modes, grill, convection

Electric oven Gorenje BO637INB

Volume 67 l, 11 heating modes, grill, convection

Top 5 Best Electric Cooktop

Electric hob Gorenje ECT62INB

4 burners HiLight, including oval

Automatic cooking, function StopGo, heating function StayWarm

Gorenje induction hob IT63INB

PowerBoost function and AllBoost

The Electrolux Rococo design collection for sophisticated interiors and haute cuisine in your home. The collection includes ovens (from 40,000 to 78,000), cooktops (induction, glass ceramic and gas), hoods and microwave ovens. Available in beige and black with brass or stainless steel finish.

The CombiSteam function of Rococo ovens with the steam cooking function allows you to uncover the secret of the succulent, aromatic dishes of Michelin chefs. The Rococo Premium OPEB 2650 has a professional steam cooking and baking oven with a ratio of 25% to 75%, and a wet steam mode (steamer included as an accessory). Models with mechanical controls (metal rotary switches) have a timer switch, removable stainless steel chrome guides and FlexiRunners telescopic rails with adjustable height.

Gas burners on glass combine stylish modern design with practicality, their VerticalFlame burners provide faster and more even heating, and the big powerful TripleCrown burner allows boiling water quickly or evenly heat a pan for frying.

Electric oven Rococo Premium OPEB 2650 V

Volume 72 l, steam cleaning, Triple-glazed door

ПDoor lock SoftClosing

Cooktop Electrolux Rococo GPE363RBV

4 gas burners, including burner TripleCrown

Electrolux microwave oven Rococo EMM 20000 O

Microwave power 700 watts, 5 power levels

Electrolux hood Rococo EFC 60441 OR

Width 60 cm, mechanical control, 3 speed

The KöOvens often incorporate retro elements in their design. For example, the 1889 series ovens and hobs feature a vintage metal nameplate with a logo, similar to those found on K appliancesöRting more than a century ago. Other kitchen appliances from the Provence style line, such as the OKB 482 CRSN oven, are also designed in a vintage style.

K rting electric ovenörting OKB 482 CRSN

dimensions (HxWxD) 59,5х59,5x56 cm

A new addition to the retro KöThe recessed ovens of the Calabria series in which the full-size 60 cm wide and the narrow 45 cm wide models are available are the ovens OKB 4941 CRN and OKB 4941 CRB in matt black and ivory respectively. The bronze-plated rotary knobs, door handle and other elements are in perfect harmony with natural materials and fittings in the classic or retro style of kitchen furniture. On the front, there is a metal logo with the inscription KöThe front panel features a metal logo with the word “K” on it.

The analogue clock on the control panel is also in classic style, but although every element, from the hands to the numbers, looks the same as it did many years ago, inside is a modern electronic timer that controls the oven from being switched on to shutting down automatically at a set time.

The HG 465 CTRB (ivory) and HG 465 CTRN (matte black) 45 cm wide three-burner gas cooktops match these ovens. Equipped with a powerful WOK burner with three flame rows, which speeds up cooking and heats the cookware evenly.

And as for the Calabria range of full-size cooktops, both gas and electricity (both Hi-Light and induction) are at your disposal. And as you know, the hood is the crowning element in any kitchen, so you can choose between copper, ivory and black, as in the KHC 6930 domed models.

Electric oven Körting OKB 460 RN

Three-layer glass door with easy clean enamel

Electric hob Körting OKB 4941 CRB

Double glazed door, steam cleaning

HG cooking surface 465 CTRB

3 gas burners, including a WOK burner

Cooktop Körting HG 665 CTRN

4 gas burners, including WOK burner

Körting HK 6205 RN

4 burners HiLight, including two double-circuit (round and oval)

Körting KHC 6930 RI

Midea kitchen appliances, made in vintage style, are already well known to Russian consumers. Complete sets are available, consisting of an electric oven, gas or electric hob (induction or Hi-Light burners), overhead extractor hood and microwave oven, built-in or free-standing, all in a single design and various colors (black, white or ivory).

This fall, Midea launches models with new sleek design such as more expensive handles, and ovens and microwaves now have the distinctive oval window. And the gas surface has gained not only updated grids, but also such a useful accessory as an integrated coffee adapter. New set in glass and bronze, with the traditional Midea glass exterior.

Midea electric oven MO 5810V RGI-B

Analog clock-timer, easy-to-clean enamel

Three-pane glass door, fully extending telescopic rails

Cooktop Midea MG 696 TRGI-B

4 gas burners, including one with high power

Midea cooking surface MIH 64721 FRI

4 induction burners, BOOST function

Electronic touch control, 9 power levels

Automatic shut-off, child lock

Midea built-in microwave oven Mi 9255 RGI-B

Capacity 25 l, microwave power 900 W, grill power 1000 W

Touch control, 8 auto menu programs, 10 power levels

Midea Exhaust MH 60AN 582 RGI

Cooking capacity 800 cu.m.m/h, 3 speed

Touch control, LED lighting

SMEG Victoria series is designed for people who appreciate a warm and cosy atmosphere at home, for a place full of peace, joy and laughter and where time seems to stand still.

Building on the success of the 110 cm wide TR4110, the 90 cm wide TR93 (with three ovens) and the traditional TR90 center with one oven, SMEG is introducing to the Russian market a full range of Victoria series appliances including 60 cm built-in ovens, compact 45 cm wide gas cooktops, a wall hood and dish warmer. All models are available in four colors: black, cream, white and stainless steel.

SMEG 60 cm wide ovens feature an intuitive Easy Guide user display with interactive menus for entering a programme. The cavity of the oven has a total volume of 72 liters (which is 20% more than in standard models), and the innovative system SmartSense with 50 preset recipes allows you to cook food automatically, just set the type of products, their weight and the desired time to end the program. There are also 10 customizable recipes that can easily be used by beginners and experts in cooking.

In addition to the traditional defrosting, reheating and rising dough functions, the ovens are equipped with special modes to meet the individual needs of the user. These include the sterilization of pots and pans for preserving jams, and a low-temperature mode that allows food to take longer to cook, while satisfying the requirements of the most demanding gourmet. The ovens are also equipped with Vapor Clean, which facilitates cleaning by using steam, and a special cooling system that keeps the external surface of the door at a stable temperature.

In addition, the Victoria range includes a range of compact 45 cm wide appliances available in two versions:

These compact appliances have a useful volume of 40 l and allow you to maximize your kitchen space.

And finally, the collection includes gas cooktops, equipped with five burners (including one ultra-fast, 5 kW) and cast iron grids.

SMEG electric oven SFP6925NPZ

Pizza function, pyrolytic cleaning

Dimensions (HxWxD) 58.8×59.7x54,8 see

SMEG electric oven SF4920MCN, combined with a microwave oven

Volume 40 l, 13 cooking functions (4 with microwave)

Nominal power 3.10 kW, grill power 2.0 kW, microwave power 1000 W

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