Epilator or shugaring in what is the difference

What is better, epilator or shugaring: the effect of procedures, pros and cons, reviews, what girls choose

The choice of hair removal between shugaring or epilator. should be done after finding out the pros and cons of each procedure. Also need to consider the individual contraindications and possible side effects.

The choice between shugaring and epilator depends on the situation and the treatment area, as well as the pros and cons of each method.

The main advantages of shugaring are: speed, pilling effect, and the ability to handle any area. The main disadvantage. the short-lived effect and the risk of ingrown hairs.

The main advantage of epilator. the ability to use cooling heads. With their help in the process of epilation is slightly reduced painful sensations.

The disadvantages are: short-lived effect, pain due to spot hair removal, pinching of the skin, breaking and ingrown hairs, not suitable for all areas.

Paste for shugaring with their own hands / Shugaring (waxing) at home. review

Good day to all! Today a smooth body without hair is the main indicator of every well-groomed girl. There are many ways to get rid of hair, depending on the price and the tool. Today I want to tell you about the most budget way to get rid of hair. SHUGARING (SUGAR DEPILATION)

I will not bore your eyes with history about shugaring as everyone is informed about it! I’m gonna get right into the process.

First of all I would like to share with you a recipe that I make myself. RECIPE simple:

And taak take any metal dish that is suitable for cooking, pour all the sugar and water in there, stir if you can. ALL! Putting it on the fire! To a little.

At times we stir until the sugar is completely dissolved, after we add citric acid. And constantly stirring to watch the color of our paste.

It will quickly change color and when it reaches a golden color, turn it off and pour it into a bowl that can withstand high temperatures. Here we go photo cooking process:

CAREFULLY IT’S HOT. Let’s protect our fingers for more important things, more precisely for the process itself. Then wait for about 15-20 minutes to cool down. To check whether the paste is ready for use, you can use your fingers lightly pressing on it. If it creates a depression and keeps its shape, the paste is ready.

And now THAT’S DAY DAM》》 》the process itself. If you’ve made it before, it’s easy for you. If it’s the first time, it’s going to hurt a little bit.

So first we prepare the place of the so-called sugar operation “Sh”. If you have oily skin or if you have applied cream, cleanse well and dry with talcum powder or whatever you are used to. I do nothing as my skin is dry.

We take on one finger a paste equal to the number of teaspoons. Apply a thin layer of paste to the area against hair growth. At the end of the fingers should remain a bit of paste to capture the application of paste.

Now a finger should be as quick as possible to pull out in parts without tearing off the paste.

I do not stretch the paste beforehand, because it stretches on its own during depilation. Gradually it will change its color and at the end it becomes like gum.

THERE IS ONLY ONE BUT. The hair must be long the minimum Otherwise you will not see smoothness ((( In winter you can somehow endure to this unfortunate 5mm, but in summer it’s just impossible. So I resorted to another way with an epilator!

My curiosity gave me no peace, and led me to the experiment to compare the two methods.

My experiment was carried out according to the following criteria:


Shugaring is able to remove hairs with a minimum length of 5 mm. And at the same time we have to go over the paste several times to get the desired smoothness. And the small hairs are removed by tweezers I am not a very pleasant procedure.


Epilator is much faster than shugaring. If we compare the time it takes to depilate the legs, the epilator does it on average in 16 minutes.

And with shugaring it takes me twice as long 30 minutes.


I certainly prefer Shugaring. Without a doubt it wins on this criterion. I can not say that the process of depilation paste absolutely painless, of course it hurts, but tolerable pain which is not felt by subsequent use.


I did an experiment on the same spots on my hands and it turned out that they started to appear at the same time. I know it sounds unrealistic but the result is proof of that!


In this respect, the epilator yields Shugaring certainly on my experiment is not noticeable but in the bikini zone, underarms and face it is quite noticeable. I can say that after using shugaring the density decreased by half and this is certainly good.

ИBased on the above criteria, my choice is. SHOOGARING As a means to depilate the bikini, armpits and face, because these places are the most delicate areas and gmperchuschivleny. And for other places like legs I choose EPILATOR. Because I can’t take much time with pasta as I have a small child who requires constant attention!

Thank you for your attention I hope I shared something useful for you! Get well groomed

What depilation method should I choose??

Every woman over the course of her life tries several ways. Some choose the more economical, some choose the less painful, and some choose the method that requires a minimum of time. We compare the most popular ways to get rid of unwanted hair.

What’s better shugaring or waxing?

Shugaring or waxing, which is better?? Waxing is one of the oldest methods, and at the same time. budget. The heated wax is applied to the skin, and after it has cooled, a sharp movement pulls it off, pulling out the hairs. There are several techniques:

Salons apply a higher temperature wax, which is heated in a wax melter;

For home treatment, you can use wax in cartridges and the same wax melter, or ready-made wax strips bought in the store.

It is enough to warm them in the hands to body temperature. But in this case, some of the hairs, especially those that are shorter, may remain.

What’s better shugaring or depilation? Among the advantages of waxing. low cost, speed. 2-3 times faster than shugaring, the long smoothness of the skin. But this is negligible compared to the minuses:

  • Waxing hurts. When using hot wax, there is a risk of getting burned.
  • Irritation lasts at least a day.
  • Wax strips are torn against the direction of hair growth. Therefore ingrown hairs. the problem, familiar to those who often uses this method.
  • Remaining wax is difficult to remove from the skin. To do this, you need to use an oily napkin. Wet the prodepilated area after the procedure can not take several hours.
  • Wax does not capture short hairs, and you can not apply it repeatedly to the same area.

So, shugaring or wax depilation what is better?? Against 3 advantages, there are 5 disadvantages. With a small margin, the score is still 1:0 in favor of shugaring.

What is better epilator or shugaring?

Epilator or shugaring? Power-epilator helps save on regular salon procedures. Unlike a razor, it pulls hairs out at the root.

The pleasure is not cheap, but the money will only have to spend once. The device itself will last 5 years or more.

Epilator captures even short hairs. 2-3 mm in length. But what is convenient. epilation can be done at any convenient time. Among the advantages of this method:

  • It is possible to remove all the hairs by treating each area several times.
  • Many people note that the pain is not as much felt when you control the whole process yourself.
  • No need to grow long hair or specially prepare for the procedure.
  • Skin stays smooth for up to three weeks. You can do partial epilation, if the hairs sprout unevenly.
  • Dozens of ingrown hairs.
  • The procedure is painful. The skin on the legs over time you get used to, but the armpits and bikini epilate quite difficult and painful. That’s why women choose an epilator for legs, and bikini and underarms prefer to treat all the same in the salon.
  • Irritation in sensitive areas can last several days, thin skin is easily damaged and heals for a long time, especially if the technique is not followed.
  • Many people hate the annoying buzzing sound of the device.

Sugar Paste and Laser. What is more effective?

Laser hair removal from all advertising posters promises to get rid of unwanted vegetation forever. It all depends on the individual. For maximum effect, you need to undergo 7-10 procedures with a clear periodicity.

After that you will do it much less often. once every few months, and if you’re lucky. once every 1-2 years. The hairs will be soft, but. will be.

For the procedure, you’ll have to grow longer, ideally 8-10 mm. you’ll have to walk around with vegetation for about a couple of weeks.

During the procedure, the hairs are treated by the laser beam, which destroys the structure of the hair follicle, and the next hairs will grow very thin and weakened.

  • Laser hair removal is expensive.
  • After procedure, irritation and soreness remain for 2-3 days, burns are possible.
  • This method is not suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Before and after the procedure, you must not sunbathe, go to the sauna for a few days. After the procedure until the complete healing of the skin can not visit the pool and swim in the pond.
  • It is advisable to plan the schedule in advance and if possible, not to deviate from it.
  • Cannot be done during your period.
  • Some women can’t stand the smell of burnt hair during the procedure.

Using home epilator: pros and cons

Home electroepilator is often used by women who seek a more effective methods, but for some reason do not want to visit beauty salons.

  • Relative effectiveness. When quality hair removal is carried out, the hairs do not grow for 1-2 weeks.
  • Mobility. You can take the epilator on a trip or not depend on the salon in your hometown, if there is no time to visit it or bad weather forces you to stay at home.
  • The need to understand the subject. In order to choose the right type of epilator, as well as to choose the mode of its use, appropriate to your skin type and hair structure, you need to understand the subject of electroepilation itself. Otherwise, the home procedure can lead to a minimum of no desired result, and a maximum of. to complications and skin irritations.
  • Pain. The procedure requires anesthesia, and thus the right choice of drugs, and know how to use them, and lack of allergies to those anaesthetics that are commercially available.
  • Course of procedures. “Sleeping” hairs will still grow back and remove them over several months, the course of procedures.
  • Epilators from well-known manufacturers, which is more trustworthy, are about 10-12 thousand. rubles, and it is not available to everyone.

Comparative characteristics of shugaring and epilator

As already mentioned each method of hair removal has its pros and cons, affecting the choice. In something one method is more attractive, in something another. In parentheses the method that takes a winning position.

  • Affordability (epilator). Products used to make paste for shugaring can be found in every kitchen, they cost pennies. Epilator costs a lot of money. However, we should not forget that the device is enough to buy once, and you will have to buy products constantly. Also, if you regularly epilate only in the salon, it will lead to high financial costs. As a result, the epilator is more affordable, although initially you need more money.
  • Ease of use (epilator). The electric device is very compact, you can take it with you on a trip. Tools and supplies for Persian epilation takes much more space, requires preparatory work to perform removal. Therefore, it is easier and more convenient to use an epilator.
  • Less painful experience (shugaring). Hair removal epilator is very painful procedure, especially for beginners. Painful traumatization of the epidermis. Shugaring does not have such strong effects on the skin. Sugar mass is applied to a small area of the body and removes many hairs at once, it reduces the painful sensation to zero. While the epilator, slowly removes each hair. The pain can be so strong that many initially use anesthetic ointments.
  • Time consuming (epilator). Everyone understands that the epilator only needs to be plugged in and start removing hair. Shugaring involves more time for preparation, because it is necessary to prepare all the ingredients for the procedure.
  • Can be used at home (epilator). There is no need to explain, because epilator is for use at home and was created. Shugaring. more a salon procedure, but it is also possible to carry out her own at home.
  • Skills (epilator). To independently carry out a procedure shugaring requires certain knowledge and skills. The epilator is very easy to use.
  • Preparation for the procedure (shugaring and epilator). In this comparison, it is impossible to identify a winner, because in both cases requires preconditioning, their nature is almost the same.
  • Treatment areas (shugaring). Shugaring can be used on absolutely any part of the body and face. The epilator, due to a particular painful process, inferior to him in this respect.
  • Allergies (epilator). Using an epilator definitely does not lead to an aggravation of allergic reactions. Whereas, the ingredients in the sugar paste sometimes gives this effect.
  • Probable skin problems (shugaring). Skin irritation, peeling and pustules are very likely to occur after using an epilator. In addition, later there are ingrown hairs, and in place of one can grow two hairs at once. For a few hours the skin is covered with red spots. Nothing like that happens after shugaring, there is only a slight redness, which quickly disappears. Sugar waxing also works as an exfoliation, after it the skin becomes smooth and silky.
  • Water treatments (epilator). The use of a sticky mass during shugaring implies a subsequent shower. After plucking hair with an epilator it is not necessary.
  • Possible contraindications (epilator and shugaring). At this point, it is impossible to identify a winner, because both methods have contraindications. And since the meaning of these procedures is the same, the contraindications are also identical. These may include: skin diseases, wounds and lesions on the skin, varicose veins, the presence of papillomas, heavy tanning, irritation and inflammation of the skin, pregnancy.

As can be seen from the rapid analysis, the absolute leader does not exist. However, many are increasingly inclined to shugaring because of the less painful and more beautiful skin afterwards. But still, some ladies choose an epilator. This has its own reasons.

What are the effects of shugaring

The procedure is a process of applying the sugar paste on the skin and sharply pulling it off, along with the hairs. Caramel paste can be bought or made by yourself. After learning the basic rules of shugaring, you can safely do the procedure yourself. Let’s analyze the positive and negative aspects of this method of hair removal.

  • can be used on any part of the body, even on the most sensitive ones;
  • The pain is less, because the hairs are pulled out by growth;
  • If you take care of the skin and scrub it, you can completely avoid ingrowth;
  • the smoothness of the skin lasts 2-3 weeks;
  • In the paste is often added essential oils and vitamins, which makes the procedure useful.
  • Requires preparation (preparation of paste) and skills;
  • the paste is inconvenient to transport and store;
  • Before the procedure, it is necessary to grow the hair on 3-5 mm;
  • some components of the sugar paste can cause allergies, so carefully study the composition;
  • shugaring takes a long time.

If you have the time to learn how to do this procedure, then feel free to do it at home.

Panasonic ES-ED70 epilator. review

Summer, short skirts and shorts, the admiring glances of the stronger half of mankind, makes us girls look for new and new methods to get rid of unwanted hair.

And who came up with the idea that a hairy girl should only have hair on her head?! Eh. It’s like that joke: “I want to be a guy: no need to shave my legs, drink, smoke, no need to shave my legs”. You can do whatever you want, you don’t even have to shave your legs!”. But more seriously, I myself am much more pleasant to be without hair, nothing itches, my skin is smooth, beautiful, and I am self-confident

Preface (not required reading):

With superfluous vegetation I struggle with adolescence, I still remember how before an important concert at school where I was the host and had to be in a rather short for my standards skirt, I decided to shave my legs with my mother’s razor, I can not say that the first pancake it is cold, but then I cut my legs in several places, and the patch was my additional accessory. As I got older, the tools changed, but the goal stayed the same. I mastered the razor to perfection, but my skin did not like it in all places. And to the envious exclamations about my hair: “What a gorgeous hair you have and how quickly it grows!”. I always said thank you for the compliment, and thought to myself that alas, they quickly grow not only on the head. At the same time razor in the intimate areas often caused irritation and dry skin. Legs in winter, too, begged mercy, covered with crusts from dryness and so, and then the razor. In search of an alternative, I tried wax, tweezers (in the intimate area), depilation cream, shugaring, laser hair removal, epilator.

Wax (in its different forms) did not like the first minute, then tried more and more, but it’s not my method, for some reason I hurt them more than, for example, shugaring. And if something went wrong, and special wipes for cleansing ran out, it will have to break your head to get rid of this sticky mass.

Tweezers are tweezers, not so painful to my senses, but the effectiveness is small, because at one time you can only pull one hair while processing a more or less large area, so can go crazy, so did a time only intimate area. It was time-consuming (about 1.5-2 hours on the pubis only, and then if not completely, so it is generally uncomfortable not see anything really) and the hair is often broken in the process. It’s not for the lazy, I’ll tell you that, and for very patient. To such I do not include myself!

Depilation cream is an alternative close to a razor, without the mechanical effect. but you get a lot of chemistry. I have not found any pluses. From minuses: it smells awfully chemically ( the well-known Veet too, and perfumes don’t help), removes only that on a surface, hair as though dissolves, that there in structure it is terrible to present, hair there are as after a razor, unique not such sharp, respectively will prick less, after it at me as irritations on a skin erupt. ) It is also not good to overexpose the skin, you can get something like a burn (I once had this). It is quite expensive and consumes a lot, especially if you clean your feet with it!

Laser hair removal pleasure for the fearless and not poor (one procedure on alexandrite laser total bikini has cost to me in 5 thousand).rubles (there are cheaper options for other lasers, I can not say anything, but I do not trust.Tried another diode laser, the effect is much worse), and you need them for complete and final destruction of about 8-10 and no one guarantees that it will be, and yet any hormonal surge, or drugs and all: “hello hair, long time no see”)! ). The ideal consumer is a brunette/ brown-haired woman with fair skin. If you are a light-skinned blonde, and even worse, a dark-skinned one, then forget it, it is a contraindication: the laser does not see light hair (not enough pigment to which the laser reacts), and it is dangerous for the tanned or dark-skinned, you can get a skin burn. Я. Medium. My skin is fairly fair and my hair is medium blond. I did a total bikini, my hair is a little darker there but my skin is a little lighter. After three treatments with a break of about 1.5-2 months the hair is growing almost as it grew, with small gaps and a little softer, which for me is a big plus, I plan to continue the course bikini. My laser doesn’t take all hairs, the lighter ones it doesn’t notice but I was warned. ))) Between treatments can only shave, not to pull out, not to stimulate the blood flow to the bulbs. Shaving is much easier for me now, there is almost no irritation and the hair almost does not ingrow as it used to.

And finally shugarnig! I’ve been using it for years in the bikini zone, and on my arms (thin blond hair and long), and if I wasn’t too lazy, on my legs too.

-It softens the skin and at the same time it exfoliates

-The hair does not grow for about 10 days, then it starts to break through;

-removes even fairly short hairs;

-no irritation, and if you scrub in time. hair does not ingrown;

epilator, shugaring

-It tastes good (if it does not have the right consistency, you can eat it!).


-Spoiled more than a kilo of sugar and lemon until I learned how to cook it;

Up close epilator

-stickiness! Sticky paste, sticky all around, sticky treated surfaces;

-long fiddling, boiling to cool, kneading;

-If you are like me, cold-pointed (hands and feet are always icy) you have to knead it for a long time, as it becomes soft when in contact with warm hands (especially in winter it’s a horror for me, I always asked my spouse to help);

-Took a long time to remove hair especially large areas;

-Moisture must be excluded everywhere on the hands and on the surface where you apply, otherwise the paste is out of order (I used talc);

-While I learned how to do everything correctly there were wounds (I took the skin).

As you can see, there are a lot of minuses, but for me the pluses still outweighed long enough.

I was afraid of this infernal machine of medieval torture for a long time. About ten years ago, when I was still young and not sophisticated in the methods of struggle, my mother’s acquaintance let me try her torture tool. I think it was a Brown epilator. In memory, there is only pain and that it pinched, and then the hair ingrown with pimples.

epilator, shugaring


On the Internet you can find a comparison shugaring and epilator. Many people leave their reviews both about the procedure and about the apparatus. A definite answer is hard to find, because everyone chooses which benefits are more important to him. But still most give preference to the machine, because it is easier and cheaper to use than the sugar paste.

How to choose an epilator for women? Each girl must decide what benefits in the device are important to her. Someone is interested in a machine with a beautiful design, someone. With a cooling nozzle, and some. with a low price. It’s worth weighing up the pros and cons and listening carefully to the consultant in the store.

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