Error 7 in the Gorenier washing machine

Test programs and error codes of washing machines “Gorenie WA-101/121/132/162/162P

Modern washing machines Gorenje WA-101/121/132/162/162P (Prologic and Pinifarina lines) have a developed internal self-diagnostic system, which allows not only to check the correctness of washing phases (test program 1), but also to diagnose errors that appeared during the operation of the washing machine. The corresponding error code is displayed on the front panel display (test program 2). Here is a review of the starting and running test programs of the washing machines, as well as the decoding of the error codes.

Test program 1

This program allows the control of the basic modes of the machine. It does not indicate any malfunction, but gives a quick visual check of the appliance. Its duration is about 2 minutes.

To start test program 1, proceed as follows:

  • for models with two displays (L/A132/162/162P): on the switched off SM press and hold simultaneously the additional rinse and prewash buttons. located on the front panel, then switch on the SM. The program will start automatically after 6 seconds. The message “t1” is displayed on the right-hand display, and the five indicators of the washing phases illuminate.
  • for single-display models (WA 101/121): when the washing machine is off, simultaneously press and hold down the additional rinse and spin-down buttons. then turn on the SM. Program will start to run automatically after 6 seconds. while the washing cycle is in progress, the “t1” message appears on the display, the five washing phase lights come on and the light under the button for lowering the centrifuge speed flashes.

In all cases, the program will only run if the program selection knob is in a position other than “0”.

During test program 1, the operations are carried out in the following order

  • the drain pump turns on and then off;
  • the drum rotates at low speed for 30 seconds (as in the normal washing mode);
  • the drum will rotate at 1000 rpm for 30 seconds. After the drum has stopped, the upper indicator light for the washing phases goes out;
  • Electric valve for water in the detergent tank opens for 10 seconds (prewash mode).

Error codes on the display of Gorenje washing machines

In case of malfunction, the modern washing machines, including the Gorenje ones, perform self-diagnostics. An error code is then shown on the display, which can be used to identify the cause of the fault and take action to remedy it. In this article we will describe the error codes of Gorenje washing machines.

Table Error codes of GORENJE washing machines with PG1 control system. PG5

Fault codeDescription of the faultConditions and reasons for the fault
F1 (for SMs with control system PG1. PG5) Breakage or short circuit in the temperature sensor circuit If an open or short circuit was detected in the temperature sensor supply circuit, the washing program is terminated without performing HEATING operation. The error code is then displayed
F2 (for SM with PG1 control system). PG5) Hatch door close control contact does not turn on The door lock does not work, the door is open, the limit switch is defective.

The washing program is interrupted. The error code is then displayed.

Once the error is detected, the power to the door lock is not removed. If the defect has been corrected (e.g. the door has been closed), press the “START” button to continue the washing programme. If the error occurs again, the washing program is stopped again and the power to the door lock is removed. If there is still water in the SM tank at this time, the water is drained within 120 seconds. In this case, the programme cannot be restarted

To eliminate the defect, check the water pressure in the water supply line, the water inlet valves and the level sensor

To remove the defect check tachogenerator integrity.

Check the functionality of the inverter and the electronic controller.

The defect could be caused by the following

To remove the defect first check the connectors between the inverter and the electronic controller. If everything is normal, the inverter and controller are replaced in series

The defect can be caused either by a defective heating element or by the electronic SM controller

The defect can be caused by the following:

  • – Drain pump is clogged or defective;
  • – the filter is clogged;
  • – There is no contact in the drain pump wiring;
  • – The water level sensor is defective;
  • – The electronic controller is defective.

The defect may be caused by the following

  • – drive motor or electronic controller is defective;
  • – The belt on the drive motor pulley is poorly tensioned;
  • – The inverter is defective (for SM with PG4 and PG5 control systems)

Then the water inlet and the heating element (if switched on) are switched off, the drive motor is stopped. Then after 3 seconds the sensor is checked again. If the sensor confirms it, the drain pump will start within 2 minutes, the washing program will stop and will not start again.

If the sensor has tripped, the washing program will continue.

Such a defect can be caused by a breach in the sealing of SM elements, as well as a malfunction of the AQUA STOP sensor

The table below will help the owners of Gorenje washing machines of some models of WA series with the error codes, which are given by the control system different from the self-diagnostic procedure considered in the previous table. There are no differences in the way the information is presented. In front of the code designation of breakage CM is given its technical description, and options for troubleshooting.

error, gorenier, washing, machine

Code F7 in Gorenje washing machines means that there are problems with water drainage: the machine could not drain the water in the allotted time.

Sometimes the machine displays code F7 for an insignificant cause, which you can handle with your own efforts. Here’s when you can fix the error yourself.

  • Drain filter clogging. Before the water leaves the tank after a wash or rinse, it is filtered. It is necessary in order to save the drain pump from clogging. It is possible that the drain filter is heavily clogged with lint, hair, and other small debris from things, causing water not to leave the tank. The drain filter should be periodically cleaned: it can be done independently according to our instructions or call a master.
  • Drain pump clogged. Sometimes the filter fails, and debris or items forgotten in your s slip into the drain pump. It cannot pump the water properly and the machine goes into error. The pump can be cleaned through the opening of the unscrewed filter. Put your fingers in there and twist the impeller. Thus, make sure that nothing interferes with the operation of the drain pump.
  • Clogged drain. Such clogs most often occur when the washing machine is connected via a kitchen or bathroom sink siphon. In order to check the sewer for a clog, disconnect the drain hose and put the free end in the bathroom. Turn on the wash. If the error has disappeared, and the water from the hose flows freely. the clog is in the drain lines. It is necessary to clean them yourself or contact a plumber.
  • Drainage hose kinked. Inspect the drain hose along its entire length: it may have become kinked or it may have been pressed by a heavy object. If you find a kink/clamp. straighten/release the hose.
  • One-time control unit malfunction. Probably the control board is “hung up”. You need to overload it by disconnecting the washing machine from the electric mains for 10-15 minutes. If after switching on the error disappears, it was a one-time failure and the equipment can be used as usual.

Check the filter

Diagnosis starts with the simplest thing. cleaning the debris filter. This is a plastic spiral, on which settles dirt and other debris in the machine. Located element in the bottom right corner of the washer Gorenje behind the technical hatch round or square. Before the plastic can be checked and cleaned, it must be removed.

    Unplug the machine from the mains and water supply. We pry open the door using a knife or screwdriver and unfasten the latches. Place a nearby rag or a waste container underneath to catch the water. Holding the ledge on the filter, unscrew it clockwise.

Do not take out the trash filter immediately after the cycle is complete. the water has no time to cool.

Now we proceed to the direct repair. Rinse the filter under running warm water, removing any debris or buildup from the coil. If the dirt layer is too thick, you can soak it in a solution with citric acid for 20-40 minutes.

You should not limit yourself to cleaning only the trash filter. At the same time it is better to check the pump, volute and drain connections for blockages at once. Take a flashlight and shine a light through each element, and if you find foreign objects. pull out with pliers or pliers. Pay special attention to the pump’s impeller that often has hair wrapped around it provoking the breakage and error F7.

Errors in Gorenier machines may have a code or not have any at all. Depending on the line of the device, the error may be E and F. Widespread E errors are:

  • error e2. water level sensor is activated, which indicates a failure of the water supply hose or drain, water is automatically drained when a certain level is reached;
  • error e3. heating does not occur, indicates breakage of heating element;
  • error e4. imbalance of drum load, in fact, it indicates overloading of the drum with things in excess of the set norm;
  • error e5. short circuit in the motor excitation winding;
  • error e6. water level does not drop, drain pump or filter is clogged;
  • error e7. difficulty in draining water from the tank or the water drains too slowly in the set amount of time;
  • error e10. washing machine cannot start the washing process because of problems with water supply or drum (tank) operation;
  • error e11. faulty water inlet valve.

On models with a display, the error code is duplicated by the indicators as well as on the display. On models without display the error code is indicated by an indicator. the number of times the light flashes alternately indicates the error number.

It is worth understanding that for different lines of washing machines errors may differ in interpretation, so the second type of error F, the most frequent appearing are the following:

  • error f1. problems with wiring, may indicate either a thermistor winding, or in the circuit of the temperature sensor;
  • error f2. problem with the door lock, which does not allow to start the wash because of poor sealing;
  • error f3. water too low for washing, indicates problems with the pump or low water pressure in the piping;
  • error f4.motor tachogenerator control circuit is broken, in some models it means no heating;
  • error f5. there is no communication between board and inverter (inverter models), water drainage error in others;
  • error f6. no water heating;
  • F7 error. problems when draining water, pump or drain filter is clogged;
  • error f23. occurs in washing machines with the system “Aquastop”, shows that the system is triggered;
  • F63. there is a malfunction of the motor in the Gorenje sensocare machine. the number of revolutions jumps or increases considerably above the set parameters.

Among other errors that can occur in old Gorenje washing machines are such:

  • error 2. failure of the pump, drain, drain filter and so on;
  • error 3. problem with heating of the heating element;
  • Fault 4. Problem with electronics;
  • error 5. malfunction of the electronic board or professor of the device, urgent diagnostics is required;
  • error 6. problem with water heating. depressurization of the heating element or disconnection from the junction;
  • error 7. problems with drainage;
  • error pf. electronic board failure, diagnosis of the electronic part operation is needed;
  • Error eo3. problems in the device drain system, it is required to clean or adjust its operation.

Almost all errors of this type are found in WD, WS, WEI, WHP series washing machines and so on.

Deciphering of error codes of washing machines Gorenje. what to do, how to fix

Short circuit in temperature sensor circuit. Washing ends before the water heating phase. Check the connection for a breakage/short circuit, repair if necessary.

E07 Error, Gorenje washing machine

e2 (2 blinks)

The connection in the door lock is broken. This malfunction is detected if the lock is not closed 10 seconds after the start of operation. Device is waiting for lock to close. To restart, close the door and press key S1.

If the problem occurs again, the program will stop and if there is water in the drum, the machine will empty it. Check door tightness, check wires to door.

e3 (3 flashes)

Not enough liquid. Inspect the solenoid valve, filters, hose connections may have malfunctioned and leakage or low water pressure.

e4 (4 flashes)

Circuit breakage or short circuit on tachogenerator. Machine restarts over 30 times by itself. If temperature does not drop below 60 degrees, mixing with cold water and then draining. Check tachogenerator circuit connection and connected terminals.

Short circuit in the motor winding. Check motor winding, replace if there is a break.

Water does not drop below set level. The problem is in the drainage group: check each element.

Drum rotates weakly. The set revolutions are not being reached. Motor broken or problem on control board or insufficient voltage.

Water leaks into the housing. Aqua Stop is broken, check all the water pipes and components.

err 02

Program does not start. Start/Pause indicator starts flashing. The door of the machine is not closed. Close and perform a restart.

err 03

Liquid not flowing into the ST. After four minutes the automation signals a breakdown. See if the water valve is open, what is the condition of the fill filter, make a restart.

Consider for units running on PG1-5 control system. If the machine display shows this error, it indicates a malfunction in the temperature sensor circuit. Washing program does not complete. Failure is due to an open or short circuit in the electronic circuit of the temperature sensor. Using a multimeter, test the circuit and sensor. If necessary, replace with a new part or repair the breakage.

f2 (PG1-5)

The problem is in the door of the machine. The machine does not start or only runs for a short time, 5 to 10 seconds. Filled water remains in the tank. The contacts of the interlocking sensors are mechanically damaged. First of all check that the door is closed firmly; if it is, proceed as follows. Replace the door lock, replace the locking assembly of the machine.

f3 (f3) (PG1-5)

There is a problem with the water injection system, the water in the tank has not reached the pre-set level within the allotted time period. Check pressure of liquid on tap. If this is a frequent problem for you, it can be easily fixed.

You can install a small pump which will increase the pressure and the problem will disappear. If the pressure is OK, check the prime mover valve and if it is broken, replace it with a new one. And lastly.It’s a broken sensor. Most likely there is a problem with the tacho-generator-motor circuit.

f4 (PG1-3)

Problem with tacho-chain. The machine makes a repeated attempt to turn on the centrifuge, the defeat drains the water from the system. Most likely there is a problem with a tacho-generator-motor circuit breakage. Or the tacho is broken, to determine if all is ok, measure the resistance in the devices.

f4 (PG4-5)

Trouble in the motor assembly, motor does not spin the drum to the programmed speed. System provides for three test runs of 60 seconds interval. If the error is reset, the washing continues.

If this does not happen, the washing stops and, if the set temperature is higher than 60 degrees, cold water is added. After 2 minutes, it is emptied and the automatic system starts to generate an error.

To fix it, check if the inverter board is working properly. Then check the condition of the motor and test its wiring.

f5 (PG1-3)

Short circuit in drive motor triac. Operating speed exceeds the setpoint. Then the program pauses and another run is performed; if the attempt is unsuccessful, the liquid is poured out.

To correct such a malfunction, do the following: Make a test run after 20 minutes, since the cause of the problem could be overheating of the motor. Replace the triac on the controller. Check the winding on the motor.

f6 (f6) (PG1-5)

Liquid does not reach user set point within a set time period. This error is displayed if the temperature differs from the set temperature by more than 5%.

Washing continues at this time, the SM starts to show an error at the end of the program. The problem with heating occurs due to the heating element of the heating element or the controller.

The heating element in the Gorenier washing machine

f7 (f7) (PG1-5)

During the washing process, when emptying the liquid, it does not drain to the minimum level. Automatics performs a test run, if everything repeats again, the program is terminated and the error is displayed. Wait a couple of minutes and restore the program with the “start” button.

The reason can be: The contacts in the pump responsible for drainage are loose or oxidized. Clamp the clamps, clean the terminals. The drain pump does not work, replace it.

Drainage hose is a problem, or clogged, kinked or does not let liquid pass. Pressostat not functioning properly, check for malfunction, replace with a new one if necessary. Electronic module is broken.

F8 (f8) (PG1-5)

Motor unit defective, drum rotates at a reduced speed, machine does not stop the program. The motor belt has lost its elasticity and must be replaced. Faulty component on board, test and determine failure.

F9 (f7) (PG2-5)

Water has got into the machine body. After two minutes, it restarts. (PG2-5) Water supply must be shut off and the appliance is switched off. There is a leak in one of the pipe sections or their connection, fix it. Either the Aqua Stop sensor is broken.

Water leaking through the water cuff

Tachogenerator circuit is defective, drum does not rotate. System makes two more test runs, if not, drains the liquid and shuts down. Tachogenerator or its circuit is the problem, check it, replace with a new one if necessary.

Tachogenerator circuit is defective, drum rotates slowly. Change the SM control triac.

Water temperature does not reach a preset value. Need to diagnose or replace the heating element.

error, gorenier, washing, machine

Water heats too fast and above a certain value. Pressostat faulty, clean hydraulic system. The controller element responsible for this process is out of order.

The deciphering of this signal is quite simple, it is a service error code. Count how many flashes it produces, the number will be the code.

The above described error codes of Gorenje washing machine will help you determine the error and find the ways to solve it.

What to do, how to fix Gorenje washing machine error code decoding

The main feature of automatic machines Gorenje is their durability and reliability, subject to the rules of use, this technique will serve for more than fifteen years. Every consumer will find a model to suit their needs.

Each machine is equipped with basic functions:

  • Normal Care. For clothes worn daily and with a medium degree of dirt.
  • EcoCare. Designed specifically for loading small amounts of laundry, it saves water, energy.
  • TimeCare. Intensive washing, for cotton fabrics, and for heavily soiled laundry.
  • AllergyCare. This program is designed for people with special needs or children. If you have allergy problems, this is what you need. It has several rinses phases.

And there are a variety of additional features:

  • Mix. Allows you to load laundry of different fabric structures. For details, please refer to the instructions enclosed with the machine.
  • StainExpert. Suitable for washing stubborn stains thanks to the ideal selection of temperature and programme duration.
  • TotalWeightControl. Built-in sensor that can detect the weight of the load, and ideally select the washing program.
  • Gorenje Sensocare. Optimal combination of temperature mode and duration of washing.

The latest technology is used in production, for example, the heating element is treated with an additional protective nickel coating, which prevents the formation of limescale. The motors are practically silent, with energy class A, A. And, of course, thought of children, namely their safety, as provided for child lock.

The range has a very wide range, which offers a loading of laundry from 4 to 8 kg, front and vertical loading, spin speed from 800 to 1500 revolutions. There are also models with dryer, which in recent years are gaining popularity.

In order to fix such a breakdown in a Gorenje washing machine you will need to check the following:

  • To begin with, check the most common cause, whether the liquid valve is open, you could just not open it all the way, and this will also lead to similar consequences.
  • Next, assess whether the head in the mains is sufficient, if not, contact the water company for clarification. If there is often insufficient head, you can install a pump, which will artificially create the required pressure. If you do not want to incur additional costs, run the wash when the pressure level is the highest.
  • Check the filter. It is located on the inlet hose, unscrew the assembly and rinse the mesh.
  • Then inspect the hose for damage, wear and tear. To do this, disconnect the device from the power supply and disconnect it. If it breaks, you can buy a new one, in order to avoid problems with the installation, buy original spare parts from official dealers.
  • Next, check that the hose is properly connected. The instructions for the device specified that its lower element should be at a distance of forty centimeters from the surface of the floor.
  • It is also worth checking for leaks from the tank. because the liquid level will invariably drop if there is a fistula.
  • Check to see if the detergent inlet is clogged. If you find a clog remove it; if a large amount of plaque has accumulated, remove it. There are special products for softening and dissolving the plaque in the stores, it is enough to soak the container for a couple of hours and the problem is solved.
  • Check how tight the connections are around the powder hopper.
  • The pressure sensor could also be the cause of malfunction. Disconnect it and test it by removing the lid of the washing machine and looking for a device that looks like a disk with a tube connected to it (blow and wash it as it could also be blocked and cause an error e3). What to do if the sensor is defective? It cannot be repaired, it must be replaced.
  • Broken wiring. Check the circuits involved in the process. Strip and solder rips, crimp connections.
  • Control box. Failure of this element is probably the most costly and time-consuming problem. To fix it you will need to seek help from a service center. Repair options may be different.flashing, replacement of defective chip or the whole unit.
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