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Ariston Dishwasher Error Codes

If you can not find the part:Request for parts Buying a dishwasher

  • Shut off the water supply to the machine.
  • Inspect all connections and nodes, which should be tight, first of all, hoses and connections.
  • Eliminate the source of the leak, restart the machine.
  • Problems with the water supply in the plumbing.
  • Faulty water intake system.
  • Check that there is water in the system.
  • Check the water pipe, remove the defects: clogs, kinks, etc.
  • Inspect and check the degree of efficiency of the water valve.
  • Rinse the filter mesh and install it in place.
  • Inspect drain pump components: filter, pump. Clean dirty parts, replace broken parts with new ones.
  • Repair any defects in the damaged parts of the circuit.
  • Diagnose the control module, replace it if necessary.
  • Check sensor electrical connections, eliminate their defects.
  • Inspect and repair the control module.
  • Drain pump malfunction.
  • Filter clogged.
  • Breakage of water level sensor.
  • Control module failure.
  • Inspect pump, repair wiring and drain pump.
  • Remove and clean filters (located in the tank) and replace them.
  • Repair the water level sensor.
  • Diagnose, repair or replace control unit.
  • Wiring defect.
  • Breakdown of the control module.
  • Evaluate the degree of serviceability of the wiring, to eliminate defects.
  • Repair or replace the control unit.
  • Check the sensor, most likely it is not fixed firmly enough, and the contact with the dishwasher’s tank is broken because of this.
  • Install the temperature sensor in the correct position.
  • Check that the dishwasher cable is intact and repair any defects.
  • Repair or replace the control module.

What to do first?

The easiest thing to do is to check the Ariston machine for clogs. The fact is that users often use table salt in their dishwashers, in violation of the operating instructions. Nothing good in such a solution, as the tank is instantly clogged, and the water in a closed system is not able to circulate normally.

However, to be consistent, we start looking for clogs in the filter and drain hose. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Open the machine’s loading hatch;
  • Remove the basket for dirty dishes from the bottom and move it to the side;
  • Remove the water which is in the bottom of the tank with a rag;
  • Remove the sprinkling nozzle, if it creates interference;
  • Remove the filter together with the screen for coarse cleaning, wash everything thoroughly, using detergents;
  • Inspect the place for filter installation for debris, install the element in its place;
  • unscrew the drain hose from the siphon, clean it from possible clogs;
  • After reinserting everything in its place, check the operation of the appliance.

In case the error occurs again, proceed to check the reservoir. To do this, unscrew the plug, pump out (using a rubber bulb) the water and the remaining brine. After that, fill the tank with clean water, to wash it from the remains of salt grains. Again, pumping, pouring a small amount of water and pouring salt designed for the dishwasher.

If the results are again disappointing, you will have to keep looking for the problem.

Precautions for use

If the user is familiar with the technology, it is possible to fix it with your own hands. Some dishwasher malfunctions can be corrected by yourself. Complex problems require a call out to a master.

What you can do to prevent Ariston dishwasher malfunctioning.

  • To protect drains from clogging, install a grease trap under the machine.
  • This appliance requires regular cleaning of the filters from accumulated dirt.
  • You should not load dishes with food into the machine. Use a cloth to remove food debris before beginning to wash the dishes.
  • The dishes inside must not come into contact with the spray arms. The sieve on the spray arm needs to be cleaned on a weekly basis.
  • Only use the recommended dishwashing detergent.
  • Do not use the washer-dryer Hotpoint-Ariston for purposes not specified in the manual.
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Error code for Ariston dishwashers

Below you can see the decoding of the main error codes that appear in Ariston washing machines:

  • А01. Dishwasher stops abruptly. Code is characteristic for appliances with the Aquastop system, t.к. Indicates that it has malfunctioned. Turn off the water supply, check connections and hoses for leaks. If you are unable to fix the source of the leak, call a service technician.
  • А02. Ariston dishwasher has no water supply in the tank. Check if there is water in the water supply line, see if the water inlet hose is pinched. If everything is OK, contact a specialist. The inlet valve needs to be changed.
  • А03. Water from Ariston dishwasher does not drain. Clean the filter. If this does not remedy the situation, call a specialist. Components of the drainage system are defective: pump, pressostat, electrical circuit. Also the main controller may be malfunctioning.
  • А04. Dishwasher does not respond to commands given by the user. Repair can only be done by an expert, t.к. Control module thermistor burned out.
  • А05. Incorrect water circulation, drainage errors. Clean drain filter. If it doesn’t help, call a technician. A09 Water level sensor, drain pump or control module is broken.
  • А06. Water is not being drawn due to a malfunction of the fill valve caused by damaged wiring or malfunction of the main controller. You can’t solve the problem yourself, call for service.
  • А08. Water in the Hotpoint Ariston does not heat up. The temperature probe may be broken. Call a service technician to replace it.
  • А09. Errors occur if Ariston does not run the program set by the user. The control module will need to be re-flashed.
  • А10. No heat or water overheating. Heating element circuits are damaged. Call a technician, he will fix the defect or calibrate the overheat sensor.
  • А99. Ariston Hotpoint appliances do not respond to commands at all. Power circuits or main controller is defective. Serious repair is necessary.

To decipher the error codes on non-display models, which appear as flashing lights, refer to the instruction manual of the equipment. But even if you know what the errors mean, you should not eliminate serious defects by your own efforts. Unqualified intervention can permanently damage the Ariston unit. Contact a service center immediately.

Preparing for Later Disassembly

The principle of assembly and disassembly for built-in and freestanding dishwashers is the same. The only difference is that the built-in ones do not have a removable top cover and metal walls. By the way, free-standing dishwasher models can be recognized as partially built-in. With the top cover removed, they fit perfectly under the countertop, only in doing so they retain their (rather than the furniture) façade.

Before we proceed to disassemble the dishwasher, we disconnect it from the power supply. Then we cut off the water supply. Now you can work without expecting surprises.

A small addition. machines of different manufacturers may have different configuration of fasteners. For example, all fixing screws of Bosch and Siemens are made in the form of a star of a certain size.

It is necessary to prepare the appropriate tools in advance. Screwdrivers, pliers and a set of wrenches will also be useful.

Remove anything that might interfere with disassembly. Disconnect the water inlet and drain hoses. Open the door and remove the removable dishes and nozzles. It is clear that the dishes should not be there. If there is water residue, remove it with a rag or sponge. During disassembly water will still be coming out. Therefore it is not necessary to remove the means for its collection far away.

Now you need to move the machine where there is enough space to disassemble and place the removable parts. Try to prepare boxes or bags to save small parts and screws.

Otherwise subsequent reassembly can be delayed. It is advisable to have a camera or phone with a camera nearby. In the process of disassembling and disconnecting tubes or wires, it is best to document how things went. Then the reassembly process will not be surprising.

Ariston dishwasher won’t drain (code AL03; 1-2 flashes; 3-4 flashes)

Lack of drainage is almost always due to a problem with the drain pump or water level sensor. The pump may not work (or not work properly) in several cases:

In the first case, if the machine is not emptying you need to take out the filters at the bottom of the washing chamber and clean them thoroughly.

Filters are rinsed under running water. Drain pump impeller may also be clogged with food debris or broken dishes. It is required to clean and ensure its movement without obstacles. Impeller should rotate without obstruction.

To check the operation of the drain pump you will need to remove the bottom of the dishwasher. Once the base is removed, access to the machine’s internal components is available. When accessing the pump, carefully inspect its contacts. Next, you need to check the integrity of the windings with a multimeter.

If the pump fails, it must be replaced with a new one. And the last possible option. the failure of the electronic control module. There is no point in trying to fix it. It can only be replaced.

Errors of key elements of the device

Remove blockages and replace worn gaskets. a task that requires neither special skills nor special tools. But when the electronics or the main units of the device fail, you have to partially disassemble the machine and know how to properly dismantle and check its elements.

Among the serious failures in the work of the dishwasher, which require an obligatory call of a master from a certified service company is error 06. violations in the power supply circuit of the filling valve.

With the peculiarities of determining and eliminating the breakdown will introduce the roller:

Complicated breakdowns, in which it is better to call a master:

  • AL07, AL08, AL09. errors in control module operation.
  • AL10. there is a problem with the heating element or inlet valve electrics.
  • AL11. failure of circulation pump, which supplies heated water to the spray system. If this part is broken, the machine will draw water, heat it, but at the washing stage it will turn off.
  • AL99. means that there was a breakage of internal wiring or damage to the mains cable. Requires checking all wires or replacing the control module.

If these errors occur, you should first clean the filters and reset the system. If you know how to use a multimeter. check the resistance of the thermistor, heating element, circulation pump and inlet valve.

But the problem with such failures is that any master will name a dozen of possible breakdowns for each of these errors even at a glance. That is why it is better to perform a full diagnostic of the appliance.

Ariston Hotpoint Dishwasher Errors: error codes decoding, troubleshooting recommendations

Ariston has a self-diagnostic system. As soon as the control module detects a malfunction, it immediately halts program execution and displays a code prompt.

Let’s see the most widespread mistakes. from the easy ones to the ones requiring expert intervention.

AL01. Leak in the machine

This code indicates a leak in the connections of the machine. If you look inside the dishwasher, you will probably find water on the drip tray and a float that has floated up and given the malfunction signal to the control board under the 01 code. On machines without a digital screen, the lights will blink: the first LED on machines with 4 programs will blink, while the third one on the left of the 6-mode model will blink.

In Ariston Hotpoint dishwashers there is a system of protection AquaStop, which blocks the flow of water, but sometimes it triggers not only in an emergency situation, but also when using very strong foam detergents

  • Disconnect the appliance from the electrical supply. If the water is already on the floor. act carefully so as not to step in a puddle.
  • If the protection switch is activated when the tank is full, press the drain program and wait until the tank is empty.
  • Close the water inlet valve of the machine.
  • Inspect the rubber band on the appliance door, check the hose connections, the condition of the hose clamps and any accessible components. If you find any leaks, try fixing or renewing the gaskets. Replace defective consumables, hoses and rubber bands.
  • If the appliance is being used continuously for a long time, it could be caused by corrosion of the working chambers. Although Ariston Hotpoint models use high-strength steel, leakage is not excluded. In this case the worn out places are treated with a special sealant and soldered.

If you can not find the culprit yourself. you will have to call a master with a repair kit, which will diagnose and help you determine the cause of stopping the machine.

AL02. no water in the machine

4-mode machines with no display will flash on the second LED to the left; 6-mode machines will flash on the fourth LED.

The first thing to do in case of error 02 is to make sure that there is water in the system, but for some reason it is not getting inside the unit. For this you can simply open a tap at the nearest water supply point.

Код ошибки 11 на дисплее посудомоечная машина Ariston официальный сервисный центр DeutschMechanica

It is also necessary to check the shutoff valve, if it is installed separately for the automatic machine.

The inlet filter is installed inside the fill hose, and its fine cells often suffer from rust particles from the water supply, fine sand, and other foreign matter

  • There is low pressure in the system, t.е. Water flows at a low pressure from the faucet. The machine has insufficient capacity and will not run. In this case, you should simply postpone washing dishes until normal flow appears.
  • The door latch is broken, and that is why the appliance doesn’t start the program, so as not to cause a flood.
  • The inlet filter or inlet hose is clogged with various impurities found in tap water. In this case, unscrew the inlet hose, make sure it is not clogged and functional. Then rinse it and the safety grid under a good head.
  • The problem with the feeding valve. If the clogging is not detected and water still does not flow into the machine, it is likely that the water valve has stopped receiving the voltage required to open/close it. 99% of such breakdowns are caused by surges in the electric network. In this case it is better to replace the part with a new one and connect the device through a stabilizer.

If the machine is under warranty, to replace the failed elements it is better to contact the service center.

If the appliance not only sporadically displays an error, but also washes and rinses dishes poorly, the problem is most likely in the upper or lower spray arm

In long-lasting machines, one of the frequent breakdowns under the 01 code can indicate the wear of the fasteners in the internal splashing system. Such a breakdown is easy to fix on your own.

To check the condition of the system, you need to:

  • Remove the bottom basket of the dishwasher. under it the bottom sprinkler is installed. Its blades must be unscrewed and removed.
  • Now inspect the fastening element. in fact, it is a plastic or metal ring, which may have cracks or other damage. If problems are found. the mount (and the sprinkler itself) is better to replace by unscrewing the old fasteners with a wrench, and then install a new holder.
  • The upper sprinkler is attached to the upper basket. To reach it, pull out the basket, unscrew the stops and unscrew the rotating blades.
  • Here you need to check the rubber sealing ring, fixing nut and the channel that supplies water, if necessary, replace the broken elements and reassemble the system.

Scale build-up, penetration of small objects or natural wear and tear caused by intensive use are the most common causes of component failures. But such repair is simple enough to perform with your own hands, the main thing is to choose the exact match of parts for your model of a washing machine.

AL03 and AL05. Discharge or pump malfunction

Clogs from leftover food on the dishes are often the cause of the machine stopping. If the drain hose, pump or nozzle is clogged and the maximum time allotted for draining has been exceeded, the machine will signal the number 03. In machines without display it will be simultaneous blinking of 1 and 2 or 3 and 4 diodes (for 4 and 6 programs respectively).

Checking the drain begins with the filter, which is located at the bottom of the dishwasher. it must be carefully removed, disassembled and washed

In this case you should first make sure that the hose is passable. it can be simply jammed or clogged with food waste “plug”, as a result of which the pump can not push the used water into the sewage outlet.

If checking the filter and hose does not solve the problem with the drain, the cause may be a faulty drain pump. Check the condition of its connections and wiring with a multimeter. If the voltage indicator is insufficient. the part needs to be replaced.

If the pump or water level sensor fails, the dishwasher will signal the error code 05 or the LEDs 1 and 3 or 3 and 5 will blink simultaneously

Conclusions and useful video

To help home masters, we have picked up some videos on various faults of washing machines Ariston, options for deciphering the code information and practical advice on identifying the culprit.

Error code F08, inspection and repair of the machine:

How to repair the electronic controller:

How to eliminate drain errors under the code F05:

As you can see, even the hints of clever technology do not always clearly indicate the cause of the breakdown, because under the same code can hide the problems of different parts.

Ariston Fully Automatic Washing Machine All Error Codes And Solution

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Of course, if you have the necessary skills to work with electronics, most of these problems can be solved without the help of professionals. But if you don’t have that experience, don’t go to extremes and change one part after another. you might be offered a simpler solution at a repair shop.

Want to ask a question articles? Please write it in the comment box and our specialists will answer you as quickly as possible. Here you also have the opportunity to report interesting information or share your own experience troubleshooting the washing machine Ariston.

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