Error f16 in a Bosch washing machine

How to reset the error code f21 on a Bosch washing machine

Why does it appear??

Code f21 for washing machines of the German concern Bosch, including Bosch Maxx (Maxx), refers to the category of critical problems. Therefore, when this alphanumeric combination appears on the display, you should immediately disconnect the machine from the power supply.

If the washing machines are not equipped with electronic scoreboard, the error is signaled by the following combination of indicators: “1000 rpm 800 rpm rinse” or “800 rpm 600 rpm rinse” (less powerful models).

There are several types of failure, due to which the machine starts to display this error. The basic interpretation is that if the washer-dryer shows this code, the drum cannot rotate at all.

So, Bosch washing machine. error f21, the main causes:

  • Tachometer malfunction, when there is no signal to the main module about the number and power of drum revolutions;
  • Broken motor is unable to start the drum;
  • Defects in the wiring that serves the hall sensor and the motor itself, if the parts are in good working order;
  • Drum jamming due to accidental ingress of any foreign object;
  • The voltage level in the mains has dropped sharply.

How to eliminate?

The way of resetting this code will directly depend on the cause of its occurrence. The following is a more detailed discussion of the causes of failure, as well as possible options on how to reset the error.

Washing machine Doorlock error codes E01, F08, F16, F34, E61 Bosch, Neff, Siemens

Foreign object in the drum

If in the disconnected machine manually try to spin the drum, then in the presence of an accidentally caught object in it, you can hear a characteristic sound, rattle.

  • Turn the washer so that to provide free access to the back panel of the CMM;
  • If there is a service hatch, simply open it, otherwise remove the fasteners and remove the back wall;
  • Disconnect all wires connected to the main heating element;
  • Performing at the same time rocking motion and pulling the heating element toward you, gently pull it out of the case (you can immediately clean it from scale);
  • it results in forming a small hole through which it is possible to penetrate with a hand or a special device to the bottom and pull out a foreign object.

“Power surges”

Are quite a dangerous factor that negatively affects the performance of the washing machine, as well as the further preservation of its operational characteristics.

Error F16 in a Bosch washing machine

The error F16, which is laid in the self-diagnosis system on the washing machine Bosch one of the most obvious. Even without any deciphering, the user quickly understands what caused it, but to solve the problem, this knowledge is not enough, it is necessary to know the nature of the breakdown that provoked the code F16, and most importantly, to understand how to eliminate it. This is what we will talk about in this article.

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F16 error in Atlant washing machine

Having noticed error F16 on an Atlant washing machine, you should immediately de-energize the equipment. In every second case it is possible to reset this code by banal reloading of the machine. It is necessary to wait 20-30 minutes and turn the equipment on again. If this does not help, then we are not talking about a short-term failure, but about a more serious problem. Let’s see how to proceed.

Error codes of Bosch washing machines

The codes are displayed on the display or by means of the. The user only has to have a look at the instruction, recognize an error and take timely measures to eliminate it. The common models Maxx 4, Classixx 5, Maxx 6, Classixx as well as the others have such error codes:

  • F 16. The door is not closed when starting the program;
  • F 17. exceeding the time of pouring water due to clogging of filters and valves;
  • F 18. no water supply due to clogged drain valve or broken water level controller;
  • F 19. heating does not occur in case of broken heating element or thermostat, insufficient voltage;
  • F 20. water does not warm up because of thermostat breakage;
  • F 21. drum malfunction due to malfunction of relay, tachogenerator;
  • F 22. short circuit or breakage of circuits and wires;
  • F 23. activation of the Aquastop option due to water leaking into the sump;
  • F 25. failure of turbidity controller;
  • F 26. analogue sensor does not work;
  • F 27. malfunction of alarm device;
  • F 28. compression sensor is broken;
  • F 29. incorrect operation of electric motor;
  • F 30. absence of motor rotation;
  • F 40. electric equipment does not synchronize due to mismatching of power supply parameters;
  • F 50. insufficient or excessive flow rate;
  • F 51. door not closed;
  • F 53. malfunctions of the functional protection;
  • F 54 and F 63. faults of the control module.

The code F16, which appears on the display of a Bosch washing machine indicates that the equipment has problems related to door closing. This error appears when you close the hatch of the washing machine and start washing.

Usually code F16 appears on the display after selecting the laundry program. Error F16 very rarely appears during or at the end of the washing process. If your Bosch washing machine has a display, there should be no difficulty at all.

You will see error code F16 and be able to decipher it quickly. Next, you determine the possible breakdowns that led to the error and look for a specific fault.

The situation is more complicated when the appliances do not contain a display. An obstacle appears: first you need to recognize the error that has occurred, and then perform the actions specified above.

This picture shows the control panel of a Bossx machine without a display. The washing machine gives error F16. No lights are lit on the panel, only the LED opposite the number 1000 is blinking.

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In Bosch machines with a slower spin, error F16 can be signaled by the light opposite the number 800.

error, bosch, washing, machine

Also code F16 can occur with the following malfunctions:

Door lock has broken or has lost power, The door locking mechanism is broken, An object prevents you from closing the door, Contacts between the control module and the door opener have burned out or the wiring is broken, The Bosch washer controller is broken.

What does error F23 mean in a Bosch washing machine

If the error code F23 (or E23 in modern models) is displayed, it means that the safety program AquaStop has kicked in.

This option monitors leaks. All washing machines with an aquastop are equipped with a special drip tray with a float and built-in sensors. As soon as liquid appears in the pan, the sensor triggers and gives the command to drain the water. This happens automatically.

Just a side note! If there is no display on the washing machine, the blinking lights on the panel indicate the malfunction. Rinse indicator and spin indicator start flashing red.

The machine will not work, so let’s sort out the causes of the breakdown. Customers often call the center and complain about the error F23 on the display. But most often the problem is solved by simply resetting the machine, cleaning components and removing excess foam.

Possible causes of malfunction

Most Bosch washing machines are equipped with a self-diagnostic system. When a malfunction is detected, the display shows an alarm code F29. It is worth to understand what this code means and what is the reason for the obstruction of filling the tank.

Incorrect installation of the machine

If the code F29 appears on the display the first time the washing machine is connected, the cause of the error is in the wrong installation of the equipment.

Filling hose must be 50 cm above the floor and connected correctly. If the master installed the machine incorrectly, the system will drain into the sewer.

Weak or no pressure

Insufficient water pressure in the water supply system is a common cause of no water in the machine. To check the force of the pressure, you need to put the filler hose into a basin or sink. If the pressure is always weak, it is worth calling a plumber to solve this problem.

error, bosch, washing, machine

If there is no water coming into the tank, check the locking device between the water supply and the machine hose. Open the shutter and water will fill the tank.

Failure of the fill hose

If the error occurred while using the washing machine, check the serviceability of the filler hose. It must not have cracks or kinks, and it must not be rigidly clamped. In this case the free access of liquid into the system is blocked.

The filter is clogged

The cause of the obstruction in filling the system with water may be a clogged filter connecting the hose and valve strainer. The filter should be cleaned regularly, and the hose itself.

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Faulty door

Bosch washing machines will not draw water if the drum is not completely sealed. Make sure that the door is closed tightly (you should hear a click).

  • If the door is tilted, correct the problem.
  • If the knob is broken, replace the knob.
  • Check the serviceability of the hatch lock.
  • If the door hinges are not set correctly, they should be adjusted.
  • Check load door guide for damage.
  • If there is a foreign object between the door and the body of the machine, remove the foreign object.

Another reason is the breakage of the hatch locking device (check with a tester).

Wiring and control module malfunction

It is possible that the mechanism for locking the hatch is functioning, but on the display of Bosch appliances still appears code F16. Then check the wiring between the control module and the UBL.

To perform this work, you need to have free access to the wiring locking device. This is achieved by removing the rubber collar.

After gaining access to the wiring it is necessary to check it for breaks. It is also necessary to check and clean the contacts. If after that the fault does not manifest itself, then probably the electronic module is the culprit for error F16.

Perform the check and repair of the control module of the Bosch unit yourself should only be done if you have the appropriate knowledge and experience. The best way is to have this work done by a specialist. Then you can avoid unnecessary waste of time and money.

Wiring and control module malfunction

It is possible that the mechanism for locking the hatch is functioning, but on the display of Bosch appliances still appears code F16. Then check wiring between control module and UBL.

In order to perform this work, the interlocking device wiring must be freely accessible. This is achieved by removing the rubber sleeve.

After gaining access to the wiring it is necessary to check it for breaks. It is also necessary to check and clean the contacts. If after that malfunction has not shown itself, then probably the electronic module is the culprit for error F16.

You should only check and repair the Bosch controls yourself if you have the necessary knowledge and experience. The best way out is to entrust this work to a specialist. In that case, you can avoid wasting time and money.

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