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What pastes for shugaring are suitable for legs and arms?

Aravia Professional “Soft and light

Soft and plastic mixture is easily distributed to the hairs and quickly heats up to body temperature. This paste can be mixed with denser versions to achieve the right consistency.

Aravia Start Epil “Universal

A versatile option, suitable for any depilation technique and on any part of the body. The paste copes equally well with both hard and short, and with the fuzz and soft hair.

In addition to the standard, the company produces very small packages of 200 milliliters, which is especially good for beginners. A small jar is just enough for several procedures. And even if you do not succeed in mastering shugaring, almost a full package will not be so sorry to throw away if it suddenly turns out not to be needed.

How to choose a bikini wax strips

Skin in the bikini zone is thin, delicate and sensitive. If you choose the wrong means of depilation after the procedure may cause irritation, inflammation, and even pustules.

Buying ready-made strips for depilation of this zone, it is important to understand the range and choose the most effective and safe. Most of the commercially available plates for depilation are good, which is better for you, you will have to determine for yourself.

When choosing a means to pay attention to its composition: naturalness, safety and hypoallergenic components are important. In this case, waxing bikini zone with wax strips will not cause skin irritation.

For the groin area it is better to use products with special markings. Such strips are covered with wax, the most suitable consistency and composition for this area.

Bikini waxing is done with three types of wax strips: paper, fabric, or polymer. Often the plates with the wax applied are glued together in two.

Waxing tapes for waxing can be scented or odorless. If the skin is sensitive and prone to allergies, then any additional ingredients in the depilation product is best avoided. This also applies to waxes with plant extracts and essential oils.

In any case, waxing your bikini zone with wax strips should begin by testing the product on a small area of the skin. To do this, cut off a small piece of strip, 1 cm² area, and stick it on the inner surface of the wrist or groin folds for a few minutes. If within a day the skin showed no signs of irritation, itching or rash, you can use it as intended.

Wax plates are not used on moles, scars, areas affected by varicose veins, sunburns. After manipulation can not sunbathe for 24 hours.

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Bruise is the everyday name for a subcutaneous hematoma or bruise. Blood soaks into the surrounding tissue because of ruptured blood vessels. Painful swelling develops at the site of the injury. If there is nowhere for the blood to flow, a bump is formed. This is characteristic of scalp contusions. Injection bruising can be due to vascular damage or caused by medication.

In the beginning, the bruise has a purplish-blue color, which is why it gets its name. Subsequently the color of the bruise changes to blue-green, then it turns yellow, and finally it gradually fades. This is caused by the gradual breakdown of hemoglobin from the red blood cells. It is a natural process, lasting up to seven days.

Who tried wax strips??

Have you tried shugaring or waxing strips?? When the hair grows back, it will be as it was after the machine?

I only use it to remove tendrils.Become thinner and less visible.I use an epilator to remove ingrown hairs on my legs.

I used Veet face wax for my moustache. I like it. But for the legs I used to get for 500 or 100. then I was too tired to pull out the ingrown hairs with tweezers. And I got my husband involved poor guy. And yes, I used a scrub before the strips. It doesn’t work.

I only use it to remove tendrils.It’s thinner and less noticeable.I use an epilator on my legs.

I only use the strips on my antennae and I use an epilator on my legs

It’s a lot of work and you can’t wash it off. Or I didn’t do it right. I’m talking about my legs. It’s easier for me with a razor. From the epilator, too, a lot of ingrown hairs.

The wax strips stayed on my leg, I couldn’t get the wax off. But shugaring thing cool, I cooked myself, in the intimate area cleaned, 10 days without hair, then soft lezut, thin.

I use wax strips. It’s the same hair as the loom, yeah. I do it on my bikini and underarms. Legs with a machine.

Actress, if the wax is left, you can remove it with oil. Apply oil to a cotton pad and remove the wax. It’s very simple.

I, too, only the wax stays, and the hair also does not go anywhere, what I’m doing wrong?

of course it’s the same. It’s a question of convenience and longer lasting smoothness.

I’ve been using an epilator for almost 10 years. There are ingrown hairs, but not many. Hair toooonenie and much lighter and softer than after a razor, from shaving in general stubble like a man. Tried wax, alas not liked, smells and the principle of hair removal the same as in the epilator, therefore, will ingrown. Shugaring. cool! But, the paste does not always work well cooked in time procedure is quite lengthy all sorts of intimate places unrealistic to do. But in general shugaring more correctly and qualitatively removes hairs, respectively, the effect is more durable than the epilator. I can tell you from experience. The machine is evil, if you switch to something else besides creams, the stubble will slowly turn into fluff, you just need the patience to stock up on the fact that the skin stays smooth for longer!

I will not use that crap anymore. I tried it once and it took me half a day to get the wax off.

Wax strips to remove hair from the bikini area. Who has tried?

Whiskers. I am trying to remove them with wax strips

For me personally, I prefer a razor. Wax strips remove only the longest and thickest hairs and is not suitable for all areas of the skin, small hairs are not removed, and still in some places the hair remains. The hair grows unevenly after waxing, i.e. in one place the hair may start growing the next day and in another place it may grow in a week. From the epipelator on the legs a lot of ingrown hairs. You have to pick at the skin to remove them, on the hands ok, as well as from a wax hairs unevenly grow back, and a lot of time is spent, often some areas you miss. Sugaring has not tried.

Girls, about epilation in general: read/watch the information on how to remove hair, it’s important! For example, epilator and wax remove hair AGAINST growth, and shugaring. THE WAY IT SHOULD BE DONE! There are a number of other nuances. Scrubbing is important! You will not be scrubbed constantly wear tight jeans/skirts. You’ll get a hell of a lot of ingrown hairs! The wax is removed by the oil. You can buy special ones. oil, and you can use for example olive oil. In general, the skin needs comprehensive care, only then will the result “with the cover”

Legs niethem niethem do tc ingrown hairs then climbs, only the bikini zone shugaringom, and if you do the legs they just not napassosy

I use wax strips all the time. Myself. I buy the cheapest. The hair grows less and does not come out for a long time after removal, but you have to grow it back to 1 cm

I’ve been scrubbing my legs with strips for years. I have a lot less hair over time, there are areas where there is no more hair at all. The ones that grow back are soft, thinner than after the loom. To remove wax residue, always use oiled wipes, one for both legs, I buy veet, they are in the package.

No, after shugaring hair grows back lighter and softer. Sugaring lasts for a month. I do the procedure in the salon Epil.office. They have their own page, if you are interested, here http://epil-kabinet.ru/


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Brow Wax Strips | Andmetics Review and Demo

0% installment for 12 months or credit program detail

Top Lists

Consider the best products in the following criteria:

Let’s take a closer look at the range presented.

Body Natur Con Caviar. for hands and feet

Cold wax enriched with black caviar will effectively remove any vegetation. The difference of this product from other strips is the super sticky texture that instantly grips even short hairs, ensuring absolute smooth skin up to 6 weeks after the treatment.

Price list: 255 to 310

Body Natur Con Caviar wax strips

Cleaven Beauty Line. for bikini line

Presented means for depilation Cliven is already ready for use, the wax does not need to heat up, which significantly reduces the time of the procedure itself. A practical and effective way to quickly remove excess hair in the bikini zone and other sensitive areas of the body. Excess hairs are removed at the root, so your skin stays smooth and well deplored for a full week. Thanks to its special formula with jojoba oil, beeswax and sweet almond oil, it’s gentle on the skin, leaving it moisturised and velvety.

Price range: from 500 to 575

Oriflame Silk Tenderness. for the face

Designed for cold depilation. Removes even the shortest, finest facial hair and nourishes your skin with natural beeswax, silk proteins and evening primrose oil. Comes with 10 reversible wax strips, 2 wipes, and instructions.

Oriflame Silky Tenderness wax strips

Third Place. Velvet, Intimate Care

Velvet is another Russian cosmetics brand that we are proud of. It specializes exclusively in body hair removal products.

  • Skin smoothness for up to 3 weeks
  • Optimal texture
  • Economical Consumption
  • Removes hairs well
  • Sufficiently high price
  • Only 12 wax strips in a pack

Features from the manufacturer

Thanks to the latest formula, the strips gently and gently remove unwanted hairs without irritation. Bisabololol gently cares for your skin during depilation and quickly reduces redness and discomfort. Seaweed extracts accelerate healing and regeneration of the dermis after the procedure, restore the natural balance of moisture and nourish. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin prone to allergies.

Assignment of points

  • 1.5 points for no hair for 3 weeks;
  • 1 point for optimal consistency;
  • 1 point for unobtrusive smell;
  • 1 point for easy application and removal;
  • 1 point for additional features;
  • 1 point for natural composition;
  • 1 point for no complaints of allergies;
  • 3 points for cost;
  • 2 points for popularity.

In summary, Velvet strips receive 12.5 points.

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Form of production and types of wax

Perhaps the most common classification is the form of release. If you visit a mall or flip through an online store’s catalog, you’ll find several varieties of wax: in cassettes, cartridges, pellets or jars. Let’s try to figure out which of the above options is more preferable.


This depilation agent with a low melting point, which forms a kind of film on the surface of the skin after the application of. After curing, it comes off with the hairs. The advantages of this type of vaxing include:

  • Smooth and soft skin at the end of the treatment;
  • Minimal risk of burns;
  • economical spending, as the mixture is applied in a thin layer;
  • the film is not destroyed during removal;
  • uniform distribution and warming up the follicles;
  • the ability to apply to sensitive areas.

After depilation the area is treated with antiseptic and cooling composition.


Another common form of release film depilatory. cartridges. Such products are very convenient to use: they are easy to place in a wax melter.

  • convenience and safety. It is not a jar that can be accidentally knocked over;
  • economical consumption. Application is made by a special roller, so the mixture is distributed over the surface of the body with an even thin layer;
  • variety of brands. It is possible to pick up the composition for hair of any thickness and color;
  • different structures. The gel composition is hypoallergenic, creamy. it has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect. the classic wax is recommended for particularly sensitive skin areas.


It’s an innovative release form. The principle of use does not differ from those described above. The wax cassette is heated in the wax melter. The mixture is applied to the skin with a roller mechanism, according to the instructions. Hair is removed by using special paper strips.

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