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Currently, this refrigerant is used in most modern residential and semi-industrial air conditioners.

Charging with freon R 410 A. 2500 / 1000 gr.

AC Avalanche. Auto Air Conditioning 101 Made Easy

Find and fix the place of refrigerant leakage

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Air conditioners that run on this gas have not been manufactured since 2010. This is the reason of the price of this freon.

Properly Recharge Your Car’s Air Conditioning AC System in LESS than 5 Minutes!.Jonny DIY

Charging with Freon R 22. 3500/1000 gr.

We carry out search and elimination of the place of the refrigerant leak

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Common Refrigerant. Used in commercial refrigeration systems and in industrial refrigeration systems.

Charging with Freon 134 A. 2500 / 1000 grams.

Locate and repair the place of the refrigerant leak

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Refrigerant that substituted freon R 22. Safe and non-ozone depleting gas. Similar to R22 Freon.

Charging with freon 407 c. 2500 / 1000 g.

Locate and repair refrigerant leaks

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It is considered that a new technique should work properly and without failures by default. But unfortunately this statement is not always true. Only timely service can prolong lifetime of any equipment.

It also concerns domestic air conditioners. No matter how well they are installed sooner or later freon will start to leak, and that will lead to the equipment exhaustion and appearance of different types of failures. The Refrigerant leakage from a refrigerating contour is the most widespread problem of absolutely any conditioner (both household and industrial). It can be solved by charging of air conditioners with freon R22.

AMONT” LLC performs charging of air conditioners, including floor air conditioners, at home. We offer to charge the air conditioner at home in the following cities: in Moscow (North-West Administrative District, Mitino, Perovo, Ochakovo, Maryino), Domodedovo, Krasnogorsk, Balashikha, Khimki and Odintsovo.

Filling air conditioners. prices

R22A Freon top up (incl. (Freon not more than 500g) 6 000 / 100 100g free of charge
R410A Freon topping up (incl. (Freon not more than 500g) 6 000 for service 100g free of charge
Refilling with R407C freon (incl. Freon not more than 500 g) 6 000 for maintenance 100g free of charge
R22A Freon charge (in excess) 1 200 /100 г
Freon R-410A cost (in excess) 1 200 /100
R-407C Freon cost (in excess) 1 200 /100 г
Finding and repairing freon leakage 2 500
Vacuumization of the system from 3500
Pressure testing and nitrogen drying of systems up to 7 kW 12 000
Checkout and diagnostics of split system from 2500
  • Cleaning (restoring the color) of the panel
  • Cleaning of fine and coarse filters
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Fan (turbine) cleaning
  • Evaporator cleaning (disinfection)
  • Cleaning and checking the shutters
  • Drainage system cleaning
  • Drain pan cleaning
  • Checking of electrical connections
  • Check the evaporator’s differential operation
  • Cleaning the casing
  • Clean heat exchanger
  • Cleaning the fan blades
  • Cleaning the air intake grill
  • Checking of electric contacts
  • Checking fan impeller operation
  • Tightening of screws and fasteners
  • Checking the control for current consumption
  • Checking refrigerant line connections
  • To treat with anticorrosive liquid

Usually filling up home conditioners is fulfilled by service company expert, but if you have some knowledge and experience you can fill a split with freon by yourself. For this you will need freon and special equipment. In the process of work it is necessary to keep tightness of copper tubes.

  • Self-treatment of the air conditioner should consist of the following steps:
  • Dry the system with a nitrogen bottle;
  • Bleed air from the system using vacuum pump;
  • Use special scales to determine the amount of freon that will be needed to charge the system;
  • Check conditioner operation after filling is complete.

Air conditioner cleaning and filling on any day of the week

An air conditioner installed in a car strongly resembles a refrigerator by its principle of functioning. But their designs are very different: the fan, condenser, and evaporator are connected by tubes. It is necessary to note that components of system break down with rare exception. often conditioner needs a repair because of the refrigerant leakage. As a rule it is freon that can easily seep through cracks and microcracks. If the climate-control begins to malfunction, most likely the pressure has seriously fallen. What the owner of a car should do? You can call for specialists of exit tire fitting shop DoctorShina24. Employees of our company will perform the necessary repairs:

  • Cleaning the auto air conditioner from the spent refrigerant.
  • Checking the main devices of the system for proper operation.
  • Elimination of malfunctions that prevent normal operation of the air conditioner.
  • Filling the air conditioner with new freon.

If desired, our masters will disinfect the system with safe chemical compounds. Foreign smell occurs as a result of bacterial growth, mold, microorganisms in the internal elements of the mechanism. Many years of experience in air conditioner cleaning and special tools give you the best result with the least time expenditures. Leaks, unsealed, have a pernicious effect on the work of auto air conditioner. To avoid failure of a compressor or other important components ask for the qualified help in proper time.

But why? Because you have already found us. We are ready to guarantee maximum quality at optimal cost. Italian equipment and experienced craftsmen do the job really fast and to the point. If you contact us right now, we’ll be there to help in a minute. Don’t forget to ask for a discount.

Good value for money refill of air-conditioning equipment for the organizations that have signed a contract for the permanent maintenance

Filling residential and semi-industrial systems

The clients that we filled the air conditioner are satisfied

We filled up the fynkol in a 200 sq. m. room.We invited these guys to fill my air conditioner in my office in Moscow city. The repair works fast and accurate without a pile of garbage as it usually happens, the price is right as usually you call the area the price explodes, and special thanks for the maintenance recommendations

We filled the air conditioner in Vidnoye. We got what we expected, as it should be in a normal company, everything was done professionally, I can recommend the master five plus points!

We invited these guys to our office to deal with air conditioner repairing. Everything is clear and no claims, the price-quality ratio is good!

than one organization that called, some said that such noise in the air conditioner happens. Others that the equipment is old. Here we serviced, cleaned, eliminated the smell, and the air conditioner is like new again.

Thanks for the Freon leak repair. Asked to do quickly. handled, now definitely only to this place. from Khimki.

What happened to your conditioner?

We will help you to choose quickly an air conditioner from 1000 variants

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When you need to fill the air conditioner freon:

Leakage of a refrigerant. one of frequent malfunctions of conditioners. Causes of leaks can be different:

The problem is solved by timely topping up the air conditioners, which will maintain the proper level of freon pressure in the system and will save on complicated repair of equipment and replacement of the expensive part of the unit. compressor.

You need to recharge the air conditioners if:

  • You are experiencing decreased intensity of cooling or heating of the air in the room
  • Outdoor unit nozzles are frozen and indoor unit heat exchanger is covered with frost

What to do? Call 7 (495) 226-24-21 and call DT Servis for AC repair and recharge!

IMPORTANT: Freon surplus is also harmful for operation of the air conditioner as it significantly reduces its resource!

  • Our masters will complete your order “on a turn-key basis” by observing the charging technology considering the properties of each brand of refrigerant, the peculiarities of the air conditioner model and its installation place
  • We will quickly fill up the air conditioner: we have special equipment, tools and high-quality freon of the required brand
  • We are at your service: you can order topping up the air-conditioners any day from 9:00 to 22:00
  • We will quickly and competently solve all questions about materials and equipment delivery on site
  • We can consult specialists and advice on how to replace and charge freon in air conditioners

Preparation of air conditioners for charging

In the course of preliminary work specialists necessarily inspect the split system and check its performance, because the operation of charging air conditioners with freon requires careful preparation:

  • Blowing with refrigerant or compressed nitrogen to dry the system. Outdoor unit of the air conditioner has some freon, which is used for this. This method is used on newly installed air conditioners.
  • Freon leakage check from the pipelines, heat exchangers and compressor. For this purpose, create excess pressure in the system, and with the help of an ultraviolet lamp determine the place where the system is fouled.
  • Vacuuming procedure. The air is evacuated from the circuit by compressor.

The process of air conditioner preparation for charging is completed by exact calculation of refrigerant quantity for charging. Strict fulfillment of all mentioned above operations is a guarantee of serviceability and defect-free work of air conditioner.

Check and Restoration of Tightness of Air Conditioning System of a Car

If the air conditioning system is leaking, we use special equipment to find the leak. Further the damaged part is either repaired or replaced. This process is more complicated than recharging an air conditioner, and sometimes it requires disassembly and removal of any parts.

Tightness of the system can be broken for many reasons and the main ones are :

  • Corrosion of aluminum pipes in the refrigerant supply line or radiator (condenser);
  • minor accidents with damage to the lower or central part of the engine compartment;
  • Failure of air conditioning compressor;
  • High pressure hose of freon line is cut.

Filling the air conditioner. As a rule, takes no more than 35-50 minutes, but for the repair of air-conditioning system or diagnosis requires additional time.

Please note. That the majority of modern automobiles are designed for one definite brand of the refrigerant, it is called R134A.

What is the danger of refrigerant leakage

At the Freon leakage problems inevitably appear. overheating and jamming of the device, which lead to a costly repair. It is the most widespread reason of breakages, caused by depressurization of the main line, incorrect or untimely servicing, incomplete charging.

  • Ice on the air conditioner is the first sign of Freon deficiency. It usually appears on the front panel, the outdoor unit, as well as on the spigots.
  • Darkening of heat-insulating layer on the compressor.
  • Persistent “chemical” smell in the room.
  • Efficiency decrease of the equipment. The conditioner starts to cool worse or stops working completely.
  • Rumble and other noise during the operation. It is connected with increasing load on the nodes of climate control equipment.

But even without breakage modern split-systems lose about 7% of freon annually. One should charge the conditioners regularly, otherwise one cannot avoid the damages.

fill, conditioner

Price of air conditioner charging depends on the equipment type and freon brand. We use all the coolants R22, R410, R407, R32

Maintenance of each type of equipment has its own specifics. Wall-mounted systems are used in most apartments and offices. charging of such conditioners is the easiest.

If there are no leakages, it is enough to connect a container with coolant to the main line and exactly measure the necessary volume of refrigerant.

Cassette systems are more difficult to diagnose, because the main pipes are built into the walls or hidden behind false ceilings. The same refers to channel models.

In both cases, in order to get to the mains, you will have to remove part of the ceiling structure. Charging is carried out by the same principle as in common domestic air conditioners. the container with freon is connected to the outdoor unit.

Mobile units have a closed circuit refrigeration system. Most models do not have service valve, that is why it is necessary to solder a special nipple for charging the refrigerant.

We can refill all types of air conditioners, offering favorable conditions for both individuals and organizations.

The master sucks air from the system with the help of vacuum pump, waits 20-30 minutes to check tightness and then using electronic scales measures the necessary quantity of the refrigerant.

Charging of the conditioner is rarely ordered separately from other services, because if there is a leakage it must be found and repaired first, and then the freon is poured. It is quite another matter when there is a slight depressurization. here the recharging is also possible.

The price for charging of the conditioner depends on freon volume, equipment model and volume of additional services. evacuating of the system, pipes soldering, leakage search and elimination may be needed.

The number of units of equipment also affects the price. Filling residential and office air conditioners is inexpensive, but it allows you to avoid complex expensive repairs.

Filling a home air conditioner

In our company you can order the service of filling a home air conditioner, the master leaves to the address, does all the necessary work right in your apartment, the price depends on the amount of freon filled into the system.

Charging of mobile and window conditioners

If you stopped to cool a mobile or window air conditioner, get ready for the worst, the reason for this is a constructive feature of the equipment, which does not have a port for filling. This will require a complete disassembly and soldering of the shredder valve, and only then will it be possible to refill. Price for such home air conditioner service is more than ordinary models and will make not less than 6000

What happens if you don’t fill up the air conditioner?

You switch on the air conditioner in a hot season, but it does not want to cool, many air conditioner users leave it working even in this case, the main thing is that it blows and it does not matter in this heat. Conditioner stops cooling in 90% of cases because of lack of freon, it is not easy to call immediately a master in hot days. At loss of critical norm of the refrigerant the compressor remains without oil, overheats and often breaks down, in many cases if not to disconnect conditioner at once you will face a compressor replacement.

What freon (coolant) is used for air conditioner?

Today we will talk about what kind of freon for air conditioner? It is known that in all modern air conditioners for cooling the air is used cooling system, the main and the most important component of which is freon.

Freon. is a special gas, the key characteristic of which is that when it boils, it absorbs a lot of heat from the environment. It is on this unique chemical reaction and the principle of work of the refrigerator is based. Air conditioner freon is stored in special cylinders under high pressure, because if you just pour it into a basin or bucket. It immediately begins to boil and evaporate.

During operation of the air conditioner, freon boils in a special compartment and moves as a vapor on the radiator. by greatly cooling it and then condensing it with a spiral condenser.

What is freon for air conditioner?

R22. this gas is already “outdated” because it is not used in new-type air conditioners. It is connected with the fact that it very negatively affects the atmosphere of the Earth, it strongly destroys the ozone layer. The big advantage of this gas is its low price. For more than 8 years, the import of equipment using this freon R22 has been banned in Russia, but it can still be found in the markets if you have a great desire.

R410. a fairly common type of freon. Environmentally friendly. It allows the air conditioner to cool large volumes of air-conditioning and keeps its “power” for a very long time. The system that works on this kind of gas can be easily filled up since R410 does not loose its abilities in case of leakage. R410 has also a subspecies with similar properties. R410A.

R407 is very close to freon R22 on some properties, but, unlike it, it is absolutely safe for environment. It has a good “leak proof” properties, thanks to which the devices using it can be safely refuelled.

R407C. this kind of gas is considered the freon of a new generation. It has a very high efficiency, “survivability”, and at the same time it is absolutely safe for the environment. At the moment, it is very popular in the international market.

What is the air conditioner’s charging norm and its quantity?

You want to be sure of the price for filling? It can be done very simply! Each outdoor unit of the air conditioner has a nameplate that indicates the freon, its brand and quantity. If the line does not exceed five meters (for residential air conditioners), it is allowed to fill it according to the quantity indicated on the nameplate. For the other conditioners with the line more than five meters, the charging norm of air-conditioner is calculated by diameter and length of the line.

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