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5 service stations in Kiev

Due to timely performance of maintenance and repair much depends on the term of exploitation of the vehicle. Proven maintenance stations in Kiev will provide you with maintenance and repair of any complexity, regardless of the brand of your car.

Heat Load Calculation HVAC. Full Explanation Simplified

  • The engine oil is changed according to the regulations, which are set by the producer of the car. The terms are mentioned in the supporting documentation. It is necessary to check the level of engine oil every 2-3 years. If the battery is badly damaged it is better to change it prematurely.
  • Do not forget about the transmission oil. Replacement time varies in the interval from 40 to 100 thousandths. km trial, so it is better to listen to the recommendations of the manufacturer.
  • It is necessary to clean the system of filling of the car every 20-30 thousand tons. km of mileage. This is especially important for diesel engines with jets. You can go to the nearest service station in Kiev or buy a special rudine for cleaning of the oil system.
  • It is recommended to change coal filters every 30-50 thousandth year. km distance. But, looking at the quality of domestic oil, it is better to replace them together with oil replacement. The same is true for the air filter.
  • Level of the cooling liquid should be checked at least once a day. It is important not only the quantity, but also the quality. Complete replacement of the coolant is necessary to be carried out every 50th. km run.
  • In the conditions of Ukrainian roads it is recommended to check the running gear components twice a year. It is better to do it in the spring and autumn during the replacement of winter and summer humus.
  • When a timing belt is used, it should be replaced in strictly defined intervals. every 60 to 120 thousandth year. km of mileage. But if you see the greatest fracture, do not wait for the end of the term and change the belt urgently. The state of the cartridge pads should be checked not less than once a month. If you feel a squeak or whistle while driving the car, the gas pads should be replaced immediately.
  • The aluminum fins absorb hair over time, so their complete replacement is needed after every 50-60 thousandth year. km of mileage.

Even if you follow all this recommendations you are not insured against other damages. Even the most reliable cars sometimes break down. This section of the web-site AUTO.RIA will help you quickly and easily vibriyodni stations in Kiev for repairs or maintenance vehicles.

Today in this section you can find a number of service stations in Kiev. enough to vibrovaniyu for the removal of any malfunction. Enlisted in the announcements about the car services in Kiev contact personnel will help you to call to check the price and terms of the order of the works, and thanks to the addresses and schedule of work you will get to the right service station at the best possible time for you.

Features of air conditioner charging

The purpose of diagnostics and charging of air conditioner is saving necessary quantity of liquid refrigerant for safe and effective work. Prevention of leaks, air mixing in arbitrary mode, and as a consequence of the car climate system malfunction.

The principle of operation is the following: the refrigerant from the evaporator is compressed and absorbed by the compressor; it is heated during this compression. The ready vaporous refrigerant travels to the condenser where it is cooled by atmospheric air and transformed into a liquid state. Then goes to the receiver, where the refrigerant is dried and purified, it is additionally cooled with the connection of the thermostatic expansion valve. The liquid refrigerant, now ready for action, flows to the heat exchanger where, with a sudden drop in pressure, the gas expands and changes to vapor, cooling the body of the heat exchanger and the air entering the car interior.

Why do diagnostics and charging of air conditioner regularly and timely?

During operation, natural leaks of refrigerant occur, through spigots and seals. Every year for about 15-20%, with pressure drop decreases efficiency of compressor lubrication, as together with freon is pumped a special compressor oil that plays the role of lubricant and protector for all mechanical systems of air conditioner. In order to prevent the mechanical parts from jamming, an activation protection sensor is triggered.

How to fill the conditioner? Why use a professional car service center?

Filling is performed using special service equipment and consists of several stages:

  • Evacuation of refrigerant from the system and removal of used oil.
  • Removing air and moisture residues from the system.
  • Checking air tightness.
  • Oil filling is performed, it is desirable to use together with a marker, leakage indicator.
  • Filling the air conditioner with coolant. It is forbidden to use more than the charging volume and any kind of the refrigerant.
  • The vehicle’s engine is started and the air conditioner mode is checked.

Why use quality parts? What happens if you don’t use quality parts?

It is very important to use a special refrigerant and compressor oil. According to malfunction statistics, 24% of breakdowns are due to the use of inappropriate oil during refueling. Universal oil can not provide effective lubrication and cooling of moving components such as compressor, expansion valve needles. Always check the applicability of the materials for your climate system before using compressor oil and refrigerant.

Filling an auto air conditioner

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How To Replace Split Air Conditioner Service Valves

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Tire Filling

Network of tire shops OKTYRE tire service provides filling of car air conditioners in St. Petersburg.

If you are interested in filling up your car air conditioner, then most likely your autoconditioner is not working or working incorrectly.

If your car’s air conditioner does not “cool” well, but it works, it is enough to have the air conditioner serviced. If it does not work at all, it is necessary to diagnose and fill up the air conditioner. Our craftsmen will help you to identify it.


Name of service Price (.)
Filling the air conditioner (price is specified without the cost of materials) 1000
Adding UV dye in the system 300
Vacuum diagnostics of the system 500
Freon R134A (100g) 250

Complex of works “Restoration of operation of car air conditioner

In our workshops you can have your air conditioner repaired in an automatic Italian station. This set of works includes the following items:

On this phase a deep vacuum is created in the system and moisture is removed from the system, also the old oil with traces of compressor wear Vacuum diagnosis of air conditioner In this phase automatic station checks air conditioner system tightness. Vacuum diagnostics allows finding only large leaks. In this phase oil and dye are added to the system that allows you to find the smallest leaks later by means of ultraviolet diagnostics Freon charging of air conditioner In this phase freon is charged to the car air conditioner in the necessary quantity and the system starts to work in a normal mode.

After stoking air conditioner its work is checked (the temperature of cooled air, also pressure in the system, fans work) and primary ultraviolet test is done. Then conditioner is used in a usual mode and when freon is over (conditioner stops to cool), and it will be over in a day, a week or a year, you should come for diagnostics and by ultraviolet trace find the place of a leak. After that decision is made whether a repair is necessary or not. Sometimes it is cheaper and easier just to fill up the car air conditioner before the warm season.

Also it is necessary to observe simple recommendations about independent autoconditioner servicing: periodically to wash a radiator of an autoconditioner (condenser) in winter period to drive in warm premise (a parking, a sink and etc.) and to check the condition of the car.п.) and to let air conditioner work for 10-15 minutes at least once a month.

fill, conditioner

Our prices

  • Vacuum filtering, 10 minutes (pumping out old oil, traces of compressor wear, etc.).)
  • Vacuum diagnostics, 5 minutes
  • Adding UV dye to the system
  • Refrigerant charge
  • Checking system availability, checking pressures, looking for Freon leakage
  • Note: Freon is charged separately.
  • Evacuation and filtration of old refrigerant
  • Draining out old oil
  • Vacuum filtering, 10 minutes (pumping out old oil, traces of compressor wear etc.).)
  • Filling up the system with oil (with UV Dye)
  • Refrigerant charging
  • System check, pressure check
  • Note: Freon is charged separately.

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Our approach

During all the time of our work we have got a lot of permanent clients and enthusiastic feedback, and that is why we are guided by the following principles in our work:

We service all makes of cars

Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chery, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, DAEWOO, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Great Wall, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lifan, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Saab, SEAT, Skoda, Ssang Yong, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, VAZ, GAZ, ZAZ, TagAZ, UAZ and many others.

We can answer any questions about your car air conditioner.

Car air conditioner care

It is necessary to control its work properly for a conditioner to keep it in working order. If the level of freon is too low, the efficiency will be much less and there can be failures of some elements of system. freon charging is needed. than a half of cases of breakdown of air conditioner system of a car start with a leakage of freon.

Before charging an air conditioner in a car, it is necessary to visually inspect its condition, if its accessories, such as a drive belt, a radiator, hoses and others are all right. You should also keep an eye on the pressure gauge.

Last but not the least is an antibacterial cleansing of a vaporizer. A dirty part can cause respiratory illnesses, as various harmful microbes and bacteria penetrate into the air of the passenger compartment.

How a car air conditioner is being filled up

Filling up a car conditioner is the procedure, demanding abilities and skills. In case of their absence specialists recommend to apply to service stations. There are car mechanics at the stations, who have specialized education and large experience in repair-repair activities.

To put the air conditioner of the car in order it is necessary to take a set of tools and materials:

  • metrological station;
  • hoses;
  • Adapter with a special hook for connection to the air conditioning system;
  • Refrigerant bottle.

This is a standard set, which is used both in garage conditions and in professional workshops. You can buy a ready-to-use kit or buy separately.

How do you fill the air conditioners?? It is carried out by the use of low pressure line, therefore, it is important to find the right connector of the device. It is quite recognizable: its diameter slightly differs from the high-pressure nipple. On some models they are painted in different colors or identified by letters.

Sterility must be maintained during the procedure. Dirt and dust particles that get on the cap and on the tube impair the hermetic sealing of the.

The process of charging follows a certain algorithm.

  • The protective cap is cleaned of dirt. Closes the low pressure line.
  • You put the hose on the nozzle.
  • Start the engine with not less than 1500 rpm. This allows the freon to be fully pumped through the lines.
  • The air recirculation is turned on. The flow should go through the cabin.
  • The line faucet opens. At that refrigerant bottle is turned upside down. The main thing is to turn the valve slowly. The air conditioner is primed.
  • The pressure gauge readings are continuously monitored.
  • The cabin is filled with cold air. Optimal temperature. within 5-8%. It must be cool near the nozzle. If all is in order, the procedure is considered to be successfully completed.

The maximum pressure mark is no more than 285 kilopascals, but the ideal value is 275. Neglect is fraught with negative consequences, in particular. compressor breakdown.

You should also make sure that the process is correct. That the technician is doing everything correctly is shown by the absence of air bubbles.

What to do in Autostat with air conditioner?

Handymen do a full range of work on your air conditioning system, from testing to complete repairs:

  • system diagnostics;
  • refueling with freon auto;
  • antibacterial treatment;
  • partial repair;
  • complete repair;
  • radiator cleaning and other services.

We pay special attention to the main nodes of the air conditioner:

  • Condenser. this component ensures the cooling of the freon.
  • Compressor, which provides pressure to the system. Problems can occur if there is a leak in the system, gaskets are worn out.
  • It is important to check the evaporator, because its malfunction is the reason of unpleasant smell in the passenger compartment and moisture in the air ducts.
  • Receiver. If this element does not work. on the hoses also constantly appears condensate
  • Thermostatic valve, which regulates the level of freon and adjusts the pressure in the system according to the temperature. If valve fails. delivery of cool air into the salon is irregular, air conditioner switches off by itself
  • Pressure sensor. provides automatic shutdown of air conditioner in case of critical reduction of refrigerant.

Also in some models of air conditioners there are problems with additional fans. Most often they are caused by electrical failures, bearing failure.

For diagnostics and repair mechanics use electronic devices and special equipment.

Repair and maintenance of car air conditioners

Turn on COLD on full power. Check the air conditioner!

Algorithm of successful auto air conditioner repair:

Global Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Installation v3

The amount of work to repair the air conditioner of a car depends on the term of its operation. including the following factors: frequency of compressor oil replacement. Condition of condenser-radiator of an air conditioner, service life of aluminum components, etc.д.

For these reasons before we begin to repair a car conditioner we carry out its inspection and diagnostics.

Repair and recovery of real power of air conditioner

All air conditioning service is turnkey: compressor bearing replacement, air conditioning line repair, t.h welding work, freon recovery (restoration of “chemical” properties) and filling with freon. O-rings replaced, condensers washed externally.

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