Fireplace in the bathhouse in the recreation room

Bath projects

Starting to build a bathhouse projects can be developed as you like, but they must be tied to the area of the site and the location of the house on it.

The first example. a bathhouse with a separate rest room as a separate room. Precisely because of its separate location, this room can be burdened with additional functions. changing room, anteroom, shower room.An example of the layout of a 6×6 m bath with a separate relaxation room

In this project, even though the recreation room is quite large, there is also the second floor, which can be used for active recreation, a game of billiards, for example, or just for watching TV. According to the project, the recreation room takes up half of the total area, excluding the vestibule. Since the high temperature from the steam room does not get here, you can put a cushioned corner and home electronics in the room.

Design and layout of the sauna with a relaxation room

For many people the bathhouse represents a whole philosophy. In this place you can combine the pleasant with the useful. to rest from everyday difficulties, sit with friends and improve immunity by eliminating toxins with perspiration.

The design of a sauna with a relaxation room inside requires a special approach, because it is not just an ordinary room.

Furnishings are not as important as the functional component of all elements.

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of materials for finishing, because high temperature and humidity in regular use can cause damage and your efforts will be in vain.

A few more rules of decoration

The furnishings inside the sauna should give STIHL and harmony

Features of zoning the relaxation room in the bath and sauna

Bath or sauna, as a rule, consists of four rooms: a steam room, a shower room, a locker room and a rest room. Relaxation room makes your visit to the sauna more comfortable, you can relax and unwind, have a cup of tea or a beer and get ready for the bathing procedure in the steam room. A relaxation room is also used to restore the balance of body temperature before going out in the winter, so as not to catch a cold. The second name of the rest room. the anteroom.

Zones: kitchen, fireplace, living room

It is convenient to divide the relaxation room in the sauna into several functional areas. For example, you can allocate an area for a large table with a sofa and a TV, separately design a billiard room, an area with a fireplace, you can allocate the living room.

The room can be zoned with different types of partitions or beams. No less noticeable will be the visual effect of separating zones with the help of lighting or finishing materials. However, when dividing the functional areas it is desirable to keep them in a single stylistic direction, they must harmonize with each other.

Plan the interior of the steam room, the anteroom and the rest room together. it’s more convenient, cheaper and easier to calculate the materials immediately. Avoid details with sharp edges, avoid unnecessary corners and any other potentially traumatic details.

Choose light cladding for the walls, because this way a small room without windows will seem larger and lighter. Instead of decorations, use bath accessories and accessories. Completely abandon metal, plastic, artificial materials, slippery surfaces, bulky furniture.

Motivation. For 3 Super projects in interior design, architecture-Penthouse, Apartment, Bath

Beautiful projects of baths with a recreation room

In a good spacious sauna with a relaxation room can enjoy not only the steam, but also the conversation at the table in any company. Such a building will be the envy of the neighbors and the pride of its owners.


What size to use for the bath, the owner decides. It depends on the size of the site and the general idea of the building. The most popular can be considered the size of 6×4, 5×5, 4×4 m.

Small structures allow you to put everything you need, but also save space on the lot and money to erect the building. Even the smallest bath, for example, 3×4 m, is able to meet the minimum requirements. You can always take a bath in such a bathhouse for at least three people.

But the best variant of a building where you can have a bath and rest at the same time is 6×5 meters.

But larger buildings allow you to expand the possibilities for relaxation, and here the size and configuration of the buildings can be different: 10×10, 10×15, 15×20 m. A large bathhouse allows you to make guest rooms, install a swimming pool. But it does not mean that it is possible to be limited only with certain sizes. Individual bathhouse projects involve all sorts of additions. And in this case there will be no strict dimensions. over, the bathhouse can have not only a square shape but also an elongated and rounded one. No one limits the author of the project, the main thing is that it is beautiful and comfortable.

Why is there a second floor above the bathhouse??

If there is a house on the plot, it would seem, why else would there be an additional structure? But sometimes there is a need for an additional, more compact, building. It could be a hut, a summer kitchen, a guest house for overnight guests, a lounge-house for spending time together, a billiard room, a game room, a meeting room, a workshop, a studio or a mini-sport hall.

This solution allows the additional activity of one of the inhabitants of the house to be separated from family life, giving individual members of the family more freedom. For example, in the workshop you can make more noise than you could afford in a house with children, in the living room with friends you can not think about the late hours, in the gym not to worry about the sounds made while doing jumps and other exercises.

If for a number of justifiable reasons, including the above, you decide to organize a bathhouse as a separate structure, the second floor will allow you to implement one or more of the above ideas.

On the second floor of the sauna you can meet friends, accommodate guests, equip a billiard room or a rest room. Most often the second floor of the bath is organized by a full-fledged living room, while the first floor is complemented by the service room.

Usually the second floor of a bathhouse is clad with wood: clapboards, block house. It creates a special comfort.

In the video is one of the examples of the implementation of the second floor above the bath:

Given that the bathhouse assumes a chimney, it can be equipped with a fireplace, which will be located on the second floor, thus decorating it as source of heating and a place for cooking kebabs. An interesting solution, the realization of which you can see at

Note: This solution saves on heating the whole main house. Indeed, in winter you can come to the cottage, take a steam bath, relax on the second floor with a fireplace and kebabs, and spend the night there in the warm, not heating the whole big house.

The fireplace is a symbol of comfort. If you want to create an atmosphere of relaxation, it is better to plan a fireplace, which can be on the second floor or on the first floor, in a specially designated recreation room. It all depends on the design and purpose of each room of the building.

The fireplace in the interior of the bathhouse looks excellent:

Most often it is placed in the recreation room of the dining room.


The design of the rest room in the bath must like the owners and reflect their character and habits.

A classic bathhouse made of logs or timber can be decorated in the Russian style. Only wooden furniture is used in such an interior. As a rule, everything is decorated with intricate carvings. The wooden furniture can be covered by lacquer or specially aged.

Utensils are used of ceramics or wood. It always has an original and traditional Russian pattern. This design looks a little rough. All colors used in the interior should be close to natural. Plenty of tablecloths, napkins and curtains are actual. Often a print in the form of polka dots or small flowers is used.

The Russian style requires simplicity of furnishings. The cost of such a project will be very expensive. Through the use of natural wood and textiles the environment will be environmentally friendly. For a full compliance with the chosen style in the room can be installed furnace. It should be whitewashed or slightly decorated.

The place of rest is best furnished with benches and tables made of natural wood. On them will look very well embroidered tablecloths and napkins.

It is possible to design a space for relaxation in a maritime style. Topical use of ship decor and material in stripes. It is desirable to have very good lighting. Ideally, the installation of panoramic windows is included in the project.

When selecting furniture and textiles it is advisable to choose all shades of blue, blue, yellow and white. Additional elements can be rocks, models of ships and sofa cushions in the form of saltwater fish.

For languid, sensual and original people an interesting solution would be design of the bath room in the oriental style. This direction is characterized by rich finishes and luxurious interior items. The oriental style is characterized by rich colors, unique lamps, low tables and an abundance of colorful pillows.

The walls may be finished with silk fabrics. Tables in the oriental style is very low, abounding presence of low screens and hookahs.

In creating the interior of the relaxation room in the bathhouse fireplaces are in great demand. It can be a wood or electric variant. Such a detail will create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. The area beside the fireplace can be finished with different materials. The use of wood, tiles and natural stone is allowed.

Popular and modern design design space for recreation. It is characterized by a minimal amount of decoration and furniture. The emphasis is on functionality and technology. The color scheme is mostly light with a few color accents.

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