First run of the delonghi magnifica s coffee machine

How to adjust the grinding, in an automatic coffee machine Delonghi and what it should be

If the coffee from the coffee machine has become “liquid”, or very slowly pours (drips), or there is no pouring at all, but the coffee machine performs a rinse cycle, then most likely the problem is in the wrong grinding setting.

Warning! Grinding adjustment knob must only be turned when the grinder is running!

If the coffee is thin, not thick enough, bad crema.

Turn the grinding adjustment knob counterclockwise 2 to 3 notches, then make 2 to 3 cups of coffee. Taste the result. If you are still not satisfied with your coffee, turn the grinding adjustment knob one click further.

If, the coffee is dripping or not pouring at all.

In this situation, the problem may be more than just the grinding, but to check at home, we’ll start with a simple. Turn the grinding adjustment knob clockwise by 2 to 3 clicks, then make 2 to 3 cups (you don’t have to spill a lot of water, just press the cup again and the coffee will stop pouring). Look at the trickle. You should see results by the 3rd cup. If it is still dripping or not coming out turn the grinder to the maximum (on level 7). Make 2 or 3 cups again. If it pours too fast, then turn 1 to 3 divisions in the opposite direction. If the coffee does not pour, then you should contact a service center to repair the coffee machine.

Check the consistency of grind by eye.

Everyone knows that the grind is a key to coffee strength and aroma. Use a simple rule of thumb: for a light roast make the grinding finer (turn the knob counterclockwise) and for a strong roast. coarser (turn clockwise). If you often change coffees and you don’t have time or desire to turn the knob every time and choose a certain grind, then make it medium. And for a stronger or milder coffee, use the settings on the front of the machine, changing the amount of water and coffee. It’s easy to check the settings. medium grind can be compared to regular sugar. Coffee beans should be about the same size as the sugar bean.

Checking the coffee machine.

And finally, if your grinder is set up correctly and your coffee machine is fine, the coffee cake should look like a well formed “pill”.

If you have problems with adjustment of your coffee machine, please contact a specialized service center “Doctor of Coffee machines”, we will gladly help you!

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installation, 4 first use of your coffee machine. instruction manual DeLonghi ESAM 3500

After unpacking the unit, make sure all parts are present and in good condition. If in any doubt about this, do not use the device and consult a qualified technician. Packaging elements (plastic bags, polystyrene etc.).п.) can be dangerous and should be kept out of the reach of children. Place your coffee machine on a flat work surface away from water sources, such as faucets and sinks. Make sure that there is at least 5 cm on the sides of the device and at least 20 cm above it. Do not install the machine in places where the temperature of the ambient air may drop below 0°C (the machine could be destroyed by freezing of the water).Check that the mains voltage corresponds to that indicated on the plate affixed to the appliance. Only connect the machine to a properly grounded 10 A socket. The manufacturer is not responsible for possible accidents caused by inadequate earthing. If the size of the power outlet does not match the plug of the machine’s power cord, it must be replaced by a qualified technician. Do not attempt to replace the unit’s power cord yourself, as this operation requires the use of special tools. To reduce the risk of electric shock, contact an Authorized Service Center for replacement of the power cord. Adjust the appliance to the hardness of the water used in accordance with the instructions given in paragraph 16.6. To learn how to use the appliance for the first time, refer to the next section.

first, delonghi, magnifica, coffee

The first time you use the appliance, select the menu language.

To select English as the menu language, plug the unit in and wait for the display as shown below:

Press the OK button (Fig.1) and keep it pressed for at least 3 seconds until the indication shown below appears on the display:

After that, all indications will appear on the display in English only. To select a different language, see 17.

After 5 seconds, you will see another display:

To fill the reservoir, remove it. Rinse and fill with fresh water. Never fill the water tank above the MAX mark.level).Return the reservoir to its place and press down as far as it will go.

Place a cup under the hot water spout (fig.3). (If the drain is not installed, an indication is shown

“INSERT WATER SPOUT”. Reinstall the drain (fig.4), making sure that the mark on the drain coincides with the mark on the control panel of the device). The display on the device shows the indication:

Press the OK button (Fig.1). After a few seconds some water flows out of the drain. Water leaking out

Technical specifications of the DeLonghi Magnifica S Smart ECAM 250.23.SB

You will find below the technical specifications and operating instructions of the DeLonghi Magnifica S Smart ECAM 250.23.SB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer to your question in the manual? You will find the answer to your question below in the FAQ section on the DeLonghi Magnifica S Smart ECAM 250.23.SB.

The frequency of descaling the coffee machine depends on how often you use it and the hardness of the water. It is recommended to descale the coffee machine once a month if you use very hard water. If using low hardness water, quarterly cleaning is recommended.

To clean the coffee maker from scale, it is recommended to use liquid products that are marked for the possibility of using them to clean the coffee maker.

The expiration date is specified on the bean pack. The expiration date is valid as long as the packaging is not opened.

Grinding greatly affects the taste of your coffee. If the coffee beans are ground very finely. It will enhance the taste of coffee, with a coarser grind the coffee will have a milder taste.

Care for your Delongi with Cappuccinator

If you clearly follow the instructions to the coffee machine “Delongi Cappuccino”, the device will work properly and serve the user for a long time. An important condition is the regular cleaning of ingredients. Do not use alcohol or abrasive detergents.

  • Clean the grounds container when the corresponding message appears on the display.
  • It is advisable to empty the drip tray when the indicator goes behind the cup tray.
  • Clean the inside of the machine, the water tank and the coffee funnel monthly, the brewing unit twice a month.
  • Milk residue in the tank should be removed after each use.

Do not wash the appliance under the tap or immerse it completely in water. It is cared for when it is disconnected from the power supply.

To clean the cappuccinator in a Delongi coffee machine, you need to disconnect from the nut and remove it from the water or steam supply tube. The hinge part must be disassembled, the tube and the stud must be removed. Rinse the components under running water, reassemble in reverse order, reinstall and connect the tube.

The cappuccinator on your Delonghi requires cleaning on a regular basis.

Cleaning the filter

After 250 to 300 cups of coffee, clean the filter in your Delonghi Cappuccino machine. It is taken out, the inside is cleaned by hand, rinsed under hot water. If necessary, a brush can be used. Filter holes must be clean. Use a sharp object to remove any soiling.


How long the machine can run without decalcifying depends on the hardness of the water. A message appears on the coffee machine display. To decalcify, use a DeLonghi decalcifier; vinegar-based descalers are not suitable. Regular decalcification helps to prolong the life of the machine.

Switch the appliance on and select the descaling programme in the descaling menu. Pour the decalcifying solution in the correct proportions into a water tank and place it under the water supply pipe. Start the process.

After the procedure, the appliance also needs to be rinsed with clean water.

Safety tips for operating the machine

Always keep the appliance in a safe place to use it. All operations must be carried out with dry hands only. If the cable or plug is damaged, or if you observe problems with the appliance, you should call for repair. Children must be supervised to ensure that they do not use the machine by themselves.

Instructions for use

Each coffee machine model has its own instructions for use, but the operating principles are similar.

Principle of operation

The DeLonghi Magnifica Rapid (“Rapid”) coffee machine works in the same way as the Venetia, Pronto or Smart models. The process is as follows:

  • Place the beans in the built-in coffee maker or put them in a ground container.
  • The coffee machine is building up pressure.
  • The necessary dose of coffee automatically falls into the receiver and is treated with steam.
  • Beverage is pouring out of the nozzle into the cup.

The final stage. the cake automatically falls into a waste container.

Installation and connection

Follow the instructions for the Magnifica s coffee machine to avoid repairs and malfunctions. Place the coffee machine on flat, hard surfaces to avoid accidentally knocking it over. Do not place the appliance near the sink. Liquids in the appliance can put it out of action.

The power cord must not come in contact with hot surfaces. stove, kettle. Leave at least 3 cm of free space on the sides and rear of the appliance, as well as 15 cm above it.

The instructions for your Delongi Magnifica s coffee machine contain information on the maximum possible voltage of the mains. Do not violate this requirement or the machine will break down.

If the plug does not fit into the socket, do not replace it yourself. Contact the service center.

Operation modes

Instructions for the coffee machine “Delongi Magnifica” contains information about the mode of operation. It is either automatic or manual.

The advantage of automatic models is the ability to make coffee at the touch of a button (as in a cafe). In manual mode you have to whip the froth with the built-in cappuccinator.

Also, a coffee machine with an automatic mode will brew a drink in the morning by the time you wake up, or at any other time, if the cord is not unplugged. Timer will not go off when lights are temporarily turned off.

Auto power-off mode saves energy consumed by the constant heating of the thermoblock when it is inactive. The machine shuts down automatically if it is not operated for a set period of time.

Safety precautions during operation

The instruction manual of the DeLonghi Magnifica instructs about safety. Do not touch the cabinet during operation. Use only the controls or buttons on the panel.

Connect certified accessories. Unoriginal or damaged cord may cause fire, electric shock, or damage.

Do not leave the machine unattended and turn it off before cleaning. First press the “off” button, then unplug the power cord.

Be careful when using the manual cappuccinator. Do not check the temperature of the steam with your hand to avoid severe burns.

Do not pour boiling water into the container or operate the unit in freezing temperatures. Low temperature will cause it to break down.

Use the technique only for the purposes described in the instructions for the DeLonghi Magnifica s coffee machine.


When you first turn it on, the hydraulic system is empty, so the device may make an increased noise. Noise will diminish as the water circuit fills up (takes a few seconds). The developer reports that the machine has been tested with coffee at the factory, so traces of coffee in the grinder are absolutely normal. It is guaranteed that the machine is new.

Before connecting the machine to the network, you need to fill the tank with water and place dishes under the cappuccinator (when the machine is first turned on, it will flush the hydraulic system). It is also recommended to adjust the water hardness as soon as possible.

After the first run, the manufacturer recommends making 4-5 coffees and 4-5 cappuccinos to get satisfactory results.

Let’s say right away that the machine monitors not only its own status, but also many of the user’s actions. The device reminds you to add water, clean the drip tray or add beans (earlier versions of the same model did not have a grain sensor!).

Let us now, as we usually do, take a quick look at the main elements of the coffee machine and note their characteristic features.

The water container

The 1.8 liter water tank is located on the right side and can be removed from the front. Water softening filter can be installed in the tank. The container itself (one hand) can be easily removed and put back in its place. Water is poured through a small hole on top of the container.

Brewer’s block

Behind the container is a plastic hatch, and behind the hatch is a compact CRF brewing unit with pre-wetting. The unit requires periodic removal and cleaning. The unit can be removed and installed with two snap buttons. Capacity up to 14 grams of coffee.

The pump

According to the instructions, our coffee machine is equipped with a 15-bar pressure pump. How much worse is this than a 19 bar pump?? Approximately none at all. The thing is that in this case the pressure is indicated at the outlet of the pump, but the espresso is still made at around 9 bars. So there is no fundamental difference between 15 and 19 bar.


We can’t see it without taking the machine apart, but looking through the information about the machine we found out that our machine has two 1450W thermoblocks, one for coffee and the other for steam.


The cappuccinator on our coffee machine is manual. Depending on your habits and preferences, this can be a plus or a minus.

On the one hand, by choosing this solution, a user can save money (automatic cappuccinators of LatteCrema system cost much more), but on the other hand, he will have to learn to whip milk by himself, manually. But with a manual cappuccinator (with some skill) you can be sure that the foam will be just right. And you can certainly get a “real cappuccino” by mixing espresso and milk foam in the right sequence (not all mid-range machines can do that).

Note another advantage of this solution: when you activate steam during heating, the unit automatically drains excess water from the steam circuit into the bottom drip tray. That way, no water is added to the milk when whipping it with the manual cappuccinator. That is, you don’t need to manually drain the water into a separate container before you start whipping the milk.

Due to the special design, it is possible to use cups with a height of up to 12.5 cm with the manual cappuccinator.

Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinder with steel bean burrs is used in the coffee machine. The grinder can be set to 13 different degrees of grind, the adjustment is done manually, using a special wheel.

It must be said that this grinder is sort of standard for many De’Longhi machines (only the most modern high-tech grinders have grinders with automatic grinding adjustment, or other grinders are available).

Waste coffee and drip tray

The grounds container holds about 14 servings (which means that we have to empty it after preparing an average of 14 drinks). The container is removed from the front, along with the compartment for collecting droplets. How often you have to pour out the water depends on what kind of drinks you like to prepare more often (the cappuccinator should not be left without cleaning for a long time, otherwise the milk would dry out, and this is an extra consumption of water).

In most cases the coffee machine will prompt the user to perform certain actions. The following parts of the machine must be cleaned periodically:

  • Coffee grounds container
  • drip tray and condensate tray
  • Water tank
  • coffee distributor spouts
  • funnel for filling of ground coffee
  • interior of the machine (accessible after opening the brewing unit window)
  • brewing unit

The frequency of these operations varies: for example, the cappuccinator should be cleaned after each use, the grounds container should be cleaned when it is full, or 72 hours after the last use of the machine, and the drip tray. when the float indicator comes up.

Clean the water tank with a detergent approximately once a month, the brewing unit also once a month, the coffee spouts and bean hopper as needed.

first, delonghi, magnifica, coffee

All the necessary information regarding the care of the device is contained in the instructions for the coffee machine, so we will not bore the reader with a detailed retelling.

Let’s just say that we found taking care of the appliance to be a very uncomplicated task. Everything was organized so logically that we were not frustrated or annoyed by the need to do any of the following.

Starting the delonghi magnifica s coffee machine for the first time

The brewing unit was not installed after cleaning.

Replace the brewing unit as described in the section “Cleaning the brewing unit.

The inside of the appliance is dirty.

Clean the machine carefully as described in the section “Cleaning, servicing and care”. If the message is still displayed after cleaning, contact the Technical Support Center.

Here are some possible problems. If the problem cannot be solved as described, contact the Technical Support Center.

Warm the cups by rinsing them with hot water (e.g.: you can use the hot water function) or rinsing them.

The brewing unit has cooled down because 2/3 of a minute has passed since the last coffee was made.

Before brewing coffee, heat the brewing unit by pressing the

Coffee not strong enough or not enough crema

Turn the grinding adjustment knob one click anticlockwise during operation Repeat this operation until satisfactory results are achieved. The effect is only noticeable after 2 cups of coffee (see “Adjusting the grinder” on page 109). See “Adjusting the grinder”, page 109. 124).

Use espresso coffee for grinding.

Coffee comes out too slowly or in drips

Turn the grinding adjustment knob one click clockwise during operation Repeat this operation until satisfactory results are achieved. The effect is only noticeable after 2 cups of coffee have been prepared (see “Adjusting the grinder” on page 155). See “Adjusting the grinder”, pg. 124).

Coffee does not come out of one or both spouts

Milk is not cold enough or not partially skimmed.

It is best to use completely skimmed milk, or partially skimmed milk at refrigerator temperature (about 5°C). If it does not achieve the desired results, try another milk brand.

Perform the cleaning as described in the section “Cleaning the cappuccino frother after use” (pg. 126).

Steam supply is interrupted while the appliance is in use

The safety device interrupts the steam supply after 3 minutes.

Wait a few moments, then restart the steam function.

DeLonghi Magnifica S Smart (Unboxing)(How to use it for the first time)

First start-up of your delonghi magnifica s

Instruction manualsbbsp/ manufacturersbsp/ DELONGHInbsp/ MAGNIFICA S ECAM 22.110.B, MAGNIFICA S ECAM 22.110.SB

knob) to confirm the selected mode:

You can use this function to activate or deactivate the energy-saving mode. When this function is activated, a minimum power consumption in accordance with current European legislation is guaranteed. The energy-saving mode is activated when the green ECO light is on (fig.7). 1. When the machine is off, but with the main

switch to position I. Press the button

and hold it down until the LEDs light up

Press to switch off the energy-saving mode

To reactivate the function, press again

knobs) to confirm the selected mode: indicator light

In energy-saving mode, it may take a few seconds before the first cup of coffee is made, as the appliance needs more time to heat up.

Some models are supplied with a water softener: if your purchased model does not have one, we recommend ordering one from the De Longhi Technical Assistance Service.

The procedure for proper use of the filter is given in the instructions below.

DeLonghi Magnifica S Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Review Unboxing & Setup.

Take the filter out of its packaging and rinse it out with 0.5 l

Set the calendar disk at the 2-month mark

with regular use of the device, the life of the filter is equal to two months. If the machine is not in use with the built-in filter, the life of the filter is reduced to 3 weeks (maximum). 3. Remove the tank from the machine and fill it with water

Completely submerge the filter in the water tank,

by tilting it to allow the air bubbles to escape (fig.10).

Insert the filter in the specially designed

Seat the canister and fix it in position by pressing on the bottom (fig.11).

Close the tank with the lid (fig.12), then insert the

Place a container underneath the cappuccino frother,

Set steam knob to I position to supply

Wait a few seconds while the machine

will carry out the supply of hot water. Wait for a steady stream of water, before turning the steam knob to position 0.

it may happen that a single supply of hot water is not enough to install the filter and, therefore, the indicator lights come on during installation:

In this case, repeat the installation procedure from point “Now the filter is working and you can use your coffee machine again.

Procedure for changing the filter for softening

After two months of filter life (see “How to change the filter” on page 31). calendar), or in case the machine is not used for 3 weeks, it is necessary to remove the filter from the tank and, if necessary, replace it with a new one, following the procedure described in the previous section again.

The more you turn the selection knob (B6) clockwise, the more coffee beans are ground, so that the coffee taste is stronger and the more coffee is ground

First start-up of your delonghi magnifica s coffee machine

Fill the tank with water and reinsert it correctly by pressing the bottom of the tank until it audibly snaps into place.

Adjust the tank correctly by pressing on the base of the tank.

Coffee grounds container (A13) is full.

Empty grounds container and drip tray, clean them and put them back. Important: Always empty the grounds container when you remove the drip tray, even if it is hardly full. If you do not perform this operation, the next time you prepare coffee, the grounds container may overflow and clog the machine.

The grounds container was not inserted after cleaning.

Remove the drip tray and replace the grounds container.

The grind is too fine, the coffee comes out slowly or does not come out at all.

Increase the coffee flow and turn the grinding adjustment knob one click clockwise in the direction of number 7 while the grinder is running. If after 2 coffees, the coffee delivery is too slow, repeat the operation by moving the grinding adjustment knob by one click (see “Adjusting the grinding adjustment knob”). See “Adjusting the grind” on pg. 124). If the problem persists, turn the steam knob to the | position and let a small amount of water run off from the cappuccino frother.

You have selected “pre-ground coffee” but you have not placed any pre-ground coffee in the funnel.

Place pre-ground coffee in the funnel or select the grind function.

Indicates that it is necessary to descale the machine.

We recommend that you perform the descaling program as soon as possible. The program is described in the “Decalcification” section.

Select the lightest coffee taste or reduce the amount of ground coffee, then re-serve the coffee.

Empty the funnel with a knife as described in the section “Cleaning the funnel before inserting the coffee”.

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