Floor fan fs 1238 how to assemble

Floor fan fs 1238 how to assemble

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Writing on the last day of summer about the fan seems to be too late, but not to note such a good thing as a floor fan great price FS-1238 I can not. Bought this fan at the end of last summer in a hypermarket Lenta.

I didn’t describe it last year as it doesn’t look quite serious. Compared with the fan Scarlett SC-375, as well as Elekta EFN-S1680 Pansy which I described earlier, this fan does not look serious as a childish. And I thought that such a small and probably unreliable unit will not last long. I bought it only because last year during the hottest heat wave all the fans in the stores in our region were sold out and this was the only wind blower I could find. over, the price for this children’s toy was also toy. 499 pes.

The fan is sold flat packaged in a gray cardboard box with black and white pictures

and a great price that’s hard to get past. I do not remember if there was an assembly instruction, but even without it the process of fan preparation to work takes no more than ten minutes. The fan is almost no different from its more serious brethren except for the price and size. But you can hardly find out the difference in sizes by photo.

A three-blade propeller covered with a protective grid

has diameter of 30 centimeters (described earlier). 40).

Standard features. Three rotation speeds switchable by means of buttons located on the control unit below the propeller.

The head of the fan, consisting of a protected propeller and not very loud (silent?) of the motor, rotates up to 90 degrees. Rotation of the housing can be turned off with a high button on the motor.

The design allows you to adjust the angle of the head. To do this, you need to loosen the clamp under the motor,

re-tilt and re-clamp the tilt mechanism. The height of the fan also varies. You need to loosen the plastic coupling under the control panel, pull the top of the rack up to change the height of the fan and re-tighten the coupling.

The weakest link is the same as in all similar fans. The plastic legs on the ends of the support crossbody are easy to unscrew from their proper places.

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Despite its non-serious appearance. the fan is pretty reliable. it worked perfectly this season. In the beginning it had to work up to eight hours a day. The blowing is just as good. For a room of 18 square meters, it is quite sufficient. It doesn’t make too much noise.

I am not only happy with the price, but also with the quality. Recommended by

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Fan doesn’t work

There are five reasons why the unit may malfunction:

  • Grease is dry.
  • Condenser dried out.
  • The fuse or thermal relay is blown.
  • Windings are shorted or wires are broken.
  • The motor shaft is misaligned.

The main problem with units that are cheap is the improper casting of the blades. As a result of this problem, imbalance begins. As a result of the imbalance, the bearings begin to break and the clearances become larger.

This cannot be affected because the unit was originally sold with this defect. Visually, it may work normally, that is, it rotates, but it does not blow. The blades are damaged, so the air is not blowing out.

This problem can occur after long use, when the device has been in direct sunlight for a long time. The impeller begins to change its shape over time when heated.

It can be the case that the device does not spin. This is caused by dried-up grease. The device becomes jammed and loses speed. As a result, the load on the motor is greater. The motor, which is wound with 0.2mm thin wire, starts to heat up and then burn out the windings.

Appliance usually stops rotating. Starts to hum, the impeller stops spinning.

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Review: Floor standing fan Great price! FS-1238. Update the review at 12.07.18г. Great price. It’s a great fan!

Recently I saw a fan for 400 on sale in “Lenta”. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was turning it in my hands for about fifteen minutes. High, good power, with all the right features. Everything about it is decent. The only disadvantage: all parts are plastic. This is the reason for its low price. Still, the fan I bought.

In the box this unit was disassembled almost by detail. But in the kit was an instruction manual, following which the fan can be assembled even by a child. Only a screwdriver is needed!

The fan has three speeds, a lock for the working direction. The power is enough to ventilate two large rooms (we put it in the doorway and the fan runs in two directions at once).

For now the fan has been in use for more than a month, but I thought that it would break in a couple of days: the plastic parts caused mistrust. The only metal part in the fan. The legs are crooked, and that is why the fan jumps when working. This is probably the only disadvantage.

PS. This year we bought another fan of that model. I gave the first one to my parents.Note that the current one has the same problem: the legs are crooked, on which it occasionally bounces, causing a noisy rattle.

Note that the fan, despite its price, is very powerful! On the strength of “blowing” noticeably superior even to those models that are much larger in size than this.

Review: It’s a floor fan for a great price! FS-1238. Salvation in the hot summer

Greetings to all subscribers and readers of the site “Otzovik.

The heat came to us, so it’s time to get the fan. This year we got it kinda early, although we’ll be freezing soon, but okay.

Floor fan FS-1238 Excellent

It was packed in a cardboard box with the main technical specifications.

On the side, there’s also information about the fan.

It is a floor fan in white with gray elements. In the box it was completely disassembled, but it is visible in the box, it is small. It is assembled easily and simply. The fan is not too hard to figure out on my own. I forgot about the instructions, I figured it out on my own and it worked, not too hard.

Country of production: ChinaMaterials: plastic, aluminum

The fan consists of a control unit with a motor housing, front and rear protective covers, fan blades, telescopic pole, 2 base sections and fasteners.

floor, 1238, assemble

Voltage: 220V Power: 40-45W Capacity: 60 m3/h Rated speed: 1200 rpm Rotation: 90 degrees Noise level: 65dB

The cord is not very long, but there is no need, the fan is always near the outlet.

The base is crossed, quite stable, plastic anti-slip feet are inserted on each.

Telescopic stand consists of upper and lower tube and stand height adjuster. Thanks to this you can change the height of the fan.

There is a fixing screw on the back, you can use it to choose the direction of air flow by simply loosening this screw.

The fan itself consists of the back cover, front grill, three blades and different fixation elements. This was the hardest part to assemble, because there are so many elements.

On the back there is a button to control the rotation. With this button you can turn the fan into rotation, and if you want the fan to blow only in one direction, then you must lift the rotation button up.

The control panel has four buttons with numbers from 0 to 3. Button with number 0 switches the fan off and the others are used to set a certain rotational speed.

We always turn it to number 1, it’s enough for us, especially when it rotates and blows across the room, we don’t need more.

There was an operating manual with the fan.

This manual includes recommendations for safe use, installation instructions with a clear picture and description of each step. And also instructions for operation, care, cleaning, storage and disposal.

Here are the technical specifications and information about warranty and service. Warranty period 6 months.

We have a fan for 4 years, we take it out only in the summer, without it is no longer possible. Especially when it was hot in the summer, it helped us a lot. Even left it on overnight, it was very hot to sleep.

Blows good air around the room and is quiet enough.

In disassembled form, it is easy to clean or just wipe with a cloth.

We are completely satisfied with it, to buy floor fan FS-1238 brand Excellent price recommend it, even for such a price.

Very good buy

Two years ago at the action in the “Lente” my husband and I bought the first fan of this model, we liked the fan so much that this summer we bought a couple more. For parents. This year’s promotion was 550 for one fan.

The fan is powerful enough, the specifications are good, but all parts of the body are plastic, so the cost of the unit is low. And I must honestly say that when I first bought the fan, I was prepared that in a month or two the fan will give up for a long time. But it lives and works perfectly for three years now: t.к. Our heating is powerful, the fan is used almost year round.

From its appearance it is clear that the fan is not expensive, even packed in an unsightly cardboard box, but the main thing is not the appearance, but the functionality, right?

It is easy to assemble and disassemble the fan, I do it myself every time, without any help from my husband. On the whole the case is made qualitatively, but cross legs of all three instances are crooked, that is why the fan is a little unstable and shakes at high speeds, but never fell down.

In addition, at these crooked legs on the idea of the manufacturer put plastic stubs, but they are, firstly, constantly fall off and get lost (often rolled in the corners of cats), and secondly, further reinforce the curvature of the legs. The same problem with three representatives at once leads me to believe that it is a problem with all representatives of this model.

The fan has 3 speeds of operation, usually enough the first two, even in the extreme heat, given that the fan is usually placed between two rooms. and it cools both. So it could even be called a mini air conditioner to some extent.

Despite some shortcomings, I recommend to buy. is a great budget option.

Fan types

Fans of different systems remain a popular way to create better living conditions. According to the method of installation, they are divided into the following types:

The last two varieties, in most cases, do not require assembly after purchase. Ceiling variants need to be installed in a place prepared for their installation.

The models differ in capacity, size, air blowing area, number of speeds, noise level and a variety of additional functions. Floor fan remains one of the most common ways to cool, increase the level of comfort. Widespread use is due to the low price of this type of product, ease of operation and installation, low power consumption, mobility, versatility (the wind blowing from the fan is refreshing even on the street). In this case the technique takes very little space.

There are the following varieties of floor fans according to the way they work:

The first option is the most common type. It does not affect the entire room, it blows on separate areas. The question of assembly is raised exactly when buying an axial version of the fans


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