Garbage bags for vacuum cleaner Kercher

What material can be sewn into a vacuum cleaner bag

When choosing a material, you need to pay attention to two conditions:

  • The cells should not be too large, otherwise all the dirt will fly out.
  • The fabric should not be too dense, not air permeable, otherwise the equipment will overheat.

Any fabric that meets these parameters will do. Many people advise using the following:

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  • Spunbond. This is a nonwoven material that is used to cover greenhouses. It’s breathable but holds dust, easy to handle, and is available at almost any building supply store. Spunbond with a density of 120-150 grams per square meter is the best choice. M, but any will do. The main thing is not to choose too thin, less than 60-80 grams per square. м.
  • Denim. Old jeans will perfectly replace spunbond. it is lightweight, durable and natural fabric.
  • Teak. It is used to make pillowcases for pillows, furniture covers, mattresses.
  • Fleece or corduroy.

Some use kapron tights, but they tear easily. It is better to use a good and durable material. But kapron can be used to make an inner container if you need to collect bulky garbage. To do this, you need to take a stocking or cut a similar piece from old tights and tie a tight knot to make a bag. It should be inserted inside the dustbag and replaced as it fills up.

Original production and analogues

Of course, all manufactured household cleaning appliances Karcher is designed to operate with dust collectors branded.

At the same time the admissibility of the use of analogues, and in the range is wide enough should be considered as a peculiarity of the product.

Also if we consider exclusively branded filter bags, it is worth paying tribute to the wide interchangeability within the framework of branded products.

Such solutions allow owners of Karcher vacuum cleaners to use dust collectors of one modification for different models of vacuum cleaners.

For example, the paper dust collectors for the T7/1 and T15/1 vacuum cleaner lines have been designed for use with the T10/1 and T17/1 series.

Compatibility is also noted for SE and WD models with full range support.

The simple design of the dust collectors (in the general engineering sense) makes it possible to use third-party products in Karcher domestic vacuum cleaners as well.

Thus, instead of brand-name German bags, it is acceptable to substitute products that are used in vacuum cleaners of companies:

Wide compatibility of accessories (particularly filter bags) significantly increases the ease of use for users. This approach, in turn, attracts more consumer eyes to the household appliances Karcher.

Meanwhile, the compatibility of third-party accessories, for all its convenience to the user, does not cancel the risk of using products of relatively low quality.

This is a logical point, because any manufacturer tries to make a product with specific technical parameters. for “their” vacuum cleaner. Naturally, a third-party product becomes uncompetitive in such conditions.

What is the best vacuum cleaner bag for Karcher: types of bags tips for use

The important components of any vacuum cleaner design are not only a powerful electric motor and functional nozzles. The filter plays an important role in the cleaning efficiency and maintenance of the unit. A vacuum cleaner collects dust which needs to be trapped in the ambient air. This is the job of the filter.

Of course, the quality of cleaning directly depends on the performance of the filter elements installed in the vacuum cleaner. That is why it is important to choose high-efficiency and easy-to-use dust collectors. But how to do it?

First it is necessary to understand their variety and learn the peculiarities of different filters. Let’s consider as a general example Karcher vacuum cleaner bags used for filtration and dust collection. Let’s try to determine which filter bags are better, as well as outline the nuances of using these accessories.

What are vacuumclean bags for vacuum cleaners?

The disposable bags are more convenient to use, but more expensive

Many vacuum cleaner models come with bags for dust and debris. The drawn air passes through the filter, leaving dirt and dust behind, and comes out clean. The filter, on the other hand, traps the dirt, leaving it in a special container, which, once filled, must be discarded or cleaned. In the past, only uncomfortable bags were used as dust collectors, but today plastic variants or containers with aqua filters are also used.

Important! All dust collectors are divided into two types. bags and containers. Vacuum bags for vacuum cleaners can be of 2 types:

Dust collectors for vacuum cleaners can be of 2 types:

  • Disposable vacuum cleaner bags: they are quite durable and hygienic, easy to use. It is necessary to change the bags regularly and make sure they are not overfilled;
  • Refillable: after filling they must be cleaned in the specified way. This is a more economical but “dirty” version.

Each manufacturer of vacuum cleaners produces bags for their appliances, which are suitable in size and volume. There are also universal dust collectors: thanks to the special attachment and shape, you can cut out the necessary size of the dust collector yourself. This is handy if you have several different vacuum cleaners in your home or if a particular model is too rare.

Filter bag at a glance

For the VC 6100 (6200, 6300) models the filter bags are made of high-strength non-woven material. Number of layers. three.

Tensile strength is significantly superior to paper dust bags. The maximum capacity is 7 liters.

For dry vacuuming only.

The 5200 series comes with dust bags 6.904-216. They are part of the disposable group. Supplied in a set of ten.

Suitable for use with the BV 111 vacuum cleaner.

VC 6 dust bags are made of non-woven material. Sets of five are available for sale

The model is designed for dry cleaning and equipped with a flap for hygienic disposal. Can be used in the VC 6100, 6200 and 6300 models.

The VC 5 models come with a reusable dust bag. They are made of textile.

Dust collectors made of this fabric do not affect the suction capacity as they are filled. With the same design as the household, they have larger volumes. from 20 liters and above:

  • Ecomaxx Eco-110 (volume 65 liters) is used in models NT 48/1, 65/2, 72/2, 82/1. A pack (five pieces) costs about 1200;
  • a set of five 35-litre Ecomaxx Eco-111 bags is intended for the NT 45/1 model. Cost 600;
  • Ecomaxx Eco-113 (designed for 25 liters) compatible with vacuum cleaners Karcher 2701, 2701TE, A2701, 2801, 2801 plus.

If you are thinking about changing your vacuum cleaner, read an article of reasoning about which devices are better, with a container or with a bag, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. For more information on what a dust bag should be for a vacuum cleaner, how to save on purchases, and much more, read our article.

One of the most efficient filters uses water as a filter element, trapping up to 99.95% of the dust and dirt flying in the air. The Kercher firm produces devices with water filter (not to be confused with the washing!), where to buy them, how to choose them and much more can be found here, take care of your health.

In the production of construction and repair vacuum cleaners, in addition to Kercher, the Japanese firm Makita is specialized. The uniqueness of its offer is that the construction tool is connected directly to the vacuum cleaner! Accordingly, the construction dust and dirt is immediately collected in special waterproof bags. Interesting? Then click here: only the best.

Refillable vacuum cleaner bags karcher. found 479 products.479 items

Topperr BSR 20 reusable vacuum cleaner bags for Bosch, Siemens, Karcher vacuum cleaners are made of thick synthetic cloth which retains the finest dust. The reusable dust bag is treated with a special antimicrobial composition that prevents the growth of bacteria.

Reusable filter bag with textile clasp for KARCHER MV 2, WD 2 Gigant KR15M vacuum cleaner

Reusable vacuum cleaner bag made of two layers of dense filter material.Vacuum cleaner bag closes with a handy tractor zipper.The zipper fastener is dust and dirt resistant, which ensures long-lasting and reliable operation.Filter m uniqueness.

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer: KARCHER Filter bag reusable dust bag material: microfibre DxHW: 26x19x1.30 cm weight 0.225 kg

Reusable filter bag with textile clasp for vacuum cleaner KARCHER MV 3, WD 3, 1 pcs Gigant BH20M

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer: KARCHER removable dust bag material: paper LxW: 24×12 cm weight 0.266 kg

One package contains 10 paper bags for disposing of waste without spreading dust with the KARCHER T 7/1, T 9/1, T 10/1 vacuum cleaners

Three-layer reusable dust bag EURO Clean EUR-5216 for industrial and construction vacuum cleaners KARCHER T 201

WD, MV, K, A reusable filter bag. High density Kercher filter bag for house dust and building debris. Filtration rate 98%. Dust particles more than 2 microns. Anti-allergenic filter treatment. Up to 2 l. Cartridge cartridge filter for WD.

Reusable vacuum cleaner bag made of two layers of dense filter material. Vacuum cleaner bag closes with a handy tractor zipper. The zipper is protected against dust and dirt, ensuring a long and reliable working life. Uniqueness of the filter.

For KARCHER NT30/1 with textile zipper

For KARCHER NT30/1 with plastic clip

Ozone synthetic 5 pcs dust bags for SIEMENS VSZ6GP12CH01 vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer: KARCHER Filter Bag Replacement Bag Material: microfibre

Synthetic reusable dust bag, washable at 40 degrees

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer: KARCHER dustbag Replacement dustbag LxWxHV: 21x13x5 cm Weight 0.156 kg

For Karcher WD 3 series vacuum cleaners. Economical packaging. 5 pcs

The reusable dust bag Topperr PHR10 is made of a tough synthetic material, which retains even the smallest dust. The dust bag is treated with a special antimicrobial compound, which prevents reproduction of germs and bacteria

Filter bag OZONE for WD 2, MV 2 (3 pieces.) OZONE CP-215 Set of three replaceable synthetic dust bags OZONE CP-215 for KARCHER WD 2 vacuum cleaner.200. The OZONE Clean Pro series of bags is designed specifically to work with professional and cleaning vacuum cleaners. Bags.

Reusable bag for the MV and WD series of household vacuum cleaners. Bag capacity 36 liters

Reusable MAXX series dustbags

The reusable vacuum cleaner bags have a large capacity and are extremely durable. This section contains models of bags for construction, industrial, professional, upright and knapsack vacuum cleaners Cleanfix, Makita, Bosch, Karkсheer, Fеѕtоl, Ghibli, Nіlfіѕk, Numаtіс and so on.

Here you can buy a Karcher vacuum cleaner bag that effectively traps dust, made from specially designed filtering materials. An important feature of the reusable bags Kercher and other brands is excellent air permeability, which prevents them from bursting when the pressure increases during operation.

Vacuum cleaner KARCHER WD 3 P Premium. All the important things you might not know.

Last year I bought a vacuum cleaner AEG for 11 thousand after the first months of use, there were a lot of impressions, and I made a review on my channel. Someone in the audience commented that: “you might as well buy a KARCHER WD 3 vacuum cleaner, for much less money”. So I had a need to give my relatives a decent new vacuum cleaner and decided to take a closer look at this Kircher. In any case, you will never be ashamed of such a gift.WARNING! Important Note:After a deep dive into customer reviews, research and., Viewing a dozen video reviews of this model, it struck me that many buyers are dissonance from the unreasonable expectations. On the Market-Yandex this model is claimed as a “Professional” and people expect from it the corresponding features and often use it not for its intended purpose. But, in fact, it is not a construction or professional vacuum cleaner. The manufacturer positions it as a “Household”.

Main characteristics.- Dry and wet cleaning, working on the exhaust. dust bag (tank) 17 l. power 1000 W. vacuum 210 mBar. air flow 68 l / s. an integrated socket for tools 2.1kW- assembled in Romania- 2 year warranty

Features.- Dry and water-cleaning capabilities,- Use with or without bags,- Easy “parking” with the ability to store accessories on the body,- PullPush lock system,- Ergonomic carrying handle and wheels to follow the hose.

Completion.Accessories: 35mm diameter hose, 2m length, 2m x 0.5m pipe, universal brush, tool adapter.By the way, there are different brushes. convenient to pick up water or vice versa for debris. And in general, the range of original accessories from Kercher is very diverse.Consumables: Fine filter and dust bag.The original pleated filter is about 900-1000 In addition to the original, sold “substitutes” other brands that cost about 600 Some craftsmen adapt motor air filter from Moskvich cars, which costs only 80 Filter can be cleaned with a brush and washed with water. After drying, use further. If used intensively, the filter’s efficiency will deteriorate over time. It can be seen in reduction of suction power and increased noise of the engine. Exact dimensions of original filter (for selection of substitutes) D=122, L=115, D2=80 (

Original paper bags can usually be bought for 600-700 for 5 pcs. Cloth “Substitutes” can be found for about 300 / 5 pcs.Also, craftsmen make a reusable fabric bag, one side of which is not sewn, and simply tucked and clamped with clips.

Types and differences of models WD 3.Many buyers are often unaware that this model has several modifications. Naturally, they are equipped and priced differently: WD 3. plastic tank, no outlet, power cord 3h0.75, weight 5.5kg.WD 6 Prem. stainless steel tank, same as WD 3.WD 3 P. plastic tank, socket for tools, 3×1,5 kg cord, weight 5,7 kg.WD 3 P Prem. stainless steel tank, socket for tools, 1×1,5 cord, weight 6,0 kg.

“Smart outlet” How it works?Briefly: The “smart” socket synchronizes with the tool so that when you press the “START” button on the tool, the vacuum cleaner turns on simultaneously. When you release the “START” button on the tool, the vacuum cleaner continues to run for about 3 seconds to pull the remaining dust from the tube and hose.

Blow out functionHow it works? What is it for??For example, to blow leaves or down/dust off a patio or balcony. Can inflate a bath mattress or an inflatable bed for sleeping. Unfortunately, I could not blow out a PVC boat. Too much “blowing” at the hose connection to the vacuum cleaner and not enough pressure to even fill the cylinders before they take on any volume.

Short hose and cable.The length of the hose is just long enough for normal cleaning. But, when working with tools, 2 meters is not enough. Especially if you need to work above head level or under the ceiling.The power cord is 4m long. For an apartment, perhaps enough. But, on large areas, when cleaning in the house, you often have to switch to the nearest outlets. The quality of the cable is good, double insulated. In the “P” version with a tool socket, has three 1.5-mm wires.kv.5. Dry cleaning of construction dust. static.During dry cleaning of loose materials (sand, mortar, small debris), the hose handle and tube is highly electrified and sometimes sparks from static electricity.

Picking up water.To collect water, you need to take the bag out of the tank. You can collect both dirty water with debris (up to 8 liters) and clean water (up to 10 liters). If the tank overflows, the built-in float valve closes the suction port to prevent water from flowing into the motor. Sudden change in motor noise lets you know at a glance that it is time to turn off the vacuum cleaner.

how to fix dust bag in karcher vacuum cleaner

Deflate PVC boat.Who has a large inflatable boat, probably knows how not easy it is to blow the air out of it and put it in a bag. The use of a vacuum cleaner makes this process much easier and faster.

Clean the trash out of the trunk.As any other vacuum cleaner, the WD 3 is also a handy way to pick up trash in the car. But, especially good for cleaning in the trunk, where you transported construction mixes (cement, plaster, putty). The big volume of a dust bag and the vast area of the filter allow to do it without problems, unlike most domestic vacuum cleaners where bags and filters have not large area, very quickly become clogged with fine construction dust and the pull of suction quickly falls down.

Two words about PullPush locks.The latches for attaching the “engine compartment” to the tank are designed very conveniently. Unlike most similar vacuum cleaners of other companies, where locks are made on the principle of military boxes (move in two planes. vertically and horizontally), in KARCHER the locks move only horizontally. from or to the tank. This allows for less unnecessary movement. And the lids of locks are made cool, with brand logos and work and look great.

Competitors.In this price range of 7000r 10000р. There are already quite a few competitors. Most of which, has a larger 20L-30L tank, more power 1500W. 1800W. But, at the same time, many have a suction power close to the WD 3 or even less. The hoses and cable could be even shorter. The quality of workmanship in most Chinese brands leaves much to be desired. And the warranty is rarely more than 1 year. And the service is often worthless. Because of this, the relatively expensive KARCHER is in very steady demand.What I liked:1. High quality design and elaborate accessories from a reputable manufacturer.2. Automatic “smart” powerful tool socket.3. Availability of a blower and the ability to use as a pump.4. Very lightweight vacuum cleaner, easy to roll around and almost weightless tube and brush.5. 2 years warranty.What to pay attention to:1. Very short hose! Especially when used with a tool.2. Expensive original consumables and accessories.3. Thin metal on the tank. easily crumpled by accidental bumps (I have not yet confirmed).4. Static on the tube. in some situations it clicks, it shocks.5. No “self-cleaning” button on the filter as found on competitors.6. The price of this model from authorized dealers “bite”.Video review

Karcher bagless vacuums

Karcher bagless vacuum cleaners for dust collection work on the principle of multi-stage filtration and are great for dry cleaning in the home. With their high power, bagless vacuums are virtually silent, which creates a comfortable and quiet cleaning environment.

Their main advantage is that the trash is collected in a transparent container with an effective multi-layer filter, and there is no need to spend money to buy filter bags. And it gets rid of that peculiar, dusty smell and provides fresh air and a healthy environment inside your home.

Bagless vacuum cleaners are powerful and easy to operate. And they are very compact, maneuverable and take up little space in storage. Easy to monitor the bin contents thanks to its clear plastic composite material, which is particularly tough and impact resistant.

The dirt container is easy to remove, empty and wash, which is important to keep the unit clean and hygienic and affects future performance.

Standard equipment includes the optimal set of nozzles for versatile cleaning of your home. The switchable floor nozzle is suitable for all floor coverings and efficiently cleans carpets of hair, hair and debris.

The compact furniture brush is perfect for upholstered furniture and all textiles, and the Turbo Brush for hard surfaces gathers dust from the farthest corners of shelves.

And the mattress nozzle will help thoroughly clean bedding, extracting dust and microorganisms from the deepest layers of fabrics. Narrow slit-shaped tubes provide cleanliness in corners, crevices and other narrow places with difficult access.

Karcher represents two types of bagless vacuum cleaners:

The two categories differ both in design and functionality. Each line has models designed for both residential and professional use.

Characteristics of Karcher cyclone vacuum cleaners

Cyclonic vacuum cleaners have small dimensions: length and height. With a width of approx. 40 cm and a width of 26.9 cm, they are easy to use and take up little space in storage. And the see-through container lets you see the level of the filling directly at hand and empty it in good time.

Cyclone vacuum cleaner has 5 cleaning steps. Large debris is first deposited directly in the dustbin, then the mesh layer separates hair, hair and other small particles. In the third stage the multi-cyclone filter ensures a dust suspension on the container walls by means of centrifugal forces.

Motor is protected by a sponge filter. At the outlet, the air passes through a HEPA 13 filter element which retains up to 99.9% of the smallest particles, including allergens and invisible microorganisms. Such an effective cleaning system ensures an environmentally sound atmosphere in the home.

Compact housing design saves storage space. The dust container can be easily cleaned and rinsed under running water. The cable automatically unwinds. All of this makes the device practical and easy to use.

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