Gas boiler does not reach the set temperature

Boiler malfunction

Typical problems with the operation of the heating equipment:

If the boiler works, radiators. cold, experts recommend, first of all, to assess the technical condition of the main heating element. Specifically, to establish whether the circulation pump built into the device works. This detail is a constant attribute of modern equipment and is designed to improve the efficiency of its work. Very often after a long downtime in summer the pump can get clogged or covered with a layer of lime scale. As a result. it is not in time to remove the heated coolant from the heat exchanger. The boiler is boiling, but the batteries are cold.

Independently make repairs of such complex equipment, as a boiler, is strictly prohibited. In this case, either call home a specialist from a service center, or a repairman with the appropriate certificate or permission.

Specialists do not recommend using regular tap water as the heat transfer fluid, since it is hard. Dissolved salts settle on the heat exchanger when the temperature of the coolant rises. As a result the following problem arises: The boiler works, but the batteries are slightly warm. Scale reduces the thermal conductivity of the heat exchanger, so the water in the circuit is not heated, although the heating element constantly works with the overrun of the energy carrier. To eliminate the problem you can, changing the coolant and cleaning the heat exchanger. To understand how to clean the heat exchanger correctly help

Two-circuit boiler heats the water, but does not warm the battery. Here you need to pay attention to the serviceability of the three-way electric valve. It is responsible for switching the bypass from heating circuit service mode to DHW and CO.

Before you make a heating register with your own hands, familiarize yourself with the technical base.

Why it is not always possible to use antifreeze for radiators? Answer here.

Use a recirculation pump

Optimal. the water heater is located in the vicinity of the hot water intake points. The closer it is, the faster the hot water gets to the tap, the more efficient it is used. If this variant of installation of the water heater is impossible, it is recommended to install a recirculation pump.

The pump is installed on the section between the water heater and the hot water intake points, ensuring a slow movement of hot water through the pipes. In addition, if you cut in this section of the towel rail, it will perform its direct function at any time of the year regardless of the work of the heating circuit of the boiler.

boiler, does, reach, temperature

Boiler does not display the temperature

Buying a gas boiler, the owners of the house or apartment want it to maintain a comfortable temperature under all conditions. But in some cases there are problems with heating. Quite often in the forums you can meet the question why the gas boiler does not reach a temperature. There may be various reasons for this.

The human factor

A person can also be a direct cause of an unheated heating battery. And they usually consist of the following:

boiler, does, reach, temperature
  • The riser, which simply forgot to turn on the work, because it was late and the plumbers were tired.
  • Closed cock of automatic system defroster.
  • Incorrect connection during installation.
  • Three-way faucet closed by a child.

Resolved by calling the appropriate support service, the correct connection of the battery (or bypass, see “The battery is not heated at all”). (see below), by a careful check of the taps.

Why does the gas boiler shut down?

In most cases, it is a tripping of the protection system. Simply put, a smart electronics or thermomechanics “decides” that its further operation is dangerous.

The reason may be the triggering of one of the many sensors (draught, burner flame), the inoperability of the exhaust fan, breakage of the coil of the gas supply solenoid valve and many others.

Some of these problems can be corrected by yourself: for example, in case of a draught sensor error you should check the chimney condition (remove icing, foreign objects, etc.).

Most often such malfunctions occur before the heating season, when after a long downtime the boiler is turned on. There are two possible developments:

  • The boiler passes the automatic test, ignites, but heats water badly or does not heat water at all;
  • The boiler simply does not work, the batteries remain cold.

We remind you that in modern boilers for heating there is an advanced automatics, which carries out diagnostics of all nodes of the device before start-up. If the fault is found, the safety system will stop the boiler and the error number will be displayed. You can decipher the error codes with the help of the instructions for your device or by using our classifier.

Wrong wattage of the boiler

It is very important that the boiler is chosen individually for your needs. Otherwise the following problems may occur.

  • Situation one. Low boiler output does not allow to heat the entire volume of water. In this case, the device will run continuously, but the water will still not warm up to the desired temperature.
  • Situation two. Too powerful model has been chosen for a small volume of heat carrier. In this case, the water will not cool down, the boiler will still receive hot water. As a result, it will lead to constant overheating of the boiler, which will cause it to “beat” on and off constantly.

The first thing you can do is to adjust the boiler for optimum operation, for example, reduce the gas pressure at the inlet or the power of the device itself. If this does not help then you will either have to replace the boiler or redesign the heating system, for example, add or remove radiators.

The boiler is boiling, but the radiators are cold

So, the boiler is working at full power, but the batteries remain cold. In this case experts recommend to check circulation pump operation immediately. After a long downtime it can get clogged or jammed. Then the heated coolant will accumulate in the boiler and not move through the pipes. The problem can be easily solved by simply flushing the pump or replacing it.

The heat exchanger is clogged

As the water temperature rises, salts are dissolved in the water and then deposited on the heat exchanger. The resulting scale reduces heating of the coolant (heat is simply not transferred to water due to the layer of solid deposits), so the boiler works, but the water in the heating circuit is still cold.

The second variant is possible: as a result of constant fuel combustion soot is accumulated on the surface of the heat exchanger. Because of such a thick layer, the fire ceases to contact with the surface of the heat exchanger and simply does not heat it. As a result the water remains cold.

The problem can be solved by cleaning or replacing the heat exchanger. Special cleaning agents can be used for this.

boiler, does, reach, temperature

Insufficient pressure

Optimal pressure for private houses is considered 1,5-2 atmospheres. In high-rise buildings it can be up to 4 atmospheres. If the gas pressure at the inlet is less than the recommended, the boiler simply will not be able to heat water.

Be sure to check the system for leaks: insufficient fluid volume does not create the necessary pressure. Check all filters, including the gas one. If it is clogged, then there will be insufficient gas supply.

Check the settings of the boiler, possibly incorrectly set the pressure reducer. Or a substandard connection to the gas pipeline was made: during the works made a hole smaller than necessary.

The problem, or typical design errors

So, the question on the agenda: Why does the gas boiler often turns on and off?? Let’s start with the fact that there may be several versions of what happened. Firstly, sometimes it is a factory defect, which is detected only during operation. Secondly, it is quite possible mistakes at the stage of design and connection.

Experts say that it is the design stage is very important in this matter, because it will depend on how properly the heating is carried out.

In most cases, the causes of the various failures are two main factors: unprofessional installation and the wrong choice of equipment, then talk about successful operation is useless. If with your boiler is uncontrolled process of switching off or on, you need to understand the essence of the problem and take appropriate measures to solve it.

What are the main causes of pressure drop in the gas boiler

Poor quality tapping into the gas pipeline

If during the gas installation was performed poorly, the arrow on the manometer may not reach the right mark.

To conduct gas is usually welded thread (especially in cases where workers do not want to connect a large section of the gas pipeline) and screw in a tap, you get a welded thread with a tap. The tap is opened and the drill makes a hole. If the drill is small in diameter, and as a rule, the drill is much smaller than the pipe, the hole is obtained with a small throughput.

A sign of poor quality tapping into the gas line can be a sharp decrease in flame immediately after the boiler has fired up. The flame may completely extinguish, or simply the boiler will not begin to gain temperature.

Types of gas boilers

By the type of installation, boilers are divided into wall mounted and floor standing units.

Floor standing gas boilers are characterized by higher power, and thus the possibility of heating larger areas of premises, longer life, due to the fact that heat exchangers for such heat generators are made of steel or cast iron. For floor standing boilers requires a separate room. furnace room.

Floor standing gas boiler

Wall mounted boilers are more compact and have less weight, which allows them to be mounted on the walls of the premises. This type of heat generators is characterized by limited capacity, shorter life span, higher quality requirements for cleaning the coolant and heated water. Malfunctions of gas boilers can vary depending on the type of installation.

boiler temperature. how to make your boiler more efficient.

Wall mounted gas boiler

By design, boilers are divided into single-circuit, used only for heating premises, and double-circuit, designed, in addition to heating, for heating hot water.

According to the type of removal of combustion products heat generators are equipped with systems with natural or forced draught. In the first case, the units are connected to a traditional chimney, which is led to the roof of the building, and the exhaust gases are expelled due to the natural draught. Ventilation ducts must be installed according to certain rules to ensure this. One of them. the upper level of the chimney must be at least 500 mm above the roof ridge, or at the same level with the ridge at certain distances. The reason why the gas boiler blows out may be due to failure to meet these conditions. Boiler units with natural draught are equipped with open combustion chambers or atmospheric burners, the air for the burner is taken from inside the room.

In the second case, the boilers are equipped with a coaxial chimney, which is a “pipe-in-pipe” construction, which leads to the outside through the wall of the room. Through the outer pipe from the street enters the air necessary for combustion support, the inner pipe removes the products of combustion. In boiler units with forced draught are installed closed combustion chambers.

Conventional and coaxial gas removal systems

And finally, according to the method of heating medium circulation, boilers are divided into energy- and non-power dependant. In energy-dependent boilers there are circulation pumps operating on the electrical network and creating pressure in the heating system. In addition, energy-independent boilers are equipped with sophisticated automation that controls and maintains the established modes of operation, including the electronic ignition system. Energy-independent heat generators do not require connection to the electricity grid, and the coolant motion is due to the natural pressure variations as a result of its heating. The ignition of non-independent boilers can be produced with the help of a piezo element, by pushing a button.

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