Gas burner for soldering with your own hands

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Nozzle for the gas burner

This problem is solved by craftsmen in the following way:

  • In the tube-hull bore a hole as small in diameter as possible. Today in the sale there are drills with diameter 0,2. 0,3 mm and special chucks for them. Examples of Dremel products include.
  • Next, the burner is clamped in a vice with soft jaws and gently strikes with a chasing hammer slightly deform it so that the hole is narrowed to the required size. 0.1 mm.

Gas regulator and nozzle/jacket

It remains to machine the nozzle with a fine grit emery cloth, removing burrs and irregularities. It should be done to make the gas flow and therefore the flare even.

Gas burner with your own hands for soldering: photos, drawings and video

How to make a gas torch for soldering with your own hands. in this article we will consider. In particular, by means of gas torches, soldering, fitter’s, roofer’s, jeweler’s works are carried out, the flame which temperature exceeds 1500°C is received and for other purposes. This device is often in demand in both private households and commercial purposes. for individual technical creativity and all sorts of construction tasks.

In locksmithing, a gas torch can be used to heat a metal workpiece so that it ends up sufficiently hardened. When carrying out welding work on some metals, the places of the future seams should be heated.

Nozzle and handle. manufacturing options

If you look from the outside, the handle and nozzle, in fact, the entire unit. The rest of the pipes and valves that supply gas.

For the nozzle you can buy a brass nozzle from a gas appliance. They are no problem for sale, they cost pennies.

If you need a special design, you can do the following.

To avoid crushing the thread clamping the part in a vice first use a wooden clothespin.

Carefully drill a hole with a drill bit of suitable diameter, not reaching the end of about a millimeter. Grind off the remaining metal, until the point left by the tip of the drill.

After that, punch a hole of desired diameter from the inside with a thin drill bit or hardened awl.

Any suitable object can be used as a handle. A handle from an old soldering iron, a piece of thick-walled hose, or a drilled piece of wood will do.

To fix parts and hoses we use clamping clamps, heat gun glue.

Adjustment and adjustment of the burner flame is made in the following ways:

  • by means of the gas adjustment valve. current;
  • by moving the nozzle (nozzle) along the axis of the injection chamber, changing its hole.
  • by changing the size and shape of the inlet window through which the atmospheric air enters.

The last two methods are used in the setting. It is not necessary to change them during operation. However, if you are not confident in the accuracy of design calculations, it is worth taking care about the possibility of their adjustment.

What is brazing

When we have a clear understanding of what brazing is, then the requirements for a gas torch will come up by themselves. Soldering is basically a process of joining metals together thermally, using a bonding agent, solder or an electrode. The solder should penetrate into the structure of the joined metals as densely as possible and provide maximum connection strength after solidification.

Soldering involves these temperature conditions that are mandatory, the temperature is listed in ascending order:

  • The temperature at which the finished product works.
  • Auxiliary material melting point.
  • The level of soldering heat.
  • The melting point of the metals to be soldered.

When this condition is met, the process is called soldering, and it is in this case, to choose a temperature that would melt the solder, but balancing below the melting point of the base metal, will help gas burners for soldering Their own hands can be made most simple design burners, and not the most powerful.

Gas burners: mini for soldering, locksmith and blacksmith, heating, roofing

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The purpose of this article is to tell you how to make a gas burner with your own hands. Gas burners in small businesses, individual technical creativity and in everyday life are widely used for soldering, fitter’s and blacksmith’s, roofing and jewelry works, for starting heating appliances on gas and getting the flame with temperature over 1500 degrees for different needs.

From technological point of view the gas flame is good in that it has a high reducing power (it cleans metal surface from impurities and restores its oxide to pure metal) without any other noticeable chemical activity.

From the thermal point of view, gas is a relatively inexpensive and clean fuel; 1 GJ of gas heat is generally cheaper than any other energy source, and coking of gas heaters and soot deposition in them are minimal or non-existent.

But at the same time, it’s a commonplace truth: you don’t mess with gas. The gas burner is not so complicated, but how to achieve its cost-effectiveness and safety. this is what we will talk about below. With examples of proper technical execution and recommendations on making your own.

The use of gas burners at home

How to make a gas burner for soldering with your own hands?

How to make a gas burner for soldering with your own hands? In the home conditions it is often necessary to perform soldering of metal parts with their own hands. Actually, the whole procedure for performing this work is not complicated. But very often there is a situation where the gas burner was not at hand. What to do? You can, of course, quickly go to a special store and buy everything you need. But it is possible to perform the device yourself.

Soldering with a gas burner is considered very high quality and quite simple.

Makes a homemade propane burner with his own hands rather quickly. Of course, in terms of power the homemade device will be weaker than its industrial counterpart. Soldering large constructions with its help will not work, but small repairs and simple types of work with its help is quite realistic.

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Features of the gas burner

The main attractive “features” of this device. ease of use, absence of unpleasant odors, soot. Its compact size is another plus: the gas burner can be used in any place. The usual design consists of several mandatory elements. These include:

The gas burner is called propane burner, but it can also work on a mixture of butane and propane. Gas is fed from a cylinder by hose. Its supply is regulated by the tap on it, but it is better to protect yourself as much as possible, so it is recommended to install a reducing reducer. Using the shut-off valve, located behind the main valve, open or shut off the gas supply. Flame intensity is adjusted with the working tap.

The gas hose, which carries the fuel, is connected to the nozzle and has a nipple at its end. Both elements are placed in a metal cup: this is where the process of creating a combustible mixture. the enrichment of combustible gas with oxygen. takes place. Then it flows into the combustion area through a nozzle. To ensure the continuity of the combustion process, holes are provided in it.

Burner assembly

You can start with the handle. It can be from an unnecessary soldering iron. Then a tube (preferably a rubber one) is attached to it for the gas supply with glue or some other way.

You can also make a wooden handle by drilling a hole in the billet, the diameter of which is equal to the diameter of the prepared tube.

The tube is secured with silicone, possibly with epoxy. The handle is given the necessary shape for convenient work.

Nozzle design. It is needed for the fuel supply. This is a metal tube with a very small hole, about 0.1 mm. It can be made with a hammer and vice.

In a circle, evenly and equally intense tapping on the edge of the tube to form this hole. Grind with fine sandpaper.

Connects the nozzle with the tube of the handle with the opposite side with a clamp or a thread is cut. This way of connection is handy in case of repairing the burner if the nozzle is out of order.

The dispenser is placed on the tube so that its edge is slightly in front of the nozzle.

It is better to mount fuel flow regulating valve close to the handle for easy use.

If the length of the fire, when the burner is working, 40-50 mm., it means it is assembled correctly.

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The process of making with our own hands

To make homemade equipment, you need to take into account some nuances:

  • The device at the outlet gives the temperature of 1000 degrees. That is why refractory metals are used in the manufacture.
  • An important prerequisite for safe operation is a reliable tap. In case of an accident it must shut off the air flow quickly.
  • Reliability of gas connection node.

Manual gas burner for soldering with your own hands can be made in the form of a miniature device. To make such a mini-equipment, you will need materials:

Gas burner for soldering with his own hands is made in the following order:

burner, soldering, your, hands
    The burner body is made of brass in the form of a piece of tube. Length is chosen based on convenience calculations.

  • As the handle is used the used base of the soldering iron, or it is made from a piece of wood. In the axial part is drilled a hole under the nozzle. It is fixed with epoxy resin.
  • To the tube is attached to the faucet with silicone.
  • On the other side of the tube is muffled and the hole 0,2- 0,3 mm is made in it. A special drill bit and chuck are used for this.
  • After that the burner is clamped in a vice and using a hammer the hole is flattened to 0.1 mm.
  • Remove any burrs with sandpaper.

The dissector can be made of a brass pipe, which is larger than the diameter of the burner. Mounting is parallel to the hull. The system will work on the principle of a tourist primus. Where the gas comes out of the nozzle, a vacuum is created and air is sucked in.

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