Gas stove Gorenje or Gefest what is better

Gorenje gas stoves

Despite the widespread use of built-in appliances, freestanding gas stoves are in constant demand. Gorenje gas stove is easy to install and connect, costs much less than a set of hob and oven.

  • double or triple crown. gas burners with two/three rows of flames. This greatly speeds up the cooking process, as the dishes are heated two to three times faster.

Types of electric burners:

  • Two-circuit or three-circuit. electric burners, which have two/three concentric circles of different diameters. You can turn on each circle separately, adjusting it to the specific size of the dishes;
  • with oval heating zone. such burners are equipped with an additional heating element, which, if necessary, is turned on and gives it an oval shape. Convenient when using oblong cookware;
  • Induction cooking burners. a new and rare, but progressive type of electric burners. The principle of operation is that the electromagnetic field acts on the walls of the dishes, so they are heated. At the same time the stove itself remains cold. Disadvantages. high cost and work only with special (also expensive) cookware.

There are also several non-standard types of burners:

  • Grill. characteristic of multi-purpose expensive stoves. Presented in the form of a thick ribbed surface or grill. Convenient for cooking meat and fish. They come in both gas and electric;
  • Express. intended for fast heating of food. Usually the burners heat up to the specified temperature in a short time, and then their power goes down. There are also gas and electric.

What better gas stove Kaiser or Gorenje?

We want to buy a stove with my parents. We settled on these two models. We are not a rich family, so I would like to choose the best quality, and which model can advise. Thank you in advance.

Burning of course. In general, the first place home appliances MILLE. Its first competitor SIMENS, second place went to AEG, third to GORENIA.

You can safely take any model.

We bought an apartment not long ago. Accordingly, the repair, new furniture, again, appliances. I’m used to taking things seriously. Even more thoroughly approaches everything Husband. Have read a bunch of magazines “The Consumer” all sorts of tests, evaluations by independent experts. We bought all appliances Siemens. Mille is a bit pricey after all. Almost twice. And considered the combustion as an option, too. Can’t say anything about the Kaiser.

We bought a Gorenier. The choice was between a Gorenier and a Bosch. We didn’t have any Siemens. Mille can’t afford it.

We have a Gorenier, but it’s electric. I’m very satisfied. We also have an oven and a Gorenier hood (it’s noisy). I haven’t heard anything about Kaiser.

I’ve got a gas oven, I’ve got an oven, I’ve got an electric burner.

We bought a Kaiser for our new apartment. I have never heard of the gas range and the oven. happy with. My friend the engineer said: “Cool, but don’t count on spare parts, though I doubt you’ll need them”

It’s just that I’ve seen the Kreizer. mesmerizing, the price is off the charts, but it is possible to buy at a discount and it comes out a little more expensive than Gorenje I somehow think that the Kaiser is more professional or something)))))))))))))

Well, and buy Kaiser. Let us know how it is.

Kaiser. For those who do not know, well, how to spend the extra money. Get a Gorenier, you’re not a professional. chef?

What’s the best electric stove?? Advice!

Oh, what kind of stoves are these. People use Gefest and are very happy.

Millais for those who do not have nowhere to put the money. Kaeser is a rest. The average price of a MILLE washing machine is 70.000

I don’t know about Kaiser. I’ve got a burner. Here you need to consider the fact that combustion has historically specialized in stoves, based on this and draw conclusions. How am I going to change my stove. exclusively on combustion.

I too, like 4, take a thorough approach to everything, all the equipment I bought was expensive. But having used some appliances like Samsung, LG. Scarlett, I understand that Mille. It’s a scam and everything breaks, nothing lasts forever. Better to buy a cheap machine and throw it away when it breaks than to buy a Mille and have a heart attack when it breaks.

I have a Hansa oven is excellent! My parents have had a Kaiser for 12 years and they are very happy with it! The best thing is that it never broke down and looks like new. I would recommend the kaiser is after all a German quality!

Oh,thank you guys so much! You are all so responsive! I’ll be sure to tell my dad. Let him choose. 🙂

The gas stove, in my opinion, is better to buy from Gorenje, this is their profile.I recently gave my mom a gas stove with all the gadgets like gas control, grill, etc.P, she’s very happy. And I have Kaiser-electric hob and oven (built-in), bought five years ago, no problems so far, ttt.I do not know why many people think this brand is cool, in my opinion, similar models from Electrolux and Bosch are about the same, we just liked the design.But service at Kaiser, I heard, really expensive.

It’s easier to get Ariston in the online store. Miele. Very expensive, very poor quality, very unreliable

We have a Kaiser dishwasher, washing machine and oven, everything works great, especially the washing quality. The wizard told us the most reliable models for breakage

I can say the following, Kaiser appliances stand out with a high price, but the price is justified. In the first place. is German quality. Second, the design. Well, and about the equipment I’ll say nothing at all. It’s different from other brands. It’s easier to compare in the store. That should answer all your questions.

I have a Gorenier refrigerator.Died after six months. Now the epic of replacing it has begun. According to my conservative estimate, it will take 33-34 days.

As luck would have it. Sometimes it is expensive and of poor quality, and sometimes it is cheap and of good quality. So I wish good luck to all who choose.

Kaiser stove-4 years.No problem and like it.

I want an inexpensive stove.Has anyone used a stove Gorenje Mora or Hansa?I choose between them.Please tell me!Gorenje is better or Gorenje Mora?

A woman’s intuition. the most powerful weapon on the planet

The plumbers like to inspect other people’s apartments

Does anyone know where you can find a Mastercook stove in Kiev, and how their quality? As in the Gorenier alternative?

Never buy a GORENIE, everything flies!

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In April, I bought a KAISER dishwasher. I bought a Kaiser dishwasher in April, am very happy with it, have now ordered an oven and a panel at a 5% discount, I recommend it.

Our MORA fell apart after 3 years., It’s 5 now and we’re looking at a new one. although other owners of this model don’t seem to be complaining. Again, it depends on how to use, we often cook in the oven, that’s the first thing that gave up.

Maybe Kaiser appliances don’t break so fast, but the quality of the coatings is terrible. After 4 months, dishwasher and gas stove, which are painted silver paint looks like they are 100 years old. Don’t buy their appliances in silver. The panel looks like it’s burned through the gas stove and won’t scrub off, and the dishwasher is covered in smudges that won’t scrub off either. Overall, a nightmare for stoves and ovens, and only ASKO washing machine with vertical loading (( verified 13 years)

Advice on what gas stove to buy. Advise Gorenje. Maybe who knows how they behave Virpool stoves.

Kaiser. THE KING in your kitchen. After buying an apartment, of course I did not have enough money, but I chose Kaiser, even though I’m not rich. Yes, expensive, but more economical. Here I am 100% sure that this equipment will serve me for more than a year or two and flawlessly. The main thing to buy not China and not Kaliningrad. I bought appliances in Germany when I went to visit my brother. Never heard anything good about Gorenje.

the price of sound insulation of the wall (Ukraine )

Sharing the pantry in the entryway between neighbors

And we have a Kaiser-a nightmare, which will soon be forgotten forever. I had to call the ASC 1 day after the purchase. the small burner didn’t work properly. The stove was under warranty for 113 days. Nothing was fixed, we filed a complaint. The claim to both the store and the ASC, and the representative office does not undertake to compensate anything, washed their hands. No response to the e-mails sent, So even kings can be defective.

Kaiser is not German, it’s Polish, it’s Hanza

I can not believe that the Kaiser is German, the assembly is not the same stains remain a lot, and it is expensive.

Gas stove Kaiser 6 years, my parents bought it without prior study of the market.The oven is horrible: on one side it burns, on the other side it does not get baked, there is no temperature scale, there are stupid numbers that correspond to certain dishes, according to the manufacturer. Then can not ignite the gas, it ignites, but does not burn because of poor gas control.The master has called two times.It costs (without replacing parts). 1500. So decide whether you need such a hassle. Check also the Kaiser homepage: I found a homepage of a German company with a totally different name, which does not specialize in stoves but sells them under the brand Kaiser. And if they have also become expensive, then the purchase of gas stoves from this company. masochism and divorce.

So I ordered a hob and an independent oven Kaiser. I hope the hassle will not turn out so expensive investment.

Millais for those who have no place to put their money. Kaiser has a break. The average price of a washing machine Mille. 70.000

I have used different appliances, and Samsung, and Delongi, and Bosch, and so on. And then bought a vacuum cleaner Mille, the parameters fit only it. And here we go. no comparison with anything else. Quality is quality. This vacuum cleaner is 7 years old and like new, during this time two Samsung threw out. Other equipment Miele certainly is younger, but all works fine. build quality and workmanship. It feels like it’s built to last forever. I think it’s better to take the Mile once than every year or two to throw out equipment that also costs more than five thousand.

good day! bought omrjona gore. duzhe beautiful Yo all. The electric oven is not working properly, the oven is disappointing. Can someone from the experts tell me what programs to use to install the glass back on the stove? Sorry.

Kaiser. China, assembled in Poland, Gorenje. Slovenia, assembled in Ukraine.

You can draw your own conclusions. I myself have a cabinet Kaiser.

Kaiser stoves work in two kitchens, quality is satisfying.


Absolutely not satisfied with the level of service. I can’t find a replacement for the oven door of a 7 year old stove (the outer glass fell off). Service wrote that such doors no longer exist. Hard to believe, and I can not verify. Do not install the glass back. Work only on weekdays in the daytime.

Buying a new stove because of the door. Definitely not going to buy a Kaiser

Kaiser brand spare parts are all available! Here is the site who supports customers at most, advises and provides any detail.

kaiser brand is only a brand. Yes, registered in Germany, but that’s the only thing that ties him to it. Registered to a private person. Outside of the CIS, no one in Europe knows this brand. This does not mean that the equipment is bad, but it is not German. The trademark of our merchants.

As for Siemens, almost all models have a Bosch twin. differs only slightly in appearance, and costs less. Bosch-siemens, it is one concern. That’s why it’s strange to see some ratings where Siemens is present, and it is not followed by Bosch, but some other firm.

Of course Kaiser stove, the main thing tech support, the availability of competent service. Here is the official online store

I bought a Mora burning gas stove with an electric oven,great stove ,

How to rent an apartment without intermediaries?

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Gorenje combi stoves

Gorenje is a major manufacturer of modern kitchen appliances, which also produces gas-electric stoves Gorenje, reviews of which are only positive. This is a world-known brand, whose main production facilities are in Slovenia. Appliances of this brand are characterized by high reliability, functional design and affordable price. Perhaps that is why their ovens are especially popular among customers in Ukraine.

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The big story of a small company

The company has successfully existed since 1950, and during this time has managed to go a long way from a small company of 11 people to multimillion-dollar corporation, which has offices in dozens of countries around the world. The company began as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery but within a few years it was taken over by a cookstove factory.

From this point in time begins the history of the modern company, which began with the production of solid fuel stoves and gradually moved on to the next level of large-scale production with the gasification of Europe. Their products began to be successfully sold in Germany and several other countries, which made it possible to expand the research center and put new technologies into practice.

Today the Gorenier brand consists of dozens of companies around the world and invests heavily in the development of its. Their technique has a unique design, extensive functionality and ecologically safe. That is why it is the choice of hundreds of families around the world.

Combination stove Gorenje: how to choose?

Going to buy a stove, those who are faced with such a task for the first time may not know about the key parameters of the appliance. There is nothing complicated here, especially if you prepare in advance.

Choosing a stove look at its cooking surface. It can be covered with enamel or be made of stainless steel. In the first case, the cost of the stove will be much more affordable and loyal, so such appliances are very popular. If you want to buy a combined stove Gorenje inexpensive, choose models with an enamelled surface.

Stainless steel models are more expensive, but this material with proper care retains its original appearance for many years. On the whole, these stoves look very stylish and modern. If your kitchen is designed in a high-tech style, then the stainless steel models are worth special attention.

But, the key factor is the combination of the stove itself. The Gorenje gas-electric stove can consist of a gas hob and an electric oven or vice versa. In addition, there are models among which you can find both gas and electric burners. It is worth noting that this is one of the most popular options. The thing is that the combination stoves are most often chosen by residents of private homes, where there are problems with the gasification of the site. Stove of this type allows you to solve the issue of an unexpected power outage or cases when the gas in the cylinder runs out.

If you want to find combined stoves Gorenje, the price of which is more affordable, it is better to choose options with a gas oven. But if you cook food on a gas tank, it is better to opt for an electric stove. It will allow you to save gas reserves and at the same time cook delicious meals and large amounts of food quickly. Modern electric ovens are equipped with lighting, fan convection system and steam extraction function. There may also be models with a grill and rotisserie that comes with the hob.

As for the combined hob, it usually has two gas burners and two electric burners. This allows you to use both modes simultaneously and always be prepared for the unexpected.


If you need a Gorenje combined hob, the online store is ready to offer an extensive catalog of appliances of this brand. On our website you can always find updated and competitive prices, as well as detailed descriptions and characteristics of each model presented. This will help you choose the right option and buy an appliance that can meet all your expectations.

Using the product filter, you can quickly generate a catalog consisting only of those models that fully meet your requirements. This will reduce the time it takes to find the right model and make the purchase in just a few minutes. To order the product is very simple and you can do it online or by phone, which are listed on the site. Operators at our service center will answer all your questions and give advice. And delivery in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk and other cities will be made from a warehouse in the shortest possible time.

KP Top 10 Rating

GEFEST 3200-06 K62 (from 13K). the perfect choice for any cooking appliance. rubles)

Reliable leader at an attractive price. This appliance is a smart choice for your home kitchen and will become an organic part of your home interior. Stove is equipped with four burners with steel removable grates, which vary in burning power. Burner panel is made of steel and has a transparent glass cover, which can be lowered to cover the burners. So it’s easy to keep your home clean. Of interest, the oven is equipped with a gas control system to prevent gas leakage in case of emergency. The working modes of burners and the oven are controlled by the rotary switches on the front of the device, where you can also find the ignition button.


Durability and simplicity. The surface of this hob has “cast iron” grids, indispensable for the stability of pots of different diameters. Housewives will like and bright backlighting of the oven, with which it is easier to control cooking without opening the door. Another big plus is the gas control function, which automatically stops the flow of fuel. At the base of the stove you can find a drawer for storing pots and other utensils.

The features

For those, who have enough money. Equipped with four burners, as well as a capacious 67-liter oven. The hob is accompanied by rotary switches, as well as a display with a clock. Provides a convenient drawer for storing utensils. The built-in electric ignition system is another plus. The oven operates with natural gas, is equipped with a thermostat and a powerful grill, as well as removable and easy-to-use telescopic rails.


Guarantee of quality and reliability. The gas stove is equipped with a grill, which will help your dishes cook perfectly, and also gives you the opportunity to cook several recipes at the same time. The presence of a mechanical timer in the stove allows you not to worry about the readiness of food. A drawer in the bottom of the stove stores cooking utensils.


A solution for small apartments. Suitable for small kitchens. It has four burners, all of which can be ignited with an automatic ignition switch. It is important to note that one of the burners has a fast heating function. The gas oven has a volume of 50 liters and a maximum heating temperature of up to 250 degrees Celsius. This model has electric backlighting, and for its safety, there is a gas control that stops the gas when the flame goes out.


Everything you need at a reasonable price. The gas stove is very safe and functional: it has gas control and a rotisserie for cooking large dishes. Practical rotary switches are used to control the hob. The advantage of this device is the display, clock and electronic timer. A drawer for dishes and a glass lid are at the user’s disposal. Thanks to the backlight of the oven, you can control the cooking process.

The features

Italian quality. Extended functionality of this model thanks to a timer. The 63-litre oven has a grill function and an illuminated light helps you control its operation. There is a roomy drawer at the bottom of the stove. The Zanussi ZCK9242G1X is the best choice for kitchens where space is limited: the cooking cabinet is 50 cm wide. You don’t need to search for and buy electric cable: it’s included in the delivery set.

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Budget to say it all. The only stove in this rating that has only two heat zones. But the functionality is justified by the price. The model is quite capacious (30 liters) and also has a drawer and a minimum fire function. All in all, the best choice for a thrifty housewife.


Design model for apartments after the renovation. The four burners of this device feature an electric ignition, which is built into the rotary knobs. This eliminates the need to use matches for lighting the burners. The oven has a capacity of 52 liters and has a grill, which allows you to create a perfectly cooked meal. Display and built-in timer help you control the cooking process. The oven is equipped with a light, which will allow you not to open the door and see the dish in the window.


The global standard of gas stoves. To control the model, there are buttons and a rotary mechanism, as well as a display and an electronic timer. The enameled steel cooking top is complemented by a cast-iron cooking grid. The gas control option makes the stove safe to use. Large electric oven with a built-in grill. The steam cleaning option frees you from having to clean the oven for long periods of time. It is important to note that the triple glass of the gas stove door remains slightly warm on the outside.

Which oven is better, Gefest or Caesaris??

Made in Belarus. The Gefest concern has already earned its reputation, Caesaris has a long way to go. It is still a newcomer, but the production is built in cooperation with Italian and Swedish companies.

Glass enameling is used in the coating of the surfaces. Stoves are gas, have a flame spreader in the oven, the body is built without joints. Separate white electric stove with 4 burners and an electric oven Cezaris EP N D 1000-00 costs 7800.

While Cezaris and Gefest are in different price and rating categories.

What to look for when choosing a hob brand?

When a buyer comes to the store, he usually says: I need the best stove, Hansa, Indesit, Gorenie But everyone has his own tastes and preferences, so the best for him will be his own model. But still, there is a list of basic criteria that can simplify the choice and narrow the search to an acceptable size. So, what parameters you should pay attention to in the first place:

  • Heating type.
  • Number and power of burners.
  • Covering of the working surface and the oven.
  • Size.
  • Additional features.

Heating type

There are only 2 sources of heat used for cooking: electricity and natural gas. You can choose among these stove options:

They all have their pros and cons, and to say that a good cooking stove Hansa only on gas is impossible. In the selection process, it is worth to be guided by the operating conditions that are available at the moment. For example, gas stoves are more economical, but they do not allow you to accurately regulate the temperature of heating. That’s why those who like to stove, prefer electric stoves.

In homes that can boast of good, high-quality wiring, you can safely use a combined or all-electric cooking stoves. To date, there are several types, depending on the type of cooking surface:

2 and 3 are the most popular among them. Open spirals are quite inconvenient to use, and induction stoves are picky about the type of cookware. Nevertheless, there are their fans among consumers.

Number and power of burners

Depending on the preferences of the hostess and the need, you can pick up a model of Hansa cooktop with burners of different power and size. The stove is usually equipped with one large, one small, and two medium burners. This is usually more than enough for cooking for an average family. But there are variants with special parameters that allow for uniform heating of non-standard sized pans, such as oval shaped casseroles or WOK pans.

Covering the worktop and the oven

The type of hob and oven coating not only determines the appearance of the cooktop, but also its resistance to dirt.

To date, the most common are these types of working surfaces:

  • Enameled. The cheapest and most practical type of coating, but it does not fit well into many modern interiors.
  • Stainless steel. Such surfaces are resistant to dirt and easy to clean, as well as looking stylish and modern. However, in the presence of a large number of scratches dull and lose their luster.
  • Glass ceramic. The most demanding to the type of cookware, as well as the means of care. They are also some of the most economical in terms of energy consumption, as well as the fastest in terms of surface heating time.


Most models of Hansa cookers are available in 2 sizes:

That way everyone can choose the best option for themselves, even owners of very small kitchens.

Additional functionality

The basic function of any stove is cooking. Hansa makes the process of cooking easier and more comfortable using special features and technologies. Here’s a list of the most basic among them:

ТОП—7. Лучшие газовые плиты (комбинированные, с газовой духовкой и электрической). Рейтинг 2020 года

    . Shut off the gas supply when there is no combustion. or mechanical. Beeps when a certain time elapses Used to cook certain foods Air recirculation system inside the oven, facilitating even temperature distribution. or automatic. Trivialities that make it possible to do without matches and lighters.

How to choose a gas stove Gorenje?

However, in order to buy the best appliance, it is important to familiarize yourself in advance with the performance-determining characteristics of different models.

When choosing a stove for cooking, experts recommend taking into account such parameters as:

  • Construction dimensions;
  • the volume of the oven and its functionality;
  • number and type of burners;
  • The coating of the cooking surface;
  • The presence of special temperature sensors;
  • the number of temperature modes;
  • the material of the body and grids;
  • type of control;
  • timer availability;
  • The presence of additional options.


The two brands merged into one in 2007 during major changes at the company. The brand was originally owned by Indesit, an Italian company that has recently been bought by Whirlpool Corporation. The latter now owns all the trademarks. All these changes had no effect on the quality of the equipment. The name Hotpoint-Ariston is still synonymous with reliability and durability.

The brand’s stoves belong to the medium price segment and are available in a wide range of. There are both very compact models and products 90 cm wide with 5 burners and a voluminous oven. Often gas stoves get a gas oven, but the manufacturer pays great attention to safety, equipping each stove with gas control. Ovens receive reliable thermal insulation. There are products with catalytic oven cleaning. Ovens are equipped with all the functions a housewife needs (rotisserie, grill, etc.).д.), we don’t even have to tell you about it.

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